“I have experienced a higher level of personal growth and a better understanding of the Law of Attraction by working with the QSCA and Christy. I have been given access to so much valuable information and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. By being part of this program I feel “loved” and “supported” to be the best Coach I can be. I am confident that I have created a strong foundation to be a Law Of Attraction Coach and create my thriving Coaching practice because of the QSCA program. And most significantly I love the community that I get to be involved with. I love my POD Group and I love my coaching buddies. They are the best part of the QSCA program for me.”

Nikon J. Gormley

“I have experienced a tremendous and empowering shift in my life since engaging in the QSCA. The processes, the connection, the learning and the passion I get to tap into daily is fabulous. From frequent bonuses to continued learning, the QSCA is always offering incentives to enhance my learning and overall engagement. Before, I “hoped” I was on the right path with coaching…now, I KNOW I am thanks to the clarity and positive outcomes I’ve received from this program!”

Brandy Hansen
Business & Success Coach

“I misunderstood the wealth of knowledge and support that would be set before me through QSCA. I can’t say enough that the content is very well thought out, and the Business module amazingly comprehensive. It has opened my eyes to a world that I would only have dreamed of before, and now know it’s possible for me. I’m so pleased I joined QSCA and cant thank you enough for this opportunity””

Wendy Mouldey

“I have experienced so much growth within myself working with the QSCA and Christy. She provides SO much more than just a class to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to work with clients using those teachings. I’ve listened to a lot of webinars where someone is wanting you to join their classes and offering all kinds of things – Christy delivers everything she says she will and SO MUCH MORE! I feel blessed to be part of this program and to have met such warm and loving people. It really is a “family” experience – and one of those families everyone dreams of becoming a part of. I am confident that I will continue to learn grow and to help others grow into the person they truly want to become because of taking this QSCA program. I loved learning the processes and how to apply them in my own life. Even if I wasn’t going to be doing coaching as a profession, this course has been invaluable to me in my own life and my own growth. I will forever be using the Law of Attraction in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Christy (and everyone involved with the QSCA), for what you are doing for so many people!”

Diane McFarland

“The teaching and support are absolutely amazing. I am improving myself and learning how to help others. I feel very empowered to go and do whatever I want to do in the world and in my life.

I have made some truly amazing long term friendships with other classmates and enjoy learning and practicing the lessons and processes with them. I feel like we are family and this is a great positive uplifting experience. The business building is giving me the confidence in my ability to be a successful coach and to make the world a better place.

The classes are very educational, uplifting and wonderful. I am growing in my own life, it is teaching me processes to continue to be clearer on what it is I want out of my life and ways to make it all happen.The teachers and staff are so supportive and encouraging, always willing and able to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so very grateful for this course and all the wonderful bonuses and benefits. Christy Whitman is giving so much more than I ever expected.”

Janet Wilson

“I understand that to be a great coach, one needs to have the opportunity to self transform. The QSCA program offers that opportunity in a supportive setting. What I really like about it is the amount of materials we receive during the program: audios, videos, books, other written materials – it’s a lot of information that will continue to provide new insights as they are used again and again in the future!”

Dr. Carolann Wolfgang

“I’ve been in the QSCA program 5 months and I’m amazed at the personal transformation that has taken place for me in all areas of my life. Not only has the career direction of being a certified LOA life coach expanded my happiness but my entire outlook on life, family, friends, money and my future has skyrocketed. Almost every day now I’m out of bed at 6:30 am planning and generally feeling excited about the day ahead. The QSCA program is not easy and it requires dedication but spiritually, physically and emotionally the expansion that results is worth every moment of effort.

Being part of the QSCA family is being among a fantastic group of loving, kind, generous, happy and compassionate people. Everyone is approachable and willing to help each other in any capacity. The students, members and teachers are living their joy and it shows in every encounter.

I’m thrilled that I discovered this path and as my new life unfolds I feel such gratitude that my direction is exactly the direction that I needed to take.

There is so much that I love about the QSCA program. I learn so much from working with my Coaching Buddies. Whether I’m coaching or being coached there is so much deep learning that I experience. It’s wonderful, too, because we can work with as many coaching buddies as we want. Practice makes perfect and I’m working with 3 wonderful, generous, compassionate coaching buddies who help me work through the issues of coaching professionally but also coach me on things that I need to work on personally.”

Lisanne Franco

“The number one thing that stands out for me during my time at QSCA is the level of heart centered quality support I have received from all I have made contact with at QSCA. You are all an incredibly supportive, organized group and I am grateful for all you do.

I am on a spiritual quest in Greece as I am typing this and trying to think about what I do not enjoy about QSCA and I can only feel truly sad I will be missing class. I love the positive energy I feel from Evelyn (my instructor) and others on the call.

Patti Hindiyeh
Life Coach
Supporting You to Live Your Life With Intention

“I have experienced great joy and growing awareness with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel my expansion by being a part of this program and I am grateful for it. I am confident that my customers and business will be more successful because of the QSCA program. I love the gentle, wonderful people, the structure and the information, delivery and supporting materials of the QSCA program.”

Sasha Lomas

“This is more than just coaching training! I have been in numerous training courses and none of them give the amount of personal and professional training as the QSCA. As a result of this training I am confident that I will have ALL that I need to create a successful coaching career. I love the how the course challenges you to be your very best. It brings out all your best qualities to help you become an Authentic Coach. Coaching true to who I am. This is the biggest gift. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

Nuala McCann

“I can not say enough about Christy Whitman, and the QSCA program. Taking this program has been one of the best decisions in my life, hands down. I have grown so much as a person, and as a coach in such a short amount of time. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and successful in their own right. I am very confident that because of this program, I will become a very successful coach as well. I love knowing that because of this coaching program, that all things are possible, and because of the knowledge I have gained, I am confident as I take the skills I have learned out into the world so many people will benefit, as I help them transform their lives like QSCA transformed mine.”

Susan Boartfield
Transformational Life Coach, Founder of Become Empowered Now Coaching, and You are Love and Light

“I feel that being part of this QSCA program I am able to provide much greater value to my coaching clients. The classes are very well organized and although there is a lot of material to cover, it is delivered in such a way that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I’m loving the course.”

Juanita Shay

“I feel as if my entire life changed the day I started working with QSCA and Christy. I feel I have gained more clarity about what I want and have lot of value to offer by being part to this program. I am confident that I will succeed as a coach because of the well-structured course, high level of global support and knowing that I have uncovered my gift to the world. Today I started working with my first paying client and feel so inspired and grateful. I love everything about the QSCA program.”

Elisabeth Steel

“If anyone is ‘on the fence’ in deciding to join the QSCA … I encourage you to just do it! It was one of the best decisions I have made. As a coach, I have taken multiple programs over the years and by far the QSCA is the most comprehensive. This course provides everything you need to become a confident coach – the classes, the mentor calls, the manual, the website, the support, and all the bonus materials – it is all there! Not only do I feel like I’m offering more value to my clients, but I have also experienced tremendous personal growth since becoming a member of the QSCA.

Diane Adkins
Better Beyond Coaching Solutions – Midlife Solutions for Women

“I wanted to teach personal development program but I was in a confusion state of how to do it and where to begin until I found out about QSCA. At that time I was in a debt as well as I was jobless. Christy preview workshop had shared with me all the important reasons about being a coach and the potential to make money as a career. When I decided to embark into the QSCA program, I begin to learn more and was able to align myself. I found a career for myself within a short period of time and started to make some money while I am learning to be a coach from QSCA. This program have given me enough of time to practise and to experience what a coach should be and how to do it. Most importantly it have help me to move on positively while I am facing with my current challenges in life.”

Jason Goh

“I began a personal journey to find out what made people tick some 35 years ago…after reading and re-reading / listening to almost every imaginable source of New Age materials available to mankind, along with attending and being certified in other programs. I finally found a source of materials and educational system that QSCA provides as an excellent way to apply and understand the teachings I previously took in…I know that because of the QSCA program and its Coaching staff I have found a source of invaluable information and direction that allows me to understand and create my own unique path and journey towards my life’s desires and dreams with far greater speed and success than ever before.

I feel blessed to be part of the QSCA team and all that it brings to me as a Seeking Soul and would encourage anyone seeking more from their journey to consider the program.

Wishing you Joy and Happiness Beyond your Imagination.”

Richard Sewchuk
Inner Personal Communication Specialist and Law of Attraction Lifestyle Coach

“QSCA has been pushing me gently towards my goals and given me the wonderful opportunities to meet lovely people around the world. I love my pod members, my coaching buddy, my mentor, instructor, and I am also grateful that QSCA constantly introduces us to those professionals and experts who are already successful and inspiring to us. Because of what I am learning from the course, I am confident to say that I am in the process of becoming a successful coach myself! This really has been a life changing experience for me! Thank you”

Satomi Keely

“I love QSCA loving family. Before I started the program I really had no idea what life coach was and how it was going to change my life. Now that I am into my sixth month I am grateful that I joined. The program has helped me grow as a person. My life continues to grow and expand. The resources and support offered by QSCA is amazing. The tools and information provided is very practical, useful and can easily be applied. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and Debbie Corey a wonderful mentor. All the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful. I am really thankful to Christy for having this program and I look forward to learning more about LOA coaching and Reiki from Evelyn, and Light Body from Christy. Thank you Christy Whitman and Evelyn Apostolou for coming into my life and teaching me the new skills. I look forward to being able to apply everything I learn and help others. I would recommend QSCA program to anybody who wants to become a coach or just improve their own life.”

Julie Boskovic

Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy has changed my entire life. The instructors are experienced Law of Attraction Coaches who support, motivate, challenge, and inspire me. I have experienced so much growth and healing in my own life since starting the coaching program. The best thing about the program is it teaches you the valuable skills to become a law of attraction life coach. Amazingly the program incorporates the marketing and business skills necessary to assist you in building a successful coaching practice. Because of this rewarding program I am so excited about life and future career! Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA staff! You are best of the best!”

Leslie Welch

The QSCA taught me so much about coaching and how to effectively keep clients moving forward with powerful strategies and of course, accountability. I loved being in the program because it kept my energy high throughout the year. Christy, Evelyn, and the rest of the team were fantastic. Since I always want to get new skills and be the best coach possible for my clients, I continued my professional development and got additional certifications and went to countless seminars. Now that I have more experiences to compare the QSCA to, I am even more appreciative of it.

QSCA is where I learned how to structure a coaching session, and how to work with clients week after week. Many other programs teach strategies and principles but don’t explain what coaching really is. Some students “lecture” their clients for an hour, regurgitating the awesome teachings they are exposed to, believing that they are being helpful. QSCA offers feedback to its students on their coaching sessions, and ensures that by the end of the program, students will know how to coach. Not lecture, not advise, not just listen, but coach! No matter how many students are enrolled, the QSCA always has enough staff to provide one-on-one support and feedback on the homework submitted, and that’s what makes all the difference.”

Audrey Reille, Success Coach

I’ve grown so much since I’ve started QSCA that is unbelievable. Christy’s authenticity in offering such a life changing tools is priceless. I’ve opened myself to new opportunities, new visions and new perception of my life and my reality. By being a part of this program I’ve not only learned many different things, but I’ve shared also this journey by being a part of a big loving and caring family. I’m so grateful for all this!”

Anna Juricic

Before the QSCA program, I was not quite sure what my life purpose was. . I now know with perfect clarity what my dharma is and I am beyond excited and blissful to know I have such a powerful purpose to help countless people live their best life. This program is a God send and I am beyond grateful for the amazing transformation that I have already experienced and I haven’t even graduated yet!

Thank you Christy and all your amazing staff- you are all blessings to all of us in the program.

Dean Vega
Transformational Life Coach Author and Speaker

Hello Christy and the QSCA Team!

I am 3 weeks into the QSCA program and I wanted to share my gratitude with you for designing and producing such an amazing training program!

Foremost right now my gratitude centers around how supported I feel in walking this path. Everything is so organized and there are so many people eager to help me and my fellow trainees that, this morning, during my first mentor call, I was overcome with happiness and relief.

You see, lately – in response to contrast at my current job – I have been focusing on my desire to work with people who share my vision for loving and empowering others. This QSCA offers in spades! :-)

But I also realized this morning that another desire I put into my “vortex” long ago – to feel completely supported when developing new skills and accomplishing new tasks – has now manifested as well! So often in my job I have felt thrown into the deep end, but in situations where preparation and training could have been provided if only the intent had been there and time had been made. Consciously I decided I would do things differently if I were in charge. But I had no idea the level of relief I would feel to be a part of such a well-though-out and supportive program as QSCA.

So thank you so much! I am so glad to be here!”

Best regards,

Melinda Harlow

What I like about the QSCA is the interactive structure of the program. I enjoy an instructor, a mentor, 4 Pod Group members, coaching buddies, admin personnel, and of course Christy Whitman. All are available and are very responsive to my questions and needs. I am enjoying countless bonus materials and resources offered throughout the course including free coaching sessions if I choose. The QSCA even has its own Face Book page to engage further with the hundreds of members of the QSCA “family”. For me the program is total immersion and interaction. It is my perfect way to learn not only how to coach but offers the tools to create my own coaching business! I believe this program is a one-stop-shop if you are considering being the best coach you can be.”

Best regards,

Jeffrey Jett

I just wanted you to know how much I love the QSCA Program. All of my expectations going into the program have been exceeded from Day 1. AThe value of the program is second to none. QSCA has changed my life professionally and personally. My life continues to unfold and expand in wonderful exciting ways each and every day. I am delighted and honored to be part of the QSCA family. My heartfelt thanks to you and all of your team. You guys ROCK!”

Sue P. Singleton

I am so blessed to be a part of the QSCA program. I love the way the course is designed to support my success and I love the outcome I am experiencing in my everyday life. I know that this program has changed my life for the better in ways that continue to expand and unfold. I am so excited to wake up in the morning with new tools to Deliberately Create My Day. Thank you so much for all the amazing people who have made this program a huge success in my life!”

Aspen, CO

“Hello Christy, My experience with the QSCA has been an amazing journey. After the first orientation I was extremely excited. As I lie in bed that night I felt like I had purchased a professional sports franchise. Wow! I have all the power to create what I want my organization to look like from management to coaches to the players. But the difference would be, clients that would be impacted by coaching insights and processes to shift their focus and raise their energy. I believe as they explore all the wonderful possibilities that their life will transform and transcend to greater heights. Christy your program was the next step in my own evolution and now I can feel my growth and development. Evelyn Apostolou is absolutely an incredible teacher and she has brought great insight to my spiritual journey through the QSCA. I believe that one day I will join you as Partner in some capacity of the QSCA. Thank You!!”

Calvin Carey
Life Coach

I have experienced fabulous advancement in my personal growth working with the QSCA and Christy. As I’ve been going over the QSCA material, I am confident that I am becoming a great Law of Attraction Coach and Practitioner, and this confidence is been replicated in my personality. I especially value the mental processes taught in the program which greatly have helped me improve with procrastination becoming more assertive and productive.

I certainly recommend this QSCA Program which will launch you into a better life, as it has been for me.”

Francisco Tolentino
Law of Attraction Coach and Practitioner

My intent was to become a LOA Coach, but my personal growth during this process makes all the work that much more rewarding. Christy and her team have assembled a powerful program that has deeply impacted my life and I would guarantee that it will benefit the quality of life for anyone who joins Christy’s “Family”.

I graduated with my MBA last year, but the practical internet business building will not be learned while at a university. Christy’s team makes it so simple, anyone can do this.

I am using the guidance from QSCA to coach a team of investors who are amazed at their investment returns. It is truly rewarding when you coach a team to excellence-a vision created while at the QSCA.

If you are not meeting your life’s goals and visions, please join Christy’s Family. Your ROI (Return On Investment) will be amazing!”

Kirk Gros

I have been in the QSCA Fall Class since October 2013. When I first was exploring coaching, I was concerned that it would go against my values and belief system. I didn’t believe in coincidence so I trusted that God put me with the QSCA for a reason as it became clearer that this is where I need to be to learn how to be a life coach. Throughout the course I have found that it does not go against by beliefs and values at all but actually compliments them. I have expanded and shifted to see how it all works together and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Things in my life have shifted as well as my perspectives. I’m now experiencing more abundance and blessings thanks to things I have learned at the QSCA on how to shift my vibration and perspective. Going through the QSCA, I’ve learned how to get unstuck and move ahead. I’ve always heard that God can’t move a parked car and through this course, I understand what that truly means. Thank you Christy Whitman and Kelly Lewis, this has been life changing and I can’t wait to go out and impact other women the way you have impacted me.”

Andrea Rockwood

As a QSCA member, and soon to be graduate, I can tell you that this Program is Awesome! Christy and her Educational Team delivery Quality information that is Reliable, Organized, and Transformational! I love that I can take the growth and skills that I have achieved, and now turn to teach and help others in my own life and my Coaching Practice!

My Love and Light returns to You QSCA!!!”

Love, and Gratitude,
Sheila Welker

I’m blown away by the value of the course. Not only monetarily, but personally as well. I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities, started shedding limiting beliefs based on the teachings of the course and seen amazing things manifest in my life. This course has been truly eye opening. I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”

Kris Valdez, Author and Coach
Novel Ideas, LLC

I have experienced transformation in every area of my life with the QSCA and Christy. I am truly grateful for this. The value that has been provided to me cannot Really be put into. I am just grateful for the support of the Universe to Allow me to be part of such an awesome program.”

Jackee Green

I am an amazing creator who loves learning. I wanted to learn how to coach and I gave myself the gift I’ll never regret and joined Christy and her team at QSCA. The value I’ve received is priceless. Christy and her team are devoted to giving beyond measure.

Since joining the QSCA I have experienced amazing personal growth and gained the confidence I needed to take myself to higher levels. I feel so much gratitude that I am part of this family of like minded people. I am confident that because of the QSCA program I have the knowledge and the skills required to coach anyone wanting to put Law of Attraction into action in their lives. I love that I get to be in my own home here in Australia while being able to participate in the program with the amazing Christy and her team at the QSCA. I love their amazing energy, they are highly professional, very loving and extremely supportive.”

Carol Horgan

I love the holistic structure of the QSCA! The content has great depth and is professionally delivered on a do-able schedule. It includes all of the nuts and bolts in a skill-building sequence that produce not only a professional coach, but also a professional coaching business.

The requirements for certification are rigorous, including the evaluation of your actual coaching skills working with real clients. Plus there is a built in system of mentor and instructor support, a one-to-one coaching partner and an accountability team to practice and reinforce learning. This is not your typical online certification program. I’m only half way through with the program but already feel very confident in the skills and relationships I am building. Bravo to Christy and her team!”

Elizabeth Wickman

I love the QSCA and joining this program has been a wonderful decision for me. I hemmed and hawed over the expense but it has all come back to me in many incredible ways. My relationships have improved, my health and energy have skyrocketed, and my life is better in multiple ways. I have learned so much about the LOA and have seen the incredible results in my life. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and mentor and she brings so much positive, happy, energy to this course. Christy Whitman is so generous and there are always wonderful bonuses and a multitude of information. Thank you QSCA!”

Wendy Carbone

It is such a joy & pleasure training as a Law of Attraction Coach with the QSCA ~ what an amazing, dedicated & inspiring team. Best decision I’ve made for my future ~ thank-you for making it available, and doing it so well :-)

Training with the QSCA is truly life changing. It is a genius combination of Christy’s remarkable coaching model and Law of Attraction processes. The Team is inspiring; training provides higher level skills and quantum growth, and all the business tools we could need. Success is the only option! If you want to improve your life and assist others to improve theirs ~ QSCA coaching will take you there.”

Beverley Roberts, Personal Success Coach

My experience with the QSCA certification class has been so far beyond anything I expected. The materials are top notch and the instructors and support team are amazingly helpful and welcoming. Even more than that, the processes and techniques are not only helping my clients make positive changes in their lives, they are also transforming my own life — a huge and unexpected benefit! I’m so glad that I took the leap and enrolled in the certification class and became part of this wonderful QSCA family — it is truly a life changing experience!”

Ellen Wetzel

I was tired of all the negativity within and around me and was looking for ways to improve that in my life when my husband pointed out Christy’s videos on the Quantum Success Show. The energy that radiated from her as she was discussing various topics in such ‘normal’ ways left me wanting more. I wanted to be able to create that in my own life and the lives of others. It took all of five videos for me to decide to sign on for the QSCA program and become a certified Law of Attraction coach and I have not regretted it one bit! I’m excited for my life, for being part of the QSCA family and for the changes that are in my future”!!!

Helga Holterman

A few minutes into the first class I knew I was home! A Life Coach is who I am, it’s what I am. Christy’ program has given me tools and knowledge, but much more than that, it’s given me structure, balance, support. The bonuses, surprises and gifts are all amazing and examples of how I want to treat my clients. It’s coaching for the coach!

The experience of finding this academy and registering for the course was a bit surreal for me. I didn’t even know I was looking for certification, it found me. Law of Attraction at it’s best. It’s not just the certification; it’s the experience, the joy, the belonging to this incredible family. The friendships I’ve made are treasures. The connections are magical! I will forever be proud of saying I am a Certified QSCA Life Coach!”

Lilly Rodriguez

The QSCA program to become a certified Law of Attraction coach has changed my life radically! I am a totally different person than I was when I began this course. Not only have I begun a new career quickly and happily, I have begun to see changes in myself as I learn about so many ways to create the life of my dreams. I have discovered I love coaching, I can make a good income, and I can be full of joy on a daily basis. I have discovered life does not have to be a struggle. No more grindstone for me!

By being part of this program, I am getting the best experience, the best in education, and the best in all-round preparation for being an excellent coach. I am confident that when I graduate, I will be totally prepared to be the best coach I can be for my clients.

I love how easy it is to attend class from wherever I am, how easy it is to submit assignments, and how easy it is to ask questions. I feel valued, supported, and like I am getting more than my money’s worth. If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, I highly recommend the QSCA!”

Tess Adams

I’ve been a director of sales in the hotel business for years and I wish this course was available when I began my career. If I had taken it then there would have been an exponential increase in sales people making bonus! Thanks for offering this life changing course.”

Jenna Dukehart

Wow! One of the benefits that you list about the QSCA certification program is not only will I learn what I need to be a great law of attraction coach, but it will also be personally transforming. I have been a teacher of spiritual and personal transformation techniques for years, and all I can say is that I love how much I am personally growing through your program! The course is stimulating, enjoyable and, most important, it is giving me the practical tools I need to succeed. Thank you!”

Nancy Showalter
Speaker, Author and Coach

At last, a way to practically apply the Law of Attraction! My confidence has improved by leaps and bounds. Now I am able to step out of the drama and deal with situations in a positive manner as they appear in my life. I’ve stopped worrying and starting allowing. For the first time, I am making a positive contribution to the lives of others whilst improving my own. Thank you!”

Blessings, Karen

I have experienced a personal and professional transformation while working with the QSCA and Christy Whitman. I have tapped into the powerful leverage of Energy alignment. Things that were formerly a struggle are flowing more effortlessly. I have felt expertly guided and inspired by being a part of this valuable content and training! I am confident that anyone wanting an expert coaching certification program will find it in the QSCA. I love the trainers in this program who were always professional, competent, and joyful. I am so glad that I signed on!”

Greg Wilson

I have been searching for several years for this program. I’ve purchased and started many other programs to find out it wasn’t what I wanted to do or was left hanging once I purchased it. Not Christy Whitman she has the most powerful, well put together system I have ever seen or worked with. I have experienced great growth within myself with working with QSCA. I feel very special and honored to be apart of the QSCA. I am confident that I will continue to learn and grow into an amazing life coach because of QSCA program. I absolutely love the people and this program of the QSCA.”

Ecknowledge Your Energy!
Tonya Tombs Coachtt

The QSCA is amazing, the course is very well structured and makes learning fun. The possibility to practice with our coaching buddies is of immense value for me and makes it easy to step into action.

I feel supported, helped in every step along my way .The pod group calls are motivating as well as my call’s with my coaching buddy! Taking the course opened up so many pathway’s for me that I had not imagined before and I have grown personally and professionally.

So many thanks to Evelyn and all the staff, their loving guidance is inspiring, uplifting and so many thanks to Christy for this abundant course, filled with light and love.”


Brussels – Belgium

If you seriously desire to become a Law of Attraction Coach, I would not hesitate to recommend Christy Whitman’s QSCA. The course is well designed, comprehensive, good value and extremely enjoyable. I have received tremendous help and encouragement from everyone involved in the program.”

Sally Peterson

“I absolutely love the QSCA Program! I feel fully supported and guided along the way to becoming a successful, extraordinary coach: Empowered to make a difference and trained to generate a great income! From the very beginning, everything I needed to know to be successful and complete the program was provided. As you are learning to coach and as you begin coaching, you are fully supported, encouraged, and lifted up. Our instructors and mentors are the best! My life and my clients’ lives are unfolding, blossoming, and producing amazing results! I wasn’t a coach before, and just 3-4 months into the QSCA, I am coaching and dramatically impacting people’s lives. How does it get any better than that?

Wanda D. Nelson
Transformational Entrepreneur, QSCA Law of Attraction Student

Absolutely EVERYTHING… I love being a student of the QSCA Academy. It is the very best Coaching Academy out there today! Since joining in May, 2013, my personal and spiritual growth have escalated to great levels. I was a procrastinator but not any more. The course content is superb, everything you need to succeed as a QSCA Coach is there and the resources are enormous. The bonuses are incredible and continue to enrich our learning in all areas. The QSCA Team is so efficient, friendly and totally supportive whenever you need help. Joining the QSCA Academy as a student of LAO Coaching has been the best decision I made in years, so THANK YOU for bringing all this richness into our lives, we are truly blessed!”

Mary O’Brien

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