Personal Life-Changing Coaching with Christy Whitman
Many of Christy’s readers have requested one-on-one consultations with her. We are pleased to offer a limited number of private sessions with Christy. These empowering consultations are conducted either in person or by phone for a minimum of one hour. These consultation sessions will inspire each individual to be their greatest self, release any blockages from attaining any desire, learn a deeper level of self-love, and assists the individual in moving towards their AWESOME future. Christy will offer guided meditations and healing work if the client desires during the session. You may schedule yourself for one session, or a series-there is no minimum required.
If you would like more information about personal empowering consultations with Christy, or wish to schedule a session, please contact Christy at (888) 551-3121.
Personal Coaching with Christy Whitman

What do you want to create in your life? Are you feeling that one or all areas of your life are unfulfilled? What would your life be like if you had a better relationship with your self, your family, money, or your boss? What would your life be like if you had balance financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically? What if you had Christy as your personal coach to help you attain your goals?

Christy Whitman can help you become personally empowered so that you achieve all of your greatest desires. Christy only works with individuals that are committed to take responsibility of their lives and are willing to take the steps to do what it takes to achieve their personal goals. Christy will support you, as your personal coach, to make the necessary changes, but it is really ultimately up to you. The more focus and attention you put on your personal growth, the more your outer circumstances will change in direct proportion. Christy will assist you every step of the way implementing action steps, success principles, and universal laws that will ultimately lead you toward your goals.

Christy will create a safe environment where you are able to connect with your own inner wisdom and allow the magnificence that you are to unfold. If you are ready to create the life you always wanted, contact Christy at (888) 551-3121.

Law of Attraction Coaching by Christy Whitman

What is Law of Attraction Coaching?
“A Law of Attraction Coach is not a therapist that asks “why”, but rather a trained personal empowerment ‘coach’ who answers the question, “what can I do about this?” A Law of Attraction Coach helps you create a plan, understand and implement the laws of the Universe while providing motivation to help you change your life.

How does Law of Attraction Coaching work?
“Each session is 60 minutes on the phone. I only do coaching in person at seminars and workshops. I require that all clients have a “Coaching Agreement Contract” signed before starting (I send this to you in advance.) We start with a centering excercise.

We start with a centering excercise, and then discuss where you are in the process of attracting your desires. We will start moving you towards your desires by releasing energy that is blocking you through different excercises.

I coach “in the moment” so everything that we do in the sessions is directly related to you and what you desire in your life. We will create action steps together to move towards those desires. I will show you how to apply the Universal Laws so that you can take action towards your personal, professional, and financial goals.

What can we talk about?
In Law of Attraction Coaching, we don’t just talk. Instead we strategize, plan and implement a program that works for you. We use AMAZING processes in the session that will help you get to your next level. Based on that, the topics are geared toward creating your desired life and unblocking the areas where you are remaining stuck.

How many sessions do I need?
It depends on your progress. I believe in working fast and effectively. I recommend in the beginning to start with a package of 12 weeks. This way you can actually see things change and manifest during the coaching program. After that, many clients will just call me when they “need a Christy fix,” when they need clarity about a situation in their life.

Who are some of your clients?
My clients are all people who are interested in creating life change. Some of my clients are people who are hurting from past (or current) experiences and want to once and for all shed that pain. Some of my clients are stuck in their relationship or career path and cannot figure out why. Some of my clients are on the “dream” path and are looking to go to the next level. Most clients want to understand how they can learn and apply the Law of Attraction to every area of their lives.

How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule a one-on-one appointment, please call me at (888) 551-3121.