What you are sending out you are getting back, that’s how the law of Attraction works (like attracts like). So if we are trapped in our perceptions of things that are based in lack that is what we will see. QSCA Christy Whitman will explain in depth how our thoughts, beliefs and feelings can affect the life we are manifesting. Further, we will learn from qsca coaching program that the way we perceive the things of life is the determining factor what we ultimately become. The way we perceive the world that we live in affects the world that we experience.

As Dr. John Demartini explains in the article, How to Overcome Anxiety that fear (anxiety) occurs because of some accumulated past imbalanced perception or misperception. Any painful perception of the past can initiate a fear of it or something related to it reoccurring in the future. It works as a feedback reminder that we have not balanced out our original perception (or misperception).

Anxiety is the assumption (perception) that you are about to experience in the future (through your feelings, thoughts and beliefs) more pain than pleasure, more negative than positive, more disadvantage than advantage, or more challenge than support from someone or something. Through Christy certified LOA life coach, we will learn to change the way we perceive things and align our thoughts with the unlimited abundance of the universe.

A fear (anxiety) can arise when we have perceived (or misperceived) some sort of challenging incident in the past, have not balanced or neutralized it emotionally, and are experiencing its lingering primary, secondary, tertiary or compounded associations that have rocketed it into a lingering fear that can be subtly reactivated by many of the not immediately clear related triggers.

An intensely charged emotional experience that hasn’t been balanced or neutralized can create secondary, tertiary and quaternary associations that can stimulate subtle unconscious emotional feelings, affect sensory and motor responses and result in an anxiety panic disorder. Dr. John Demartini and Christy Whitman can help us address the primary initial emotional perceptions and neutralize them or desensitize them in order to overcome this syndrome or liberate the person from their lifetime of unconsciously triggered phobias and anxieties.

Let’s continue to hear from Dr. John Demartini as Christy Whitman chats with him in the Quantum Success Show.