The Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Certification Training Program includes:

  • 36 – 60-90 min teleconference training classes over the course of 12 months, broken down into 36 core classes over the course of the year, three times a month, lasting 60-90 minutes.
  • Twice monthly peer group support calls for the duration of the program
  • Monthly group call with a mentor
  • You can take the entire Certified Quantum Success Coaching Program from the comfort of your home or office!
  • Coaching assignments so you can understand and experience using the success principles in your life and coaching your clients.
  • Two live coaching feedback sessions per month
  • All the calls will be recorded, if you are unable to attend during the regularly scheduled class call. 90% live attendance is required.
  • All core classes are taught by certified Law of Attraction coaches with the QSCA, who have also taken Light Body, and are Future Visioning Practitioners. Christy Whitman is a New York Times Best selling author, certified Law of Attraction coach, and specialist who has not only put the Law of Attraction to the test in her own life, but has helped thousands of her clients create their ideal lives by using these principles. She has personally taught each of the instructors with the QSCA. And when you complete the program, you and your clients will know how too!
  • Also included are downloadable lessons, archived class recordings, forms, reading lists, and a manual to support the classes, all password protected in the QSCA Membership Center.


Students in the program will go through 5 modules:

1. Powerful and effective coaching skills:

  • Law of Attraction coaching – new and different to anything else
  • How Law of Attraction coaching and personal coaching typically operates
  • Challenges coaches face and how coaching overcomes them
  • Client and coach relationships and the necessary skills and tools to coach individuals on achieving their goals.
  • Coaching and the role of the coach – future development
  • Coaching – a career, or a new skill to augment existing career
  • Qualities required for good coaching and how to develop them, becoming a coach fosters the coach’s own personal growth
  • Why coaching is important, definition,
  • Core competencies for coaches
  • And more!

2. 7 Essential Laws:

  • Training-including The Law of Attraction. You will be trained in the Law of Attraction and when completed with this course will be able to call yourself a Certified Law of Attraction Coach.
  • Learn a step by step process for working with your clients to create quantum success in their lives using the 7 essential laws, including the Law of Attraction.
  • Increase your own knowledge and learn how to apply processes for The Law of Attraction.
  • Work through issues that your clients may have by receiving coaching from Christy.
  • This program will show you how to live the Law of Attraction in your own life, so that you can then help other people to live it out in their lives as well.

3. Business Building and Marketing strategies:

  • Building a six-figure coaching business and jump start your career.
  • How to set your coaching fee
  • When to increase your fee
  • Create your 30 second marketing message
  • How to get testimonials and endorsements
  • Build a business that suits your ideal lifestyle
  • Get clear on the type of clients you want and attract those clients
  • Setting and managing client expectations
  • Powerful coaching tools for business building
  • Learn how to work directly with Christy and her subscriber list
  • and much more.

4. Light Worker Training:

  • Learn how to guide clients through meditation processes so that they can:
  • Attract their ideal partner
  • Create A Soul Relationship
  • Magnetize and Manifest Abundance
  • Create their Ideal Body
  • Release self-sabotage
  • Release old hurts and pains
  • And much more!

5. Future Visioning Process:

  • Learn the process to connect a client to their AMAZING future self.
  • Connect with your own AWESOME future self.
  • Release pain and struggle from you and your client’s lives.
  • Learn the 4 step process for change.
  • Learn the 4 step process to expand success.
  • Learn strategies, processes and techniques that have never before been taught that will profoundly and instantly shift you and your clients.

Students will also receive bonuses throughout the course that have a value amount of over $10,000 in bonuses. Some of these bonuses include Christy’s trademark courses such as The Abundance Principle Coaching Program, The Divine Manifesting Program, How to Create Your Ideal Body, How to Attract Your Ideal Partner, Future Visioning, and many more. Christy also gives you access to her list of resources and people she has used to develop her successful coaching business. You also receive bonus material on internet marketing ($4,000 value), and how to start a successful speaking business ($3,000 value). You also receive access to a bonus class that Christy personally taught valued at $2000 where she teaches about publishing a book, creating group programs, workshops, and conferences. Plus many more bonuses to help you market your coaching business as well as your understanding of Law of Attraction, and coaching in general.