Graduate Reviews

QSCA Graduates Share Their Experiences


Graduate Reviews

QSCA Graduates Share Their Experiences


“Thank you QSCA team for all the growth you guys are bringing in to my life. I am now more aware of the vibration I consciously choose to be in and how it influences my life.”

Josefina Webster


“QSCA has been amazing! Everyone on the team is responsive and helpful and very kind. Everything about the program so far is amazing!”

Rachelle lopez


“I feel that my life has changed so much being a part of this program. I am confident that I can become a successful coach and have the life I’ve always wanted because of the QSCA program.”

Matilda Orrling

Hear It In Their Own Words…

Hear It In Their Own Words…


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Gerrit W

“I have come to know Office Hours as a unique and safe place, where every member of the QSCA family can share whatever (work-related or personal) question/worry that they may have. Here they are met with compassion, unconditional acceptance, and the willingness to help them forward in their journey. After having attended Office Hours, I often feel inspired and peaceful.

Everyone who starts their online certification training at The Quantum Success Coaching Academy has unlimited access to Office Hours. After I have been certified this didn’t stop. I keep having access to Office Hours (like everyone who finishes the online program), for life. How unique is that?”

Gerrit W

Carrie W

“As a student in the QSCA, office hours were awesome for getting all my questions about the course answered and Christy & The Council always gave so much inspiration and insight on the energy side of reality.

As a certified coach I love office hours, it is like a booster shot of light, love, and connection! There has never been a time in which I have not received new insight when attending even when I have not had any questions of my own! I highly recommend these light-filled office hours!”

Carrie W

Carrie W

“As a student in the QSCA, office hours were awesome for getting all my questions about the course answered and Christy & The Council always gave so much inspiration and insight on the energy side of reality.

As a certified coach I love office hours, it is like a booster shot of light, love, and connection! There has never been a time in which I have not received new insight when attending even when I have not had any questions of my own! I highly recommend these light-filled office hours!”

Carrie W

{Since being in this program I feel like I’m a different person. I experienced huge shifts that keep propelling me to go forward to grow as a person and build my business. I have figured out my passion and my purpose to help people through life coaching. I love that Christy, her team, and her community are so wonderful and supportive. I’m so happy to be part of this family.
Cheryl Mabugat
{My life has done a total turn around since joining the QSCA. Learning the Universal Laws and putting them to work in my own life has been life changing in so many ways. Now I get to help others do the same! Thank you Christy and everyone at the QSCA. You showed up in my life at just the right time.
Tina Carter
{If you seriously desire to become a Law of Attraction Coach, I would not hesitate to recommend Christy Whitman’s QSCA. The course is well designed, comprehensive, good value and extremely enjoyable. I have received tremendous help and encouragement from everyone involved in the program.
Sally Peterson
Kris Valdez
{I’m blown away by the value of the course. Not only monetarily, but personally as well. I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities, started shedding limiting beliefs based on the teachings of the course and seen amazing things manifest in my life. This course has been truly eye opening. I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.
Kris Valdez
{My most wholehearted gratitude goes out to Christy and the amazing team at the QSCA! Training with the QSCA has allowed me to step into the development of my most cherished career dreams; namely confidently supporting my clients as they create their most fulfilled lives. I have been an energy healer for many years, and felt a call to expand my practice to offer even more benefit to my clients. Thanks to the comprehensive education I am receiving at QSCA, I am able to make the kind of difference I had only dreamed of before.
Robin Poling
{You will absolutely love it! I just wanted to share with everyone that my experience with the QSCA is completely outstanding. This program has it all! So, if you are interested in improving your life, as well as perusing a coaching career, then this is the right choice for you
Susan May
{Thank you Christy for this wonderful platform! I have been a conscious co-creator, participating in my Spiritual Journey for more than 30 years.Signing up for the QSCA and taking full advantage of all it has to offer has exposed me to a full spectrum buffet which I absolutely love!I receive education, experiential growth, coaching practice, business guidance, support, community and so much more.
Kim Rainer
{I am enjoying the QSCA certification course. Since getting started in the program I have gone from knowing the Law of Attraction to actually living it and that has enhanced not only my life immeasurably but lives of my clients.
Nanci Kurtz
{This course is for anyone wanting to truly grow and develop themselves as well as making a real difference to others. I’ve read the books, I’ve seen the movie, but it wasn’t until now, taking the in depth QSCA course, that these powerful laws are really sinking in and becoming second nature.I wake up in the morning so excited to start the day. I have focus, patience, gratitude and an overall sense of well-being.
Deborah Hanks
{You will absolutely love it! I just wanted to share with everyone that my experience with the QSCA is completely outstanding. This program has it all! So, if you are interested in improving your life, as well as perusing a coaching career, then this is the right choice for you.
Susan May
{Going through the QSCA is turning out to be a fantastic experience for growth and expansion. The program is well thought and presented.I feel that by being a part of this program I am fully supported to becoming a Law of Attraction Coach and I am looking forward to the exciting possibilities. Additionally, I love that the program gives me and so many others an opportunity to be of service and contribute to raising the vibration of humanity.
Kim DeClair
{Thank you Christy for this wonderful platform! I have been a conscious co-creator, participating in my Spiritual Journey for more than 30 years.Signing up for the QSCA and taking full advantage of all it has to offer has exposed me to a full spectrum buffet which I absolutely love!I receive education, experiential growth, coaching practice, business guidance, support, community and so much more.
Kim Rainer
{Christy is so generous with her resources and her heart. I have actually recommended this coaching certification to a colleague, because I am finding it so valuable!The Quantum Success Coaching Academy is so comprehensive, I am not only learning how to create a profitable coaching business, but I am also experiencing great personal growth. Christy is so generous with her resources and her heart. I am so glad I am a part of it.
Cynthia Kashef
{Thank you to Christy Whitman for creating an amazing, comprehensive program. I have enjoyed every aspect of the QSCA program. In the almost 5 months of live classes, there is an abundance of information with support. I have had my moments of self doubt but with the coaching which is available, I was emotionally supported and regain my confidence. This group attracts the most supportive type of individuals, which then translates into the compassionate people striving to be that type of QSCA Coach
Susan Golman
{I am really in love with the QSCA. I have attended the QSB as well, and have grown so much! I am learning to meditate!! Which at first was very difficult.I am growing as a person everyday by being part of the QSCA, and I am able to share my true self with the world. I am so excited to be able to finally, FINALLY go out there and make a difference. I love the QSCA, because it is giving me the tools and teachings that I NEED to accomplish what I was set out to do.
Tiffany Kiefer
{The QSCA has changed my life at a time when I truly was losing hope. The classes have been nothing but quality information geared at really raising my vibrations so I can be a vessel of light for my clients. Thank you all so much for your unconditional love and for also providing an amazing payment plan. I am more than confident now in my ability to coach people successfully-I will surely pay it forward.
London Holt
{my current business has expanded beyond my imagination attracting amazing clients! I love the range of topics, how the QSCA is organized, the depth of the program, and the accessibility of the QSCA Team! It exceeded my expectations far greater than any program I have been enrolled in. Along with the fabulous Bonuses, I have made lifelong friendships here in the Academy. By practicing and implementing what I have learned in the QSCA, in a few short months, my current business has expanded beyond my imagination attracting amazing clients!
Maggie Lukowski
{I am at peace and comfortable with myself - and that is the greatest gift ever! I took a leap of faith when I signed up for QSCA. I didn’t know how I would pay for it and I certainly didn’t have the confidence to actually coach people. 6 months into the program, I am so glad that I followed my intuition and took that leap of faith. I’m not only learning the skills and building the confidence to be a fantastic LOA coach, but I’m making huge strides in my personal life. Thank you for helping down this path to my life’s purpose.
Jennifer Fenimore


“What can I say about the QSCA other than it’s truly awesome and life-changing!

On my personal journey I had looked into several coaching programs, but this is the one that I knew in my heart was right for me and for what I was looking to accomplish as I now serve my coaching clients. In the QSCA program, not only did I learn to become a heart-centered and caring Law of Attraction Life Coach, I also experienced so much personal healing and clarity on my journey too. I made so many close friends from all over the world – a true community of like-minded people looking to make the world a better place.

I started in the first online self-paced version of the QSCA program in April, 2020 and finished in January, 2021. Since then I’ve been able to stay connected to Christy Whitman, the QSCA Team, and my coaching friends through the QSCA Office Hours twice each month. I’m now able to help there by sharing my experience with new students and continue to receive answers to my own coaching questions too. The support this program and it’s community offers is tremendous and I’m so glad that it found me at just the right time!”

Karen Shier

Saras Naidoo

“I have experienced a shift in my energy while working with the QSCA Academy. I am so glad I signed up for this awesome course. It has been life changing for me. I have seen so many manifestations materialise in just a few months of working with the processes. Since I am retiring this year, this course could not have come at a better time for me. I am a teacher and now I am looking forward to becoming a life coach. Being a 3 year breast cancer survivor and a caregiver to my husband who is a terminal cancer patient, my niche clientele will be cancer patients and their caregivers. I feel I am receiving the perfect training to be able to serve these clients. I am confident that by the end of this course, I will be fully qualified and ready to serve my clients. The best part of the QSCA family is the closeness we all have and the dedication to serve. I love being a part of this community. It will be a lifelong friendship and thanks to Christy Whitman for making this all possible. Your expertise and dedication to serving humanity is definitely your calling, Christy. Thank you for helping me find mine!”

Saras Naidoo

James Hunter

“The love, teaching and support of the staff during this certification process is award-winning.

I just wanted share that being apart of QSCA I have gained so much more clarity and awareness of myself that words cannot describe my gratitude. The love, teaching and support of the staff during this certification process is award-winning.I am confident that going through QSCA Certification I will be able to help many more people to step into their greatness.

If anyone reading this knows that they have the desire and passion to help other people, then you owe it yourself to be apart of the QSCA Family and help others breakthrough and rise.”

James Hunter

Norbert Ambenne

“I have experienced emotional stability and clarity of vision by working with Christy and her team at the QSCA. I feel exited that I have finally found my life’s purpose by being part of this program.I am confident that I will continue to grow mentally, spiritually and materially because of the QSCA program.

I love the comprehensive nature of the program. From effective coaching skills, and personal development to making coaching a lucrative business, you leave the academy ready to go to work with all the necessary tools to succeed as a coach.

Excellent job Christy!”

Norbert Ambenne

“I totally encourage everyone to join this program. I have to say that Christy has done a wonderful service to everyone, when she opened the QSCA , I have been searching for a while for a program just like hers, and I am very grateful that Christy has followed her dream and can teach us, through her various and very comprehensive programs.I always wanted to be a coach, but did not know how to go about it, professionally, and Christy teaches you how to be a coach, but goes much more than that, as she also teaches you how to start your business, and gives you support right through out the program, and even after you finish, you can still access all your calls and various ” gifts”

I am very confident that once I complete the course, I will be the best I can be, as this is an all round course. I love all the different modalities in the program, and the support from everyone, be it from the mentors, the support staff or the students themselves.”

Marta Fernandes

Patricia Nelson

“The integrity and authenticity of Christy and her staff have made this a truly wonderful learning experience. You would think that I would no longer be surprised at how often life steps in and points you in the direction you need to go having had it happen to me so often, but I have to admit that I was not prepared for my own response when I stumbled across Christy’s video. I had been asked (often) if I would ever consider being a life coach and my answer was always a resounding NO but everything that Christy said in her video so resonated with me that I knew I had to look more closely at becoming a certified life coach. I have not been sorry for my decision for one minute. The framework of the course is so in sync with all that I believe that it has been a positive match and experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to hone my skills so that I am better able to serve others in actualizing their dreams.I am so thankful to have been led to the QSCA.”

Patricia Nelson


“A few minutes into the first class I knew I was home! A Life Coach is who I am, it’s what I am. Christy’ program has given me tools and knowledge, but much more than that, it’s given me structure, balance, support. The bonuses, surprises and gifts are all amazing and examples of how I want to treat my clients. It’s coaching for the coach!The experience of finding this academy and registering for the course was a bit surreal for me. I didn’t even know I was looking for certification, it found me. Law of Attraction at it’s best. It’s not just the certification; it’s the experience, the joy, the belonging to this incredible family. The friendships I’ve made are treasures. The connections are magical! I will forever be proud of saying I am a Certified QSCA Life Coach!”

Lilly Rodriguez


“I love being a student of the QSCA Academy. It is the very best Coaching Academy out there today! Since joining in May, 2013, my personal and spiritual growth have escalated to great levels. I was a procrastinator but not any more. The course content is superb, everything you need to succeed as a QSCA Coach is there and the resources are enormous. The bonuses are incredible and continue to enrich our learning in all areas. The QSCA Team is so efficient, friendly and totally supportive whenever you need help. Joining the QSCA Academy as a student of LAO Coaching has been the best decision I made in years, so THANK YOU for bringing all this richness into our lives, we are truly blessed!”

Mary O’Brien


“Empowered to make a difference and trained to generate a great income! I absolutely love the QSCA Program! I feel fully supported and guided along the way to becoming a successful, extraordinary coach. From the very beginning, everything I needed to know to be successful and complete the program was provided. As you are learning to coach and as you begin coaching, you are fully supported, encouraged, and lifted up. Our instructors and mentors are the best! My life and my clients’ lives are unfolding, blossoming, and producing amazing results! I wasn’t a coach before, and just 3-4 months into the QSCA, I am coaching and dramatically impacting people’s lives. How does it get any better than that?”

Wanda D. Nelson


“My intent was to become a LOA Coach, but my personal growth during this process makes all the work that much more rewarding.

Christy and her team have assembled a powerful program that has deeply impacted my life and I would guarantee that it will benefit the quality of life for anyone who joins Christy’s “Family”.I graduated with my MBA last year, but the practical internet business building will not be learned while at a university. Christy’s team makes it so simple, anyone can do this.

I am using the guidance from QSCA to coach a team of investors who are amazed at their investment returns. It is truly rewarding when you coach a team to excellence-a vision created while at the QSCA.

If you are not meeting your life’s goals and visions, please join Christy’s Family. Your ROI (Return On Investment) will be amazing!”

Kirk Gros

Hear It In Their Own Words…

Hear It In Their Own Words…


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“After more than 10 years of looking for something to make me feel fulfilled and inspired, I finally discovered the QSCA…

Enroll this program was the best decision of my life!I have experienced a great spiritual growth by finding my purpose in life with the QSCA. I feel that, by being a part of this heart-centered family I am able to help people shifting and discover their full potencial and live joyfully their dreams as I am now starting to live my own as well. I am so excited and grateful for that…All the program until now is absolutely fabulous and exceeded all my expectations. Can´t hardly wait for the Light Body Module, coming next…”



“The QSCA program to become a certified Law of Attraction coach has changed my life radically!

I am a totally different person than I was when I began this course. Not only have I begun a new career quickly and happily, I have begun to see changes in myself as I learn about so many ways to create the life of my dreams. I have discovered I love coaching, I can make a good income, and I can be full of joy on a daily basis. I have discovered life does not have to be a struggle. No more grindstone for me!By being part of this program, I am getting the best experience, the best in education, and the best in all-round preparation for being an excellent coach. I am confident that when I graduate, I will be totally prepared to be the best coach I can be for my clients.

I love how easy it is to attend class from wherever I am, how easy it is to submit assignments, and how easy it is to ask questions. I feel valued, supported, and like I am getting more than my money’s worth. If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, I highly recommend the QSCA.”

Tess Adams


“I feel blessed to be part of the QSCA team and all that it brings to me as a Seeking Soul and would encourage anyone seeking more from their journey to consider the program.

I began a personal journey to find out what made people tick some 35 years ago…after reading and re-reading / listening to almost every imaginable source of New Age materials available to mankind, along with attending and being certified in other programs. I finally found a source of materials and educational system that QSCA provides as an excellent way to apply and understand the teachings I previously took in…I know that because of the QSCA program and its Coaching staff I have found a source of invaluable information and direction that allows me to understand and create my own unique path and journey towards my life’s desires and dreams with far greater speed and success than ever before. Wishing you Joy and Happiness Beyond your Imagination.”

Richard Sewchuk


“What I like about the QSCA is the interactive structure of the program. I enjoy an instructor, a mentor, 4 Pod Group members, coaching buddies, admin personnel, and of course Christy Whitman.

All are available and are very responsive to my questions and needs. I am enjoying countless bonus materials and resources offered throughout the course including free coaching sessions if I choose. The QSCA even has its own Face Book page to engage further with the hundreds of members of the QSCA “family”. For me the program is total immersion and interaction. It is my perfect way to learn not only how to coach but offers the tools to create my own coaching business! I believe this program is a one-stop-shop if you are considering being the best coach you can be.”Best regards.”

Jeffrey Jett


“I love the level of support that I receive from the staff. I appreciate that it is a gentle and non-judgmental learning process.

I love the abundance of resources provided to us. The structure sets us up for success. We have the module calls, mentoring calls and pod calls. We also have the opportunity to request and receive coaching clients through QSCA. The assignments are not overwhelming. The feedback process is very helpful because it gives us insight as to what we are doing well and what we can strengthen. Our instructor pours into us. The curriculum is comprehensive and is definitely worth the investment. The portal is easy to navigate.”

LaTalya Palmer


“When I first started working with Christy in her coaching program I didn’t even realize the life that I could have and how much I was in control of it.

Learning the tools and having the knowledge to know how to move through your life with a different mindset has changed it almost immediately.

My business improved, my relationships grew, relationships that didn’t serve me moved out easily, my stress levels and health improved almost magically things got better and better!
Today my goal is to keep moving forward with this mindset and to teach the people who are interested in the knowledge I have learned.

Thank you Christy for being a great teacher and guide!”



“I feel very empowered to go and do whatever I want to do in the world and in my life. The teaching and support are absolutely amazing. I am improving myself and learning how to help others. I have made some truly amazing long term friendships with other classmates and enjoy learning and practicing the lessons and processes with them. I feel like we are family and this is a great positive uplifting experience. The business building is giving me confidence in my ability to be a successful coach and to make the world a better place.

The classes are very educational, uplifting and wonderful. I am growing in my own life, it is teaching me processes to continue to be clearer on what it is I want out of my life and ways to make it all happen.The teachers and staff are so supportive and encouraging, always willing and able to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so very grateful for this course and all the wonderful bonuses and benefits. Christy Whitman is giving so much more than I ever expected.”

Janet Wilson


“I love the rigorous curriculum, the personalized attention, the multitude of bonuses, the assigned homework buddies, and the mentoring.

I have invested in many self-help programs, but what I have experienced with Christy Whitman and the QSCA is top-notch–amazing personal growth and the rapid acquisition of new and valuable skills for helping family, friends, and clients to get more love and abundance out of life. Before coming to the QSCA, I had meditated regularly on a daily basis for two years straight; at the QSCA I have learned amazing new techniques that have brought my meditations and ability to magnetize to a whole new level. Clients now tell me that my guided meditations are better than any they have experienced before, even in their meditation classes. I am confident that because of the QSCA, I will continue to blossom into the best and most joyous version of myself in my personal life and as a life coach.”

Barbara Klaw


“I so want to thank you for all the fabulous work you do and tell you how much I appreciate you. I am inspired by how you are always 100 percent present in all our classes and conversations.You are a fabulous teacher, and I am thrilled to be part of this extensive and incredible course.

The material is fascinating and inspirational, and how you present it is excellent.I am so enjoying the experience and very much look forward to being able to put this in practice in my Life and End of Life Doula practice.

Thank you again for all your work. Light and blessings.”

Tina Walker


“Joining the QSCA has been the most incredible, life change thing I have done for myself! Before I joined the QSCA, I struggled in knowing what my life purpose was or even how to find it. When I came across Christy’s work, I knew that this was where I needed to be. I signed up without even thinking twice, and I am eternally grateful I followed that inspiration. I loved how interactive the course was, the support was amazing, and being with like-minded people was such a blessing! I learned so much about myself and how to BE a coach! This experience has nurtured and expanded my desire to help others through coaching and energy work. Christy is amazing in how she teaches, how she relates to everyone, making you feel completely comfortable and accepted. She has a way of inspiring you to be and become your best self. I will recommend this program and all of her other work wholeheartedly.”

Carrie Wooden


“I was looking for the missing ingredient to my business when some unknown woman called Christy Whitman arrived in my junk mail. 5 junk mails later and I signed up without thought to the QSCA.

I’ve not only experienced a massive change in my own personal life, learning and applying the Law of Attraction Coaching that Christy and the team teach, but feel I’ve found my tribe of like minded souls. Christy is inspiring, funny and so damn engaging. I even chose to spend my birthday on our coaching call rather than celebrate it with family. I’m more confident than ever, that because of the QSCA I will become not just an inspiring coach, but a better person because Christy has reminded me of who we truly are.

There’s not one part of the QSCA program that I would change. It’s not just any old coaching program, it’s a life changing, life inspiring gift that I will hold close and be forever thankful for.”

Karen Peters

{This really has been a life changing experience for me! QSCA has been pushing me gently towards my goals and given me the wonderful opportunities to meet lovely people around the world. I love my pod members, my coaching buddy, my mentor, instructor, and I am also grateful that QSCA constantly introduces us to those professionals and experts who are already successful and inspiring to us. Because of what I am learning from the course, I am confident to say that I am in the process of becoming a successful coach myself! Thank you
Satomi Keely
{I love, value and appreciate the energy the QSCA has been created from. Working with the QSCA and Christy truly has uplifted and inspired me to feel confident that I can fulfil my desires, and potential in my life. I have experienced the sincere, enthusiastic, encouraging, genuine, authentic energy from which the knowledge is taught with and this can only flow from the intellect of the heart and soul and the loving caring intention of the QSCA to help people grow in abundance by understanding all the Laws of Attraction and being aware of how the Universe always supports us, I feel being part of the program it is a Soul nourishing, healing and empowering course for success in life.
Irene Worthington
{I have experienced an incredible self transformation with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel inspired, empowered and joyous by being a part of this program. I am confident that my Life Coaching service and Recreation Therapy programs will continue to evolve and expand in helping others to create happy and fulfilling lives because of the QSCA program. I love the vision and overall intention of the QSCA program. This world is ready for more conscious, Law of Attraction Coaches! Thank you QSCA and Christy!
Candace Lynch
{I love the value the program has brought to my business and my life. I’ve been on a journey of self-improvement for quite a while, but didn’t really understand the unlimited power of personal transformation until I experienced the QSCA. Working with Christy and her team has shown me a whole new level of growth and mind-blowing energy!”I’m so grateful I found Christy and the QSCA! Your tremendous insight and energy has brought me to a new level of personal transformation that I can’t wait to share with others. I love the value the program has brought to my business and my life. Thank you!
Maria Lynn Johnson
{It is such a joy & pleasure training as a Law of Attraction Coach with the QSCA ~ what an amazing, dedicated & inspiring team. Best decision I’ve made for my future ~ thank-you for making it available, and doing it so well :-)Training with the QSCA is truly life changing. It is a genius combination of Christy’s remarkable coaching model and Law of Attraction processes. The Team is inspiring; training provides higher level skills and quantum growth, and all the business tools we could need. Success is the only option! If you want to improve your life and assist others to improve theirs ~ QSCA coaching will take you there.
Beverley Roberts
{I LOVE THE QSCA AND JOINING THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL DECISION FOR ME. I hemmed and hawed over the expense but it has all come back to me in many incredible ways. My relationships have improved, my health and energy have skyrocketed, and my life is better in multiple ways. I have learned so much about the LOA and have seen the incredible results in my life. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and mentor and she brings so much positive, happy, energy to this course. Christy Whitman is so generous and there are always wonderful bonuses and a multitude of information. Thank you QSCA!
Wendy Carbone
{The course is stimulating, enjoyable and, most important, it is giving me the practical tools I need to succeed. Wow! One of the benefits that you list about the QSCA certification program is not only will I learn what I need to be a great law of attraction coach, but it will also be personally transforming.I have been a teacher of spiritual and personal transformation techniques for years, and all I can say is that I love how much I am personally growing through your program!
Nancy Showalter
{This has been a wonderful journey of personal and professional growth. My biggest success story has been increasing the income coming into my Life Purpose business 10 TIMES in 2020, during a pandemic. I have been working diligently at my business since 2016 and finally it felt like everything suddenly clicked into place and I began to make so many strides with my business revenue. It was a huge breakthrough for me because this has been the one sticking point in my life and my greatest dream all at the same time.
Angela Kraft-Meldahl
Angela Kraft-Meldahl
{No words can explain how my life has expanded, flourished, exploded into such a realm of wholeness and balance...since my QSCA training. Abraham's teachings and Christy's course was certainly a pivotal shifting point on my journey. I have been able to niche down and start coaching eating disorder recovery and live my life on purpose with maximum energy and vitality, all the while acknowledging balance and ebb and flow. Everything is working out for me... Much love and in gratitude
Natalie Robertson
Natalie Robertson
{QSCA has been amazing! The program is only halfway done and already I have learned so much. I came to the program wanting to learn more about the universal laws and I’ve gotten so much more! I’ve learned about the universal laws, coaching, and how to start my own business. Everyone on the team is responsive and helpful and very kind. Everything about the program so far is amazing!
Rachelle Lopez
{I have experienced that when I have contrast I don´t linger with the bad feelings as long as before. I have achieved so many tools that help me rise my vibration through the QSCA and with Christy. I feel that my life has changed so much being a part of this program. I am confident that I can become a successful coach and have the life I´ve always wanted because of the QSCA program. I love the lessons and the meditations that Christy gives us.
Matilda Orrling
{I always knew there was more to life than getting through the day to day. Christy helped open my eyes to a world of energy and ways to live my best life and teach others to do so. I have experienced a shift in my mindset from fear and lack to love and abundance. Her teachings provide clarity as to how to manifest my dreams, and help my clients do so as well. Since starting this course, I have manifested incredible outcomes that I would have never thought possible without her guidance.
Whitney Ellison
{I feel so loved, supported and abundant. I’m in the process of becoming a life coach and the process is amazing. Each step is guided. Every time I think “next I’ll need” there it is in my inbox. The timing is so well planned, prepared and considered it makes the process such a joy! Just being here I’ve gone from lack to abundance! I truly do have everything I need to be successful. Thank you to everyone at the QSCA.
Aspasia Holley
{I am so blessed to be a part of the QSCA program. I love the way the course is designed to support my success and I love the outcome I am experiencing in my everyday life. I know that this program has changed my life for the better in ways that continue to expand and unfold. I am so excited to wake up in the morning with new tools to Deliberately Create My Day. Thank you so much for all the amazing people who have made this program a huge success in my life!
{I’ve grown so much since I’ve started QSCA that is unbelievable. Christy’s authenticity in offering such a life changing tools is priceless. I’ve opened myself to new opportunities, new visions and new perception of my life and my reality. By being a part of this program I’ve not only learned many different things, but I’ve shared also this journey by being a part of a big loving and caring family. I’m so grateful for all this!
Anna Juricic
{Best investment I’ve ever made in myself. This is more than just coaching training! I have been in numerous training courses and none of them give the amount of personal and professional training as the QSCA. As a result of this training I am confident that I will have ALL that I need to create a successful coaching career. I love the how the course challenges you to be your very best. It brings out all your best qualities to help you become an Authentic Coach. Coaching true to who I am. This is the biggest gift.
Nuala McCann
Nuala McCann
{I am so pleased I followed through and decided on this certification program. The brilliance of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is that it is a vehicle for not just becoming a certified life coach, but that it is also a personal transformational program. It is like getting 2 for 1! Among all of the options out there to choose from, I love that this comprehensive Academy offers something quite unique.The personal support and professional training are top notch.
Catherine Mazur
Catherine Mazur
{I have experienced a tremendous and empowering shift in my life since engaging in the QSCA. he processes, the connection, the learning and the passion I get to tap into daily is fabulous. From frequent bonuses to continued learning, the QSCA is always offering incentives to enhance my learning and overall engagement. Before, I “hoped” I was on the right path with coaching…now, I KNOW I am thanks to the clarity and positive outcomes I’ve received from this program!
Brandy Hansen
Brandy Hansen
{I misunderstood the wealth of knowledge and support that would be set before me through QSCA. I can’t say enough that the content is very well thought out, and the Business module amazingly comprehensive. It has opened my eyes to a world that I would only have dreamed of before, and now know it’s possible for me. I’m so pleased I joined QSCA and cant thank you enough for this opportunity.
Wendy Mouldey
Wendy Mouldey
{I understand that to be a great coach, one needs to have the opportunity to self transform. The QSCA program offers that opportunity in a supportive setting. What I really like about it is the amount of materials we receive during the program: audios, videos, books, other written materials – it’s a lot of information that will continue to provide new insights as they are used again and again in the future!
Dr. Carolann Wolfgang
Dr. Carolann Wolfgang

“As a new student I loved having the ability to talk directly to the founder and all of the administrative staff rather than being pushed off to some of the other staff. It really makes you realize that you all are here to see us become successful and to do what you can to see us through. I think when an owner/founder takes an active part in talking with the coaches, we feel more comfortable about joining more courses of hers as we know we have her support.

Thank you also for allowing us to have access to all of the teachings for as long as we need it. As we all know, sometimes things don’t go the way we anticipate and therefore we don’t get the lessons completed as we had planned. By knowing that we have the ability to keep going and don’t have a cutoff, it makes us (at least me) keep going without the emotion of reaching a time limit and then thinking of ourselves as a failure because we couldn’t finish in time. I think this in itself adds huge credibility to the program and I greatly appreciate all of you. Thank you! Thank you!”


“The QSCA is an outstanding program for coaching training and self growth. I am learning so much professionally and personally. I am not the same person that started the QSCA Academy only 5 months ago. I feel so blessed by being a part of the QSCA Academy. I am confident that I will positively affect the overall energy of the Universe by supporting others to grow and become who they truly want to be. I love the education and the community aspects of the QSCA. What a gift!”

Andrea L Hinkel

“I would highly recommend this program to open-minded, growth-oriented people who desire to positively influence other people’s lives. As a result of the class and the vast amount of great material available to us I have begun to shift my focus from the Outer to the Inner realm of growing and developing. This is a much more sustainable model for life than what I have been trained in so far.”

Hardy Hasenfuss

“The information and training provided is unique and powerful!

In September of 2014 I decided to take the QSCA course, my coworkers and friends questioned me why was I taking another coaching course – I shared with them that I felt drawn to the program and was listening to an inner voice. My plan was to take the LOA coaching course, improve my LOA coaching skills and create my own ho’oponopono course at the same time. Four months into the program, I invited 12 people to start my 6 month Ho’oponopono course. By taking the QSCA coaching program I not only improved my coaching skills, my LOA coaching skills I was inspired to launch my own 6 month program, which now has 2 powerful sequels! Each time I fill one of my coaching courses with 10 clients I bring in an extra $2000 each month for doing something I love – teaching and coaching at the same time. Depending on how many groups I run a year the QSCA has helped me increase my LOA and Ho’oponopono coaching income to an additional 6,000 a month and up to 72,000 a year – that’s almost 6 figures in additional income. I highly recommend the QSCA program to new coaches and experienced coaches as well.”

Dr. Mary

“It is so exciting seeing my coaching client’s lives change. I retired from my nursing career and thought I would enjoy my hobbies and travel, until I heard Christy’s presentation on the QSCA. I had this inner knowing that this was my next step on the journey.
I have experienced an inner peace and calm being involed in your Coaching Academy. Understanding the Law of Attraction and using the processes has changed my life and my husband’s life as I share what I am learning. It is so exciting seeing my coaching client’s lives change. Thank you Christy for this wonderful program!”

Gloria Crocket

“I love and enjoy the information that I receive on the course, its like every time there is something to look forward to. I love how my life have taken a positive turn and I am enjoying it.Thanks to QSCA as now I can see the light and working on building my happiness inside out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Christy and staff.”

Poppy Chelopo

“QSCA has brought magic to my good life. Christy is totally an authentic (grounded and connected to divine) very successful person in her own simple and sweet way. I feel a part of QSCA family,while learning natural laws of life (LOA) with ease and grace, while making total transformation in every area of my life. My relationship with family, friends, myself and God has reached to a new dimension. I wish this program can be taught in the schools and colleges.

Love Serve Peace Joy!.”

Jyotsna Agarwal

“Since I heard Christy talking about the QSCA I felt like it was my time. I had to take my leap of faith, face my fears and invest in myself. I was scared about taking the risk of changing my life, but the need to live on purpose helping others was burning inside me. So, I reflect on it and thought that at the very least I would change my life forever!! so… there wasn’t really any risk at all! And it is better to try, and know than never trying at all. I am very happy being part of this family. Thank you QSCA!”


“The Christy Whitman Quantum Success Academy provides an excellent foundation and more to have a successful business as a coach. There is much to learn and all this is carefully planned.

Additionally this organization and its founder, Christy Whitman, give one all the necessary resources and tools to expand one’s career into becoming an author, speaker, branch into seminars, teleseminars and much, much more. Having a lucrative career can be achieved having received this invaluable and highly organized training.”

Sarah Pollak

“I have listened and watched Christy’s videos for years until one day it hit me! Enroll for the QSCA! I could help people like Christy has helped me. I can help people find their power again.I just started training and I feel like a new baby fawn on it’s wobbly legs but the folks at the QSCA help me feel fantastic with their knowledge, and support. I will do this!”

Marchia Ryborz-Horn

“Hello Christy, My experience with the QSCA has been an amazing journey. After the first orientation I was extremely excited. As I lie in bed that night I felt like I had purchased a professional sports franchise. Wow! I have all the power to create what I want my organization to look like from management to coaches to the players. But the difference would be, clients that would be impacted by coaching insights and processes to shift their focus and raise their energy. I believe as they explore all the wonderful possibilities that their life will transform and transcend to greater heights. Christy your program was the next step in my own evolution and now I can feel my growth and development. Evelyn Apostolou is absolutely an incredible teacher and she has brought great insight to my spiritual journey through the QSCA. I believe that one day I will join you as Partner in some capacity of the QSCA. Thank You!!”

Calvin Carey

“I absolutely LOVE the QSCA program. My instructor Evelyn is amazing and a voice straight from Heaven. She captivates my attention each week and makes learning the processes exciting while gaining valuable needed knowledge, making sure we are prepared for our individual life coach careers. I also found my mentor Lola! to be very encouraging and eager to help in ANY way she can.. Everyone at the QSCA goes out of their way to make this experience the best that anyone can offer and Christy continually surprises us with bonuses that help round out every aspect of knowledge we need to become an amazing life coach!!”

Janet Dudley

“They truly want to help each of us succeed in our chosen path. I researched several programs designed for getting a certification for becoming a certified life coach and I feel I made the best decision possible by going with QSCA. Everyone from Christy to my trainer, my mentor, and the staff I turn in assignments to have always been very helpful. I have only dealt with people who are very positive and share their journey along this path with us. It is a wonderful program with a complete package to make sure we have the basics of everything we need to embark on a new career and life.I feel blessed to be in this program with like minded people who live by the Law of Attraction and teach it so thoroughly. It has been a journey of joy and so much enlightenment and personal growth. I now understand completely how very powerful my thoughts and words are.

I am confident that I will be able to have both the skills and the knowledge to begin my coaching career and I am so happy to think about what an honor it will be to help other people in the near future to understand the Law of Attraction and come to know themselves and take control of their lives as I know they will. It will be such a thrill to celebrate their victories and help them to live the life that is waiting for them just as I am doing.

I love every part of the QSCA program and I believe it to be the best of all that I have reviewed for sure. Everything has been handled in a very open manner, no hidden agenda or promising one thing while the delivery is another matter.”

Sue Hutchinson

“I have been in the QSCA Fall Class since October 2013. When I first was exploring coaching, I was concerned that it would go against my values and belief system.

I didn’t believe in coincidence so I trusted that God put me with the QSCA for a reason as it became clearer that this is where I need to be to learn how to be a life coach. Throughout the course I have found that it does not go against by beliefs and values at all but actually compliments them. I have expanded and shifted to see how it all works together and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Things in my life have shifted as well as my perspectives. I’m now experiencing more abundance and blessings thanks to things I have learned at the QSCA on how to shift my vibration and perspective. Going through the QSCA, I’ve learned how to get unstuck and move ahead. I’ve always heard that God can’t move a parked car and through this course, I understand what that truly means. Thank you Christy Whitman and Kelly Lewis, this has been life changing and I can’t wait to go out and impact other women the way you have impacted me.”

Andrea Rockwood

“I love their amazing energy, they are highly professional, very loving and extremely supportive.

I am an amazing creator who loves learning. I wanted to learn how to coach and I gave myself the gift I’ll never regret and joined Christy and her team at QSCA. The value I’ve received is priceless. Christy and her team are devoted to giving beyond measure. Since joining the QSCA I have experienced amazing personal growth and gained the confidence I needed to take myself to higher levels. I feel so much gratitude that I am part of this family of like minded people. I am confident that because of the QSCA program I have the knowledge and the skills required to coach anyone wanting to put Law of Attraction into action in their lives. I love that I get to be in my own home here in Australia while being able to participate in the program with the amazing Christy and her team at the QSCA”

Carol Horgan

“I have been on a journey for quite some time now, but a journey to where? It started small, a glimmer that I could not be sure I had seen.

Every now and again, that “something” would flash, redirecting my steps along a new path, adding a new, shiny item to the pack on my back.

A glimmer, a flash, a sparkle, a ray – eventually, I took these out of my pack and noticed an underlying theme, but could never find the cohesive source… until I found Christy, The Council, and the Quantum Energy Mastery Experience. This illuminated what I knew and felt in my heart. It was not an “aha” moment. It was an all caps, emphatic “YES! THIS IS IT!”

Christy’s delivery of the information is clear, direct, and impassioned. She is real, genuine, and relatable. This is not your standard class; it really is an Experience with friends.

Now, it is time for me to do the work, weaving these golden strands of light into every fiber of my life.

Thank you, Christy and The Council!”

Steph H

mystery person
{Filled with excellent content. The QSCA is filled with excellent content, the course is amazing and you will not be disappointed if you join.
Brenda Goodwin
mystery person
{Since certifying at the QSCA my life has transformed. I am working as a mindset and success coach and have a full practice. My income has tripled and I’m now creating my own programs and books. Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA family.
mystery person
{Christy Whitman’s program changed my life. I could write pages lauding her program and it still wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude. Mahalo Christy and her amazing team!
Kelly Weaver
mystery person
{The level of the QSCA mentors and teachers is top. I am so happy to have deliberately created the reality of studying a program that is one-of-a-kind. Christy was so wise to surround herself by the best and most seasoned specialists in their fields. I am very grateful to Christy and to all her collaborators.
Alfonso Andrade
mystery person
{I have experienced transformation in every area of my life with the QSCA and Christy. I am truly grateful for this. The value that has been provided to me cannot Really be put into. I am just grateful for the support of the Universe to Allow me to be part of such an awesome program.
Jackee Green
mystery person
{There’s a lot I am grateful for, taking part in Christy’s QSCA, my soulmate came into my life. At the moment I joined 30 Days of meditation, a big transformation happened for me, I became worthy, I am worthy, it felt great for me! Thank you, Christy and the Council.”
mystery person
{What I love about the QSCA program is… The connection to others who are making the shift in their own lives and wanting to help others on this path. The perspectives of their view helps clarify my own beliefs and obstacles to overcome and build on.
Machell Oviedo
mystery person
{I have experienced many positive breakthroughs with the QSCA. I feel on purpose with this program. I am confident I am exactly where I should be with the QSCA. I love the ability to allow myself to heal and grow…. Thank you!
Julia Madigan
mystery person
{It is a fantastic experience and a fabulous journey. The Law of Attraction presented this opportunity to me by way of an email from Centerpointe Research Institute. I am very happy I joined and find the information I have received to be extremely beneficial.
Pete Kamenike

“Christy Whitman is an amazing healer who strives to surprise and delight her students and clients.

I first learned about Christy when I joined her 30-day “Watch Your Words” program. I read two of her books, “The Art of Having it All” and “Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money”. As a result, I enrolled in several of Christy’s monthly online meditation programs seeking personal help, growth, and healing. After 24+ years in Corporate Human Resources, four degrees, two professional certifications, several major life challenges, and a couple of significant health concerns, I knew it was time to change my focus because the path I was on was not heading in the direction I wanted to go. I was searching for something that would allow me to forgive the past, heal physically, and grow spiritually and at the same time to follow my life’s passion. This little voice inside of me had been whispering for as long as I can remember that my life’s purpose is to coach and teach and help others, but life challenges and limiting beliefs always seemed to get in my way of making the leap.

With the encouragement and support of my wonderful husband, I sought out and compared various coaching programs, but none of them resonated with me. Then came Christy’s email about the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA). I did my research, talked to Christy’s wonderful staff, and enrolled in the first online, self-study version of this program in April, 2020. To say that I have been delighted with the program would be an understatement. It’s been challenging while working full-time, but so very interesting, fun, and enlightening. The growth I have amassed is immeasurable. Christy is so knowledgeable, insightful, supportive, and fun! Christy’s staff is always very helpful and encouraging. I’ve met some amazing women, located across the globe, during the course of this adventure who have become supportive study buddies and whom I believe will be lifetime friends. I’m so excited as I embark on the next chapter of my life as a Certified Law of Attraction and Desire Factor Coach and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of many others in the coming years. Thank you so very much, Christy and the Council. I am forever grateful to you. You are a beautiful soul spreading a wonderful mission and message with every life that you touch. Thank you.”

Karen S.

“Christy Whitman is an amazing teacher, coach and healer who truly walks her talk by applying everything that she teaches in her own life.

As I was working on myself in the field of personal development, I came across her 1 year life coaching certification program which allowed me to go on a path of personal healing and empowerment.

Before working with Christy, I didn’t know what were the 7 essential universal laws, how to align myself with Source and raise my own vibrations. Her 1 year QSCA coaching program has deeply changed my life for the best. From learning and applying so many tools and techniques which I still apply in my own life, while doing a deep dive to heal and empower myself on so many levels, I have become a certified Law of Attraction coach specializing in women’s empowerment and well-being. I now teach women how to use the LOA in their own life to empower them and help them achieve their heart’s deepest desires in alignment with their well-being.

Christy’s work has put me on a path of greater personal growth and development, supporting me to become a catalyst for change, healing and empowerment in other women’s lives.

I am deeply grateful for all her love and support in providing such an amazing and life changing program to contribute to our own growth, healing and empowerment. Thank you so much Christy!”

Coralie Sassada

“I had no idea the level of relief I would feel to be a part of such a well-though-out and supportive program as QSCA.

Hello Christy and the QSCA Team! I am 3 weeks into the QSCA program and I wanted to share my gratitude with you for designing and producing such an amazing training program!

Foremost right now my gratitude centers around how supported I feel in walking this path. Everything is so organized and there are so many people eager to help me and my fellow trainees that, this morning, during my first mentor call, I was overcome with happiness and relief.

You see, lately – in response to contrast at my current job – I have been focusing on my desire to work with people who share my vision for loving and empowering others. This QSCA offers in spades! 🙂

But I also realized this morning that another desire I put into my “vortex” long ago – to feel completely supported when developing new skills and accomplishing new tasks – has now manifested as well! So often in my job I have felt thrown into the deep end, but in situations where preparation and training could have been provided if only the intent had been there and time had been made. Consciously I decided I would do things differently if I were in charge.

So thank you so much! I am so glad to be here!”

Melinda Harlow

“They truly want to help each of us succeed in our chosen path. I researched several programs designed for getting a certification for becoming a certified life coach and I feel I made the best decision possible by going with QSCA. Everyone from Christy to my trainer, my mentor, and the staff I turn in assignments to have always been very helpful. I have only dealt with people who are very positive and share their journey along this path with us. It is a wonderful program with a complete package to make sure we have the basics of everything we need to embark on a new career and life.I feel blessed to be in this program with like minded people who live by the Law of Attraction and teach it so thoroughly. It has been a journey of joy and so much enlightenment and personal growth. I now understand completely how very powerful my thoughts and words are.

I am confident that I will be able to have both the skills and the knowledge to begin my coaching career and I am so happy to think about what an honor it will be to help other people in the near future to understand the Law of Attraction and come to know themselves and take control of their lives as I know they will. It will be such a thrill to celebrate their victories and help them to live the life that is waiting for them just as I am doing.

I love every part of the QSCA program and I believe it to be the best of all that I have reviewed for sure. Everything has been handled in a very open manner, no hidden agenda or promising one thing while the delivery is another matter.”

Sue Hutchinson

“With this program I now truly believe in “having it all. I have experienced substantial personal growth and the comradely of my wonderful pod ladies hooking us up with these pods is brilliant! Christy’s insights and integrity are beyond my expectations.I have been and continue to be so blessed to have been led to her because I am being equipped with the knowledge and the training to operate in that knowledge so that wisdom becomes a part of me forever! Love it! And gives me the confidence I lacked

The best part is the pod group. Being with people starting out as I and learning from each other greatly enhances the growth in the QSEA program. I like that we are not alone throughout the course.”

Lisa Sullivan

“I feel incredibly blessed to have found the QSCA and have taken this transformational journey.

As a seeker, a life-long learner, I have always sought opportunities for growth. The QSCA has provided a safe, supportive, enriching environment for personal reflection, knowledge and skill acquisition, expansion of thought and sharing with like minded change makers. I am confident that with the QSCA’s interactive and experiential format I will soon own and manage a successful Law Of Attraction Coaching business that will support and inspire my clients to co-create the life they desire. I love knowing that I am a member of the QSCA family and that I always have access to the resources and personnel that make the QSCA known for excellence and leadership in the personal development industry.”

Joanna Jodrey

Hear It In Their Own Words…

Hear It In Their Own Words…


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“If anyone is ‘on the fence’ in deciding to join the QSCA … I encourage you to just do it! It was one of the best decisions I have made. As a coach, I have taken multiple programs over the years and by far the QSCA is the most comprehensive. This course provides everything you need to become a confident coach – the classes, the mentor calls, the manual, the website, the support, and all the bonus materials – it is all there! Not only do I feel like I’m offering more value to my clients, but I have also experienced tremendous personal growth since becoming a member of the QSCA.”

Diane Adkins

“Before the QSCA program, I was not quite sure what my life purpose was I now know with perfect clarity what my dharma is and I am beyond excited and blissful to know I have such a powerful purpose to help countless people live their best life. This program is a God send and I am beyond grateful for the amazing transformation that I have already experienced and I haven’t even graduated yet!Thank you Christy and all your amazing staff- you are all blessings to all of us in the program.”

Dean Vega

“I’ve been a director of sales in the hotel business for years and I wish this course was available when I began my career.

If I had taken it then there would have been an exponential increase in sales people making bonus! Thanks for offering this life changing course.”

Jenna Dukehart

“The structure and content of QSCA are excellent making it the best course I have come across.

I have loved having the chance to work with other students and get to know people around the world through taking the QSCA course. A big bonus has been the personal development that happens very quickly on engaging with the teachings. My close friends have all noticed and commented on the change in me as I have become more confident and positive. A big thank you to Christy.”

Sophie Fyson

“My life has completely changed since I took a leap of faith and decided to join Christy Whitman’s life-­changing QSCA program!

I was already on a spiritual journey (which led me to the QSCA in the first place) but my awareness and connection with who I truly am has expanded exponentially since starting the program. I immediately felt like a part of the QSCA family and have experienced SO much love and support from Christy and all of her heart centered wonderful team. I also absolutely LOVE the lifelong heart connections I have made with my wonderful pod group and some of the other students during the program! The program is very well­-rounded, teaching you the coaching skills necessary as well as completely connecting you with your own Divine Self and that of your clients in your work. It has been just an amazing journey in so many different ways. I graduated from the QSCA about 6 months ago and am now building a wonderful coaching business which brings me incredible joy and the feeling that I am finally living my purpose! Thank you Christy and the entire QSCA team for helping me to believe in myself and transform my life!”

Tami Schmickle

“When I first started the QSCA Certification Program I was uncertain what I had signed up for.

I was skeptical, I was unsure, and each week as the classes and homework unfolded, I realized it was exactly what I needed at that specific time in my life. I know, I know, there are never any accidents. I still struggle with meditation and am practicing it more and more to calm my crazy mind.

The QSCA journey allowed me to tap into, what I call the “soft side of myself.” You know the person that you don’t allow to emerge because it may show your weaknesses.

What I did realize is that I had been playing small in my relatively new coaching practice, simply going through the motions and following someone else’s curriculum. Several coaching classes and events confirmed this. I was never one to simply play through and it took “breaking a board” and breaking through my fears to come to that realization. I had been playing small, afraid I might get sick again so did not want to introduce any major stressors to my life. HA…..that didn’t last. My gifts are mighty and I have so much to give to others.

The information and connections you provided were so valuable. I know our journey together is not over and I could not let another moment go by this morning without saying thank you again.

From the bottom of this energetic, passionate, and loving heart, thank you again.”

Maria Bradfield

“My name is Katrina Bjalek and I am a Student in the QSCA course that you and your amazing team are running.

I would like to take this time to say how honoured and grateful I am that you have allowed me to study under your guidance. The processes that you have presented and the wealth of knowledge and tools have been a blessing at this point of my journey in life. With all the hiccups and gullys that I seem to fall into I have been able to stay focused and able to keep moving forward on this great journey. THANK YOU.

Everything presented is not only amazing but seems to be coming at just the right times as of late; details for another time. However, it is by these teaching that I have and am able to cope with what the great universe seems to deem important for me to face. I will say sometimes I am not impressed but I do jump into it full force.

You have given me a sense of strength and accomplishment.—thank you again.”

Katrina Bjalek

“I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and was certified as a life coach through another training program over 20 years ago.

Ever since then I have used the skills I learned in a variety of settings as a practicing life coach and as a teacher of metaphysics in classrooms and small group settings. After growing as the energy master of my own life through Christy and the Council in last summer’s Quantum Energy Master experience, I realized that I wanted to learn to be a Quantum Energy Law of Attraction Transformational Coach. The skills I learned 20+ years ago were not producing the results I wanted my clients/students to experience. So I enrolled in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy this past spring and have no desire to coach any other way going forward. I am growing and changing as are my clients. I am transforming my life as my clients are expanding and transforming theirs. Thank you, Christy, for this truly amazing course.”

Karen Diehl

{I always knew there was more to life than getting through the day to day. Christy helped open my eyes to a world of energy and ways to live my best life and teach others to do so. I have experienced a shift in my mindset from fear and lack to love and abundance. Her teachings provide clarity as to how to manifest my dreams, and help my clients do so as well. Since starting this course, I have manifested incredible outcomes that I would have never thought possible without her guidance.
Whitney Ellison
{I have taken several courses and done quite a few certifications but what I have experienced while working with the QSCA and Christy has been the most influential in my life. For the first time I am making massive shifts in my business and personal life. The processes I am learning in the QSCA have helped not only my clients but myself as well. I am confident that because of the QSCA program I am to help many moms live in their ideal body, reduce the chaos in their busy lives, and improve their most important relationships.
Rachael Lenzmeier Jencks
{The QSCA is amazing, the course is very well structured and makes learning fun. The possibility to practice with our coaching buddies is of immense value for me and makes it easy to step into action.I feel supported, helped in every step along my way. The pod group calls are motivating as well as my call’s with my coaching buddy! Taking the course opened up so many pathways for me that I had not imagined before and I have grown personally and professionally.So many thanks to Evelyn and all the staff, their loving guidance is inspiring, uplifting and so many thanks to Christy for this abundant course, filled with light and love.
{I love the value the program has brought to my business and my life. I’ve been on a journey of self-improvement for quite a while, but didn’t really understand the unlimited power of personal transformation until I experienced the QSCA. Working with Christy and her team has shown me a whole new level of growth and mind-blowing energy!”I’m so grateful I found Christy and the QSCA! Your tremendous insight and energy has brought me to a new level of personal transformation that I can’t wait to share with others. I love the value the program has brought to my business and my life. Thank you!
Maria Lynn Johnson
{My experience with the QSCA certification class has been so far beyond anything I expected. The materials are top notch and the instructors and support team are amazingly helpful and welcoming. Even more than that, the processes and techniques are not only helping my clients make positive changes in their lives, they are also transforming my own life — a huge and unexpected benefit! I’m so glad that I took the leap and enrolled in the certification class and became part of this wonderful QSCA family — it is truly a life changing experience!
Ellen Wetzel
{I have been searching for several years for this program. I’ve purchased and started many other programs to find out it wasn’t what I wanted to do or was left hanging once I purchased it. Not Christy Whitman she has the most powerful, well put together system I have ever seen or worked with. I have experienced great growth within myself with working with QSCA. I feel very special and honored to be apart of the QSCA. I am confident that I will continue to learn and grow into an amazing life coach because of QSCA program. I absolutely love the people and this program of the QSCA.
Tonya Tombs Coachtt
{It is such a joy & pleasure training as a Law of Attraction Coach with the QSCA ~ what an amazing, dedicated & inspiring team. Best decision I’ve made for my future ~ thank-you for making it available, and doing it so well :-)Training with the QSCA is truly life changing. It is a genius combination of Christy’s remarkable coaching model and Law of Attraction processes. The Team is inspiring; training provides higher level skills and quantum growth, and all the business tools we could need. Success is the only option! If you want to improve your life and assist others to improve theirs ~ QSCA coaching will take you there.
Beverley Roberts
{Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy has changed my entire life. The instructors are experienced Law of Attraction Coaches who support, motivate, challenge, and inspire me. I have experienced so much growth and healing in my own life since starting the coaching program. The best thing about the program is it teaches you the valuable skills to become a law of attraction life coach. Amazingly the program incorporates the marketing and business skills necessary to assist you in building a successful coaching practice. Because of this rewarding program I am so excited about life and future career! Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA staff! You are best of the best!
Leslie Welch
{I wanted to teach personal development program but I was in a confused state of how to do it and where to begin until I found out about QSCA. At that time I was in a debt as well as I was jobless. Christy preview workshop had shared with me all the important reasons about being a coach and the potential to make money as a career. When I decided to embark into the QSCA program, I begin to learn more and was able to align myself. I found a career for myself within a short period of time and started to make some money while I am learning to be a coach from QSCA. This program have given me enough of time to practice and to experience what a coach should be and how to do it. Most importantly it have help me to move on positively while I am facing with my current challenges in life.
Jason Goh
{I love the material presented and the connections that I’m making with the other students. I was looking for a new career when I saw Christy’s presentation on coaching. I loved her dynamism and her enthusiasm. What she promised the training was going to be excited me. The program covers a lot of material, very well organized and paced. the instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel very supported as I go thru the different assignments. My knowledge is growing dramatically, my life and communication with family and friends have improved exponentially and I’m confident that I’ll be well equipped with both technical and business tools to be the greatest coach I want to be.
Laura Battelani


“My life totally changed in ways I never dreamed possible.

Before I joined this coaching program, I had been out of work for a year and a half, had run out of unemployment, couldn’t find a job and didn’t know where to turn. I had spent years suffering from anxiety and depression due to severe trauma and abuse and felt deeply discouraged.

While I was sitting down to meditate one day, I remembered that I had always wanted to be a life coach. When I went to check my emails, the first email I saw said “Have You Ever Thought About Being A Life Coach?” and it was from Christy Whitman. This ray of hope stirred my heart and I began to feel alive again, as I started choosing to follow my heart’s desire. The money for the tuition seemed to magically appear and everything flowed for me to be able to join.

Within a month I attracted my dream job that allowed me the flexibility to continue with the training and create the income to support myself and my family.

Because of this training, I healed my past and became free of the anxiety and depression that had crippled my life for years. Now I have my own business, making $250 an hour to coach other coaches and healers to “transcend their traumas, abolish the affects of their abuse and become victorious over being a victim in all areas of their lives.”

I am also an Instructor and Mentor for the QSCA and gratefully serve as part of their support team. I make two to three times the income I ever did in the past, even as a nurse, and work half the hours. So now I have time to enjoy my family, travel, have fun, meditate, exercise, and do what I want to take care of myself daily. I am totally having it all my way and enjoying every moment!

So, if you are on the fence about joining the QSCA, I recommend that you go within, follow your heart, and trust the process, just like I did. The time, money, and everything you need will be there for you!”

Nada Howarth


“As a Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, I have always been drawn to powerful and loving mentors who can make a big difference for my clients and myself.

Several years ago, I completed Christy Whitman’s QSCA Coaching Program, which inspired me to create a 1K Healing Program that consisted of Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction. After working with Christy one-on-one, she energetically and physically helped me manifest my Radical Change Coaching Academy, where I get to teach my coaches how to help clients make Big Changes Quickly with some powerful coaching tools, the gift of Ho’oponopono Healing and the pure positive energy that comes from Mastering Energy! I continued with Christy’s Light Body course and her Energy Mastery Program, which has guided me to be more in touch with my own soul and Inner Spirit that guides me to be aligned with all my deepest desires and dreams. This past summer, I was invited to participate in her latest program and movement called The Desire Factor. It’s not just a book or just a program. It’s a needed and healing experience for all who are open to accepting, loving and calling forth into manifestation your deepest and most personal desires in life, love, family, friends and business. Through the years, I have had the honor and gift to journey with Christy as a powerful and committed mentor, as well as a friend and partner in spreading love, light and healing to this world and all those that are ready for love and abundance! I am grateful and blessed for this journey with Christy and all her programs that always deliver more than I asked for or expected. If you are yearning for more, looking to make a bigger difference or ready to live your best life I recommend you sign up for any one of her programs”

Dr. Mary Ozegovich


“Finding Christy Whitman and the QSCA has meant all the difference in my life.

While I lived a nice life, I just was not living a life that was what I truly wanted. I did not believe much beyond what I was living was ever possible and at a deep level, that depressed me. Since learning from Christy and the QSCA, I was given the tools, knowledge and power to transform everything in my life. Things that happen in life do not seem impossible any longer because I know how to magically transform my health, career, finances and relationships. I’ve created my own business where I get to work 1/3 of the time that I used to work and I earn more money even though I spend less time working. That is freedom to me. To succeed in the game of life, we need to have the tools that are not taught to use in school or our upbringing and joining the QSCA has saved my life!”

Julie Kleinhans

Elizabeth (Beth) Myers

“Are you ready to begin a transformative experience, as I have?

Much gratitude to Christy Whitman and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy for a supportive family of like minded people, creating inspiration and knowledge that has increased my abundance in many facets of my life, and resulting in exponential personal growth. Are you ready to begin a transformative experience, as I have? As an educator and Elementary School Counselor of 31 years, relationships, integrity, and heart­-centeredness are first and foremost. I am delighted that these fundamental qualities are a natural fit within the QSCA. These principles are evident from Christy, and are continually demonstrated within the QSCA program. Christy Whitman’s QSCA videos initially illuminated the path to pursue my passion of continuing to help others grow and manifest their desires as a life coach, which continued through the QSCA program.The comprehensiveness of the QSCA program is top notch! This program creates an avenue for personal growth that prepares one for success in business. I found the following to be extremely beneficial as part of this program: the multi­modal and heart­-centered approaches of teaching the skills of coaching and business development; cooperative learning and practice that occurs with the coaching buddies and pod group members; the growth mind­set of the curriculum; opportunities for connection within the Facebook group of amazing QSCA coaches and students; reflective feedback on coaching sessions; mentoring and support from a QSCA coach; opportunities for business development throughout the course and through the Quantum Success In Business event (where I got to meet Christy in person for the first time…she is the real deal and so down to earth!); a plethora of resources and support materials; bonuses that will surprise and delight the QSCA family; and most of all connections with other heart­-centered and like-­minded people… all contribute to the unwavering feeling and knowing that I am not alone on this journey.

The passage within the QSCA has been a huge return on investment. The knowledge and techniques that I have learned from Christy Whitman and her team of highly skilled, caring, and talented teachers, mentors, and support staff has helped me understand and experience what Divine Timing in the supportive Universe really is, a deeper understanding of the 7 Essential Laws, and being more aware of how to be a focused Deliberate Creator. I have created space, time, and support during some recent family health challenges and manifested additional income streams that move me towards my goals of retiring and being a full-­time coach. I attribute my ability to flow through this challenging time of contrast to what I have learned and absorbed from my experiences within the QSCA.

So….if you desire a transformation in personal growth that will create a metamorphosis for you to also be a successful certified life coach…then you will arrive home…in Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy family.”

Elizabeth (Beth) Myers

Jesse Harshbarger

“This desire to become a better communicator, and have meaningful interactions with others is what attracted me to get certified as a Law of Attraction Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).

Through my experience as a healer, trainer, nutritional counselor, athlete and coach, I’ve learned that in order to be a better version of myself, I must seek out the people who have already achieved what I desire. This is also the way to go farther faster and achieve the best results. And this desire to become a better communicator, and have meaningful interactions with others is what attracted me to get certified as a Law of Attraction Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).While going through the QSCA certification program, I was reminded that most people desire personal development, self-preservation and health. Similarly, most coaches are extremely motivated for their own self-development, and they celebrate when they notice others improving their lives in the areas of health, wealth, love and happiness. It’s the concept of “If everyone is improving, then everyone is improving!” and good coaches help us all live it.”

Jesse Harshbarger


“I am so thankful and Grateful for Christy’s Certificate Course.

I have grown and evolved so much and put into practice all I have learned from Christy’s Law of Attraction course, Aligning every day with what I have been taught by her. Since the start of the course, I Aligned with Being Successful in 1. Complete Good Health 2. My Success as an Author/Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach 3. Abundance (in money) Each day I also do my Beautiful Affimations. I kept believing and never gave up! Visualizing it all. Well, today December 2020 All my Dreams have come true !!! I’m pinching myself, but I keep saying as I believe “Everything is always working out for me,” “I am Worthy to Receive,” “I know my Value and I honour my worth,” etc. My Health is in Optimum, My Coaching Business is starting to Flourish, My absolute Passion as an Author has become so Successful, I adore my Children’s Chapter Books and the second one has recently been published and both are getting Hollywood’s Attention and being pitched for a Movie !!!! There is more money coming in through my Book Sales and my husband is in the flow of Abundance of Work, All our children are thriving and doing well. Thank you Christy for reminding me of ‘WHO I TRULY AM.’ and I say that with tears of Joy in my eyes !! I absolutely loved the Course and interaction with all the other Beautiful Souls. I Love you.”

Trish Martin


“I thank myself for being in the vibrational vicinity to attract Christy and her work into my life!

I have always been passionate about my spiritual growth and personal development, but my journey has accelerated tremendously since I attracted the QSCA into my life and connected with Christy Whitman. Before beginning the QSCA, I had a solid understanding of the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, however my experience with the QSCA took my understanding to a much deeper and more profound level of awareness. Not only have I become a part of a whole new family of inspirational angels, but I have honed in on my coaching niche, I have learned what type of clients I want to attract, and I have become more grounded and empowered in who I really am. Because of this, I am able to be far more present and grounded when coaching others.To be of service to others, we must first take care of ourselves, and the QSCA is an incredible platform to cultivate more alignment with our deepest desires, more self­-love and a greater sense of empowerment. I will forever use what I have learned from the QSCA, in every aspect of my life. Thank you Christy, for creating this vibrational family of love, joy and co­creation. I am forever grateful.”

Lisa Drennan


“It is Never Too Late to Live Your Life of Unlimited Successful Fulfillment. WOW … What a FUNtastic ride it is to be in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. At 73, I AM here to happily share with you that it is never too late to be living a life you truly love and deserve. I came to QSCA with an open mind and open heart to learn how to implement in my own life all that is singing in my soul. The awesome training I received in personally applying all that is offered in QSCA and the professional ability I gained to successfully share that with others as a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach, the individual support of loving instructors, the awesome content and brilliant unfolding structure of the course material, the feeling of “coming home” to a community of like­-minded people, and the amazing generosity of Christy Whitman all result in awesome abundance in every area of life – right here, right now.

If you are ready to step more fully into your own unique journey, I encourage you to experience for yourself the profound joy you are meant to live on PlayGround Earth. Enrolling in QSCA is the best investment you will ever gift yourself.

Like QSCA, I thrive in helping people transform their self­-limiting beliefs into self­-fulfilling breakthroughs, so they can also achieve their own personal and professional dreams.”

I AM Aunty Ardath

Hear It In Their Own Words…

Hear It In Their Own Words…


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“Being part of the QSCA family is being among a fantastic group of loving, kind, generous, happy and compassionate people.

I’ve been in the QSCA program 5 months and I’m amazed at the personal transformation that has taken place for me in all areas of my life. Not only has the career direction of being a certified LOA life coach expanded my happiness but my entire outlook on life, family, friends, money and my future has skyrocketed. Almost every day now I’m out of bed at 6:30 am planning and generally feeling excited about the day ahead. The QSCA program is not easy and it requires dedication but spiritually, physically and emotionally the expansion that results is worth every moment of effort. Everyone is approachable and willing to help each other in any capacity. The students, members and teachers are living their joy and it shows in every encounter.

I’m thrilled that I discovered this path and as my new life unfolds I feel such gratitude that my direction is exactly the direction that I needed to take.

There is so much that I love about the QSCA program. I learn so much from working with my Coaching Buddies. Whether I’m coaching or being coached there is so much deep learning that I experience. It’s wonderful, too, because we can work with as many coaching buddies as we want. Practice makes perfect and I’m working with 3 wonderful, generous, compassionate coaching buddies who help me work through the issues of coaching professionally but also coach me on things that I need to work on personally.”

Lisanne Franco


“The program has helped me grow as a person. My life continues to grow and expand.

I love QSCA loving family. Before I started the program I really had no idea what life coach was and how it was going to change my life. Now that I am into my sixth month I am grateful that I joined. The resources and support offered by QSCA is amazing. The tools and information provided is very practical, useful and can easily be applied. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and Debbie Corey a wonderful mentor. All the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful. I am really thankful to Christy for having this program and I look forward to learning more about LOA coaching and Reiki from Evelyn, and Light Body from Christy. Thank you Christy Whitman and Evelyn Apostolou for coming into my life and teaching me the new skills. I look forward to being able to apply everything I learn and help others. I would recommend QSCA program to anybody who wants to become a coach or just improve their own life.”

Julie Boskovic


“I really feel delighted, your QSCA Coaching course was THAT I was looking for!

I am from Germany, the courses there weren’t attracting me: too much theory, to less practical parts.

That’s completely different with QSCA:

  • lot of live- and practical units
  • live-webinars, which are recorded to re listen
  • homework, where I can check my knowledge
  • learn buddies and learning-groups to train the theory practically
  • feedback about coaching calls, to get what was fine and what could be done better
  • learning by doing, not only theoretical knowledge
  • complete part to build my marketing with a lot of really nice “goodies” on top!!!
  • lot of boni on top, that are deepening the lessons!
  • short: for me the perfect match, a live-video-training-program, which keeps me on track, even if it would be difficult because of the time-zone differences (USA-Germany) sometimes.

Much Love.”

Evelyn Falke


“The exquisite journey and the top noted programs from QSCA, Energy Mastery, Healing, and many more that I soulfulness learned from May 2017 to December 2020 from a phenomenal Master CEO Coach and Energy Healer, Christy Whitman including her supportive staff, it has been so awesome!

I cannot say enough, and it transformed me far better than my time before 2017. The soulful learning from her touched me so deeply including energy mastery and how it is enabling me to guide others such as people I love, family members, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. The energy mastery has taught me successfully with my health, coaching, and manifesting abundance, small or large. This initiative will continue because I know something greater is coming in the year ahead.

The tidbits of my personal transformation are entirely reserved toward my first book in the work!

For one thing, I am sure that learning new topics will be continued until my journey on earthly life toward the end. It will give me a deep sigh, deep magical reflection, and feeling so relieved that I did thrive and learned at its best by Divine Guidance with greater energy flow, all that is!!

I will be infinitely proud!! I am so blessed, grateful, and adore you and your beautiful light!!! Thank you!!”

Bette Wilder

Marla Pennington

“I learned so much in the QSCA! First, Nada Howarth, Christy’s evening class teacher, is AMAZING!

Her classes were beautiful and informative, and her meditations were very healing. I began successfully incorporating the coaching processes into the real estate classes I teach. A little over half-way in the class, I began having thoughts of a business that helps women in their third act (the last three decades of their lives) to make this their best act yet. The feeling was to do this via a resource/affiliate website and through coaching offered through the site. I recorded these intuitive feelings and thoughts in my journal. I had no idea how I was going to go about this. I’m 65 myself–and was scared to begin an entirely new business. That would take a huge amount of energy! (Plus I have a full-time day job!) But I did it anyway… Today I have a business coach (Katana Abbott, one of my favorite podcasters that I scripted I would meet!–and someone Christy knows!), a fantastic website designer, a brand and a logo–and I am beginning my blogs, meeting with potential affiliates, and learning how to record kick-ass YouTube videos! My goal is to launch in three months. My website will be called MyThirdAct.com, so please watch for it! I do not believe I EVER would have had this idea if it were not for Christy’s class. You just never know where the QSCA will lead! Thank you, Christy and Nada, for an amazing year, and for my own personal growth in my Third Act! I am so blessed to have known you!”

Marla Pennington


“The Quantum Success Coaching Academy is one of the most complete and efficient coaching certification programs out there.

Did many coaching programs, but I never felt I had enough experience to start my own coaching business. The QSCA is very practical oriented and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and practice coaching to fulfill the requirements. The program comprises a wonderful mix of coaching practices, techniques and energy work. All clearly and abundantly explained throughout the modules by Christy herself. I absolutely loved the program, which helped me first of all personally to grow and evolve, to have faith and trust in myself and the Universe. Second, it gave me amazing coaching tools and examples to be able to coach other people. Thank you to Christy and her team for creating such an amazing program.”

Carmen Mezinca


“My time at QSCA was transformational.

Christy’s teachings were inspiring and authentic, and I treasure the friendships I made with the fellow coaching students, who’ve all gone on to become ninja law of attraction life coaches like me. The QSCA program gave me a foundation in coaching and many tools that boosted my confidence and confirmed that I was in the right second career. Based on my LOA training, coaching experiences and my extraordinary love story, where I attracted my husband literally overnight, I became The Soul Mate Coach, helping people attract, create and maintain soul mate relationships and careers. I discovered the joy of helping singles stepping into their sovereignty and believe in magic again so they could attract the higher love they deserve but always resisted. I’ve since written a book, Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract, and am grateful for all the global media interviews and positive transformations my clients report. I owe a lot of that to QSCA and Christy Whitman. I highly recommend her and the QSCA.”

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci


“Sometimes you are drawn to people, places, programs, or events outside your realm yet quite appealing.

You decide to join that new group or program that changes your life. Synchronistically, other situations begin to appear. You move forward, expanding your knowledge and horizons, never realizing how this new-found information will benefit you in the future. Then one day, the inevitable happens. Your spouse becomes ill and eventually passes. You have not finished grieving when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and begin to fight for your life. Finally, you realize that the programs you took, the people you met, were critical to your survival. That is precisely the impact that Christy Whitman and her programs have had in my life. If I had not been trained in the universal principles and taught how to harness their power, I would not be sharing this story with you today.”

Elena Goycoechea


“I love the holistic structure of the QSCA! The content has great depth and is professionally delivered on a do-able schedule.

It includes all of the nuts and bolts in a skill-building sequence that produce not only a professional coach, but also a professional coaching business.The requirements for certification are rigorous, including the evaluation of your actual coaching skills working with real clients. Plus there is a built in system of mentor and instructor support, a one-to-one coaching partner and an accountability team to practice and reinforce learning. This is not your typical online certification program. I’m only half way through with the program but already feel very confident in the skills and relationships I am building. Bravo to Christy and her team!”

Elizabeth Wickman


“I’ve been working with Christy since 2017 when I took the QSCA.

Since then I’ve following many of her programs. I’ve been aware of the changes taking place within myself since I initially became involved, mostly in terms of an increasing sense of my own personal power and value. The longer I worked with Christy, the more I valued myself, and attracted others who also valued me, my work, and the value I added to their lives.

Through this process, I have increased my income, increased my skills and was inspired to follow my heart and soul in being trained and offering further support to clients.

I’m a senior, and I’m looking forward to continuing working and offering this wonderful work to others for many years to come. Through this connection with Christy’s programs, I have increased energy, and inspiration to enhance my life each and every day.”

Aileen McKenna




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Hear It In Their Own Words…

Hear It In Their Own Words…


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“I found Christy in 2009 and my life has never been the same.

I completed the QSCA that year. My goal was to learn how to use the LOA processes to create a business that would incorporate my nursing degree. I never missed a class; I worked fulltime as Director of Nursing in a long term care facility and took the classes at night. I began using the processes Christy was teaching and doing the meditations. I began journaling and fast foward a few years; I left the snow for sunny days; I own a successful Clinical Research Site, I have a beautiful office with a spectacular view, I’m madly in love with my husband/best friend, and my kids turned out amazing. By using the processes ( journaling before and after meditation with intention is my favorite) I stopped living in fear and anxiety that was not allowing me to achieve my goals.
Christy is amazing in her delivery of Law of Attraction Teachings. She has a real everyday spin on LOA that offers techniques for our daily lives. Now 21 years later I have new goals and Christy introduces us to the Council. Oh yesssss!!!! The Council takes us where few Humans have gone. The Council explains the truths with such clear delivery for all to understand. The meditations that the Council takes us thru are powerful and leave you feeling Superhuman. I just completed the Vice Freedom Program for the second time( it was amazing !) The Divine Codes and Divination meditations were awesome. By opening my Faith portal The Council helped me release blocks of worry that were holding me back from Joy. I now feel in Joy more often than ever. I recently signed up for the Vice Freedom Extension with the Council and the Playing with Light meditations for February (I can’t get enough of the Council). I love The Quantum Energy Mastery Membership Site that stores the recordings of the programs, events & meditations taken with Christy & The Council for easy access at any time. That is priceless; there is an incredible amount of information and meditations. I’m excited every day to see where the Council will take us next. Christy, thank you for opening up so much of yourself to us, you truly are an amazing human. I love you girl.”

Maria Gallagher-Balleste


“You truly can do what I have done and become completely in charge of your life and loving it each and every day!

My experience with the QSCA has led me on a most unexpected journey!It was my intention to become educated in the application of Law of Attraction to further my own personal growth and perhaps help family members navigate down their own paths. Little did I know I would create a thriving business helping others while creating a financial future doing what I most love.

I have been an empath, by nature, going back to my earliest memories. I had a tendency to take on the energy of others and then becoming stuck in their discomfort and drama. This affected me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My desire was to stop the cycle, release the energy of others and to channel it into something positive!

After reviewing and evaluating many other programs I kept coming back to the QSCA. I signed up and viola….life began to change quickly as I began to grow within myself.

There was never a moment that I did not feel fully supported by the incredibly enlightened and extraordinarily generous staff. I don’t believe there is a single issue a student could have that someone on the QSCA team would be unable to guide them through…not one. Their warmth and guidance is astounding and the professionalism is always firmly intact.

I now have a coaching business that incorporates the teachings of Law of Attraction with several other energy expanding modalities. I help others be all they can be which touches my heart is ways I cannot begin to fully explain. This would never have been possible without the QSCA, who did not teach me what to think, but taught me how to think! They taught me to create, to expand, to allow, to release, to assist, to forgive and to love life and all forms within it! When I began to transform my beliefs to coincide with my deepest truths, others were naturally drawn to my energy and to what I was then able to teach them! My business has grown exponentially as a result.

I love that my work day can begin with a cup of coffee, warm slippers, a phone and an iPad….I can be ready for work the moment I jump out of bed! I can travel anywhere in the world and never miss a single appointment. I get to help people everywhere I go and the rewards are enormous.

It is so exciting to know I can manifest my income based on my own timetable, preferences or needs. The only one who calls the shots in this glorious life of mine is me….fully in charge and loving life everyday!

If you are interested in expanding your awareness, helping yourself and others, changing careers, being in charge in every moment of your life then may I suggest the QSCA. Upon completion of the program you will be fully ready, capable and confident to open the doors to your very own business and enjoy all the freedoms that come with it.”

Cathi Measures

Kathy Stoner

“I wanted to share my journey for the last few years with you.

In 2015 I divorced my husband. He was mean and abusive in any way he could find that wouldn’t leave marks on my body. I drowned my emotions in food of every kind, but sweets were the answer to everything. My best friend started taking QSCA in 2015, and I was her client for many sessions. I had been trying to move about 20 miles south of where I was and get out of the house I had shared with my husband. Houses were selling before they were listed. One evening she did the Green Flame process with me. Just a couple days later I found my current house with a backyard that is my Happy Place. My healing had begun. I took QSCA in 2016 and more healing happened. Then came Energy Master multiple times and all of the Meditation sessions. Today I feel healed from all the ugly things he said and did to me.
In 2015 I weighed more than I ever had.

COVID was a life changing event for me for many reasons. Not long after we could go out in the world again after the lockdown, I decided I didn’t like going to the grocery store. Out of the blue I got a coupon in the mail for Bistro Med frozen meals. My doctor had been urging me to lose weight to control my type II diabetes brought on by polycystic ovary disease. I bought the meals from Bistro Med and I stayed on the meals for 3 months. I noticed I was starting to lose weight. I was also taking the Energy Master’s class. After the meals ran out, I went back to cooking for myself. I stayed eating clean with lean protein and lots of vegetables. I cut almost all of the sugar out of my diet. I listened to the Council when they told me to get rid of sugar in my life. My sugar now is honey or dried fruits or fresh fruit.

In August of 2020 I began substituting at the elementary school down the road. I worked Pre-K and Kindergarten for the first 4 months of school. Sitting in little chairs 10” off the floor repeatedly during the day did wonders for my muscles. The constant activity and walking around the school on errands kept me moving for 7 hours a day. When I went home I made sure I ate good healthy dinners.

I have continued on this journey. I still replay my Energy Master classes and listen to meditations. In July of 2022 I developed psoriasis from head to toe. I realized I had slipped off my diet. I added lots of broccoli and cauliflower to my meals. It took about a month for the rash to disappear. I started saying over and over every night phases The Council had said. I am a Divine Light Being! I am in Divine alignment! I am in Divine health and wellbeing! I still say those phrases every night as I’m going to sleep.

Fast forward to last week. I achieved a goal I never really thought I would make. I have lost 100 lb in the last 3 years. I would like to lose another 40-50. That would literally make me half of the woman I used to be. Pictures say 1000 words.

I want to thank you and The Council for all of the techniques and processes you have taught me. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without what I have learned from you and the Council.

With much gratitude and Love.”

Kathy Stoner

Jody Bliss

“As I reflect on the last year+ with Christy Whitman and The Council in my life, I am in awe!! I am incredibly grateful that they found their way into my “in box” as my life is forever changed. I am happy to say that I have had the privilege of attending a vast majority of the offerings and have grown steadily throughout this time. For one thing, I was stuck in intense fear a year ago and making decisions from that place. I am not there anymore and among other things, I am now making decisions and looking at my new career from a space of excitement and co-creation.

Along the way, I have also made many new friends through the various configurations I have been a part of. I have weekly meetings and Zoom connections which are wonderfully enriching, and most of all, I have like-minded people to lean on and trust as we all navigate our life journeys.

One of the events I attended was the retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was transformative!! And it was amazing to meet Christy and fellow clients in person!! I sat in the first circle and thought to myself, “she’s real!!” I told this to Christy later that evening and both she and The Council got a kick out of that!! They are real and their support, care and love for all of us is authentic and life changing. This goes for Christy’s team as well. To say I am full of gratitude doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. And I have all of 2024 to look forward to with Christy, The Council and my new friends by my side. How wonderful is that?! “

Jody Bliss

“My dream was to be a full time mum and still generate a lot of money and my dream has come true! It was all so easy and effortless.

When I received the email last year in Aug/Sept 2015, about joining the QSCA to become a Life Coach, there was a part of me saying ‘DO IT!’ At the time, my husband was out of work and was borrowing money off his parents to pay for rent, bills, food etc. He still transferred £200 into my account every month so I could take my daughter Ashani out to playgroups, swimming etc She was 1 at the time. The more I watched Christy’s launch videos the more I just really wanted to join. I just had a feeling that the 12 month course would help ME to change and create a better life for me and my family. My life was so bad at that time that I didn’t even consider I’d be able to coach others! I had lost my social life, I was totally disconnected with all mine and my husband’s families, I had NO money for me to spend on me. My clothes had gotten so old and I was wearing a coat that had a broken zip! I was a few weeks pregnant with our second baby! I didn’t want to be married to my husband anymore. Oh, it was just so difficult and depressing but I pasted on a smile every day for my family even though I was suffering inside. The best decision I ever made was joining the QSCA Course! I am SO deeply grateful for that part of me that decided to do it! I went for the monthly installment plan. With the £200 my husband was giving me every month and the £80 child benefit I was left with approx £10-15 a month! I didn’t care anymore about anything apart from just wanting to join so badly even if it meant staying indoors and having bushy eyebrows for a year! I said out loud to the Universe “I’m doing this and you’re going to support me you just HAVE to!”

I didn’t tell my husband at first. I knew he’d be mad because he was out of work and we were in a bad way financially and every other way too! When I plucked up the courage to tell him a couple of days later, he didn’t talk to me for a long time. I didn’t care anymore! I was tired of doing things his way and it simply wasn’t working so I took the risk of pushing him away. I totally trusted Christy from her launch videos!

I told my parents that I had joined this amazing course to be a life coach and my dad just laughed at me while my mum looked like she was thinking about something else! My inlaws didn’t even say a word! I couldn’t believe it – no support from my family!

The first day of class arrived! I was so excited and couldn’t wait! I made sure my husband and daughter went out so I could fully concentrate. Then as my instructor Rachel Christie started welcoming us all, unfortunately, I started miscarrying my baby. I couldn’t believe it. It was just horrible. I was in so much physical and emotional pain and at the same time excited and eager about the course, that I turned up the volume to max on my laptop and listened to the class whilst miscarrying in the bathroom. Nothing was stopping me from doing the course. Nothing!

Christy gave us instant access to her previous courses too. She totally gives so much more than the value of the course! Whilst I took bed rest for a couple of weeks I listened to one of Christy’s programs on magnetizing. The meditations are incredible and I couldn’t believe it, I literally manifested a printer that I really needed for the course AND hundreds of pounds for my birthday, and not only that, my dad out of the blue who never does this, put £50 in my hand! All that from just LISTENING to the Christys program that’s part of the bonuses she gives!!

I had breakthrough after breakthrough as the weeks went by. The more breakthroughs I had the more I manifested into my life! Looking back now I just don’t know HOW the Universe supported me and I have a tear in my eye as I write this because when no one who was supposed to be close to me supported me, the entire team at the QSCA supported me right from day 1 to the very end. Christy literally does treat everyone like family (how families should love and support) my mentor, my instructor, my classmates, pod group, the requirements team, oh my god just never known support and love like this anywhere in my life.

During the 12 months I transitioned like no one’s business! I grew and expanded literally every week. I have to admit, I really missed the class when we’d have 2 weeks off! I started the course in October 2015 and by December 2015 I was coaching 14 people in a room by myself, face to face after my mentor George helped me deal with my fear of speaking! He didn’t have to do that and he did. What an amazing guy!

January came round fast. My husband was still out of work, it was coming up to 6 months with no income. I really missed having my daughter to myself who was 2 by then! I tried a process that my instructor taught us in one of the classes, to have my husband Nick in work again. The process was asking myself 3 powerful questions. In less than a week he had a job interview for a really good contract, close to home, good pay, perfect hours… By the following week he got the job!!

By March 2016 I attracted a PAYING CLIENT!!! I had only started to practice coaching a couple of friends in March as part of my requirements for certification. My friend told her friend about me and she wanted to pay me after I gave her a free session! All I did was read out the questions that was given to us! And she wanted to sign up! I had no idea what to charge her or how often to do the sessions so at the top of my head I blurted out “£50 per session, once a week!” She said YES!! I had never in my life earned £50 in one hour! She wanted a new career and by the 4th session she had been offered a new job that she wanted! I coached my client every Saturday morning for 2 months in my jim jams, in my home, making £50 in an hour before even having my breakfast! Talk about a dream come true for me! During that time I was asked to do a paid workshop at a Holistic Centre and I received quite a lot of money for that too!! It was amazing! The money I was paying for the course was coming back to me 10 fold from other sources!

Paying clients were signing up from just word of mouth! I received my ‘perfect client’ who paid me for 3 months of coaching before I was even certified!! Happy days!! I received back 90% of what I paid for the course by Oct 2016!! My clients’ dreams are coming true as well as my own dreams!

Before the course ended, I had become so baggage free, open and peaceful that ideas were popping into my head frequently! Ideas that bring joy to people and make a lot of money for me and others! By taking ACTION a year ago and joining the QSCA, I transformed my life and that gave me the confidence to keep taking ACTION! When I received a perfect idea for a book and online program in Sept 2016, I took action straight away and by Nov 2016, I was teaching my 6 week online program ‘Be a SMART Mum Not a Good Mum’ to 15 mums from all over the world, in the comfort of my own home! I don’t even have a live website yet!

During the 12 months I learnt how to LIVE! How to CREATE! How to LOVE! How to COACH! I learnt more about myself during this course than I ever have. I cannot thank Christy Whitman enough for creating such a powerful training course that literally transforms the students lives as well as everyone elses. As I transformed, so did my husband and so did my extended family and friends. It’s a ripple effect and it just takes one person to start the wave. I am SO proud that I was the one to create so much joy and happiness in my life and can model that to everyone around me. I am most grateful that I can model this to my daughter who is 3 now! She is so grateful everyday and is trying to manifest an iPad!

I could write and write forever about how much my life has changed in a year and how much love, joy, freedom I have created in a year! I am not the same person as I was a year ago and I never went a single week without getting my eyebrows done during the 12 months!!!

It’s only been 3 months since the QSCA course ended and I cannot believe that I am already looking at a brand new car to replace my 15 year old car! And have opened up extra bank accounts!

I love you all at QSCA. Thank you so much!”

Nicky Mehta

“Office Hours are a time for coaches to receive: support, guidance, clarification, role modeling and a way to check in our own coaching practice remains in alignment with the training we have received. With gratitude for this offering.”

Zahra Dhanani