Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman

I have experienced an incredible self transformation with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel inspired, empowered and joyous by being a part of this program. I am confident that my Life Coaching service and Recreation Therapy programs will continue to evolve and expand in helping others to create happy and fulfilling lives because of the QSCA program. I love the vision and overall intention of the QSCA program. This world is ready for more conscious, Law of Attraction Coaches! Thank you QSCA and Christy!


More Reviews From Our Students and Graduates

  • Barbara

    Since certifying at the QSCA my life has transformed. I am working as a mindset and success coach and have a full practice. My income has tripled and I’m now creating my own programs and books. Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA family.

  • Andrea L Hinkel

    The QSCA is an outstanding program for coaching training and self growth. I am learning so much professionally and personally. I am not the same person that started the QSCA Academy only 5 months ago. I feel so blessed by being a part of the QSCA Academy. I am confident that I will positively affect the overall energy of the Universe by supporting others to grow and become who they truly want to be. I love the education and the community aspects of the QSCA. What a gift!

    Andrea L Hinkel
  • Gwen Parker-Downs

    Attending the QSCA and working with Christy Whitman and her fabulous instructors, is a real game changer for me. The information is timely and keeps great pace with our ever-changing world. I have graduated from other Coaching programs and this is a “top of the list” program. This Coaching program is for anyone ready to take their life to the NEXT level!

    Gwen Parker-Downs
  • Marchia Ryborz-Horn

    I have listened and watched Christy’s videos for years until one day it hit me!!! Enroll for the QSCA! I could help people like Christy has helped me. I can help people find their power again.I just started training and I feel like a new baby fawn on it’s wobbly legs but the folks at the QSCA help me feel fantastic with their knowledge, and support.

    Marchia Ryborz-Horn

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