Coaching is a very promising career and it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you decide to take this path, you have to understand the four predictable stages that your coaching practice will go through. QSCA Christy Whitman, founder of the QSCA will teach us the basic keys to get started as a coach and provide us the confidence where you are along this field.

  1. Training

Your training is the foundation of your future success. Life Coach Training with QSCA will equip you with both the skillset and the sensitivity to successfully lead a client through a succession of coaching calls, and to know what course of action to use in every situation and circumstance.

Once you’ve completed your coach training and received your quantum life coaching certification with “flying colors”, it is the time to announce to everyone you know that you are one of the qsca certified coaches from QSCA.

  1. Hang Your Shingle

At this stage, you’re ready to put your new skills to use and prove to yourself that what you have to offer is of great value. However, in this early stage of coaching practice, you’ll encounter doubts and fears, and Christy Whitman life coach will remind you of your bigger vision and the reasons you were called to do this work in the first place.

  1. Speeding the Momentum

The successes you’ve attained are the outcome of your commitment to improve yourself and your abilities personally and professionally through Life Coach Training with QSCA. The more traction your coaching practice gains, the more essential it is to reassess your strategy, and to make amendments where needed.

  1. Pruning

It’s essential to recognize the signs that hamper your growth and no longer yield a return. Sometimes the best way to sustain your growth is to let go of the things which are no longer aligned with your continued success. The more you prune back the old, the more resources you free up to put toward aspects of your coaching practice that are fresh and uplifting. The Quantum Success Coaching Academy will guide you to make a deliberate decision to change course or cut back.

Understanding the four stages of coaching practice helps you relax and enjoy the journey. Let’s hear your comments on qsca program reviews.