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This is by far the highest converting Personal Development Launch Ever. Let me prove it to you!

I know, I know, everyone says that his or her launch will be the biggest launch of the year. BUT…

Having the biggest launch has nothing to do with how much money — YOU, the affiliate — actually makes.

You see, what really matters are the conversion numbers.

How much money are you going to make for every lead that you send to the launch sequence?

Regardless of your list size, if the conversion rates are high, you will always make a lot of money.

And that’s exactly what I have… the highest converting launch numbers ever. Not to mention a proven funnel that’s been tested and tweaked since 2008!

Launch Numbers

We’re now in our 16th semester of the QSCA (we have new classes every April and September). At first, we only offered this to a select few affiliates but since the conversion numbers were so high, we decided to open it up to everyone… and guess what? We’ve paid out well over $3 million in affiliate commissions since then (not to mention all the cool prizes and trips).

Affiliates see anywhere from $2.50 to $5 EPC on average. And this isn’t just the “big players” either… just about everyone that promotes the QSCA sees these same numbers.

So, it doesn’t matter how big or how small your list is, this is one launch that you do not want to miss 🙂

Launch Details

For Fall 2016, pre-launch starts on September 6th, 2016, and runs to September 13th, 2016, when registrants can opt-in for one of three items – a quiz, an ebook or the video series. If they start with the quiz or ebook, they will then be directed to the video series after. We are very excited about these two new lead generation funnels. Conversions are awesome and they are tested and ready to go!

We’ll release one of the four free videos every two days during the pre-launch, so registrants will get to see all four on how to create a successful coaching business before we open up the doors for registration on September 14th.

We are also excited to offer the full day Quantum Success Live webcast on Sept. 24th with world-class experts like John Assaraf, Mary Morrissey, Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Natalie Ledwell, Sonia Ricotti and more! That will be 6 hours or more of amazing inspiration for your audience!

For best results, we recommend you broadcast to your list 2-3 times during pre-launch, September 6th – 13th, as early as possible so people have time to review all the amazing free content, then 1-2 times just after registration opens up September 14th-20th and 1 time on the day we close, September 27th, as a last chance to register.

If you want to send more emails, great, we’ll have all the copy you need.

If you can’t send that many, no worries, we’re grateful for any amount of support you’re able to give. If you can only send once or twice, we recommend sending as early as possible between September 6th-13th.

So while our conversion numbers are outstanding, and we expect to do $2 million plus this launch, that’s only half of the equation.

The other half is, “how good is the product?”

Now this is where it gets exciting.


“I spend a lot of time working and interacting with affiliate marketers with all of my businesses. Working with Christy Whitman is pure delight. She makes it super easy by providing excellent copy WITH my link already in it. Why is this important? Because in order to be successful this is exactly what you need. With one of the blasts we did for her we earned more than $10,000. Finally, Christy always pays in a timely fashion with a complete breakdown of sales. She is a total pro.”

Arielle Ford

“Working as an affiliate with Christy Whitman and the QSCA has been a wonderful experience. Christy is very professional and easy to work with. The first solo email I sent out to my community, I made $10,000! The second time I made another $12,000 for sending out just one email! I recommend becoming an affiliate of the QSCA!”

Marci Shimoff
NY Times Best-Selling Author of Happy for No Reason, Featured Teacher in The Secret

“Having been an entrepreneur since 1991, I’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of joint venture partners. And, working with Christy Whitman to promote her QSCA program was one of the easiest, most enjoyable and profitable joint ventures I’ve done. It’s great to know that many of my subscribers had the blessing of working with Christy because of our JV partnership.”

Christine Kloser
Love Your Life

“I’ve been partnering with Christy Whitman on your QSCA program for several years now. Not only has it been consistently lucrative EVERY time, I actually hear back personally from graduates of her program, thanking me for referring her. It’s a total WIN for everyone!”

Bob Doyle
Facilitator of Wealth Beyond Reason and a Featured Teacher in The Secret

“I have been recommending Christy Whitman’s QSCA to my community for several years now and I consistently earn strong 5 figure checks per launch. My subscribers love the program so much that they often thank me for referring them. Christy is always on time with affiliate checks, and throughly reports detailed sales information. If you are looking for a professional organization, that is delivering quality education to participants, then I totally recommend working with Christy Whitman and the QSCA.”

Jennifer McLean
CEO, McLean MasterWorks, Host, Healing With The Masters

“I have been fortunate to have Christy Whitman as a JV partner for several years and she is one of my top priority partners. Not only is she amazing to work with, but her QSCA program is ALWAYS profitable for me and more importantly than that, I get rave reviews about the program from anyone who uses it. There are only a handful of partners I can count on and Christy is at the top of that list!”

Kristen Howe
The Law of Attraction Key

“I strongly recommend that anyone considering partnering with Christy Whitman on her QSCA do so. There are many reasons for my recommendation. First off her program converts and you will get paid handsome commissions. Next, everyone I have ever referred her way has had a wonderful experience in her academy. And lastly, working with Christy and her team is always a pleasure. When it comes to ethics and integrity, Christy has set the bar.”

Rich German
Founder of the Epic Coach Academy

“Christy, I just have to tell you, I love partnering with you for your Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Not only do you provide a service that is of the utmost quality and caliber; not only does my community LOVE you and what you do; and I LOVE providing my community with opportunities I know they’ll love; you make the entire joint venture experience an easy, joyful experience! It’s a win/win/win. How many of these have I done with you, anyway? Quite a few! It’s always a pleasure.”

Eva Gregory
Master Law of Attraction Coach and Expert

“I’ve worked with Christy on several of her QSCA promotions and have had success on all of them.

Christy and her team have always done a great job in providing quality content for our subscribers with her launches.

We have also always done well financially when promoting her.

Above all else, Christy and her team have always been responsive and easy to work with as an affiliate partner, something that we care greatly about with our partnerships.

I would definitely recommend working with Christy.”

Alex Ortner
The Tapping Solution

Christy Whitman, Sonia Ricotti, and Natalie Ledwell in Turks & Caicos in October 2014 for the QSCA Partner Winner's Vacation!

Christy Whitman, Sonia Ricotti, and Natalie Ledwell in Turks & Caicos in October 2014
for the QSCA Partner Winner’s Vacation!

About the Product

The Quantum Success Coaching Academy is by far, the best and most complete coach-training program in the world.

It’s not a “home study” course.

It’s not a “digital download.”

It’s a 12-month, LIVE virtual training program that literally walks the client step-by-step from being a total “newbie” and knowing nothing about coaching, to building a highly successful coaching business.

Out of the hundreds of students over the last couple of years that have attended the QSCA, 96% of them completed the program.

This is virtually unheard of.

And the reason why is because the program has been so well designed and the level of personal support for each person in the program is unprecedented.

Rest assured that not only will you earn a lot of money supporting this launch; you will also be giving your list a ton of value. They will love you for it.

So, take a minute right now and fill out the form below to become an affiliate and my team will be in touch personally to follow up with you.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Oh, by the way, I have over 150,000 people on my list and I’m happy to do reciprocal mailings as long as we’re a good fit for each other and you rank in the top 12 partners during our launch.

Just fill out the form below and my JV & Affiliate Manager, Tammy Lawman,
will be in touch to work out all the details.

Thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon,