Replay From Cognomovement Practitioner Webinar:

CognoMovement Practitioner






I have a special training and experience for you!

Wednesday, August 3rd at 4:30 PT/7:30 ET I am conducting a call with an amazing healer, Bill McKenna. 

Bill is the founder and creator of the technology of Congomovement.  Watch the video below for a quick introduction to Bill McKenna.


As a Law of Attraction coach, wouldn’t it be nice to be that one-stop shop for your clients to receive ALL they need to help them achieve their having it all life?


I equate this to helping a client with their mind, emotions, and energy, but then needing to send them off to a rolfer, acupuncturist, or even massage therapist. 


What if you could help your client mentally, emotionally, energetically, and PHYSICALLY? 


Working with the brain, spinal cord and eyes, which then helps the entire nervous system let go of old imprints and programming? 




Sound cool? 


Join us for this experiential process on Wednesday!