Daydream about your dreams as often as you like – just as long as doing so makes you feel good. Why? It’s because daydreaming is actually a process of creative visualization of our desires. QSCA Christy Whitman will teach us how to use visualization to clarify and manifest our desires with more fun and less effort.

The power of visualization has nothing to do with how comprehensively you envision your goal! This is because the art of manifestation does not depend entirely on intelligence, reasoning or diligent planning. It is the process of becoming energetically in alignment with whatever we dream of, and then permitting that energy to draw to us people, experiences and circumstances that are energetically parallel. QSCA Christy Whitman will explain to us the art of manifestation to achieve our goal more quickly and easily.

Our emotions are significant channels of energy. The energy produced by our thoughts and emotions is transmitted like a radio frequency far and wide – invisibly but effectively bringing into our experiences, the things which align with the vibrations we are sending out. When you imagine about something you want and you feel excited, inspired and satisfied, it means that you are energetically aligned – and therefore actively attracting to you what it is you want to achieve. In QSCA, we will be reminded that we live in an energetic Uni-verse that always sends back to us circumstances which align with the energy we are sending out. In QSCA Coaching Program, we will be able to understand and implement the laws of the Universe while providing motivation to help us realize our dreams.

How do we generate the feeling of being satisfied while the thing we’ve dreamed of is not yet manifested? QSCA will enlighten us that the key to attracting anything you desire is to believe and feel that you already have it. We will learn to increase and accelerate our manifesting powers through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman.

Visualize your dreams – whether it’s to have more love, more money, more free time, or create more of an impact on the world. But focus not so much on the “thing” itself, but on the way we imagine that we will feel once we’ve made those changes. Come join the Life Coach Training with QSCA to learn the art of abundance and manifestation.