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Do you want to have a free coaching session? Yes, that is right, the amazing coaches from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy want to coach you, for free! You will receive fabulous coaching and learn processes and techniques to raise your vibration. Many of my other “family” members have taken advantage of this offer and are already seeing the results manifest in their lives. This is your chance! There is no cost and no obligation. If you are interested, fill in the form below and someone will be in touch with you within 3 business days.

Coaching Agreement

About your coach . . .

  • Your coach agrees to treat all information shared during sessions as private and confidential.
  • Your coach is not a professional therapist or psychotherapist, but a trained coach from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.
  • Your coach is there to teach you strategies to become personally empowered.

About your coaching sessions . . .

  • Your assigned coach will coach “in the moment” in regards to whatever the intention of the client is at the time of the session.
  • You will have one free 45 to 60 minute session scheduled in advance to occur at a set time and day that you and your assigned coach will agree on.
  • At the scheduled time, you will call the coach and the number your coach provides for you.
  • In the event that you must cancel your scheduled coaching session, please try to do this at least 24 hours in advance in respect to the coaches time.

About your responsibilities . . .

  • I understand that coaching is not advice-giving, psychotherapy or counseling. I agree to seek these or other professional services, if needed.
  • I am fully responsible for the decisions and actions I take in regards to my life and affairs.
  • I agree to be mindful of my own well-being during the course of this coaching process.
  • I shall in no way hold the coach liable or responsible for any actions I take during or after this coaching relationship.
  • I understand that the coach makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about any results to be achieved.

I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for free coaching sessions with Mohanad. It was truly amazing time to get so much wisdom from such a gifted coach as Mohanad. The start of the year was full of AHA moments and inspiration. He helped me to see where i need to shift my blocks and how to transform them into better results. Thank you so much, Lots of abundance to QSCA Team!!

- Dasha

About a month ago you made a connection for me with Andrea Cola for my free Coaching Session. I can hardly speak about what I’m experiencing since then. I study the LOA and Christy’s work for two years now, and I have a lot of success applying this priceless knowledge. But since I spoke with Andrea, my power, my faith, and excitement are 100 times stronger. He is just an amazing soul and such a great coach. I feel the support and live in this amazing field, which we are creating together, literally weeks after our sessions. I am amazed. He gives me strength and focus I have never experienced before. Just can’t thank you enough for the opportunity. Thank you for everything,

- Ana

I just wanted to say WoW!!! I just had a great coaching session with Helga. Thanks so much for connecting me with her! She was AWESOME!!!

- Jan M.

I had a nice one-on-one session with one of your coaches, Cristina, over Skype yesterday. It was a revealing experience. Cristina was very patient, helpful and let me know my limiting beliefs and also guided me as to how to go about attracting with help of LoA. I felt as if she knew intimately as to what I was going through, which was something I could relate to immediately. Without doubt I can say that the session with her was something which I would like to have again if need be, due to the inclination and her interest in seeing me succeed in life in all honesty. Thanks to you for connecting us and a mighty big thanks to Cristina for being so considerate and understanding.

- Srinivasan

I want to thank you so much for the opportunity of having a free coaching session from a QSCA coach. Cristina was a perfect match for me in understanding what I needed to know and indeed to help move me forward towards my goal, and also in helping me find such a deep seated block that I would never have been able to find myself in being able to achieve this outcome. Knowing who I am I believe what was blocking me was so deeply rooted that it took someone with Cristina’s capacity of knowledge and understanding to be able to guide me through that. Christy I would like to say thank you so much for the videos you have sent through to me regarding the 7 laws and how this is helping me so much in consolidating (again and again!), what I know, and also having someone like Cristina on your coaching team who was able to reach as far and as deep as I needed to go! It was an amazingly comforting and awe-inspire-ring experience that someone was able to coach me in this way.” Thank you Cristina for your mastery xx.. Love and abundance to you all at the QSCA

- Jackie xx…

I just want to say a heartfelt big thank you for putting me in touch with your QSCA coach, Rita, as part of your free Law of Attraction coaching offer. I found Rita to be an inspiration. Her session was very informative and enjoyable and a true credit to the QSCA. We were completely on the same page and share many common interests. As I said to her, I am sure her AMAZING gifts and qualities have helped many people to date and will continue to do so for many years to come.

- Susannah

I just had my free coaching session with Gayle. I want to let you know we had an wonderful, rewarding, hour together. I am so happy we were matched to exchange our experience together. I was her first and she did very well. She has a great future in her coaching business. I am so happy for her. Your course has prepared her well. Thank you for your course. Life IS Grand.

- Dottiedee in the Land Of Happiness

I was introduced to Karin for one to one coaching and I am so grateful for that opportunity to discuss my energy and release any bad energy that I was experiencing. I was interested to gain an insight into the Law of Attraction and also to see if I could make it work for me. By re-framing my mindset with Karin on a number of areas of my life, I have had recognizable advances. I can see you reading this and thinking ‘yeah like what?’ Well firstly I had experienced frustration at delays and other people’s frustrations within my business world who were promising things and not delivering. Within a week of this mind-switch, I have clients phoning me with new business, one literally five minutes after my call with Karin. Plus, the frustrated clients are simply melting away and not being so concerned. Another area was a close relative’s health and energy. Karin helped me to find a way to understand what was going on and I have since changed my relative’s diet ideas, and she is feeling much more energetic and engaged in life, rather than worrying about her health and she is more able to cope. So if you have an opportunity to work with someone on your energy firstly take it, and if it is Karin, take it with gratitude with both hands because she is very understanding, friendly and she will change your life. Thank you Karin.

- Lewis Morgan, Entrepreneur and author of “The Entitiy

Kim was so good in our session that I just had to write and not only speak on my appreciation of her technique, and tell you off my gratitude for her time with me, but to compliment her on the helpful, thoughtful questions. Her creativity with the questions she posed to me were both artful and leading to interesting directions. I enjoyed our session immensely.

- Rita

Since certifying at the QSCA my life has transformed. I am working as a mindset and success coach and have a full practice. My income has tripled and I’m now creating my own programs and books. Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA family.


The QSCA is an outstanding program for coaching training and self growth. I am learning so much professionally and personally. I am not the same person that started the QSCA Academy only 5 months ago. I feel so blessed by being a part of the QSCA Academy. I am confident that I will positively affect the overall energy of the Universe by supporting others to grow and become who they truly want to be. I love the education and the community aspects of the QSCA. What a gift!

Andrea L Hinkel

Attending the QSCA and working with Christy Whitman and her fabulous instructors, is a real game changer for me. The information is timely and keeps great pace with our ever-changing world. I have graduated from other Coaching programs and this is a “top of the list” program. This Coaching program is for anyone ready to take their life to the NEXT level!

Gwen Parker-Downs

I have listened and watched Christy’s videos for years until one day it hit me!!! Enroll for the QSCA! I could help people like Christy has helped me. I can help people find their power again.I just started training and I feel like a new baby fawn on it’s wobbly legs but the folks at the QSCA help me feel fantastic with their knowledge, and support.

Marchia Ryborz-Horn

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