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Transitional periods are sometimes tricky to navigate, especially if you are learning to be a life coach. What makes transition so difficult and what mindset should you have to face changes successfully? Christy Whitman brings clarity to these questions and more as she reveals two distinct components that you have to understand when undergoing transitions in your life, whether it’s about career, relationships, or with your environment.

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Learning To Life Coach – Powerfully Moving Through Transitions

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old saying that in life the only constant is change because we live in an expanding universe. This adage is true for everyone and everything even when on the surface something appears to be static. Some transitions occur moment to moment as we’re preparing ourselves mentally for the next encounter or for a new segment of our day. Other transitions are more dramatic and therefore longer lasting. For example, the transition of moving to a new city or going through a divorce or welcoming a new child into our lives or adjusting to one who has left the nest. Transitional periods are sometimes tricky to navigate because they’re made up of two equal parts. Once we understand these two distinct components, we can more easily cooperate with this natural and ongoing process.

The first part of a transition is always having an awareness of that which we are in the process of outgrowing. The second aspect, which is far more important but often neglected, is the new situation that we’re in the process of growing into. The person that we’re being called to evolve into as well. Big or small, the only factor that makes times of transition, difficult or painful is when more of our attention is focused on what we’re leaving behind. Then his focus on where we’re moving forward to. How do you know what end of the spectrum you’re giving the lion’s share of your attention to? It’s simple.

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When you’re primarily pointed towards the future, you feel good. You feel exhilarated. You’re in a state of joyful anticipation for what’s to come. When you’re more focused in the direction of what’s being in the past or in the confusion or upheaval that’s currently happening in your present, you feel bad, you feel constricted, anxious and frustrated. What most people have not yet discovered for themselves is that we always have the power to focus our attention and that how we focus our attention determines how bumpy or free-flowing we will experience the transition periods in our lives.

Let me give you an example. I have coached and trained literally thousands of people who got into the coaching field because they could no longer ignore the feeling that they had outgrown their previous careers. Some became dissatisfied because they felt limited in the amount of money they can make or the amount of freedom they had to enjoy in the other aspects of their lives. Other people relatively satisfied in their current positions but begin to feel an impulse or to pursue some of this personal interest or as with the case with me, a strong feeling that there’s something far greater that they came into this lifetime to do and to give and to experience.

QSS 14 | Learning To Life Coach

Learning To Life Coach: For some people, coaching represents not just a career change but also an avenue for greater self-discovery and expansion.


For these people, coaching represents not just a career change, but also an avenue for greater self-discovery and expansion. It’s natural to feel some degree of anxiety when we’re stepping into the unknown, but in so many cases, the security we think we’re leaving behind was only an illusion, to begin with. Life simply continues to cause us to evolve. The more we live, the clearer we become about what we want to do with this precious time on earth and more important about who we want to be. The next time you find yourself in a period of transition, you’ll go a long way towards soothing your anxiety. If you can remind yourself that there’s no final destination in this life, only a constant unfolding journey. It’s like climbing a mountain. You see the ridge that you want to reach and so you move into that direction.

When you get there, a whole new range of mountains comes into view that causes you to desire more than what you are standing on. This will always be the case. The advice I always give to those who are contemplating changing the form of an existing relationship to generating more freedom for themselves or who are considering a new career, especially one is an expansive as coaching, is that life is too short not to at least follow these impulses. In the final analysis, there are no wrong turns because every choice we make brings us greater clarity. Remember the universe is always giving you what you’re asking for and you asked by the vibration that you give out. Thank you so much. Start focusing on what you want and the excitement of what that could become.

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