Secrets of Story Selling Webinars

Secrets of Story Selling Webinars – Build a Presentation that is Uniquely you and sells without high-pressure tactics with Steve Werner.

It’s no secret that a lot of people have seen declining webinar results.  Not to mention that most webinars also feel like late-night public access TV.  With shorter attention spans and more noise than ever in the marketplace, you need something drastically different than what is there.

Storyselling with Steve Werner

In the Secrets of Story Selling Webinars, Steve will take you through the things learned building and breaking down over 370 sales presentations that have allowed his clients to bring in over 6.8m in sales in the last 12 months.  

These include: 

  • what stories to tell 
  • where to find the stories 
  • how to tell the stories in a way that sells without high pressure tactics
  • How to have people asking “how can I buy that” before the pitch even happens
  • 1 secret that can more than DOUBLE show up rates

Plus so much more…

This is a fun, interactive training complete with hot seats that is different than anything you have ever seen before.

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Master Coach Certification Opportunity

Would you like to become a MASTER CERTIFIED COACH?

I wanted to share an opportunity for you to up-level your coaching skills, embrace your energy, live as an energy master, and teach others how to master their own energy.

Master Certified Up L evel

All QSCA Coaches Certified BEFORE 2019 (live training) are required to complete Quantum Energy Mastery and Module 4 of the self-paced QSCA Certification Program.

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Already QSCA Certified AND have experienced Quantum Energy Mastery … only one step left!!

All QSCA Coaches that were certified AFTER 2019 (self-paced online certification) are required to complete the Quantum Energy Mastery experience to receive and become a QSCA Master Certified Coach. 

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Have you considered yourself unlucky?
When you manifest, do you feel as though your results are faulty or not consistent?
When you receive signs and messages from channeling or your guides, do you feel like you can’t fully process or execute the lessons from them?
Do you feel bound by limiting beliefs?

In this 
complimentary masterclass, you will be shown:
  • The guide to the Levels of Awareness
  • Why you may be blocked from your intuition
  • How raising your consciousness can allow you to access your higher self fully
Lastly, you will be shown how to raise your consciousness higher than ever, and transform your life in just 4 days.


Cognomovement Road Map To Higher Levels

to get started, and don’t forget to take your downloadable Map of Awareness with you!

QSCA Office Hours Now Available – Next Session: September 1st at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Would you like to be able to ask questions of The Council and me regarding your business, about coaching, or get assistance to continue to create your desires?

The online coaching certification for the QSCA has been going strong since we shifted to this delivery of the QSCA program, which includes the LIVE Office Hours twice a month. We have had many certified coaches ask if there was a way to open up LIVE Office Hours to all who have gone through the QSCA.


QSCA Office Hours


Here is what is included in QSCA Office Hours:

  • Two times per month, varied days/times
  • Jotform access to send in your questions to be asked
  • Connecting in real-time with other QSCA coaches in training, coaches, and like-minded individuals who have gone through the QSCA.
  • Receive answers from The Council and me for your burning questions and to learn from other’s questions
  • Replays and the directory from each session of topics covered in your membership area, as long as you are active with your membership
  • Support and collaboration opportunities with your QSCA family

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Desire Factor Coaching is having a Certified Desire Factor Coach guide you either in a one-on-one or group experience that is personal, confidential, and sacred. It will guide you to ascend in every area of your life — helping you realize your desires. Whether that’s personal or professional, relationship, financial, or well-being desires.

QSCA coaches understand the benefits of being coached AND that when they “uplevel” their commitment to their Divine and their well-being — and invest in themselves, their success skyrockets.

When you register to work with a Desire Factor Coach, I have two VERY special bonuses for you.

Christy & The Council Quantum Light Shifts – Annual Membership

12 Monthly 60-Minute Group Healing Sessions With Christy & The Council to Release Your Blocks to Well-Being, Abundance, Success, and Love. (Replays included.) Upcoming Themes: Releasing Disappointment, Releasing Worry, and Releasing Anxiety. Future themes to be announced. ($470 value)

The Healing Event LIVE
One Exclusive Pass The Healing Event with Christy & The Council LIVE on February 25, 2023, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in Scottsdale, Arizona ($697 value)

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Choose a Date Convenient For You


  • Thursdays at 3pm PT / 6pm ET August 25th – October 13th
  • Fridays at 7am PT / 10am ET August 26th – October 14th

Desire Factor Coaching


What an amazing ride the Desire Factor Coaching Program was to experience! Having a step-by-step method/process to having my desires fulfilled has been a game-changer for me. 

This experience with The Desire Factor has expanded my awareness of just how powerful a co-creator I am and the value of each and every desire that we receive. The journey to manifesting each of my desires has brought me closer to being who I want to be and who I really am. 

My Desire Factor coach was awesome at holding space for me with the visions/desires I have. I always left each session feeling empowered and expanded! So much light and love in all that is taught! 

I highly recommend this program to everyone that has desires (friends, family, enemies, and even aliens).-C. Wooden



Christy Whitman International Events

2022 Quantum Light Shifts – Join Christy & The Council as they take you through processes to create more ease and flow in your energy, physical, emotional, and mental bodies so you can thrive and feel good in every aspect of your life. View the 2022 Menu Here >>

June 25th to September 24th (Four Saturdays at 9-10 am PT / 12-1 pm ET )– The Healing Room: Vortex Of Light Sessions with Council and Athella. Each session focuses on the four aspects of the divine design of well-being/using, abundance, success, and love/relationships. Q&A Included.

  • Session One: Well-Being (Immediate Access To Replay)
  • Session Two:  Abundance (Immediate Access To Replay)
  • Session Three: Success
  • Session Four: Love & Relationships

August 24th at 10am PT / 1pm ET – Join Christy & The Council for a FREE Conscious Parenting Webinar on Facebook Live or Zoom. Christy & The Council will share with you 3 simple, but highly effective steps that are proven to create more emotional fulfillment, creative power, and massive success (however you define success) in all relationships, especially with your parent or kids. Even if you are NOT a parent, but you have parents, this information will allow you to create a more connected and loving relationship. Learn how to truly forgive the past and move forward in your future with love and support.

September 7th to October 26th – Conscious Parenting Program: Eight 90-Minute LIVE Zoom Sessions with Christy & The Council on Wednesdays at 10am PT / 1pm ET. You will learn from both Christy and The Council practical 3D tools, techniques, and processes that take just moments to implement and that are effective in creating a loving, supportive, joyful, and peaceful relationship between you and your children (no matter what age or stage they are in). You will then be able to utilize these tools in every relationship you have… returning you to your Divine Design of Loving and Supportive Relationships. You will have time to ask your burning questions to The Council after the lesson and healing processes. Replays included.

September 20th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET – FREE Energy Mastery Master Class (Facebook Live and Zoom). I am going to share with you 3 simple, but highly effective steps that are proven to create more emotional fulfillment, creative power, and massive success (however you define success) in all areas of your life.

October 4, 2022 – January 17, 2023 (Tuesdays AM or PM Class Times Available) – Quantum Energy Mastery – Become The Master Your Life! (16 modules and 4 months of 30 days of meditations to accompany each module.) With Energy Mastery, Christy shows you a process to clean up any negative energy fast. Then, you will learn the sequence for cleaning out negative thoughts and emotions. This is really important because if you miss a step, you could be setting yourself up for a repeating pattern without even realizing it! You will learn essential tools and skills to develop in order to be a highly functioning human in order to transcend any circumstance, situation, relationship, or event now and in the future.

October 14th-16thThe Art of Living Retreat Center Live Event in Boone, NC. During this transformative weekend, you will learn how the seven key principles to manifesting your desires are like the decoder ring for the Law of Attraction. Christy will channel the Quantum Council of Light—a group of non-physical guides and masters whose sole purpose is to spread light to all who are asking—so you hear from them directly how to work with the principles, become the master of your life, and reclaim your full spiritual power.

October 29, 2022 (9 to 1pm Pacific / 12 to 4pm ET) –The Healing Event – Virtual. I invite you to join me for this virtual event held on Zoom so that we can work together to identify and release that stuck energy so you can expand into your potential and make all of your dreams come true! Be present as I connect with The Council to release emotional blocks you’re holding on to.

February 25, 2023 (10 to 2pm MT / 12 to 4pm ET) The Healing Event – Live. You are invited to join me for this LVE Healing Event in Scottsdale, Arizona so that we can work together to identify and release that stuck energy so you can expand into your potential and make all of your dreams come true! Be present as I connect with The Council to release emotional blocks you’re holding on to. Early Bird Abundance Exchange through September 30th (VIP Upgrade Available).



The Desire Factor Podcast is a leading-edge experience in the art and science of manifestation. In a format that features grounded, practical conversations about powerful spiritual principles, interviews with some of today’s most popular personal development experts, and one-on-one coaching with those seeking personal transformation, host Christy Whitman reveals the energy mastery secrets that open the door to greater fulfillment and success. You’ll come away from each episode of the Desire Factor Podcast with the skills to improve any circumstance in your life by deliberately changing the quality of energy you bring to it.

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The Desire Factor Podcast



If you haven’t already picked up a copy of The Desire Factor book, or you would like someone to join you in the 4 live coaching sessions order a copy now & get 4 Powerful Coaching Session Replays ($697 Value) AND Immediate Access To Amazing Meditations & Processes!

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