Women Rocking Business – Stand Up and Stand Out Online

I had an amazing conversation with Sage Lavine of Women Rocking Business on Facebook Live on Friday.

If you are looking to get more visible online then this is a great conversation I know you will get a lot of great takeaways from the 30-minute interview below. I know it will uplift you, inspire you, and help you get noticed online more!


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Encore Weekend (February 5th – 7th)

Ignite Your Book Christy Whitman Speaker

I was a speaker for Ignite Your Book Marketing Summit last week. A special encore is happening this weekend. Lots of great information and speakers so register for the encore.

If you want a little more info, here’s what you’re going to learn.

The presentations will show you how to… 

    1. Use your book to generate leads for high-ticket consulting packages so you can automate your sales process.
    2. Waste less time throwing your book into the black hole of the internet… and find your tribe of die-hard fans.
    3. Create a marketing strategy that works and eliminate the overwhelm. With the free strategies from this online event, you will finally be able to create a simple, powerful marketing strategy.

Get more reviews, subscriptions, and long-term fans. You don’t have to make cringy videos or “be fake.” Simply be yourself and use these step-by-step strategies to bring your book to the top.

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What Is Your Speaker Superpower?

The Desire Factor Energetic Packages