Creating a Strong Foundation to a Life of Success[Ebook]

During these unique times, some feel that it’s selfish to focus on personal success.

Let’s think about that for a minute. Is that really?

If you believe the dictionary definition of success — “The attainment of money, fame, material possessions, or power”– then yes, this might not be the time to focus on those types of goals.

But I believe we’d all agree that in today’s world, that dictionary definition of success is as outdated as the BlackBerry at the bottom of your junk drawer.

Our society has begun to redefine success and for most, it’s no longer just about money or fame or outer achievement but now has to include inner happiness, and yes, inner peace, as well as contributing to a world that works for everyone.

My dear friend, Debra Poneman is an international success expert and mentor to some of the most renowned transformational teachers of our time. In her acclaimed e-book The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success, she offers a new paradigm of success and the steps to achieve it.

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In her ebook Debra suggests (and research confirms) that the reason the old paradigm of success so often leads people to despair is the expectation that obtaining material wealth or outer success will lead to fulfillment and inner happiness.

Although Debra says in her book that she is in no way averse to setting goals and taking steps to achieve them, she believes there’s an important component that’s often missing.

In her ebook, she offers what she feels is that missing component: spiritual and energetic practices we can use to first create an unshakeable inner foundation on which to build our outer success. When we have that foundation, whether or not we reach our goals, our inner happiness and self-love doesn’t diminish.

She then goes on to share tools and techniques to create outer success and tells heart-warming, real-life stories that illustrate how doing things like opening to receive love and engaging in “sacred activism” makes the manifestation of outer desires become quite effortless.

We particularly love the story about what the great spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told Debra when she asked him why everyone else loved him more than she did.

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P.S. Don’t miss the story in Chapter 2 where Debra tells about the time she broke her foot and sprained her other ankle two days before one of the most important presentations of her life and how she turned the pain into one of her greatest successes.
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