Tools for the Enlightened Entrepreneur Giveaway is happening NOW!

Enlightened Entrepreneur Giveaway


If there’s one thing certain about being an entrepreneur, it’s that there are many, many ways to approach your business. I prefer what I call the “Enlightened” approach – which made it all the more exciting for me when my friend and colleague, Eva Gregory, asked me to participate in her new giveaway.

It’s called Tools for the Enlightened Entrepreneur, and it is packed with some amazing free gifts from myself and other heart-centered experts. You can check it out and grab your favorites gifts HERE!

[3 Day Event] Collaborate with Industry Experts to Grow Your Business

Collaborate Event - Rich German

Do you want to connect and collaborate with industry leaders to grow your business?

My friend, Rich German and his partner Iman Aghay have put together this event to help coaches grow their business, impact, and business.

There’s only one place where you can network virtually for 3 days with other experts who are ready to promote your product or service to their lists, and promote yourself to a panel of industry leaders, and that’s at “Collaborate”, an event by JV Insider Circle. 

During this event you will:   

  • Collaborate with industry leaders & influencers from around the world 
  • Perfect your pitches in front of small groups and live coaches to get valuable feedback 
  • Discover how you can have your products promoted by top players at the JV Shark Attack session  
  • Get access to exclusive attendance gifts from guest speakers 
  • Get one-on-one coaching to find more partners to promote your products & programs 
  • And much more… 


[Free book] Online Courses

Danny Iny Online Courses
I’m happy to share Danny Iny’s new book that’s just been published called Online Courses: A Business Parable about Creating Freedom by Teaching Your Gift.

Online Courses shows you — from Danny’s insider perspective — what the entire course building process looks like: From figuring out what topic to build your course around, to create a minimum viable version, to getting your first paying students.

And Danny knows what he’s talking about! He’s built his own multi-7-figure company, Mirasee, and has taught more than 5,000 students how to grow their own profitable, impactful online course businesses.

Now you can get right inside Danny’s head and get his secrets with his new book!

If you’d like to read Online Courses get your copy here… it’s FREE until May 10!


Christine Kloser Book Breakthrough Quest

Christine is offering a five-day training called the Book Breakthrough Quest starting May 17th. 

She’s only offered training like this twice before, and I don’t know if she’ll ever do this again. (That’s not hype, it’s honesty – which is why her giving me these free tickets is such a big deal!.)

The best part is, when you register for the The Quest you’ll also receive Christine’s eBook, The Transformation Quadrant: How to Blueprint Your Book in 15 Minutes or Less, where you’ll discover:

  • How to get INSTANT clarity on your book, message and business (Your book will practically write itself.)…
  • A “4-Letter Test” that “predicts” how successful your book will be…
  • How to avoid writing the “wrong book” and stop wasting time, money and energy..
  • A “blueprint” that New York Times best-selling authors use to overcome their toughest writing challenges…
  • Why writing formulas surprisingly slow you down and what to use instead…
  • The most important 250 words you’ll ever write for your book…
  • And much, much more!

Grab your free seat using this private link now to get started immediately with Christine’s eBook… and then join the Book Breakthrough Quest starting May 17th when she’ll deep dive into much more detail in that five-day training.


The Desire Factor Book – 4 Live Coaching Sessions Begins this week (May 12th)

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of The Desire Factor book, or you would like someone to join you in the 4 live coaching sessions order a copy now & get 4 LIVE Powerful Coaching Sessions Beginning May 12th($697 Value) AND Immediate Access To Amazing Meditations & Processes!

The Desire Factor - Get Your Copy