Ron Bailey, M.Div, Ed.D. – Coach In Training

Niche: Parents of children with special needs
Marriage and family relationships
Sexuality Issues
Dr. Bailey has spent the last 45 years as a pastor, missionary and behavioral therapist. During that time, he has specialized in working with children with special needs and marriage and family relationships. Because of his theological and clinical background coaching based on the Law of Attraction is a natural fit. He works from the philosophy that a problem cannot be solved in the same level of consciousness that created it. Therefore, a new type of thinking is essential if we are to become our best version of ourselves.
Ron has been married to his amazing wife, Kathleen for 28 years. They have four children and two Navajo foster children, all of which are living independently. They live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Jeanne Beard – Coach In Training

Jeanne Beard is a mother of 2 sons, one with ADD and one on the autism spectrum, and the author of “Autism & The Rest of Us, How to Sustain a Healthy, Functional, and Satisfying relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum.” Jeanne is a seasoned sales professional with 30 years of success in graphic arts sales, and she specializes in coaching individuals who are interested in developing healthy and successful relationships with difficult individuals including those in 12 step recovery, parents with children on the autism spectrum or with ADD.

Jeanne Beard
Author of “Autism & The Rest of Us: How to sustain a healthy, functional and satisfying relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum”

Amanda Bucklaschuk – Coach In Training

My name is Amanda, I am a L.O.A. Empowerment Coach. When you feel ‘stuck’ and do not know where to turn, I can help!

By taking a look inside yourself and changing your perception on the situation, you will be empowered to move forward, changing
your life’s direction. Sometimes when we are so close to the issues or have reoccurring thoughts that we are unaware of, having someone hold a light in that direction allows you to see the needed changes.

I have incredible success working with small businesses and multi-level marketing. I Love creating with you a Strategic Attraction Plan and Future Visioning Process.

I have recovered from a horrible disease and understand the limiting beliefs that go along with the medical system, feeling trapped, and feeling you have had so much ‘taken away’. I am here to tell You, you still have it and I would Love to help guide you to see that.

Finding the perfect coach comes with creating a trusting relationship, I would love to meet you and explore. How motivated are you for change, to smile and to truly find your inner Joy?

Please Learn from yesterday, Plan for Tomorrow, but most importantly no matter what….. Smile & Dance Today!

Contact phone: 1-780-335-6933

Abir Chammah – Coach In Training

I am a Certified Health Coach, Law of Attraction Life Coach in Training, and loving mother of two.

I decided to become a health coach to fulfill my passion by supporting and guiding parents to release unwanted weight and lead a happier and healthier life style.

I was a designer for 20 years, specialized in plus size ladies wear. My clients would come to me for custom made clothing to hide their figure flaws and to look stylish and elegant.

During those years I learned to listen, understand and support women who were not happy in their bodies or unfulfilled lives.

My Aha moment came later when I decided instead of designing clothes for women to look and feel good on the outside; I wanted them to feel healthy and happy on a deeper level.

I became curious in holistic health coaching and life coaching. I received my health training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

I am a passionate law of attraction life coach I’m devoted to educating and guiding my clients on being the better version of themselves.

I believe in truth, freedom, and following the trail of our curiosity I am all for learning and growing, and then learning in some more.

Bev Cote – Coach In Training

Hi, my name is Bev. I have worked in the field of Early Childhood Education, Secretarial and the Medical Field as an Insurance Rep for doctors and nurses. I served elders with my home business cleaning, running errands and shopping. I am the middle child in a large family of ten siblings. I love working with and helping people of all ages. For many years, I have been active and served in numerous capacities in my church. I have overcome depression and hopelessness. I believe in living life on purpose. It doesn’t matter what you received in the past, the stories you tell yourself, if you’ve been betrayed or forsaken. It doesn’t matter what vision you hold for your future. You are a candidate for expansion, growth, health inspiration and joy.

Do you know how to create a life of joy and fullness? Are you receiving what you want? Where do you want to be in five years? I have been able to overcome many obstacles by using the powerful energy forces and tools that are available to everyone. I have created new life for myself. I can help you find the freedom to move forward, to discover your best self, to receive the life you deserve.

I earned a BS in General Business, a MA in Biblical Counseling and I’m earning my Certificate for a Law of Attraction Coach from the QSCA Program. Contact me by email:

Francesca Dattilo – Coach In Training

Law of Attraction Coach in Training – soon to be a certified Style Coach

Are you frustrated trying to reach a healthy weight and maintain it? Are you losing hope about meeting the love of your life? Do you feel that your emotions are in the driver’s seat and you would like to take control of the wheel?

My work purpose is to honour my authentic gifts, to show others how to honour and value their authentic selves, to inspire others to achieve their personal greatness and to do so with joy and appreciation.

I am keenly motivated to help others achieve their ideal weight, attract a loving partner, and to master their emotions. I understand the struggle to lose weight and to find an ideal mate. I felt the hit to my self-esteem and self-image. I was overweight for most of my life and in my early twenties, I was nearing 230 pounds. I was an emotional mess and had a knack for attracting very unhealthy partners into my thirties. I did the necessary internal work, recognized my worth and used the power of positive thinking and intention to change my life.

I lost 70 pounds and have been able to keep it off for over ten years. By using the Law of Attraction I met my wonderful husband, James just before my fortieth birthday. When I think back to the time we met I can only describe it as magical. Six years later we continue to have a beautiful, loving and harmonious relationship.

I come to the field of coaching with over 18 years of experience as a mental health counsellor and therapist. I am versed in numerous therapy approaches, but developed an expertise in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; a Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy marriage which focuses on teaching people how to master their emotions. I also enjoy using Emotion Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as “tapping” to help clients release emotional energy blocks and move forward in their lives.

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work. In addition, I am becoming certified as a Style Coach which is a unique blend of image consulting, personal styling and life coaching. I show people how to look their best, boost their self-confidence and their overall self-image.

I look forward to helping you live out your life’s desires.

Contact me at

Francesca Dattilo, MSW
LustrousLife Coaching

Wayne Day – Coach In Training

Niche: Specializing in Life Transitions

My area of expertise is with transitions. I personally manifested and managed a life transition from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA. I am passionate about helping people create the life of their dreams. I love helping my clients manifest the life they want to live. Are you experiencing change in your life either personally or professionally? Do you need guidance and support to maneuver through new or unfamiliar situations? My work is done at the level of consciousness; I will guide you to have deep insight so you may shift your core thoughts and emotions into high performance mode and accomplish exponentially greater results – even in times of transition.

Contact: 415-298-6974 or

Monica Dowdy – Coach In Training

My niche is to help women that still struggle from childhood and past issues that they feel are holding them back from a successful and happy life. I help them learn how to heal, love themselves, and to start enjoying life NOW.

I’ve spent many years living in the past and feeling like everything was such a struggle. I didn’t know what a self-esteem was or how to even begin to get one. How do you just be happy, let things slide, feel joy, set healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself, or truly love yourself? I didn’t know..until I stumbled across the QSCA.

What a joyous, beautiful, uplifting, healing journey of self-love. I would love to share with you what I have learned, so you too may start reaching for your full potential in life..TODAY!

To contact Monica, leave a voicemail or text your information (name, phone, time zone, and best time to contact) to 207-469-8541.

Lynne Fauvel – Coach In Training

Lynne Fauvel is a future Certified Life Coach Practitioner. She works with her clients to help them develop a clearer idea of their goals, create a plan to achieve them and eliminate road blocks along the way. Specializing in Transformational Coaching, Lynne helps her clients uncover their God-given talents, tap into their inner strength and evoke radical change. She believes that what most people consider to be their “liabilities” are actually their greatest asset. Lynne helps others take control of their lives, starting from the inside out. Lynne is helping countless people live passion-driven lives, focused on embracing their stories and uncovering their purpose.

If you need a transformation in your life, you can reach Lynne at

Anna Fitzgerald – Coach In Training

Niche: Empowering Musicians, Artists, and Creative Entrepreneurs to live a healthy, balanced, and happy life through the Law of Attraction & Inspired Action.

Anna loves connecting creatively through the arts and helping those around her to achieve their goals and live their purpose. She has a background in Art Education and Arts Nonprofit Management. She has experience in radio, entertainment, music industry, vinyl production, and has played the cello for 22 years. She is an arts nonprofit founder and began her transition to coaching creatives in 2016. Her brand is the Heartbeat Hive, where musicians, artists, writers, photographers, and creative entrepreneurs can gather to buzz together with a high vibration and support each other while gaining inspiration and insight into personal growth.

Her blog and coaching services are available on her site:

John R. Garland – Coach In Training

Niche: Transitioning Veterans

Born and reared in Norfolk, Va. I dropped out of high school during the height of bussing in February of 1972. I thought it would be safer in ‘Nam so I enlisted in the Army and served with the 82nd Airborne Division until I was medically retired in March of 1975. Like so many of my peers, I had a hard time adjusting to civilian life and had no direction to focus my attention on and as a result saw no real future. It wasn’t until I began to learn the principles of Law of Attraction that I began to turn my pipe dreams into a vision for my future. Since then that vision grew into a working plan to actually live the life of my dreams. Now I wish to help other veterans make that transition with much greater ease than I had. Let me show you how.

Hillery Johannes – Coach In Training

Be Free to Thrive

You can be free to create the life experience that you desire and express your soul purpose. I take people through the process of personal growth and transformation with an emphasis on environment; how we are affected by our environment, and how to create an environment that supports our transformation and our new life. The environment that we live in is a very
important part of our well being. Yet in personal development we rarely talk about this aspect. We teach about mind, body, and spirit, but we do not address the environment that our mind,
body, and spirit operate within. My approach is to teach the importance of our relationship with our environment, and the lessons that we can learn from nature and natural processes.

I share my journey of freedom, growth, and joy with my husband and two young daughters. We live in the home that we manifested in the beautiful state of Colorado. I have a B.S. in
Environmental Studies and a passion for the outdoors. My intention is to use my creativity and love of nature through coaching, writing, photography, and guiding transformational outdoor
workshops to teach and empower others to be free to thrive. My desire is for everyone to expand their minds, become personally and financially free, and be able to enjoy all that life has
to offer.

Devon Johnston – Coach In Training

Life. It’s all about living and loving. No matter who you are, what you’re doing or what your dreams are- this life is yours for the making. You can create anything you want. You can be anyone you want to be, do anything you want to do, and go anywhere you want to go. All you have to do is dream it, and believe it. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and trust in the power of the Universe.

I have the greatest pleasure of working with so many amazing and beautiful people looking to take control and start living life the way they want. I Coach based on the Law of Attraction and have witnesses first hand and celebrated many successes with my clients in any and all areas of life- from Business Ventures, Relationships of all kinds, Weight Loss, Personal Health, Growth and Development and even just living Day to Day.

All you need is a desire to make a positive forward motion in your life, in any way you choose. Law of Attraction is easy to use and no matter how you feel, or where you are- your dreams are within reach.

So go on, get dreaming!

Much Love,

Devon | Calgary Alberta, Canada

P: 1-403-466-9933

Irena Kay, M.D. – Coach In Training

Tranformational Life Empowerment and Happiness Coach
Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Artist, Author

Specializing in Empowering Women to get their Life unstuck and find Lasting Happiness.

  • Do you feel stuck or trapped in a dull, listless life?
  • Do you just know there must be more for you “out there” even though you can’t name it?
  • Do you often feel sad or unfulfilled and are harboring resentment?
  • Do you feel you’re missing out on life?
  • Do you want to feel joy, freedom and happiness again?

Let me tell you: IT IS POSSIBLE and I will compassionately show you how!

Dr. Irena Kay is a healer, author, artist and Law of Attraction Life Empowerment Coach.
Her credentials include a medical doctorate specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After retiring from her medical practice she became a certified Martial Arts Instructor and later a Reiki Master Teacher to be able to continue her healing work.

Dr. Irena has helped thousands of women with their most intimate issues; she has served hundreds of patients promote their own healing and well-being with Reiki and is now empowering women to find a life of purpose and abundance through coaching.

After years of struggling to balance work, raising five children and keeping her marriage together she finally found the way to lasting happiness. She is passionate to share her insights and tools with the many women who struggle as she did. She will show clients how to tap into their inner strength and wisdom to become abundant in all aspects of their life.

A life full of joy and fulfillment can be yours!

Contact Dr. Irena at

Charles Kent – Coach In Training

I awoke to spirituality/Universal energy use in the late 90s when I was feeling unfulfilled in my professional life. Upon learning how to use deliberate thoughts and energy my life changed completely. I moved abroad, learned a new language and held management jobs in foreign companies until I decided to get out of the rat-race where I set-up my own business in the fitness sector. Upon selling up I decided to do something crazy at the age of 37. Become an airline pilot! Having achieved that now I feel a different calling…fly less and assist others to realize their dreams of living fulfilled lives.

Liz Keifer – Coach In Training

I help young people, women and men step into their power and shine by unleashing their true inner resources.

I have been a professional actor in television and film for over thirty years, including 17 years on CBS’s Guiding Light. I have combined my years of acting, directing, and Life coaching experience along with my training in the Law of Attraction to help others create their right life.

Evelyn L. Larson – Coach In Training

My name is Evelyn and I hail from one of the top ten places in the world to live, beautiful Canada.

I have been blessed with three children, 4 grandchildren and now 2 great grandchildren. They bring me much happiness and joy and spending time with them is one of the things I enjoy most.

My life’s work and passion has been children. I am certified in Child Care Administration and was the Director of a Child Care Center for the largest child Care Provider in the World for several years. I have extensive training and experience in Early Childhood Education. During my time as a Child Care Director I had the opportunity to prove my leadership abilities by building teams for other Centers within the Organization.

Since moving to Canada I have been able to take those skills and apply them in a totally different way. I am now a Consultant and Facilitator. I currently teach a healthy mind class, called FRIENDS, to children and I work as a private coach to families and children. I have a very strong belief that love is the answer to many of the problems I see in families and schools.

I am so excited to add Coaching through the QSCA to my tool box. If you are struggling with parenting issues I hope you will consider my services.

You can contact me at

Pamela Leno – Coach In Training

Niche: Loving Yourself to Your Ideal Body and Lifestyle

Pamela is an artist and fitness expert with 30+ years in the fitness industry. She has taken these two talents and combined them into helping people create the image of their ideal body through artistic love and appreciation of where they are now. Teaching nutritional changes for better health and LOA coaching for a lifestyle of abundance, joy, freedom, and loving yourself lifestyle.

“My passion is to help people understand how their bodies respond to thoughts and food. To bring natural alignment and well being back to our bodies and minds. To put you back in control and help guide you on the journey of loving yourself to your ideal body and lifestyle. That beautiful joyful, abundant, free, creative, loving being that you truly are.”

You can see Pam’s art and athleticism in action on You Tube @ Pam Leno. Her art had taken her to the White House twice, several TV productions and around the world. Her fitness expertise created an 18 year supervisory position at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle- one of the most prestigious city athletic clubs in the country. Pam now owns her own weight release program Ideal Wellness NW in Olympia and Tacoma WA

You can contact Pam at or 206-390-9163

Brit Lesnett – Coach In Training

Finding a Perfect Balance…Family & Career

Are you a single parent struggling with work/life balance? I would love to help you fine tune the relationship between quality family time and a successful career, while also discovering more joy in all areas of your life.

The timing, and tug, of demands on a single parent can be daunting at times, but as we focus on your intention to be a great parent, while excelling in your career, you will feel a place of balance. I was a single parent for 15 years raising 2 children, so I know it can be challenging!! But I also know, that your career can thrive while you take time to enjoy the important moments as a family along the way. You will find that with the Law of Attraction, you can be successful in your career without sacrificing a happy, healthy home life. YOU can thrive without feeling guilty and overwhelmed. I would be honored to help you find that balance in your life. Please feel free to contact me at

Maggie Lukowski – Coach In Training

Niche: Empowering You Through Life’s Transitions

It feels exciting just to think about it; taking that next step, and this time knowing deep in your bones that you will be successful! Are You ready to take that next step and have fun along the way, creating amazing results? My specialty is assisting people through life’s transitions while feeling more confident and alive so you achieve the freedom you desire as you create a new phase in your life. You’re born to be a conscious creator, you’re worth it and your path is valuable! I offer Customized Coaching, With Extraordinary Results in a Supportive Environment.

I’m a Personal Manifestation coach empowering clients through life transitions, bridging the gap where you are now, assisting you to connect to your future self to achieve joy in your life and manifesting your truest desires and longings. There is no limit to what you can accomplish once you take that first step no matter where you are or have been in your life. I customize your coaching for your specific goals and with your participation, you achieve extraordinary results with the support of my experience along the way. I draw from my wisdom having had many diverse careers and relationships from dog walker, beekeeper, to corporate engineer for a Fortune 500 company, Six Sensory Practitioner, owing my own businesses, assisting people in their careers, business, grief and relationships.

One of my favorite quotes that continually inspires me to move beyond any of my own fears or doubts to be a conscious creator is from Mary Oliver:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

If you’re ready to take that next step, I’m here to help you get started, support and coach you along your way, and hold your vision with you!

You can contact me at:

Candace Lynch – Coach In Training

Niche: Holistic living, Health and fitness, personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Candace is a Life Coach and Certified Recreation Therapist with a desire to show people how to fuse play, leisure and recreation into their daily lives so that they can achieve a greater quality of life and increased well-being in mind, body and soul. Candace’s life journey entails overcoming a spinal cord injury where she successfully went from being paralyzed to fully walking again. It is because of this experience that inspired Candace to show others how to use pain and struggle as a tool to elevate one’s consciousness and as a portal for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Because Candace desires to be a part of other people’s personal transformations, she creates and facilitates therapeutic interventions, guides people through powerful processes that teach them how to apply universal laws and be a deliberate creator of their own reality so that they can abundantly feel free, joyous and empowered.

Candace Lynch, CTRS, LC
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Life Coach
Email Life Coach Candace now to schedule a free sample coaching session!

Cathy Mallick – Coach In Training

“In sports – as in life – the role of a coach is to hold firmly to the vision of a desired result, even when the client’s current circumstances do not yet show evidence of it.”
– Christy Whitman, The Art of Having It All

Cathy supports individuals in getting from where they currently are to where they wish to be by helping them to see their blind spots. Whether that be in your career, in your personal or spiritual life, feeling stuck can become overwhelming. You don’t need a diagnosis, just a shift in your perspective.

Educated in Reiki, Energy Psychology, and currently pursuing her Law of Attraction QSCA Coaching Certification, Cathy has rounded out her 15 years Human Resources experience with a holistic approach to coaching. Her front row seat to the development of the four beautiful souls of her children has also allowed her to fine tune her ability to cut straight through to the beliefs and obstacles behind behavior and choices.

Cathy’s powerful coaching practices help clients connect with their mind, body and soul to retrieve the answers they seek and unlock the potential they have been holding within. If you are ready to do more than just sip at your life, and want to fully access and stand in your own power, contact Cathy today at

Heidi McElvaine – Coach In Training

Are you tired of the status quo? Tired of trying to keep up? Do you want to be free and run through the grass like when you were a child? looking for a deeper understanding of the world and yourself?

Let me help you find what’s missing and put the pieces back together so you can create a life of joy and passion and deep understanding! Your dreams can come true and you can be the best version of you!

Heidi McElvaine overcame abuse by working with spirit and believing in her own truth and power. She intuitively creates a safe space to joyfully reclaim life’s magic.

QSCA Law of Attraction Certification (in progress)

Six Sensory Teacher (Sonia Choquette); Quick Pulse Practitioner (Jo Dunning); Matrix Energetics level 4 (Dr. Richard Bartlett); Alchemical Healing (Nicki Scully)

Raise your Vibration and Feed starving Kids for Free!!!

Swier Miedema – Coach In Training

Niche: My niche is coaching highly sensitive people that have been in a hard time, overloaded, or burnt out.

“Awareness creates choice.”

(The better you are aware of what happens within and around you, the more choices you get)

I have been married to my dear wife for over 30 years now, with ample experience on life’s matters. We cherish our two children, who are now young adults, and who are carving out their own way in life, and we are proud to see how they are getting along in this tumultuous world.

I have been in Marketing and Consulting for most of my working life. in 1998 I started coaching my colleagues to help them develop their skills and qualities. I discovered how happy I became from the development of my coachees. That was cut short in April 1999, when I was hit by a car while running. As soon as I somewhat recovered, I picked up coaching again. in 2012 I got the unique opportunity to start coaching from my own company. I have developed my coaching skills through the years, (for now) culminating in following Christy Whitman’s QSCA Coaching Academy. I specialize in highly sensitive people that have experienced some kind of mishap (bullying in their youth, traumatic experiences, limiting beliefs, or just being spent), and I am specifically succesful

You can testdrive me! I offer three sessions for free (one intake, two coaching sessions) without any obligation. After that we decide if and how we are proceeding. I do encourage to agree on a goal or objective to attain at the end of a trajectory.

I have tens of references available on my site (most in Dutch, and a few in English too), and I coach in English too (I have worked for International companies for most of my career).



Telephone +31 6 1252 52642

Jenny Ngo – Coach In Training

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You- Inner Voice Coach

Helping women to express their unique voice, gain self-confidence, attract love, step fully and boldy into their power to create a life that is exciting, meaningful, and truly worthy of them. And, release past patterns so that they are no longer limited by them. Go from good enough, to worthy of you, from surviving to thriving.

Alise Oliver – Coach In Training

My name is Alise Oliver, and at my soul level, I am a teacher. My purpose in life is to inspire and motivate others to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I’m gifted in helping people realize they are stronger and more capable than they think they are. Several years ago, I was mired in an unhappy job and relationship. After a lifetime of thinking I was a victim of my life, I suddenly realized that the only person who could fix that was me. Recognizing that I am in the driver’s seat of my own life was an empowering discovery. I quit my job, sold my house, and embarked upon a three month cross-country journey during which I made many enlightening discoveries about my limiting beliefs and fears holding me back from attaining my true potential. That adventure led me to this life coaching program, which is giving me the tools to help others realize that they too, can change their life to the life they’ve always dreamed of. I hold a Doctorate in Music Performance, and I’m an ACE Certified personal trainer and Crossfit Level One Coach. I’m currently living in Missoula, MT writing a reference book for group fitness trainers and a book about letting go of fear and embracing one’s life potential.

Tom Quinn – Coach In Training

Tom Quinn enjoys a diverse career in K-12 Education, having served as a high school teacher, coach, and assistant principal , a middle school principal and currently as a district assistant superintendent. He holds Masters degrees in Educational Technology and School Administration, and holds a Ph.D. in Human Development.

Tom is married and is the father of three wonderful children, ages 10, 7 and 6. His 7 year old daughter is a child with special needs.

Tom’s life coaching experience covers a range of topics. He has particular expertise in the areas of family relationships and issues confronted by parents of children with special needs.

If you are interested in speaking with Tom about Law of Attraction Life Coaching, please email him with a brief description of your primary concern at

Kim Rainer – Coach In Training

Kim is a stage 3C ovarian cancer survivor, and founder of All About Spirit.

If you’ve been touched by cancer, as a survivor, family member, caregiver, or friend, Kim, can show you how to apply the Universal Law’s of Spirit in your life, so you can release the past, embrace your new normal, and transform your life. Kim holds sacred space; provides structure, support, and accountability, so you can change your life from a sequence of unintentional experiences to the life you deliberately choose…

Kim’s professional experience includes on-site skill training to practitioners and medical staff at Milwaukee Regional Medical Complex and Froedert Hospital. Since 1992, she has hosted, facilitated, planned, and presented at large and small public and private events for Appleton Medical Center, Parents Anonymous, the Nurturing Program, Parent to Parent Workshops, Outagamie County – Volunteers in Offender Services, and many more. Since 1999, Kim has been speaking to support groups and organizations with audiences ranging from 4 to 250 people. For more than 18 years, Kim has served as personal mentor to scores of individuals seeking to improve their personal situations. In 2008, while undergoing cancer treatment, Kim earned her AAS, graduating with High Honors and becoming a Reiki II practitioner. In 2014, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kim earned the Community Impact Award for the programs and business strategies she developed and uses while coaching, speaking, and facilitating workshops for All About Spirit. Kim was first introduced to the Law of Attraction in the late 1980’s and has been a practicing student ever since.

Kim Rainer lives in Freedom Wisconsin. If you would like to learn how to apply the Universal Laws of Spirit in your life so you can deliberately create the life you choose Kim can be reached by e-mail at

Janet (Jacobsen) Raino – Coach In Training

I serve mid-life women; help them to redefine their value, expand their self-worth and feel a greater satisfaction with who they are.

Through my own life path and challenges, in combination with the training and inspiration I received through QSCA, I am confident leading other women to a better sense of self and an increased contentment with their lives. My greatest motivation is to guide another woman to that lovely place where she sees herself in a new light and embraces her value… plus has influence upon her world. I coach from a place of experience. I walk my talk and I love what I do!
778 809 2846

 Lisa Reid – Coach In Training

Niche: You know how many women feel stuck and stagnant in their jobs, but they don’t know what to do next or how to go about getting started without going back to school? I help women feel more hopeful about where they are now, and give them support and structure for where they want to go next.

Lisa Reid uses law of attraction processes to help women create a plan to move forward to more well-being, more joy, and more life satisfaction. She herself was able to attract several promotions in the corporate world, followed by self-employment as a transformational life coach. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her dog Roscoe and enjoys visiting with family, and reading about innovation.

Geri Robinson – Coach In Training

After I signed up with the QSCA last Fall I suddenly found myself buying a wonderful downtown commercial office, had an interior designer assist me in remodeling the office, started my own brokerage and now have 3 newly licensed agents in my office with two more on their way in a month or two. I suddenly realized that my passion is to teach Real Estate agents how they “Can Have It All”. I work less hours, with my perfect clients, have my perfect support staff and I am now attracting my perfect agents. I really feel my Niche is to start a program to teach agents how they can change their lives by understanding and applying the Laws of Attraction.

Maggie Rowe – Coach In Training

I show moms and mom entrepreneurs struggling with guilt, overwhelm, frustration, and work/life balance how to transform their thoughts, connect deeper in their relationships and ultimately thrive as a team in business and life.

I’m passionate about moms and personal transformation. I love working with women who are ready to step into their own feelings of assertiveness, confidence, empowerment and love. I’m a mother of four children, married since 2006 and live in New Jersey.

My vision and mission is to give our children the opportunity to live a life of freedom from the very beginning. To provide our children with the tools and resources to live an unlimited life of possibility, without the ‘adult emotional baggage’ we subconsciously place upon them. I believe that if you want your children to live a life a freedom and build a Thriving Team, it has to “Start With You.”

I also have a B.A. in Communications Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an Ed.M in Sport and Recreation Administration from Temple University.


Myriam Rozengurt – Coach In Training

Hi! It’s Myriam here! My motto is “If I could do it, you can do it!” “If I can do it, you can do it!” Why? Let me tell you I’m a survivor. I survived bullying at school, 26 years of marriage, being mistreated, being cheated, 2 lovely daughters, a divorce… Thanks to all of that I became a writer, a Jungian art therapist, a drug-prevention agent, an investment advisor and I’m on my way to become a LOA Coach! I’ve been working with men and women, empowering them, giving them advice, helping them to deal with their relationship with money, sharing their moving forward along this journey called life for the past 7 years. I’ve studied the human soul deeply through behavior and the dreams people have when asleep.

My intention is to help you see that you are only a thought apart from your goal. Let’s discover that thought together!


Anelise Sa – Coach In Training

Niche: teen girls and 20-30 women.
Bio: I am a Martha Beck Certified Coach with 3 years of experience, now applying for the QSCA certification. I am graduated in Law and am currently serving as legal manager for international contracts and compliance for Globo Group, Brazilian larger media group.

Megan Saint-Marie – Coach In Training

Megan Saint-Marie is a life coach specializing in assisting clients to discover and fulfill their passions.

She is an internationally published writer, artist, and supporter of dreams.

She has recently returned to the states from living in central Mexico for 15 months where she wrote, painted, and made her dreams come true.

(503) 901-9064

Diana Samalot – Coach In Training

Using the Law of Attraction to attract your ideal partner after divorce.

Diana Samalot is a divorced mother of 2 since 2010. Diana used the principles of the Law of Attraction to attract her ideal mate after several years of unsuccessful searching and disappointments. She is currently involved in a committed relationship since 2007 and attributes the happiness and success of this relationship to the application of the Law of Attraction principles.

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Tami Schmickle – Coach In Training

Tami’s passion is to empower women to reclaim their inner Goddess by assisting them in breaking free of limiting beliefs and showing them how they can joyfully create the life of their dreams!

Everyone deserves to live a life filled with joy and abundance. When you can align with the essence of who you truly are then you are able to confidently let your own radiant inner light shine! Once you acknowledge your inner Goddess and step into your power, you can then transform your life and create everything you desire. Tami assists you in achieving this with heart-centered intuitive coaching, processes and meditations meant to guide you to your own inner wisdom and help you get crystal clear on what your vision is for your ideal life. Once you are clear on what you want….then you are able to create it! Tami can then guide and support you in creating your vision.

Tami has been interested in the spiritual and metaphysical realm since the age of 13. She previously worked in the medical profession for several years and has been on an exciting path of spiritual growth now for the past 10 years. This path has led her to expand her knowledge in areas such as crystal healing, astrology, the angelic realm, Healing Touch and Human Design. Tami is also a Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner. She now lives in Arizona where she studied to become an has accelerated her spiritual growth, helping her to successfully move through her own resistance and limiting beliefs, connect with her Divine Self and create the path to her own desires and dreams.

Tami currently offers both life coaching and astrology services by phone and in person. She offers an initial free 30 minute discovery coaching session so that you are able to decide if coaching is a fit for you without any obligation. There are several coaching packages to choose from. Are you ready to say YES! to a blissful and abundant life?

Contact Tami below:
Celestial Coaching
Phone: (970) 903-2987

Maggie Slider – Coach In Training

I am a Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Counselor

I have many years of experience working with children and parents in the Children’s Aid facilitating the PRIDE course. I have worked in a group home setting and school setting. My experience covers facilitating peer groups of school age children, a peer support group of pregnant teens. Many years of my experience has been working with special needs kids, with mild intellectual delays to many variations of the Autism spectrum. I am the proud, sole parent of 2 terrific teens.

I help families become happier and healthier by empowering and teaching parents and children better communication skills, positive parenting strategies and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.


Talitha Stewart – Coach In Training

working towards certification Reiki Master

Hi! My name is Talitha and my passion is working with single moms like you. I want to be there to support you and give you tools that you can use to empower yourself and begin to live the life that you not only truly desire to live, but the one you deserve to live!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, worried, or drained? Are you tired of feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why am I having to do all of this by myself?

Have you ever felt guilty because you are not able to do all of the things you would love to do with your kids, such as going on a great vacation, because there just isn’t enough money left by the time you take care of all of the bills? How about not being able to get your kids certain things that you know they would love because there never seems to be enough money? Are you just sick and tired of having to worry about never having enough, and just getting by all the time…period? Do you feel like your budget is ruling your life and stopping you from doing the things you and your kids would love to do?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty because you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to spend quality time with your kids, between working and trying to take care of all of the responsibilities you have? When you do spend time with your kids, do you feel like you are not always fully present because you have your “To-Do List” running through your mind at the same time? And how about this one… are you feeling guilty because you just want some time to yourself? You love your kids, but sometimes you just want to have a break and try to relax. But when you actually do get a moment to yourself, you always feel like there is something else that needs to be done (there’s that dreaded “To-Do List” again), so you aren’t fully relaxed anyway!

Well, I want to share something with you. I know exactly what you are going through? I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, stressed, and drained. I know the guilt and worry you are experiencing.

As a single mom myself, I can truly relate to the different things you are dealing with. I am the proud mother of an amazing and beautiful teenage daughter named Brittany, and my other baby, our dog Smokey. I know all of the demands you are facing each and every day. I am raising my daughter on my own without any help or support from her father, both financially and emotionally. It is not always easy, but I have learned so many valuable lessons along the way. I never knew how much courage and strength I had within me until I became a single mom. I am so proud of the strong and empowered woman that I have become and that I am setting a great example for my daughter. I know that you have that same courage and strength within you, and it is my intention to help you feel strong and empowered as well!

I know that sometimes when you are in the middle of that stress and worry, that you can sometimes feel alone and not know what to do or which direction to turn. Allow me to be there to support you on your journey to start living the wonderful life that you desire and have been envisioning for yourself and your kids!
Please email me at so we can set up a free coaching session and get you started on your amazing journey! I look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of Love!


Michael Tritton – Coach In Training

Niche – Overcoming Depression/Anxiety – Confidence Coaching

I am Michael Tritton @CoCreateCoaching, based in the UK. I have studied psychology and Law of Attraction for about 10 years now. I have trained under Joe Vitale (Star of the movie “The Secret”) and completed his basic and advanced Law of Attraction certifications. I am currently studying through the QSCA (Quantum Success Coaching Academy) where I now have the tools and techniques to guide a client through their resistance or contrast, helping them align more with what they are wanting and helping me to be a more effective coach. I also do guided meditations and visualisations during sessions to really ground my clients and soothe their energy. I guide my clients from where they are NOW to where they WANT TO BE. My mission is to ensure that honesty, loyalty, empathy and strength goes into everything I do in creating the safe space for my clients to explore their inner world, in return for big changes in their outer world.

My SKYPE username Mikey.T, or search my email
Personal Email –
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Link to my website –

Bernardine van der Horst – Coach In Training

I feel it as my life purpose to “Lovingly Guide Professional Women to discover their Passions, live their Dreams and feel good NOW”.

No matter what happened in the past, you can turn your life around and get happy. My childhood was not easy when both my parents died when I was 5.5 years old and my new parents got divorced by the time I reached the age of nine.

For a long time I felt like a victim and struggled with many fears and other negative emotions. But I found my way out and now live a life full of joy and fulfillment!

Now I love helping others to create a happy life in line with their heart.

I am a certified Passion Test Facilitator, Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher, NLP- and Law of Attraction Coach (in training). You really can learn how to feel good!


Natalia Volz – Coach In Training

Grief Recovery & Life Transformation Coach

Recovery and transformation through loss, change, and grief.

Natalia guides clients back to their true nature of love and prosperity after they have experienced a significant loss or change in their life. When we experience the death of a loved one, or any significant loss or change, we naturally grieve. Many though get stuck for a long time and have difficulty moving through the grief into their birthright of joy, love and abundance.

Would you like peace, joy and vitality? Are you unhappy in your current life? Are you committed to changing?

Natalia creates a safe environment and using the Universal Laws, empowers you to move in less time through the pain associated with loss or change to then create the purposeful life you desire. Natalia meets you where you are currently, then guides you forward and shows you how to use the Universal Laws to transform your life. She uses many powerful meditations, techniques and processes to move clients to peace, love, joy and prosperity.

After the death of her husband, Natalia experienced excruciating painful grief. She was determined though to recover and grow from her experience. Not only did she recover from the pain, she transformed her life in the process and now lives a full and abundant life. Natalia lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her three teenage children. She works as a Grief Recovery and Life Transformation Coach.

Contact Natalia:
Facebook Page:

416 258 5909

Vicki Werling – Coach In Training

Vicki believes the two most powerful words in human language are I Am, for what follows creates our reality. When you learn to see and feel how you want your life to be, you can create it. Rather than spinning wheels and repeating old behavior patterns, Vicki helps her clients connect with and create their most positive life.

Vicki is an energetic and dynamic personal empowerment coach, reiki practitioner, speaker, and trainer. Her passion is helping women and young adults create their most positive life with confidence, courage and being on purpose. Her positive energy and outgoing personality makes it incredibly easy for an instant connection.

With 18 years of experience in leadership and personal development, Vicki’s experience spans from running a successful home-based business for ten years while juggling the busy schedule of raising a young family, to leading professional and leadership development strategies for large corporate organizations.

Get started with 3 FREE coaching sessions and discover how she can assist you in connecting with and creating your most positive life!


Edward West – Coach In Training

Niche: My niche is coaching men in transition and into true loving, masculine relationships.

I am a 48 year young certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Law of Attraction Coach in Training. I am so proud of my children who are all grown up and happen to be two of the greatest people I know. I discovered my passion for coaching about 10 years ago when I was leading and mentoring young men and fathers through the Boy Scouts of America program. Yes my son is an Eagle Scout and I am so proud of the man he has become.

I have a heart for men who are on a path of growth and transition into the next step, phase, career, relationship and any other area of life where significant change shows up. Change is inevitable but how we deal with change will impact our experience.

I feel coaching is my calling and purpose which has lead me to continue my personal development journey through continual education and training. My coaching is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be while compressing time to achieve your goals and dreams faster. You will get clear on your “OUTCOMES” but more importantly your “WHY” you want those outcomes. Whether you are a fire, air, water or earth client I can work with you. The results my clients achieve through my coaching is remarkable and incredibly fulfilling. Coaching with me is going to expand you into your greatest self. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Office: (628) 400-2250
Mobile: (360) 820-2400

Nanci Wilkinson-Kurtz – Coach In Training

I believe that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. This, for many of us, means moving beyond past traumas and emerging into the people and lives we want to be and have.

After taking many detours in life that have included rape, abuse and demolished self-esteem, I have used the Law of Attraction to completely change myself, my beliefs in myself and my life and business. I look forward to guiding others through the process so that they experience the life that they were meant to live.

Christie Woods – Coach in Training

Life Coach, Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher

My name is Christie Woods and I am a life coach, Reiki Master Teacher, life partner to my best friend Colin, and mother to our beautiful boys, Achilles & Cruz. I use my intuitive abilities and energy healing tools to help guide individuals who are craving better relationships, desire financial abundance, and want a more fulfilling career how to nourish and cultivate the relationships in their lives, earn more money than they ever thought possible, and start living a life of joy and purpose.

So what brings me joy? Well, besides spending time with my boys, there is nothing more joyful to me than empowering people with the resources necessary to live their potential and become fully who they really are, or more accurately to realize who they’ve always been (sometimes we just need a little reminder!) Of course this obviously includes manifesting the “life of your dreams” and creating all the physical forms your heart desires! However, during our time together, you will discover that the creation of abundance in all aspects of your life is simply a wonderful and delicious by-product of your primary focus on joy. Once you shift your attention from trying to ‘fix’ or ‘please’ everyone else and start focusing on your own inner journey you begin to go with “the flow of life” and thus become a magnet attracting to you all the people, circumstances, and life events that are a vibrational match to what you desire.

Just in case you’re wondering, prior to living the life of my dreams, I battled with anxiety and depression for years. My relationship with Colin had its extreme ups and downs and my career in sales and marketing, while financially rewarding, was energetically depleting and at times even soul-sucking. I tried everything I could to improve my life, believing that changing my external circumstances would help me to feel happier inside. Nothing worked. My life felt like a constant, uphill battle.

So, how did I get from where I was then to where I am now – and more importantly, how does that apply to you? In a nutshell, I learned that the universe is made up entirely of energy, and that we are vibrational beings emitting an energetic frequency that attracts certain people and circumstances into our lives. Additionally, I learned how to become deliberate about the vibration I emit and in essence raised my vibrations so that I became an energetic match to all the things I desired – and now I want to teach you how to do the same! Right now, you have within you the ability to attract your ideal partner, create your ideal body, become a more empowered parent to your children, and magnetize success and abundance in every aspect of your life.

You can count on me to be real, authentic and transparent. I’ll share with you the obstacles in my own life and what I have done, and continue to do, in order to transform them. I invite you to accept my invitation toward greater self-discovery and personal empowerment. I guarantee you will become amazed by yourself, inspired by all that you can be, do and create, and most importantly, fall madly in love with yourself and your life!

Gail Williford – Coach in Training

My name is Gail Williford

My niche is Engaged, Aware Women Whose Hair is Gray (at least at the roots!)

My Passion is giving gray-haired women permission to come alive!

Gail is a recovering introvert who loves life and one-on-one conversations with people who care deeply, who seek honesty, who live stories, and who love to laugh. Her varied background, vocational meanderings, and horrendous mistakes have granted her insight, humor, compassion, acceptance, perspective, forgiveness, and joy. Her two children, who blessed her through the process of adoption and the grace of two sets of birth parents, have humbled her and taught her how little she truly knows. On good days, Gail listens for the miracles that daily punctuate her existence. She is profoundly grateful.

Souli Yates – Coach In Training

Niche: Creative Assistant; Guiding/supporting people connected with the Arts/performing Arts/all forms of creative expression, through their creative process from start to completion. Being a sounding board, guide, support, cheerleader. Assisting them using powerful questions, processes, guided meditations, to connect them with and experience their true creative power and enhancing their work exponentially.

I was born into an Artists household, both of my parents were Artists, both with very different styles. They each had their own studios in the house. The house was like a gallery and bursting with creativity. At the age of seven I was sent to Dancing school, which was the start of a long journey of self-expression through the medium of dance. Through failing and landing on my face, literally and figuratively, and succeeding through struggling, I, a frustrated actress, found an outlet through dance. I went through a brief but unforgettable bout of depression due to unexpressed and suppressed anger, which led to a lifelong search and exploration of ‘Who Am I?’. This took me through spiritual healing, Reiki and numerous courses/ programs/workshops all having a profound effect on me in many life-changing ways. I was a professional Dancer for ten years, which all came to an end when I fell pregnant with my beautiful son. Now through Christy Whitman’s wonderful QSCA I have found my purpose, to use my personal journey and passion to assist others to connect with theirs.

Jennifer Zier – Coach In Training

Jennifer works with women in transition (Divorce, new career, empty nest, spiritually awakening) 20 years and up.

Contact Jennifer: