QSS 6 | Certified Life Coach


As more people attest to having positive life changes after coaching, more also want to take on the coaching role. Giving us a peek of that life, Christy Whitman shares the benefits of becoming a certified life coach and teaches us how to get a life coach training certification. She also tackles the coaching style that best suits the type of practice we want to create.

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Quantum Success Coach: How To Become A Certified Life Coach by Christy Whitman

In our last episode, we explored the steps involved in becoming a life coach and some of the factors that are helpful to consider in order to choose a training program that will prepare you for the type of coach that you want to be. I want to look at the benefits of becoming a certified life coach, teach you how to get a life coach training certification and the coaching style that best suits the type of practice you want to create. One of the questions that I get asked pretty regularly is, “Can you be a life coach without certification?” My answer to this question is yes, you can coach people without being certified. I actually did that for years when I was still in the process of studying and learning how to apply the universal principles that support us in creating our lives by design rather than by default. My clients were made up entirely of friends and co-workers who simply noticed the changes I was making myself as I applied these principles in my own life. I lost weight, improved my fitness, started earning more money at my pharmaceutical sales rep job. I finally gave up my addiction to dating bad boys and was genuinely happier with myself and more optimistic about life.

QSS 6 | Certified Life Coach

Certified Life Coach: Becoming certified not only makes you more credible in the eyes of potential clients, but it also gives you exposure to different modes of working with people.


Witnessing these transformations up close, those around me wanted to know what I was up to. Sharing my processes with them helped me to integrate this information even deeply within myself. Before I became certified in a basic, specific skillset that every coach needs in his or her toolkit, I was only able and comfortable with working with people on a very limited and informal basis. Just so you understand, as of this moment at least, there are no accreditations or licenses that are required in order to become a life coach, but that does not mean that all coaches are equal or that all coaches are perceived by others as equal. A 2012 study conducted by the International Coaching Federation found that certified coaches reported higher than average incomes worldwide compared to those who had not become certified in conjunction with their training. In a related study also conducted by the ACF, 84% of adults who had experienced a coaching relationship reported that going forward, they would prefer to work with a certified coach over someone without this additional distinction.

Just like every profession, coaching is a skill that can be practiced at varying degrees of mastery. Becoming certified not only makes you more credible in the eyes of potential clients, but the process of becoming certified also gives you exposure to different modes of working with people and greater opportunities, practicing with them in a real-life situation. The more experience you have going in, the greater your confidence will be and the better the results your clients will create for themselves. This translates into a more effortless word of mouth referrals and eventually to you being able to charge more for your services than those with a lesser degree of skill. As coaches, we are professionals, not unlike physicians, attorneys or psychologists. The services we provide create reliable results because we have been trained in a particular skillset. By becoming certified by a reputable organization with a proven track record is the only way to ensure the quality of that service.

The most exceptional coaches in history are those who never stop learning and consistently reach for more. Click To Tweet

It’s also my personal belief that we can’t hold our clients accountable for living their best lives and actualizing their full potential if we ourselves are not doing likewise. Whether or not the organization you choose has the authority to certify you in their particular style of coaching is another factor that you’ll want to consider before making your final decision. As a point of reference, the QSCA has not only certified thousands of Law of Attraction coaches worldwide, but we also offer advanced training courses for those who are ready and acquired the basics. The most exceptional coaches in history are those who never stop learning, who consistently reach for more. One of the things I love most about this work is that the more success and fulfillment we create in our own lives, the more others are naturally attracted to us to find out our secrets. It’s truly a win-win situation for all concerned and a career that allows for exponential success on every level. In the next episode, we’re going to look at how many different specialties or niche markets are possible within this amazing industry and how many are springing up all the time.


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