You probably already know how popular life coaching is, but did you know it is an extremely lucrative career?  One recent study determined that the average life coach salary is $207 per hour or $85,000 per year.  And that’s only on average!

But can you become a life coach who makes 6 figures or more?   Absolutely! 

The first thing to realize is that the success you seek comes from taking logical, incremental steps – not quantum leaps.

It’s human nature to want to go quickly from Point A to Point Z.  But not only is this unrealistic for most start-ups; for coaches, skipping steps means leaving money on the table. 

Here are 3 essential steps to becoming a life coach who makes 6 figures or more:    

Step #1:  Choose a quality training program.  

Your training is the foundation upon which all of your future successes will be built.  So, it’s important to make sure the program you choose is philosophically sound and in alignment with your own.   

For starters, your training should equip you with both the skillset and the sensitivity to successfully lead a client through a coaching call.  You need to have confidence about which processes work best in which situations. A truly exceptional training program doesn’t just teach you about coaching.  It provides ample opportunities to coach, and to get plenty of feedback from fellow students and practice clients.  

Prepare yourself for success by choosing a training or certification program that goes the extra mile.   

Step #2:  Claim your niche.  

The key to becoming a 6 figure life coach lies in narrowing your focus to a particular coaching specialty or niche market.  Ideally, this demographic will consist of those who would most benefit from your existing skillset, life experience, and interests.  In other words, what do you most want to teach, and to whom?

There are coaches who specialize in supporting clients identifying their life’s vision and clarifying values.  There are those who specialize in very specific niche markets, such as fitness, self-care, financial organization, or improving relationships.  Identifying your niche market ensures that your practice will be centered around your unique skills and offerings.   

Here are some examples of a variety of coaching specialties that have been further tailored to serve a particular demographic of people:

Specific Coaching Specialities:

  • Stress management coaching for new managers 
  • Spiritual coaching for people in grief 
  • Life balance coaching for new parents 
  • Business skills coaching for fine artists
  • Life reorganization coaching for empty-nesters
  • College prep coaching for teens 
  • Self-care for stay-at-home moms 
  • Life skills coaching for young adults 
  • Financial management coaching for couples

When you specialize in a topic you’re passionate about, “marketing” your practice becomes an effortless extension of who you are.  As motivational speaker and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Mark Victor Hansen, says, “Pick a niche and grow rich.”   

Which leads into the 3rd and final step:

Step #3:  Magnetize clients; don’t “market” to them.



Traditional marketing is based on a mindset in lack.  It’s a strategy of convincing someone they have a need and positioning yourself as someone who can fill it.  But this type of marketing effort can easily degrade into coercion. If you’ve ever been on the other end of this type of sales tactic, you know how unpleasant it can be. 

 “Magnetic” – or attraction-based – marketing takes a radically different approach.  Rather than focusing on finding clients in need, we focus our attention entirely on the value we have to offer.  This approach creates an atmosphere of interest and curiosity that’s driven by our genuine desire to serve and uplift. 

Attraction-Based Marketing:

The principle of magnetism operates hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like.”  Focusing on what is missing in yourself or another only ensures that you’ll continue creating an experience of lack. When you start focusing on all you have to offer, you’ll naturally attract those who can benefit from your services.    

Magnetizing is a process of aligning your energy with what you want to experience, rather than what you don’t.  By turning yourself into an energetic magnet, you begin to attract opportunities with speed, ease and confidence.  

In coaching, as with all things, remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Each phase of growth your coaching practice goes through holds invaluable wisdom for you. So don’t try to rush the process.  Instead, open yourself to each unfolding opportunity to serve more people. As this becomes your focus, your income will continue to increase until…  you become a life coach who makes 6 figures or more.  

Christy Whitman is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All.  She is the founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, which delivers the most comprehensive success principle teaching and training available today. Find out more about her work at