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Venera Salbieva

Venera is a Director of an executive search company. She has been working with top law firms and multinational companies recruiting top lawyers and banking specialists for more than eight years. She enjoys working with people and have a genuine interest in helping them to follow a satisfying career path. While some people do follow their heart and go for satisfying careers there are others doing their jobs out of financial obligations, family commitments etc. A simple opening question “What would be your ideal job if you could have it?” makes a lot of candidates smile with a sense of regret. They admit that while it is a lovely question to be asked they don’t believe they can have their ideal job because… and come up with endless reasons why it isn’t possible for them. Venera is here to help them to re-discover their power and ability to follow their heart and by doing so to acquire a more joyful life.

Email Venera: salbieva@yahoo.co.uk

Steve Sander

My name is Steve Sander and I am a Spiritual Life Coach. I attended and graduated from Kings Point (USMMA), THE United States Merchant Marine Academy, I served as an officer in the US Naval Reserve for 14 years. I was an owner and partner in a Foreign Freight Forwarding Company for 5 years and served as a General Manager for a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Premera Blue Cross for 20 years. Prior to being certified as a Law of Attraction Coach I was a contract representative of the Pacific Institute an Educational and Leadership Development Company. I am also the proud father of 5 amazing children.206-992-6152
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Carrie Leigh Sandoval

Certified Law of Attraction Coach + Mentor to Youth and Parents

Carrie is a QSCA certified coach, journaling expert and author of “Journals Have Feelings Too: A Guidebook for Writing Your Way Back to Sanity.” Her tenacity has helped her overcome addictions and defy the odds of being diagnosed with bipolar and panic disorders. She is now committed to sharing every aspect of her life experience to shine hope and help the millions of teens who are suffering and struggling to find their place in the world by teaching them to look within for the answers. She is passionate about helping youth and their parents transform themselves and their lives so that they can live confidently and happily.

When you work with Carrie you will be able to:

-Improve your relationship with your teen (which means you can finally have REAL conversations)

-Overcome the fear and worry about your son/daughter so you can be a strong and steady influencer in his/her life

-Learn how to guide your teen to feel empowered so he/she is motivated to achieve his/her goals

-Feel good about your parenting again knowing you’ve given your teen the tools to overcome any challenge

Teens who have come to Carrie in resistance (what most would consider a “typical teenager”) open up and share their stories with her because of her honesty, authenticity and big heart. Her gifts have and continue to inspire teens to fully embrace their own brilliance.

Carrie offers complimentary discovery sessions to parents, teenagers and those who work with teens. In the session she will help you get crystal clear about where you or your teen are and where you want to be. She will also share some powerful strategies to use right away!

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Connect with Carrie:

Email: info@carrieleighsandoval.com
Website for Youth: http://www.carrieleighsandoval.com
For Parents: http://www.journalingforyouth.com
Phone: (415) 504-2721

Lisa Sanfilippo

Lisa Sanfilippo – President and Founder
Sanfilippo Institute for Personal Transformation, LLC
Nurse, QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Lisa is the president and founder of the Sanfilippo Institute for Personal Transformation, LLC, a unique and leading-edge coaching and training company for nurses and healthcare providers working all in types of positions and levels in the healthcare industry. As a professional life coach and transformational leader, she helps heart-centered nurses, nurse leaders and other healthcare providers create positive transformation in their own life, their teams and the organizations they serve.
Transforming healthcare and the patient experience starts with happy, engaged and healthy employees. Through life coaching and training services she teaches individuals how to apply success principles, holistic approaches and the Law of Attraction to create and manifest the personal and professional life of their dreams.
As a very resilient person and big promoter of self-care, she has personally struggled with the high demands, persistent stress and other challenges of working in the fast-paced, rapid-cycle change environment of healthcare and healthcare reform. She understands that it can be difficult for nurses and healthcare providers to stay mindful of healthy work-life balance due to the nature of the profession.
She has a passion to work with individuals who want help caring for themselves, improving quality of life, reconnecting back to authentic self, purpose, and passion and in achieving new heights of personal and professional success.
Her mission is to inspire, expand and transform the lives of 1 million nurses and healthcare providers with her “Uplift Your Life” initiative. Promoting self-care, she is “the nurse for nurses”.
Lisa has over 30 years’ experience working in healthcare holding numerous positions of increasing responsibility. She has served as a direct care nurse (med/surg, critical care, post anesthesia, emergency and trauma), human resource development instructor, American Heart Association training center coordinator, Advanced Cardiac Life Support course director, and in nursing leadership as a nurse manager for multiple departments in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
She has a passion for leadership and a proven track record for improving the patient experience, patient care outcomes in quality and safety, employee engagement and professional employee development through effective leadership and coaching strategies.
She is honored to have been an organizational team member during the achievement of two nursing award designations. As the unit manager, her intensive care unit (ICU) received the American Association of Critical Care Nurse’s (AACN) Beacon Award for Excellence-Gold Level designation (2014 – 2016), the highest measurement and distinction of sustained nursing excellence, patient care outcomes and healthy work environments. As one of only 22 health systems and seven percent of hospitals in the nation, her organization received the System Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) in March 2015.
Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and is professionally certified as a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Clinical Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) from the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). She has been a past certified Crucial Conversations Trainer (Vital Smarts, Inc.).
Memberships: American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN), Beta Gamma Sigma, past member of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and Sigma Theta Tau.

For more information visit: www.lisasanfilippo.net

Please contact Lisa at lisasanfilippolifecoach@gmail.com

Susie Schuetz

Susie is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach specializing in helping people move past internal barriers to live a life beyond the imaginable.

My specialty is “Helping you create time in your day so you can break through the barriers keeping you stuck.”

Hours are “Monday – Friday 11am-6pm Eastern.  Other hours are available by appointment.”

If you are ready to transform your life in the area of health, wealth, relationships or life balance, call or text Susie at +1.208.392.3389 for a free 15 minute consultation. Or send an email to yourreimaginedlife@gmail.com

Iva Schubart

Iva loves life and personal growth. Her mission is to impact, inspire and help passionate ambitious women and visionary leading men change their dreams into reality and teach them how to use the law of attraction in their life to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals and most important to love themselves to live the lives of their dreams!

Today she knows that the law of attraction really exists and operates in every moment of our lives, but most importantly, she knows how it works and she knows how to use it. She knows also the steps that are needed to be done, so she could create a life of her dreams.

Through her speaking she motivates and inspires to get clear about who they are and to take actions to achieve it. Her provocative point of view brings her audience to relook their thinking and believes about themselves to live a life of their dreams with finding a purpose of what they are and why we are here on this earth.

Her transformation led her to a coaching program based on a law of attraction and success in USA. Study on law of attraction which she ended in 2016 as an international certified law of attraction life coach has taught her to use a variety of techniques and methods that increase the vibration and approach us to our goals. She became to understand the essence of the law of attraction and other laws of the universe. She learned how to coach people to move towards to achieve their goals and shift their dreams in reality.

She is a mother of two beautiful daughters. She has been born in Egypt, of Czech origin and living for about 23 years in the Netherlands. Through her transformation and living the law of attraction finally found the love of her life after ten years living as a single mother. She worked in different management sales, export and procurement positions. Studied mechanical engineering but after a lot of challenges in her life she went through, finally found her purpose to help and inspire people all over the world.

She coaches in three different languages: English, Dutch and Czech.


Coby Scaccia

I am a QSCA certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach as well as a Quantum Edge Healing Institute certified Reiki Master Teacher. I have an extensive background in wellness as a Physical Therapist for over 20 years as well.

In my practice, I help people find their wellness from within themselves in body, mind, and spirit. By using the Law of Attraction, energy work, and successful coaching principles, I assist my clients to take control of their life experiences and live the life they desire.

I specialize in assisting women find balance in their lives so they can return to feeling joyful and empowered everyday.


Bonnie Seitzinger

Small Business Niche

Bonnie Seitzinger is a CPA, Accounting & MBA graduate and holds several coaching certificates including the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA). In addition, she became a technology solution segment leader for a global consulting firm. In this role Bonnie led a team of professionals and grew the business to be an integral part of the firm. After 16 years of mentoring hundreds of employees and working with large corporations, Bonnie became a business coach and consultant for small companies. Being involved with coaching over 100 business owners and seeing the challenges of many, led Bonnie to develop a unique success program. The program is focused on businesses with less than 50 employees as well as solo-entrepreneurs. It uses creative practices for business owners and high achievers to design their business and life for success. The successful program uses 7 or more different sessions to teach, focus on, implement, share, advance and sustain participants’ success. “Lean into Success” is a combination of Bonnie’s high performance studies, experiences and successes over the last 25 years.

Contact Bonnie: bonnie@focusedmanagementservices.com
Phone: 941-928-0817
Website: Lean-into-success.com 

Mariola Sekowska

Mariola’s objective is to show people how to use the Universal Law of Attraction so that they can expand in order to change their Lives. Customers will be presented with the “Universal Laws of Attraction”. These “Laws” or guidelines give the client the ability to expand their preconceived beliefs in relation to their abilities and/or personal goals. This expansion will help them to change their lives.I coach clients to understand how to take responsibility for their own lives, gain their life’s power and develop positive self-esteem. Personal development is a key to grow and achieve everything that you can imagine. Every person can Be, Do and Have everything that they desire and I am the key to open this door. I help people to discover new point of view, find new way how focus client mind and realize client abilities. This changes their understanding and perspective of their lives.I started this journey in 2004 as a Psychotherapist after studying in The Institute of Practical and Educational Psychology, Karków, Poland. My next step was combining my psychology training with my studies in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I discovered how important is to have a life coach who supports you and takes you from point A to point B in your life and making this transition as effortless as possible. I believe that it is a miracle when you know how to turn your world around and achieve your true potential. Quantum Success Coaching Academy provided me with excellent Life Coaching skills and tools.
The purpose of my program is to create opportunities to all open minded people to change there current reality by changing their current view point and emotions and encourage them take positive actions to achieve their goals.I solve problems that people find worrying, painful, expensive or soul crushing. Clients can feel unable to solve these issues on their own and feel stuck in a rut. People want things but the don’t know how to achieve them. This is the reason why coaching can be the perfect step in moving forward in your life. People are limited by preprograming which they are not aware of. We can clear and change this programming to ensure we reach the optimum potential for any individual.


Teresa (Terry) Self

Helping women work from home using the law of attraction to start and build their business.

Click here to contact Terry
Phone: 915-215-9588

Mary Sell

Mary’s Specialty: Coaching Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORs & Real Estate Companies utilizing the Law of Attraction to help them create enjoyable, stress-FREE real estate experiences!

Mary has been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Kansas since 1988. During her 20+ years in residential real estate sales, Mary noticed, in many cases, the Home Buyers & Sellers and fellow REALTORs were not able to enjoy the real estate process and actually found it to be quite stressful.

Mary wanted to provide her clients and fellow REALTORs with something more to empower them to enjoy the real estate process and just have more FUN in life! Coaching her clients using the Law of Attraction enabled her to do just that!

If you are interested in learning how utilizing the Law of Attraction in your life can help you become personally empowered to create an enjoyable real estate transaction or any other improved situation in your life, contact Mary to hire her as your personal coach.

Need more information to help you determine if Mary is the best personal coach for you?

Click here to contact Mary

Jessica Shada

Jessica’s mission is to create safe spaces for individuals and groups of women to gain clarity, create unshakable core confidence, and change conscious and unconscious patterns. Allowing them to get out of their own way, create new results, effortlessly achieve their dreams and desires and ultimately have a greater impact in the world.

You will find Jessica’s compassion boundless, her questions insightful, and her ability to hold space and listen profoundly. Her “out of the box” thinking and creativity are the cornerstones of her success in life. She has the unique ability to see big goals and visions and break them down into daily habits. With a fierce passion for continuously learning and growing, her experience of coaching programs, masterminds, and techniques is all-encompassing bringing decades of first-hand experience into her coaching practice.

Jessica is thrilled to be a Desire Factor and Law of Attraction Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specializing in Metaphysical Counseling. She has an A.S. degree in Massage Therapy with a focus on trauma work and physical injury recovery. She is an Astrologist, Certified Hypnotist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Instructor.

Additional certifications include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Strength Testing), and Neuro-Linking all of which she consciously and intentionally integrates into her Coaching and Therapy Work as she supports her clients to shift their minds, relax into their bodies, and ultimately strengthen their innate connection to the Divine and universal energy of infinite possibilities.
Jessica is an Ordained Minister, author, speaker, world traveler/avid adventurer, and a down-to-earth “old soul” who spends much of her free time playing in the rocky mountains of Colorado.

+1 (970) 631-3776
Calendar link: Book a Session
Calendar link: https://calendly.com/jessicashada

Juanita Shay

Transformational Life Coach

Juanita is a Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Quick Pulse Practitioner and Healthy Living Advisor.

She specializes in helping people in their 40’s, 50’s and older get into alignment to their true essence and experience the love, the joy, the health, the abundance that may have eluded them in the past.

She is a life long learner and at the midlife stage herself, she knows what it takes to get into an abundant mindset, live fully in the now, let go of the past and attract that which continues moves one forward.

She can help you overcome those obstacles in your life that is preventing you from moving you forward in mind, body and spirit. Her desire is to help raise the human consciousness through a mind shift. One that will have you joyfully waking up in the morning knowing that day is another day to spread YOUR love and joy and to experience many more years of that.

If you’re in those midlife years and not yet achieved what you had hoped to have at this stage of your life, you can reach her at juanitashayns@gmail.com– 902-499-6698

Sondra Shepherd

I specialize in clearing your most painful and stressful issues with grace and ease, and guiding you to be fully aligned with who you truly are. My personal healing journey was not that simple. In fact, it was very difficult because I didn’t know about Universal Laws and had no idea that the Universe is friendly.

I was raised as a Christian. Unknown to my family, I was abused during nine years of my childhood. Eventually, as an adult, I was able to discuss those traumatic events with my family and received counseling. During my healing journey, I was also introduced to alternative medicines and holistic approaches. I had many spiritual experiences which led me to investigate the deeper, metaphysical aspects of life. It became my desire to help lift others out of despair into a life of JOY.

I’m grateful for the talent of being able to see the light and beauty within each person and to quickly help them awaken to their full potential.

• Law of Attraction Certified Coach
• Doctor of Philosophy, Holistic Life Coach
• Licensed massage therapist and body worker since 2002, facilitating many rare modalities.
• Collaborative author of several pornography addiction and sex offender recovery workbooks used in criminal rehabilitation systems. I believe that to stop the cycle of abuse, both the survivors and the perpetrators need to heal.
• Speaker at a child abuse symposium for first responders and child protection services, and at several church organizations, raising awareness of pornography addiction and recovery.

My husband and I live in Utah. We’re the parents of 4 grown-up children and adore our 3 granddaughters. I enjoy hiking in the red sandstone hills west of our home with my loyal dog, Zoey.

Website: clearandaligned.com
Email: clearandaligned@gmail.com
Phone: (435) 201-4808

Tonya Sheridan

QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Interior Design Life CoachingTM

Tonya Sheridan is the President and CEO of Lifestyle & Longevity, LLC and creator of Interior Design Life Coaching™, a certified QSCA Law of Attraction Life Coach, Personal Coach, Business Coach and Life Coach Mentor. She has been working in the personal development field for over twenty-five years and is passionately driven to be a guiding force in the empowerment of women. She is a gifted writer with her own blog and has contributed articles to multiple online magazines such as MindBodyGreen, is an EZINE expert author, a contributor to the soulful and inspiring book “Fundamentally Female” and a contributing author to the soon to be released “Breaking the Barriers; A Woman’s Toolkit to Success.”

Her expertise in Personal Life Coaching has guided and inspired many individuals to go within and discover a renewed passion for life. Being highly intuitive and having an innate ability to pinpoint a person’s limiting beliefs and challenges, Tonya is successful and effective in increasing the overall joy and freedom in the lives of her clients. As a Business Coach and Life Coach Mentor she guides her clients in setting up their business plan and strategy while simultaneously helping them to create the positive mindset necessary to grow and maintain a successful business.

Tonya has an extensive and very diverse background that enables her to work with her clients at many different levels. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, The International Association of Professional Life Coaching and is a founding member of IMPACT, a membership site for Professional Coaches. Having started her career in the Health and Wellness industry she is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, ACE certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Trainer, and a graduate of the world renowned Hippocrates Health Educator Program.


Email: info@TonyaSheridan.com
Website: www.TonyaSheridan.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/fbTonyaSheridanLL
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TonyaSheridan
Phone 561-371-9976

Nancy Showalter

Supporting Big Dreamers Who Want to Make a Difference!

Are you ready to shift into the life you know you were meant to live? Be happier with a deeper sense of satisfaction, attract more abundance into your life, and manifest your goals with greater ease?

I am here to support you in getting past your personal blocks so you can fulfill your dreams, make an impact and live a happy and prosperous life.

And I look forward to meeting you. Just click on the link below to schedule a Life Shift strategy session. It’s FREE and no obligation.
Click here for Your FREE Life Shift Strategy Session


Jan Sinclair

QSCA LOA Certified Life Coach

Life is not a dress rehearsal, we all get 1 chance to live our lives, long or short. I believe that we should all aim to live our very best life and make it count.

My coaching practice is all about inspiring, motivating and empowering people to reach for the very best version of themselves. No matter what age you are and what you’ve done to date, it’s NEVER too late to re-invent yourself.

I’m a mum of 2 grown daughters, both pursuing their chosen careers in life and happy. I divorced after nearly 28 years of marriage and I am testament that there is life after marriage! I’m a seasoned professional within the corporate world, I’m a landscape artist who enjoys a bit of singing, travelling and visiting air shows, (yeah I’m a geek at heart).

What I know to be true about myself is that I love coaching, I love to see the transformation and to be part of the personal journey. I don’t see it as a job, it’s us having a conversation exploring, growing and learning.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, stuck in a rut, kids left home and empty nest syndrome is setting in, friends moved away and you need a new network, disillusioned with what you have become, lost your confidence, know that you have to change something and have the desire to do so, however unsure of the next steps and how to make that change? Why not book a free 30-minute session to just chat. Ask yourself ‘what’s my plan for the rest of my life’?

I found and have the joie de vivre and am living my best life. Come on and join me, invest in yourself I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Click here to contact Jan Sinclair

Sue P. Singleton

My passion is working with women and men who struggle with fear, self-confidence, lack of abundance and financial success, and those seeking to explore and find their life purpose. As a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach, I am passionate about the work I do because I too have struggled with fear, self-confidence, lack of abundance and financial success. I know what it feels like to know that your soul is calling you to a higher purpose but not knowing what it is or how to get there. This is truly what makes me so passionate about my work. What a blessing it is to watch my clients stand in their own power, confidence and brilliance and experience abundant growth and success in their own lives.

Sue’s background as a Paralegal set the groundwork for her transition to an Intuitive Success Life Coach Practitioner and Self-Empowerment Coach; she has studied and uses EFT in her coaching practice as an Authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach and uses powerful meditations, processes, and techniques which guide her clients into creating and living the life they have always desired. Sue’s expertise is in balancing the body, mind and spirit in each of her sessions whether you are working with her one on one or attending her group class. Choose to stand in your power today and sign up for a complimentary Clarity Discovery Session to see if coaching is right for you.

Contact Sue at:

Specialties: Self-Empowerment and Life Purpose

Robin Anne Sibley, LOACC

Spiritual Exploration Coach

“My sacred work is to provide a warm, safe space where you can explore and grow your unique spiritual identity, without fear.”

Hi, my name is Robin and it is my greatest joy to work for people who are seeking depth and purpose in their spiritual lives. I believe that each of us has a unique spiritual identity that is always in a state of becoming. Sometimes, due to life circumstances or cultural and family pressures, that identity is hidden away or censored as an attempt to “fit in” with others. But eventually that authentic part of us chimes in and begs to be seen and heard. When you find yourself stuck in the mud of a major spiritual transformation, it may feel like you are losing your mind! In truth, you are finding your soul.

My own journey has sent me off exploring the texts and teachings of many spiritual traditions, metaphysical practices, and religious organizations from around the world. I have an insatiable yearning to learn and grow, and I’ve found that I’m happiest following my own unique path. Sometimes it’s a bumpy road but it’s always worth it! Because of my background and my own free spirit, I can hold a loving, accepting space for you, no matter what your beliefs. I can walk beside you in the dark times and celebrate with you as you move into the light. If you are looking to find a compassionate guide to accompany you along your trail, email me to schedule a free “get acquainted” phone session. In it we can chat about where you are and what you are hoping to experience through coaching and spiritual guidance. I am located in the United States but am happy to work with clients anywhere in the world.


Alastair Slade

For a long time in my life I didn’t realise that I was spending time helping people. I didn’t go out of my way to do this, I just seemed to somehow be in the right place at the right time for people. It was only a few years ago that I realised that this was just me manifesting in my life that which I love to do. What do I love to do? I love helping people realise their dreams by understanding how much more control they have over their lives than they ever thought possible.

You can see more about my story at www.alastairslade.com and about how coaching in the universal laws can help you. Check out – www.alastairslade.com/universal-law-coaching/ to see more of this testimonial:

“Things in my life are now starting to take place in a completely new direction.
I feel like a new person.
Now I know I CAN DO IT!
Thank you SO MUCH!”

I live in the UK and took the step of becoming qualified as a life coach following several people telling me that the joy that they had felt after speaking to me was something that they thought I should share with others. I know that every person has the capability to live a joyful life without stress, fear, worry or anxiety. This is something that we are not told about when we are young unless we are very fortunate and are born into a family that already knows this. Spreading this news is part of my life purpose.

My joy is to enable people to find their joy and I am here to help others do exactly that.

Get in touch and start making a difference in your life – alastair@alastaislade.com.

Monica C. Small

Monica is a Certified Law of Attraction Life/Business/Parenting Coach and Founder of Success Solutions Coaching. Prior to becoming an independent Coach Monica has Coached Many New and experienced Operations Managers as well as new and experienced Franchise Business owners. Monica has over 30 years of experience in the corporate field as a General Manager/Operations Trainer. Her main focus was Training New Franchise Business owners and members of their Management teams up to and including the General Operations Managers how to run their business from the ground up covering all aspects of day to day operations of their new business. She is passionate about helping people succeed and loves being part of their personal and professional growth. Monica serves small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs as well as individuals who are ready to move towards achieving their ultimate goals. In addition to her passion for business she is equally passionate about family and children. She is a mother of twins a Grandmother of 2 and a foster mother of 4. She has been Fostering Children some with difficult behaviors due to FAS, ADD, ADHD as well as children who have been exposed to trauma over the last 6 years. Monica has had the pleasure to be able to touch the lives of as many as 20 + children. Monica serves Parents with children who display difficult behaviours due to any reason, helping parents to regain the peace in their home and take back the control. Monica is skilled at helping clients to discover their own solutions and develop strategies that will continue to work long after the coaching has ended. Monica has also published her first Adult Coloring book jointly with her daughter Erika. Intricate Inspirations an Aid to Meditation is available on Amazon.com it includes 100 hand drawn images for adult coloring with the intention to help people release stress and unwind.

You can connect with Monica by Scheduling a free consultation at Successsolutionscoaching.com.

Dr. Colleen Anne Smith

Ph.D. (Metaphysics) B.A. Dip.Ed Dip.Hom. Dip.Herb

Niche: Spiritual Coaching

Click here to contact Colleen

Linda D. Smith

Linda D. Smith is a certified LOA Life Coach and the founder of “Connecting the Love from the Inside Out.”

Linda’s coaching work specializes in guiding loving MOMs to embrace and connect to their unique expressions of Love and Self Love. This process not only energizes their spirit but helps relieve exhaustion and stress from their daily “Do All – Be All Lifestyle.”

The inner peace that results from being more balanced and self fulfilled extends to the relationships they share with their children and loved ones.

Experience the difference yourself by contacting her at
http://www.connectingthelove.com or connectingthelove@gmail.com

Michelle Smiley

Michelle is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, and an American Sign Language Interpreter and college instructor. She is a creative outlier who uses the transformative nature of joy, communication artistry, and integrity to guide herself and others towards personal insight, authentic empowerment, and enthusiastic freedom.

Michelle helps her clients apply universal laws and scientific principles to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be and create a life they love. As an empty nester, midlife designer of two businesses, and educator for over three decades Michelle has used these principles to transform her own life on multiple occasions moving from:

“There has got to be more than this.” to “It just keeps getting better and better!”.

If you are looking for more relief, excitement, and power in your own life contact Michelle because sometimes life needs a tune-up!

Contact: michelle@thealignmentartist.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theAlignmentArtist
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWCEEUbd6NzqAm3PpEJ3yWA

Toni Cay Snyder

PhD in Holistic Nutrition
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Reiki Master Practitioner
Personal Numerology Consultant

Toni Cay Snyder is a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach specializing in women’s health, well-being, and personal growth. She is passionately committed to guiding wise women from an empty nest to a full, amazing life.

Toni will show you how to overcome obstacles and focus your goals so you create the health you want, celebrate your strengths and talents, and enjoy a fulfilling, balanced life after the kids take flight. Her mission is to listen, inspire, and support you as you discover new purpose, passions, and possibilities for this next chapter of your life.

For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact Toni:
Website: www.tonisnyder.com
Email: toni@tonisnyder.com

Michael Soheily

Leading financial experts from across the Nation rely upon Michael to take them to their next level. A result focused coach and financier, Michael is your secret weapon to a more fulfilled and balanced life. Having worked on Wall Street and in International Banks himself, Michael knows the boom and bust you go through. A Ph.D. in Economics, Michael works with high achieving financial experts, whose careers are on fire while their happiness is on ice. He guides them from where they are to where they want to go, so that they can enjoy their business success as well as their private life. Having lived in several countries, Michael is fluent in English, German, French, and Farsi. Through his coaching skills, Michael takes the burden of figuring it out off the shoulders of his clients, so that they can stay in their magnificence with the knowledge that their boat will be maneuvered through the waves of life in a professional and world class way.

Email: michael@coachabilities.net
Website: Coachabilities.net

Monika Skorykow

Founder of BE DO ENJOY Academy, certified Law of Attraction Coach, trainer of Transforming Communication and Aggression Replacement Training, NLP Master, author and entrepreneur.

I have discovered that the best way to predict the future is by creating it from the heart with joy and love. I have experienced how differently I have manifested in reality when I pushed ahead through goals compared to when started acting inspired by my life purpose and my true desires. Now I live in my dream place in Spain helping people with sessions and workshops in English, Polish and Spanish.

I will be honored to guide you as an unlimited creator to awaken your true potential to manifest BE DO ENJOY in your personal and professional life.

Email: hello@monikaskorykow.com
Website: monikaskorykow.com
Tel/ WhatsApp:+34 654 604 797

Nikki Stansfield, M.Ed., HNCP

Transformational Career Coach


Nikki Stansfield is the owner, lead coach and consultant for Next Horizon C & C. Next Horizon evolved from over 20 years of working with organizations and individuals to empower them to recognize potential, identify goals and realize dreams. With certifications as a QSCA Law of Attraction Coach, Holistic Narrative Career Professional, and Wayfinder Life Coach Nikki helps individuals find clarity, purpose, authenticity and JOY in their professional lives. Nikki is known for her transformational coaching skills and her highly engaging and energetic speaking ability. Educating, coaching and supporting others so that they can manifest their best professional lives is her personal gift and joy.

What Nikki brings to an individual, team or organization:

  • An enthusiastic and results driven approach.
  • Transformational coaching.
  • Excellent facilitation skills.

Professional background and education:

  • B.S. in Biology from the University of Maryland
  • M.Ed. in Staff & Organizational Development from Colorado State University
  • Masters coursework in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations from Regis University
  • Certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy Law of Attraction Coach
  • Certified OneLife Tools Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP) and Who You Are Matters! Facilitator
  • Certified Everything DiSC Workplace facilitator
  • Certified Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team facilitator
  • Certified Cognitive Coach
  • Wayfinder Life Coach training
  • Certified Mindfulness Trainer and Coach
  • Coursework certificates in Positive Psychology Interventions and Lead the Life You Want from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Email: stansnikki@outlook.com
Website: www.nexthorizonllc.com

Gerrit Weerdmeester

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who helps others achieve their full potential and live a purpose-driven, meaningful life. What exactly does that mean? To me, a purposeful life is one that looks beyond commercial success. It is a life that drives you to push beyond the limits of your secure, organized, successful but mundane life.

Through my own life experiences, combined with my entrepreneurial background, and backed by my QSCA Life Coach Certification, I can help you change your perspective about what’s possible in life. I guide successful leaders (CEOs, CFOs, COOs) who feel disconnected from their life partner, experience health- or business problems, or simply feel unfulfilled without knowing why to discover how to redefine their success and become conscious creators of their own lives.

Contact me today to book a free consultation through my website: giveyourselfabreak.net. There you can also find more information about who I am and where I come from.