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Romi Jaiswal

Area of Expertise:- Helping all those Aspiring Stars in this Universe who are willing to achieve their dreams,desires and goals and would like to shine and glow in their own light.

I was in movie business for about 20 years and was using “The Laws Of Attraction” in my personal life and business to manifest my vision and dreams to success.And So I was always inclined towards “Universal Laws” and how they work?I have created 7 simple and powerful steps for my clients to help them to achieve their dreams,through my Law Of Attraction Coaching and Processes.
Are you highly motivated to achieve those dreams and goals?Are you willing to take those inspired actions?Did you know that we all have a magic wand which we could use to transform our lives?So be the miracle and live your life with passion and purpose.

Certified in SuJok Acupuncture,Acupressure,Reflexology,Magnetic Therapy,Hypnosis,Reiki,
Vision Boarding,Pendulum Dowsing,Pyramid Visioning, as Access Consciousness Facilitator and QSCA “Law Of Attraction” Life Coach.
Areas of Knowledge:-EFT,Meditation,Numerology,Palmistry,Body language,Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

My Personal Mission is to pursue never ending Spiritual Growth,Abundance and Happiness for my clients.And I would love to help them to achieve the life of their dreams.

My Hours are 10am-10pm CST(Central U.S.Time)Mon-Sun.Even Holidays.
Phone # 16629347861
Phone (India) # 011-918697251755
Email: Romijaiswal@aol.com
Skype name: romi.jaiswal1

TL James, MBA

Certified LOA Business Coach
Certified DreamBuilder Coach
Writing/Literary Coach and Publisher

As a Life and Literary Coach, TL James can help one design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with one Soul’s purpose. She is a Vision Designer.

In 2007, TL James realized her first big dream when she released the first of her new Best Selling Series, The MPire – a sci-fi thriller. During her own literary journey, she learned many processes to ignited and aligned herself with her dreams, re-patterned her actions (reactions) brought on fear and accelerated her results and success. In 2009, she established PHE Ink – Writing Solutions Firm. She worked with aspiring writers and authors, helping them build their literary dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

She was certified by the world renowned Life Mastery Institute as a Dream Builder Coach to teach the Dream Builder Program. This program has a 40 year track-record of empowering people in building their dreams and creating a life they love. She has combined the Dream Builder Program, along with the Laws of Attraction Practices from taught and certified from Quantum Success Coaching Academy, to teach a well-rounded successful program and not only focuses on the results but the journey.

As a sought after life coach and professional speaker, TL James offers inspiring workshops to empowered audiences as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness. Through the creation of PHE Living Life Coaching Practice, she has the opportunity to share knowledge regarding the skills and processes needed to create and live FROM your dream.

TL James, MBA
PHE Living LCP a Division of MW James, LLC
or visit chatwithTLJames.com

Anna Janai

I Believe That Our Life Is Truly a Gift To Us and We Should Treat Everyday as a Party…as Our Party! Everything That We Have in Our Life Is For Our Highest Good, Something We Learn From and Grow… Being a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach, I Am Helping My Self and Very Privileged To Help Others in how To Use the Law of Attraction, the Most Powerful Universal Law in Creating All that We Can Desire… Through the Understanding Of The Role Our Thoughts and Emotions Play In What Message We Send To the Universe And Ultimately In Creating Life Of Abundance, Health , Joy and Anything Else We Might Want In Life…

Contact Anna on: anna_janai@yahoo.com for a FREE 30 mins Session With “Joy” in the Subject

To Your Awesome Party. Anna J

Shannon Jaycox

I am a certified Law of Attraction Lifestyle Coach who combines my background as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Pancha Karma Specialist with the Law of Attraction to manifest ultimate health and well being. Ayurveda evaluates the root cause of any imbalance, be it physical, mental or emotional, and therefore addresses the whole being of each individual. It offers a customized healing path based on each person’s specific needs and desires. This is a very powerful combination with the Law of Attraction, allowing you to tap into your deepest source of healing energy through all layers of mind, body and spirit.

Contact me today to begin your journey of experiencing maximum health and well-being!

Rachael Jencks

My specialty is Time and Money Management (I am also a Certified Creating Money Practitioner)

Rachael is a Time and Money Management Coach for overworked Moms who want to grow their life coaching practice so they can quit their 9-5 jobs.  She works with her clients to shift their thought processes so that they can grow their business instead of staying stagnant.  This involves creating systems so they can do twice as much in half the time which equals more family time, focusing on an abundance mindset for money creation, and creating a business strategy that feels in alignment with their goals and is fun and EASY! 

She lives on a lake in South Dakota where for 3 month she enjoys soaking in the sun with her husband and 6 kids.  In the winter she hides under a heated blanket and enjoys a good book.  She believes that her daily workouts keep her sane amidst the crazy life with 6 kids and she loves to eat ice cream whenever she can!

Email me: rajencks@gmail.com

Jeffrey Jett

I help women become more confident in the second phase of their lives by teaching ways to recreate happiness and well being.

Email me: jajnej@comcast.net


Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching

As an experienced Certified Holistic Life Coach, Wellness Coach, and Healer, Angela is passionate about empowering, inspiring, and supporting her clients to identify and HEAL the root cause(s) of their challenges (whether the challenges are related to mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being; relationships; blocks to career or financial success; etc.), so they can THRIVE in all areas of their lives!

Angela provides holistic life coaching and health and wellness coaching, focusing on her clients’ mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic well-being. Through one-on-one personalized coaching and using her knowledge of the mind-body connection (she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology), energy healing, and spirituality, Angela helps her clients understand and tap into their mind, body, and spirit connection. She teaches emotional healing, mindset, and personal and professional development strategies, and helps her clients create new healthy lifestyle habits.

As a result of working with Angela, her clients experience the following life transformations:

  • Learn mindfulness practices that quiet the worried and busy mind, reduce stress and anxiety, build resilience, and self-regulate emotions
  • Increased self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Create healthy lifestyle habits that improve their overall health and achieve their wellness goals
  • Feeling more empowered, happiness, freedom, and peace
  • Gain awareness of and replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering ones
  • Deeper connection with intuition/inner wisdom
  • Heal emotional hurts
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn to delegate and ask for help
  • Create, set, and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Develop and practice self-care habits
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Discover their passions, transferable skills, core values, career path of interest, and obtain meaningful and fulfilling careers
  • Achieve personal and professional goals
  • Let go of people pleasing
  • Increased self-love and self-worth
  • Find their voice and express/stand in their own truth
  • Physical health conditions resolved or improved

Red Hot FREE Offer: “Reclaim Your POWER” Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching Call

Together, we’ll:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for what you desire to achieve in your life
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with achieving your goals
  • You’ll leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to achieve your goals faster and easier than you thought possible!

To claim your 60-minute “Reclaim Your POWER” Holistic Life & Wellness coaching call, simply book your session here: https://app.10to8.com/book/znhfas-free/1902468

Angela Johnson
Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching
(832) 534-2787

Donna Johnson

Renovate Your Lifestyle enables you to discover your own inner power to experience a life full of happiness, joy, peace, and empowerment. Through life coaching you learn to love who you are and live a life you love! The “new” you is waiting to be born with excitement, anticipation, and passion!

Allow yourself the opportunity to fall in love with life & experience your dreams come true! My philosophy is simply; “I live my dreams, I love life, I take nothing for granted, I see the positive in everything, I live a life of gratitude, and I have no regrets – welcome to my world”

It would be an honor to serve, coach, and observe you ignite your inner spark and live a life you absolutely love!

Renovate Your Lifestyle

Sonna Johns

Gaining back confidence and becoming self-empowered

I’m Sonna Johns, and what I do is help women who are struggling in a toxic or unhealthy relationship regain their power and confidence, and help them create a beginning strategy to self care. It could be a personal relationship or a situation they are facing in the workplace. My niche is providing transformational tools that can help them navigate through difficult situations and personalities. I focus on helping them to raise their awareness, learn how to trust themselves again-becoming self-empowered.


Sanjay Jolly

Master Business Coach
Success Life Coach

Sanjay is QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach.
After serving the various organizations for more than 2 decades to enhance their Business performance in various dimensions, and analyzing various patterns, he became aware about vital factors differentiating between Success and failures, for an individual and groups of people-organizations. Since human –being is the key factor for growth, expansion and improvement; Sanjay realized his life purpose to Coach exceptional individuals (Success Life Coaching) and passionate Business leaders (Business Coaching) to radically expand in their life. He addresses the wholeness — mind, body, emotions and spirit — and empowers the clients to lead a more fulfilled, balanced, and effective personal and business life. Sanjay assists his clients with tapping into their own inner wisdom to realize hidden visions about their dream life, knowing who they are and what they want in all aspects of their life, thus leading to achievement of their goals.

Bachelor of Technology
Post Graduate Diploma- Supply Chain Management

Let’s get started Today!


Anna Juricic

Anna brings her experience from different sectors. After a Bachelor in Sociology at University of Urbino and 20 years of travelling around the world in an airline industry, getting in touch with different cultures and Social Organizations, it was time to share her commitment and enthusiasm and help others to achieve their fulfilment. Her passion in studying emotional human behaviours combined with being a single mum of three children, facing important life challenges, led her to develop high ability in facing complexity and problem solving. As a certified LOA life coach, she leads you to tap into your power with a tailored method towards overcoming your current issue, frustration or obstacle gaining clarity, focus and strength in order to achieve prosperity and success in any area of your life. She combines different approaches and sophisticated tools like Non-Verbal-Communication, Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki and Dr. Z.M. Slavinsky’ Spiritual-Technology to uncover and transmute underlying resistances, hidden shadows, and blockages and restore emotional balance, speeding results on a safe Path of personal Evolution, attaining significant changes in a short time frame. She works on an international platform covering many different continents in an intense and confidential One to One rapport.

Click here to contact Anna


Spiritual Awakening and Transformational Coaching

I wonder if you’ve ever experienced a moment of pure connection, where time seems to stand still and your life moves from a place of deep inner knowing, where you tap into a dimension of yourself that is free and limitless?

A moment like this can happen when you’re hiking in nature, or making love, or during extreme sports, or especially during meditation. It can also happen when you’re doing what you’re really good at because you are so deeply engrossed and passionate. This is a moment of awakening to your true nature, when a shift in awareness occurs and you tap into the reality that is outside the limiting confines of your mind. Where in fact you are plugged into the Source of “all that is,” in the flow, and where life becomes effortless and manifesting happens almost automatically.

What if I could empower you to live like that most, if not all, of the time?

This state of pure love, joy and happiness for no reason has been the driving force behind my own inner journey of personal growth and as a result my passion is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things via their connection to Spirit or Source.

I consider we all have the seeds of greatness within us but that it just depends what we decide to believe and how those beliefs subsequently influence our decisions and our actions.

As in all Life Coaching, determining the gap between your present life conditions and your desired outcome(s) is essential, so limiting beliefs and habits can be transformed, while together we identify appropriate strategies that we then use to close the gap.

Awakening Coaching is unquestionably life coaching from a different perspective but does not exclude working on “normal” everyday challenges. According to me, people are suffering from needless emotional trauma, pain and distress because they are unaware of the simple preventative measures and techniques they can use to keep their Mind, Body and Spirit in harmony and it is these strategies I integrate into my coaching and teaching, supporting people smoothly through their psychological and emotional challenges.

For over 35 years I’ve been immersed in the teachings of many of the world’s masters of personal development and spirituality and feel blessed to have been coached by some of the foremost teachers in their fields.

Amongst other things I spent many years living in India in the Ashram of Osho Rajneesh where we had the unique chance to live and meditate in the presence of an Enlightened Master. While there, apart from working on myself in many groups and workshops, I also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, massage, Reiki, Primal de-conditioning, Co-dependency, Tantra, Aura Soma colour therapy, psychic and energy reading and worked for several years in the ashram as a therapist and healer.

For 10 years I ran my own meditation centre in the South of France, and since moving to Australia have had the honor of not only completing all of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and Leadership coaching programs but also of attending many of his events in a Leadership capacity. Since completing my certification with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy I now incorporate many of Abraham’s processes into my work and recently had the honour of becoming one of Marci Shimoff’s “Love Ambassadors.”

Learning to be happy and love ‘for no reason’ is fundamental to a fulfilled life.

Inner peace and continuous happiness are absolutely possible NOW!

So allow me show you how to live your life blissfully at cause and not effect.

Visit www.sandhaninc.com to download a free copy of my book The Pillars of Prosperity or contact me at sandhaninc@gmail.com to discuss working together.

Christine Marie and Julie

Christine Marie and Julie are a Mother/Daughter coaching team. Christine Marie is a certified Law of Attraction coach and a certified Prosperity Guide. She also has her Masters degree in counseling psychology and has taught behavioral science at the University level. Christine Marie uses her intuition and her connection to the angels, spiritual guides, and the Divine Feminine to access deeper wisdom for her clients and to further empower them. Julie is a certified Law Of Attraction coach and a former teacher. Julie uses her decades of business experience combined with her coaching to inspire potent transformation for the client.

On an amazing journey, it is good to have a guide. Here is what you can happily look forward to:

  • Experience direct access to your own deep wisdom and hearts knowing.
  • Unlock and release worn out beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Experience forgiveness at a deep cellular level…finally clearing and releasing ancient contracts and agreements.
  • Watch and be amazed as portals of evolutionary and transformational energies open for you to attract dollars, relationships, vitality and well-being, careers, and your own inner joy.
  • Learn to go downstream and press the “Easy Button” on all that you like to attract.
  • Kick start your most awesome future into high gear.
  • Attract and manifest like an energetic magnet.
Albert Karantza

Niche: Baby Boomers – I teach people how to reinvent their lives again

I can coach in 6 languages: ENGLISH / FRENCH / ITALIAN / GREEK / SPANISH and ALBANIAN.

Click here to contact Albert
Home: +11 30 210 70 19 192
Cell: +11 30 698 31 48 330

Veena Kaur

Veena is a Certified LOA (Law of Attraction) Lifestyle Designer/ Coach. In her practice she addresses the whole person-mind-body and spirit to empower her clients to lead a more fulfilled, balanced and abundant life. Veena guides her clients to know their Power-With-In, and their connection to the Universal Energy Laws, by using simple yet amazing LOA processes as well as Light Body Meditation Techniques and Future Visioning Meditations, ultimately to become more magnetic to attracting people, circumstances and opportunities for their dream life to manifest into reality. Invariably this adds to increased well-being and most importantly being able to take control of emotions and giving back the power to create and live in Joy!

Veena’s main areas of expertise are:

Self-Love and Empowerment,
Restructuring Lifestyles, to release habits that don’t serve well anymore, Relationships & Aligning with your Soul.
Weight Loss & Weight Management

Author of e-book – Understanding & Using the 8 Universal Laws of the Universe – Soon to be released.

Author/Founder of ‘The Freedom Meal Solution’ – Get Your Control Back! – Loose weight without having to cut ANY foods out. – website soon to be launched.

Speaker at Universal Laws Events – Do you need a guest speaker to expand on the Universal Laws of the Universe at your event? If so contact Veena.

Corporate and Group Coaching Expert – Get Empowered and Fulifilled. Contact Veena for more info.

Completed Reiki Healing First Degree

Veena has clients all over the world.
Would you like to work with her? She can help you design the life of your dreams. She speaks to her clients via Skype, so any time, any place, any where – inbox her for further info.

We are creators of our reality and if you know the rules of the game as, you have the potential to live full of abundance in every area of your life! Our realities all start with our thoughts and emotions – What we think about and feel, we attract into our lives- whether it’s the lack or abundance of something. The Universal Laws are always working – but if you don’t know about them, how to work with them and use them – then we create our lives by default!

If we can learn how to become Deliberate Creators – then we can learn to take full responsibility for our thoughts and emotions- and start to fulfill our goals in life. Of course this is just the tip of the Iceberg! We have been taught to use only a small percentage of our minds powers!!

Veena uses many processes, techniques, visualizations and meditations in her coaching with an aim to teach you how to use them for yourself – so you can gain more clarity about your desires, soothe your emotions and relieve your pre-conditioned resistance to success and abundance.

Click here to contact Veena
Tel: +255689151684
Website: http://www.facebook.com/VeenaKaurSoor

Lira Kay

DO YOU WANT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED? I am glad you had found me!

I’m Lira Kay She’s Got Passion Founder & Creator of The Path to Love System™

My passion, talent and expertise is teaching professional women how to transform their relationship with themselves and attract love, heal their past wounds and manifest an empowering connection with their partner.

I created The Path to Love System™ using advanced future visioning techniques in combina-tion with Jungian Psychology, and related therapies to bring women back to themselves, heal their relationship wounds, and encourage them to experience love that is healthy, constructive and highly inspiring. I teach women to love themselves, respect their feelings and expand what is possible for them in love and in life.

Who are my clients

* women looking for love, spiritual contentment, who want to take their relationships, career and life onto the next level,

* women who want to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually and redefine themselves and their purpose

* women who want to learn how to create magic, how to radiate energy that is inviting new opportunities, new friends, their soulmate, opens up new perspectives and takes your forward in life,

I do what I do because you matter to me. I am convinced, that you, your feelings, what you bring to the world absolutely matters. Just as I learned my own value, I want you to know yours. Relationships are the most direct way we can affect and share the love we have. I want you to share love, not pain or confusion. Love and more love.

To have a taste of what I can do for you sign up for my FREE 7-Day course BOOST YOUR LOVE APPEAL, LEVEL 1 where I teach you exactly what I did, after becoming a young widow and a single mother of three, to meet my true soulmate, whom I happily married and enjoying my life with for the last 8 years.

Shanen Kazynski

I, Shanen Kazynski, am a certified Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and have completed coursework through the Franciscan Spirituality Center including The Journey to Wholeness course, Servant Leadership, and Enneagram. My life coaching services started and still are located in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. I embrace positive thinking habits, have exceptional communication skills, and excel at listening. Clients have summarized me in three simple words: compassionate, patient and skilled.

Sometimes you or your family may need an objective presence to facilitate family discussion around difficult issues. Through my 30 years of professional experience in various settings with families and situations, I offer a safe and supportive space for understanding and processing life’s deeper emotions and challenges.

Life Happens. Let me help you uncover the tools, resources and courage within yourself to manage issues, find happiness and peace (even when it seems impossible) so you then can make positive, lasting changes in your life. I can give you support, motivation, inspiration, and can help you ask the important questions during a difficult time.

Contact Information
Phone: (608) 579-5683
Email: info@thejourneywithincoach.com
Website: http://www.thejourneywithincoach.com

Liz Keifer

Having also been a professional actor for over thirty years, I guide and assist both women and men who are going through uncertainty, or life transitions, to step into their power and unleash their true inner resources. I’m an expert at claiming / re claiming personal power and attracting true success in life through powerful and creative processes backed by the essential Laws of the Universe.


My hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm EST.

Kimberly Keller

Hi, I’m Kimberly Keller!

Hi! My name is Kimberly and I’m the founder of Lifestyle Design by Kimberly LLC. I’m a motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author of staying healthy while on the go, fitness trainer, and mother. I’m certified in QSCA,Reiki,Pilates,Yoga and ISSA personal training. I’ve also shared my unique, inspiring life hacks with many people to transform their lives.

I have lived in Switzerland and it as there that I learned the value of natural healing remedies as well as farm to table nutrition. I owned a fitness studio at the base of a ski resort there and have been blessed to be submerged in a international lifestyle.

Since 2005, I’ve helped transform the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of numerous people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mind. I teach students how to transform their lives by going inside – out to find motivation and empowerment to transform their bodies and minds. My mission is helping others to love the bodies they live in and love the lifestyle they have.

My own rise began…

… after getting divorced, nearly becoming bankrupt, loosing both my parents and making myself physically ill from heartbreak. Then I decided to stop being a victim, and change my future. I found Christy and started my journey with QSCA . The knowledge I acquired allowed me to begin to focus on the three pillars of healing – mind , body and soul. I learned techniques to manifest more of the things I desire in my life.

I’ve helped many people around the world step into radical self love and a healthier body. We’re changing how people think about health, healing, and self love.

Wherever you’re at in your journey, know that you are enough, and you are worthy of whatever dreams and aspirations you’re striving to achieve!

Hours – Mon 9-6/ Tuesday to Thursday 3-7 Pm /Friday 8-4 pm / Sunday 3-5 pm.

My system gives you the push you need when frustrated and stuck in life.

I create an exciting vision for what you’d love your life to look like, and build on that new level.

My specialty is helping people explore their strengths in an adventurous way. As an Amazon bestseller For healthy travel, I love encouraging people to find healing, inner- strength and confidence through the exploration of solo travel and reinventing yourself through new exciting endeavors.

FB- https://www.facebook.com/kimberlykellerintl/
Email – Elevatewithkimberly@gmail.com

Shamim Keshavjee

My name is Shamim Keshavjee, I am a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified, Law of Attraction Coach and a former Educator.

A recent study has found that 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine, and only 3 out of 10 people are happy with their lives. People are feeling stuck. I know how it feels to be ‘stuck’ and in fear of not being able to take the next step. Trust me, I too, was there.

As a Life Coach, my aim is to help you transition from where you are now, to where you want to be, by empowering you to recognize your strengths to create the life you envision – it is never too late to change.

Drawing upon 20 years of personal and professional experiences in helping people from all walks of life ranging from young professionals, middle-aged to empty-nesters – My aim is to help you move forward by providing focus, direction, challenge and ultimately helping you free yourself of the chains that are weighing you down.

The foundation of my practice is to address the whole person, mind, body and spirit to empower you by raising your energy which will, in turn, transform you to have a more fulfilled, balanced and effective life.

If you want to discover a path towards mental and physical healing then go ahead, take the right step and email me for a free 30 minute consult – let me help you celebrate your life:

You can contact me at: Lifecoachshamim@gmail.com

June Kellogg

Hello, my name is June Kellogg… I am a “talk healer, gifted with intuition.

What does that mean for you?

I will listen for your heart’s desires so that you can shift your perspective and grow in whatever area of life you choose.

What’s important to you is where our coaching relationship begins, and breakthroughs are our goal.

Health, Career, Unresolved or Lost Relationships, Money and what it means to you….

…any area of your life… You will love your breakthroughs!

What’s a Breakthrough?

  • Breakthrough: A sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc.; an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something; a person’s first important success.

Consider that “the mountain has no top”…and the possibilities of your life are unlimited.

Our coaching relationship will focus on sharing, and you will learn simple, fun tools to get you into action, reaching your dreams with confidence and peace.

Wherever you are in your life, YOU will begin to beam and show your light.

Let’s get started! 908-334-0500

Website: www.lifecoachdiamonds.com


“This book is dedicated to my new wonderful friend and life coach June Kellogg. She is a beautiful sparkling diamond sent by the Universe just when I needed her.” – Dedication from author “How to Write a BOOK and Tell Your Story” – Barbara Miller

“I thank my friends Neena George, Rajesh Sreedharan and June Kellogg for checking in on me, encouraging me and believing in me along the way.” “11 Steps to Goal-Getting Using the Principles of Hypnosis, NLP, & Huna” – Keya Murthy

(Both books available on Amazon.com)

Zenobia Kelly

Zenobia F. Kelly is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. Prior to this she worked as a Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse Midwife for over 20 years. She is also a Distinguished Toastmaster of Toastmasters International and held the offices of VP Education, Club President and Area Governor. She enjoys training and Leadership sessions with other Toastmasters.

She has a natural ability for working with people and helping them. She is engaging and encouraging and this makes her a great people-person. Due to her deep desire to help people, she decided to make a major change with her career. She took a leap of faith out of her comfort zone for a career which would lead her to her purpose in life – interacting, helping and inspiring people to be the best they can.

She is a great communicator and listener and has a warm, caring and compassionate personality.

Specialty Coaching
General Coaching

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 12 noon to 6pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Zenobia is available for private consultations and can be reached by phone: 718-644-3068 or by email: zfkell12@gmail.com

Mahum Khan

Have you ever felt like this isn’t what life was supposed to be like? Did you dream up of a different life when you were younger, but now that you are in your 20’s or 30’s you find yourself living a life that doesn’t seem like the one you’d be living? Do you ever feel like you are always freaking worrying about everything in your life? Like, even worrying about how you accidentally added a half teaspoon of salt more than you were supposed to and now life is over because omg omg people aren’t going to like it? Aren’t you just done constantly thinking and planning about what you’re going to do in the next second, minute, hour, day, year, etc etc? This constant worrying about E.V.E.R.Y. single thing in your life is starting to show…you’re forgetting things, you’re graying, or you’re having chronic aches and pains throughout your body.

Well my friend if you said yes to annyyy of these things, it is because deep down inside you are desperately

seeking for a change. You want a different kind of life. One that will allow you to end this nasty chatter in

your head. A life where somehow you get more done in less time. A life where you love what you do and make a decent living. A life where you’re not taken back by the challenges that come in your life, but instead are excited about tackling them. A life where you just freaking worry less and live more!! Am I right?

This kind of life that you so desperately want is possible. How do I know this? Because I was at one time in your spot and now I have the exact kind of life that I’ve always imagined (I’m laying in my bed writing this, the exact kind of lifestyle I’ve always wanted!). If changing my life around wasn’t already bad ass, I have helped people just like you turn their lives around. Listen, if my work can get one of my clients to go from almost committing suicide the night she met me to finding an apartment she loves, having the job that maintains her desired life, and fall in love with herself all over again, then imagine what my work can do for you? But, I get it you’re skeptical and you know what, you should be dude!! Wth, why am I saying this to you? Because man (or woman hehe) there are so many fake ‘experts’ out there telling you they can help you and when you work with them, it’s a waste of your money and time. I don’t want you to waste your money! I want you to be smart and if you’re reading this far into it, you’re obviously smart so here’s YOUR NEXT STEP (grab a pen and paper).

Ready, okay, here it is….I WANT YOU TO TEST ME!! That’s right, you heard me correctly. I want you to test me for 7 days. That’s better than a freaking test-drive for a car you get. Here’s how you are going to test me—you’re going to email me at my PERSONAL email (whaaaattttt!!) with the subject line “Worry Less, Live More Challenge”. Email me at mahumkhan8287@gmail.com and tell me that you found me through Christy Whitman. I am only doing this for her people because I absolutely love her. And then for the next 7 days, be ready to have your mind blown because we are going to spend 15 minutes/day over the phone and I am going to PERSONALLY not only teach you the 7 Worry Less, Live More Principles, but also share with you what you can do that day to implement it in your life. Go ahead, I dare you to worry less and live more…

Barbara Klaw

Do you crave a life of passion, joy, and abundance?

Hi, I’m Barbara Klaw. I inspire people who feel lost or insecure about themselves and their life goals, and who want to change for the better. I help you release the detrimental effects of grief, abuse, broken relationships, and physical demise so that you can delight in an abundant and joyous life full of new hopes and dreams. With my coaching you will begin to focus on your own unique light and special gifts. You will enrich your parenting skills. You will discover new interests, increase your joy, improve your health, and enhance your relationships.

When you work with me, you decide what you want to work on every session. The Law of Attraction basically means that we are all made of energy and all constantly sending out vibrations that attract wanted and unwanted things. You will thus learn how to deliberately create the vibrations you send out by attuning you heart and mind and translating that alignment into thought and action. During sessions 1-3, you will learn to get unstuck in the chosen area of your life by gaining clarity about what you want, what is blocking you, and how to celebrate life and release your blocks. During sessions 4-6, you will be guided to develop a plan including strategies and techniques to move towards what you want. During sessions 6-12, you will learn to implement your plan, keep yourself accountable on a daily basis, overcome obstacles that arise, and develop a new relationship with yourself in this area. During sessions 13-15, you will learn techniques and meditations for maintaining and developing a mindset of deliberate creation. During sessions 16-24, you will lock in the learning and identify behaviors and thoughts that still interfere with your progress, then learn new techniques to release them, move forward and keep yourself accountable for your future progress in the long-term. I provide two worksheets per session: the first helps you prepare for the session, the second helps you apply what you’ve learned. You also have access to your coach between each session, plus added resources in the private client portal on my website.

My bio:
FourWinds Academy-Certified Energy Healer
PhD in French Literature; fluent in French
Published author of 2 books and 24 scholarly articles
Taught university French (all levels) for 31 years
Single parent of two children (girl, 17, (aspiring actress) and boy, 27, (MD-PhD student)
Speaker and scholar
Social dancer; performing belly dancer

Like many of you, I have a life full of a mixture of success and failure, and I love to learn. I began my adult life after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Business French with a minor in International Business as a junior sales analyst in a trucking firm, then moved on to sell electric motors at a subsidiary of a French firm. Three years later, I decided that I wanted to do something I found more fulfilling as a career so I went back to school to obtain a doctorate in French Literature. My son was born while I was writing my dissertation; my daughter’s birth coincided with the publication of my second book. For 20 of my 26 full-time years as a tenured university professor of French, I was a single mom with no family in the area. But I had lots of drive, well-established goals, and great mentors– I still become a published author and speaker both nationally and internationally. Recently, after 26 years of informally coaching undergraduate students, I realized that my real gift is to inspire others. I spent years getting certified as an energy healer and Law of Attraction life coach so that I could heal myself and serve others in a much larger way. I now participate in a Mastery Dojo to understand better how to synthesize movement into inspiring others as part of my coaching.

Despite my successes, I used to be that person who forgot that I had inner light and guidance. I was often seeking love and approval outside of myself. I have struggled through the deaths of several close family members, obesity, abuse, divorce, and disease. I pasted on a happy face for the world, then beat myself up daily for my past failures and lack of worth. At moments I was so down on myself that I was sure that I was somehow bad and deserved to be punished. My self-criticism blocked my inner light and caused me to be in constant emotional and physical pain. It got so bad at times that I could barely leave my house because I wanted to cry so much that I wasn’t sure that I could cope with going out into public without breaking down. Now if I want to cry, I realize that it sometimes serves as a necessary release of negative energy, and I allow myself first to feel and then release those emotions in private. Now when I feel my light growing dim, I know numerous processes and meditations to shift my focus immediately. They work every time.
If you are looking for inspiration and desire to release your own negativity, to feel good about yourself, and to attract what you want into your life, please contact me.

coaching website: http://guidinglightslifecoaching.coachesconsole.com

Julie Kleinhans

Julie Kleinhans is a certified Law of Attraction coach and a Youth Empowerment and Education Mentor who believes every child is intelligent and talented. She works with educators and parents to help youth become productive, confident and happy.

As the Founder of Mind Focus Generation, a community for parents, teachers, counselors and practitioners who want to empower youth and the Founder and Expert Host of Successful Kids Revolution, a global online event whose mission is “ensuring success for every child at home and in our schools,” Julie Kleinhans’ dedication to empowering youth is paramount in all that she does.

To learn more about Julie and how she can support you and the children in your life visit her at www.MindFocusGeneration.com to join her community and download her free guide – 5 Steps to Productive, Confident and Happy Kids!

Cyndie Knorr

Cyndie Knorr is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Besides being a Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, she is also a Professional Portrait Photographer. Her favorite subjects to photograph are families, kids, and business portraits of people who don’t like having their pictures taken and hate the way they look in photos.

Her background in photography naturally lends itself to her desire to help her Coaching clients see themselves in the ‘best light’, and FOCUS on what’s important in their lives!

As the “Goal Getter” Success Coach she helps people get unstuck, out of overwhelm, achieve the results they want, and finally discover true Happiness in their lives! She motivates those around her to live into their best selves, to grow, and stretch beyond the complacency of their comfort zones. This is where the magic happens!

She is down to earth, compassionate, and loves to have fun, plus at the same time has a straight forward, no-excuses approach which inspires people and brings out the high achiever in them.

Cyndie has the philosophy that Success is inevitable for anyone who chooses to put in the effort. With a positive mindset, inspired actions, patience, and unwavering determination, there are no limits to the human potential. There is no such thing as ‘Failure’; instead just consider it ‘Feedback’!

She has an unquenchable thirst for studying the concepts of Habits, Productivity, High Achievement, Success, Neuroscience and how our minds work, Motivation, Persuasion, Sales, Positive Psychology, and Confidence. She keeps up with the current thought leaders and shares these insights with her coaching clients and the students in her courses.

Cyndie is a Speaker, and also leads private workshops and retreats on her “Goal Getter”, and “Confidence” courses. These have recently been developed into on-line courses.

She is married, has three grown children, and lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Cyndie is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, both financially as well as physically helping out during the Women Build days! Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Their mission is to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

You can connect with Cyndie:

· via email at: Cyndie.Knorr@CynergyCoaching.life
· www.CynergyCoaching.life
· www.facebook.com/CynergyCoaching
· www.Original-Cyn-Photography.ca
· www.facebook.com/OriginalCynPhotography

Sabine Koehler
  • QSCA LOA Life Coach
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Expert in Weightloss

My purpose is helping women 40+, to release extra weight – once and for all. By implementing effective LOA processes, you can learn how to overcome obstacles and hurdles on your path towards your ideal dream shape and maintenance.

(It is not determined what kind of diet you choose. But it should be healthy and tasty for you so that you can keep it long term.)

“You will be surprised, when you discover that during your weight reduction, you can feel frisky, eager, joyful, fulfilled and excited.” By tapping into your own inner wisdom and power, you will learn how to trust and act within your own thoughts and emotions so that you can achieve your own dreams – visions and goals.
Give yourself this gift . “This could be a life changing, amazing journey for you!!

Master your DREAM SHAPE!

To schedule an apointment with her please click here.

Carrie Kommers

Spiritual Life Coach


What does being a Spiritual Life Coach mean to me? It means I work with you on areas of your life in which you want to find greater peace, joy, fulfillment and growth. But I do it through a lens of spirituality.

I assist you in diving deep into your INTERIOR world of feelings, intuition, and knowing, allowing your vibrant, light-filled highest self to provide you with the insights, ideas, and motivation to move you towards the changes and things you want in your life.

I view my coaching work as a sacred privilege. When clients choose to work with me they make a choice to lay themselves bare, air out every corner of their emotional interior, and be ruthlessly honest with their feelings and insights. I don’t take this trust lightly.

In my role as a spiritual life coach I am essentially a guide. You have the road map. I am just helping you to see it more clearly, decipher the mysterious symbols, and begin the journey toward your destination.

As a coach, my commitment to my clients is to ALWAYS provide compassion, neutrality, authenticity, full presence, and professionalism. Beyond those core tenets, I promise to use the full scope of my intuition, knowing, and higher guidance to take you deeply into conversation with yourself and unearth the answers you have been seeking.

My coaching practice is ideal for you if you:

  • Feel like you’re on the verge of making significant changes in your life, but you’re just not sure what they are or how to make them
  • Want to magnetize the things you want in life in order to draw them to you more quickly and easily
  • Long to change outdated or unserving patterns or beliefs
  • Want to be more aware of your feelings more often in order to live intentionally rather than on auto-pilot or in default mode
  • Simply want to feel happier and more content

Our goals in working together?

  • Loosen emotional knots that have been clenched tight for so long
  • Create new pathways of belief and thinking that allow you to finally side-step limiting beliefs and undermining narratives
  • Bring you into alignment with all you desire in order to bring it to you more quickly and easily
  • Bring you emotional relief, release, ease, fulfillment, joy and peace
  • Begin to create new realities

About me: I’m a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, mother, entrepreneur, writer with a BA in Creative Writing, lover of all things culinary with a secondary degree in culinary arts, devout journaler, and committed spiritual student. I live with my husband and young son in Long Beach, CA.

Some of my favorite things…Hemingway’s “A Moveable Feast” / the smell of piñon wood smoke / any dish featuring goat cheese/ George Winston (or Steeley Dan) / camping at Big Bear Lake / summer thunderstorms / Tony Bourdain / snuggling with my little one / Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies (I know, I know) / driving up the 1 Freeway / reading cookbooks in bed / anything related to France / the Winter Holidays

Please reach out to book your free 30 minute exploratory call. The door is open. I invite you to enter.


Carrie Kommers
website: https://carriekommers.com/
email: carrie@carriekommers.com

Jessica Kortuem

Power Up Life Coaching
Equine Assisted Coaching at Cotati Farm

Empowering you to create a life you love, a life that supports who you were created to be.

I am a Certified Life Coach, BIG DREAMER, action taker, and change catalyst. My passion is helping people gain the momentum to move forward in their lives. I love energizing and empowering others to take action. I want to help you come alive and live your true passion and purpose. I encourage you to step into your power. I’m excited to hear about your goals, dreams, and ambitions so we can create a road map to get you where you want to go. Dream bigger than before!

Website: www.poweruplifecoaching.com
Email: poweruplifecoaching@yahoo.com
Phone: (507) 514-3046

Grace Kostamo

Grace specializes mainly in Personal Growth focusses on Emotional Intelligence and Self-Empowerment, Consciousness and Mindfulness Living.

“My mission is to help empower women especially mothers, school teachers, and coaches, integrate emotional intelligence and mindfulness as part of their daily spring of life so that they can take inspired and practical actions in order to live a life of substance and be a person of value both in their personal and professional lives.” ~grace kostamo

Grace Kostamo, a mother of four teenagers (she homeschooled her children for four years when they were little, and one of them still in homeschool), and a wife to an amazing loving genius husband, Steve (18yrs together and counting). Her oldest son at 14 years old transitioned on March 11th, 2018 and is in heaven with God- he will always have a special place in their hearts and will always love him unconditionally for LOVE never dies.

Grace has a compassionate heart as a humanitarian. She has organized her own successful campaign to raise funds for the Grace Orphanage in Zimbabwe Africa on the year 2005. And on the year 2010-2011, she’s also raised funds with her whole family for the Monkey Jungle feeding program to support the terminal aids and cancer patients in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean. She’s raised these funding by donating her original paintings thru a live silent auction event. All the proceeds went to the non-profit organizations mentioned above.

She grew up and lived in Zambia of Africa for 12 years- and met her husband there and was working alongside with him as a humanitarian and mentor at Heart of Africa Mission. She’s lived in 5 different countries in the span of her life, namely, Philippines for 10 years, Zambia Africa, St. Kitts Island, Dominican Republic of the Caribbean, and Canada. She considered herself as a multi-local and a truth seeker. Her upbringing of international flavor from the Eastern mindfulness, and found love in the heart of Africa, and to integrate its lessons with the Western culture/psychology. She’s grateful for the blend wisdom gained!

Her education background in Psychology, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism Management, Peer Mentor at PG Pregnancy Crisis Center, a Grief advocate, Brand Ambassador, and as a Certified Lifestyle Coach graduated from Quantum Success Coaching Academy helps her client(s), especially women, on how to implement values: in how to lead their thoughts, heart and emotions; gain accountability, and to live a Life with Substance. She guides them using processes called the Essential Principles of Life- with guided strategies on creating an abundant lifestyle they truly desire in their personal life and professional life.

She is also writing her first book and creating courses for personal development. Her book is about her life’s journey based on true extraordinary life story growing up in a multi-cultural background and lifestyle.

Her favorite quote: “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be”. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Contact: Grace Kostamo @ 1-250-710-2360 Email:gracekostamo@gmail.com
Website: https://gracethroughjourney.com/

Natasa Koukounidou

Certified Law of Attraction Coach www.lifewithcolitis.com

Natasa’s vision is to help as many people who go through the tough symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s Syndrome and any other sickness. Her belief is that every illness occurs as a way that our body wants to say how it feels, however the mind doesnot allow the mouth to express itself. She was a chronic patient of Ulcerative Colitis, therefore she can fully understand how painful and inconvenient this illness can be. She is the author of the “Smart tips on how to avoid embarrassing situations with Ulcerative Colitis – The “must have” guide for ease and grace” (free copy at: www.lifewithcolis.com).

Today, being a successful Certified Life Coach, she acknowledges the value of Ulcerative Colitis in her life, since now she knows when she is really in alignment; our body never lies. Natasa strongly believes in the power of the following words: Security – Freedom – Solutions – Ease – Clarity – Fun – Satisfaction – Appreciation – Focus – Beliefs – Expansion – Readiness – Feelings – Evolution – Peace of mind – Fullfilment – Alignment and that all human beings are eager to experience these feelings. However, people who suffer from autoimmune illnesses, more than anyone else, have a huge desire to experience each one of these feelings, because they live their life from a perspective of limitation and lack.

Natasa has also a range of other clients, who want to reach their full potential in life, by helping them to get the answers from within them, so they will live a blessed and joyous life!

Join her for a 15 mins free consultation by contacting her at:




Inga Krastina

Inga Krastina, Grief Transformation Coach, works with women who have experienced powerful trauma and find themselves unable to move forward in their lives because of the overwhelming emptiness and anguish of grief.

She helps them turn their trauma into triumph, by finding the deeper meaning of their loss and recovering their hope and peace of mind. She does this by creating a safe space for her clients to find peace and to allow love in again, after which many express their surprise and gratitude for how gentle her process is.

Inga understands the power of a devastating loss. She lost her own 11 year old son, Edzus, to a brain tumor in 2005. After healing her own grief, she realized how many others struggle to find joy and peace again, and has since made it her mission help them experience life, love, joy and peace again, even after the worst of circumstances.

Inga lives in a small village near Nottingham in the UK with her beloved partner, Tony, and also teaches Kundalini yoga.

Get in touch by phone: +44(0)7950816842 or +44(0)1949 21115
Or email: info@traumatotransformation.com

Angie Krenz

Angie Krenz is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and entrepreneur. She is the creator and founder of Angie Krenz Coaching, a company dedicated to providing women with the tools, resources, and support they need to live in emotional, spiritual and financial abundance.

Angie’s work empowers women to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be through clarity, insight, and a toolbox of resources to intentionally create their desired lifestyle and achieve the highest levels of success.

Angie loves change, progress, and learning what she and others are capable of creating. Her career has included expanding young minds as an educator, creating a more relaxed world as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, reshaping women’s bodies, minds, and self-image while co-owning and operating four internationally known women’s fitness and weight management centers, creating user friendly spaces while updating and beautifying current spaces as a commercial property owner, facilities manager and special projects coordinator, creating connection opportunities which nurture and expand business and personal growth, and enjoying the opportunities afforded through Network Marketing. In every role, she enjoys being a leader on the risk-taking edge of creation. The opportunity to help others find the answers within to create the life of their dreams without is truly a joy-filled privilege and passion.

To share a powerful conversation with Angie, contact her at angie@angiekrenz.com. Check out her clients’ kind words by visiting www.angiekrenz.com.

Marie Claire Kubwimana

Marie Claire is a very compassionate and sensible coach. She guides women all over the world to awaken, connect, and own their power, so they live their best life. Marie believes that true abundance

comes from within and that we all deserve and should live our desired life. Marie’s proven systems and

strategies helps women step into their truth so they create permanent trust in themselves which is

essential in living a free and abundant life.

I help women step into their truth around five core areas of focus:

  1. Seeing the mirror of themselves
  2. Helping them to uncover the limiting believes that are standing in their way
  3. Manifest their desires by helping them feel their way into them
  4. Create their new reality
  5. Helping them step into and living their truth

Contact me to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session at

Robyn Ladinsky

I help with general happiness, parenting and kids.


Melinda Langford

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were to live as your most confident, abundant and empowered self?

Melinda helps you reconnect to your true essence and lead you to become a more conscious, purpose driven being! Gaining Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Empowerment.

Melinda is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, a Registered Ashati Teacher with the Ashati Institute and a member of the Energy Therapies Association. Melinda has a degree in counselling and has extensive experience in energy work, rebirthing and is an author of “How to Transcend your Inner Shadow – The pathway to greater expansion”.

Melinda’s purpose is to inspire & support those who are seeking resolution to heal themselves of old stories, emotional wounds, old patterning, soul wounding and more, support them to come back into balance and step into their divine calling with as much ease and grace as possible.

To find out more about how Melinda can help you visit http://www.harmonyandflowwithin.com, you can connect with Melinda directly at melinda@harmonyandflow.com.au

Website: http://www.harmonyandflowwithin.com
Email: melinda@harmonyandflow.com.au

Leslie Langnau

Specialty: Personal empowerment, money, motivation

As a metaphysics teacher and continuing student of quantum physics, I study the various ways one can apply metaphysical and quantum principles to your day-to-day life. In addition, I’m an advanced practitioner of a style of bodywork known as Ortho-Bionomy, a Reiki Master, and a graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. My practice has involved research and study into habitual patterns—patterns of thinking, patterns of moving, patterns of being that stand between us and our desires. These patterns must be collapsed if we are to create the life of our dreams.

Through my private coaching sessions, you will uncover and release the negative subconscious beliefs that hold you in repetitive, disappointing, and unfulfilling patterns so that you can achieve the successes you desire in any area of your life—relationships, career, abundance, health, spiritual, and emotional. Through life coaching, you will realize your personal empowerment and achieve the abundance you seek in all areas of your desire.


Sarah Langston

Sarah specializes in supporting you, the client, while you achieve your goals and make your dreams possible as an integral part of your life.

Sarah Langston, B.A., LOACC, is a certified law of attraction life coach, a graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and holds a BA in Business
Management and Applied Behavioral Science. She was attuned as a Usui Reiki Master in 1997 and a Karuna® Reiki Master in 2012. Sarah’s recently authored a book of Dynamic Power Quotes that will be published in 2013.

Are you a future client of Sarah’s that wants to understand how you can learn and apply the Law of Attraction’s tools and processes as an integral part of your life?

Are you a future client with some knowledge of the Law of Attraction and interested in creating positive changes in your life, or learning how to manage the changes life brings you?

Are you a future client who is hurting from your experiences and want to shed that pain?

Are you stuck in old habits or in a relationship or a career path and cannot figure out how to get out.

Sarah works with her current and future clients to define, improve, and help them manifest their life’s desires and goals as an integral part of their life.

Sarah’s work was acknowledged in Chicken Soup for the Soul
at Work
 written by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Maida Rogerson, and Martin Rutte.

Sarah currently lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Meet her at www.sarahlangston.comTraditional and Limited F^r^e^e Sessions are available.

Specialty: Life Coaching for: Professionals, Coaches, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers, Adults and you.

Click here to contact Sarah

Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer Lambert, is a trainer and Educator. She has over 20 years experience teaching and training in business, Language & Communication, Customer Service and Personal Development. She is also an experienced administrator/manager and more recently motivational speaker and life coach.

She has worked in the areas of banking, tourism, education, and social work. Her passion is to use Law of Attraction to help those who desire, to achieve holistic health and wellness.

Having experienced illnesses herself and witnessed many maladies among family and friends, this has stirred her passion in this area. Although not a medical doctor, most people who are familiar with her, call her Doc or Doctor Lambert because of her passion as she usually has a suggestion on how to be in the best of health.

Free conference call number is (319) 527-2833. Access code 498546

Click here to contact Jennifer

Leticia Lara

If YOU are looking for someone who can assist you in making REAL SHIFTS in your thinking and are ready to work with a Life Coach who can provide you with step-by-step guidance to assist you to break free from old ways of thinking (that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good) then please take a few minutes to learn about what I am offering YOU as a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Intuitive Healer!

By using the Law of Attraction principles, processes, and exercises, we will begin by focusing your energy on whatever area of your life where you would like to experience change or improvement… this could be a love or family relationship, your relationship with money, career, or your relationship of self-acceptance, and self-LOVE!

No matter what area you are looking to focus on, together, we will journey inward, and discovery the universal laws and processes that will help you shift your energy. Once you become aware of these laws, and have a better understanding of how they work, we will create a customized program that is uniquely created to help you reach your goals of becoming the BEST version for YOU!

Life Coaching is my passion, my life, and my JOY…

My goal is to serve in a manner that will revolutionize your way of thinking and will allow you to create an easy pathway toward having anything your Heart desires…

Leticia Lara
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
Intuitive Healer and Meditation Teacher

Hablo español

Lean Gaik LaRowe

An empowerment and success coach who gives concerned parents and teachers the tools to help their children overcome issues such as academic struggles, self-confidence, behavioural and relationship troubles, bullying so that they can achieve success and well-being in all areas of their lives.

Contact: lean.larowe@hotmail.com
Skype name: leanlarowe
Residence: Singapore and USA

Charlotte Lascelles

Spiritual Life Coach

Empowering individuals undergoing major life changes to understand the greater spiritual significance and purpose for their lives. A former investment banker turned yoga teacher, psychologist and spiritual life coach, Charlotte’s own journey of change and transformation brought her deep into the heart of the spiritual transformation process, and awakened in her an inner understanding of the deeper changes taking place on the planet today. Charlotte has clinically trained as a psychotherapist, and is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Shamanic Guide, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She helps men and women across the globe to step into the deeper spiritual purpose for their lives.

For more details please email info@nemalondon.com

Alexxa Latta

Specialty: women’s coach for self love, self acceptance, and awakening sensuality 

I’m a transformational coach, healer, self love coach, and meditation guide.  I help women bring passion, pleasure and joy into their lives, and grow to love and accept themselves fully.  

I’ve spent the past 10 years studying self help, theta healing, the law of attraction, women’s sexuality, and energy healing, with a mission to find freedom, happiness and self love.  

I can say with confidence that I have embodied my mission. I’ve found brilliant tools to help myself and my clients dive deep within themselves to find true self love and acceptance, and bring more joy, bliss and sensuality into their lives.

I am eager and excited to help you have the best relationship with yourself! I can’t wait to meet you! 

Website: lovingintoalignment.com                
Instagram: @lovingintoalignment

Rosemary Leach

I am a certified QSCA LOA Life Coach, I do Inspirational and LOA Life coaching. I guide people to live a joyful and happy life, by living life on purpose, through discovering and creating their most secret wishes, and believing in themselves.

Have you ever felt you on a treadmill going nowhere? Wondering why? Or going through or contemplating big life changes? Are you living your life on purpose? Or have you meandered off the path and are feeling somewhat dissatisfied or disillusioned with life?

One of my passions is showing people how limiting beliefs can affect our lives and those seeds were planted and grew when we were children, and are still operating in or lives today as adults. I walk beside you giving you tools insights and awareness to uncover & create your secret wishes.

I have had challenges in my life, having gone through divorce several years ago, not believing in who I was, feeling unworthy, being stuck in a job and a mortgage that felt like a noose round my neck and straggling the life out of me..

I faced challenges as started on my new career in coaching and to live life with joy and happiness. These challenges were from friends and family – when are you going to get a job? Have you got a job yet? Does this sound familiar to you, and how do you feel when you hear those questions?

For me, I would have a sinking feeling in my stomach. I would feel disappointed with my friends. I spoke at seminars and spoke to people at Healthy Living Expos and attracted people to me that really needed to hear that what they were doing was okay, they were on the right path. The most special thing was the people left me believing in themselves feeling inspired, fill of hope, and encouraged to go for their secret wishes.

As Inspirational and LOA Life Coach, along with many tools and process I use, with mediation being one of them, I have found many clients have had amazing insights and answers, and aha moments from doing mediation.

I am passionate in helping people discover what I stopping them reaching their goals. One area I work with is limiting beliefs, the seeds of these beliefs were sown and sprouted when we were children and are still working and affecting our lives today as adults.

For example, I had one client who thought she wanted to leave her corporate mining job and build her part-time fitness training business into a full time business. She discovered her passion was health and safety in the Industry she was in. She moved into a supervisory role to achieve this, and discovered that with the company she was with, she would never achieve her goal. While taking the action steps look for another job with her passion and goal in mind. She was approached by a mult-million dollar company in Civil Engineering and Quarrying, and she is now their Chief Operating Officer overseeing all their management systems including setting up and overseeing their Health and Safety system.

Through working with her, we uncovered limiting beliefs that she had since childhood, and once they were unmasked, she then had the courage to start looking for a new job, and in the process, she was approached by the company she is now with. Her words when asked how is the job going, I love it , I feel I have grown up, I feel alive again.

In my coaching practice I guide people to live a joyful and happy life, by living their life on purpose, through discovering and creating their secret wishes, and believing in themselves.

Who do you know, who is on a treadmill going nowhere? Or they don’t believe in themselves?

I do face to face sessions, however a lot of my work is done over the phone or skype, allowing me to work national wide and internationally.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute strategy session over the phone or skype, to discover what is holding you back in your life.

For further information contact Rosemary at email, rosemary@truepurpose.co.nz or phone 07 577 9672, mob. 027 616 9519, website www.truepurpose.co.nz

Victoria LeDuc

Victoria LeDuc

Personal Transformation Coaching

Hours vary: Click on your desired link for availability at www.tigerseyehealing.com

Bio: Victoria is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law Of Attraction Coach specializing in Personal Transformation. She is also a Certified Reiki Master, Meditation Guide, and Nutritionist.

She incorporates her healing knowledge and energy work to help her clients find their strength, energy, and healing abilities. She works with clients directly to help them release unwanted energy and align with their full potential. She encourages everyone who works with her to take a positive stance in reclaiming the life they desire.

Victoria is a member of the Natural Healer Society and is a certified Usui Reiki Master. Victoria is also a certified Meditation Guide and Chakra Healer through the Natural Healer Society.

Through Shaw Academy, she became a certified Nutritionist. In her extra time, she writes fiction books under the name Lynn Thompson Books and makes all-natural body butter that is available for local pick-up.

Ellen Lee

Helping You Be Clear & Cleared!

Ellen is “The Singing Psychic,” a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Energy Healing Facilitator, Artist, Author, Performer, and Improv Comedian. She combines her talents, knowledge, and abilities to help you be cleared of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual problems and get clear on how to live more joyful lives. Her style is fun, fast, and enlightening.

Ellen’s love of learning is shown through her academic and non-academic endeavors. She graduated with honors with both a Master of Science in Human Resource Management & a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. She also has a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution from SMU and is trained in mediation (and meditation!). Along with her formal education, Ellen has also received training in numerous energy, healing, and spiritual modalities.

Ellen uses her intuition and guidance to provide insightful coaching, intuitive readings and customized healings with modalities such as chakra healing, allergy clearing, reiki, releasing trapped emotions, and Access Consciousness® as a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator. Ellen blends humor, theory, and practical solutions to help you create a fun and fulfilled life!


Konnie Lee

I coach people to create more lightness, spaciousness and freedom in their thoughts and their lives through the use of imagination, inspiration and practical thinking that works.

What is it that you really want? More money? More love? Less stress or worry? You can totally have all that, if we set the right foundation in order for you to rock it!

Go to www.easeandpeace.com for more information, or email me at konnie@easeandpeace.com


Sandi Lee

Success Acceleration Coach

Are you an Entrepreneur or Business owner with a passion to make a difference in the world?

  • If you have a passion and want to bring yourself out to the world in a bigger way…
  • If you feel like you’re making some progress but feel that you’re capable of so much more…
  • If you feel like you’re doing everything that you’ve been taught to do but you are still struggling or feeling disappointed with your results…

I can help you to create that breakthrough you are longing for.

Imagine living life…

  • Feeling focused, excited and looking forward to every day
  • Bringing in the exact people, situations and resources to perfectly advance and support you
  • Free from the pain that comes from feeling stuck, frustrated and disappointed.
  • And unencumbered by limiting beliefs

Imagine achieving your heart’s desires and living the brilliant future that is waiting for you.

Contact me and see if you qualify for a complementary Success Acceleration Strategy session.

In this session we’ll explore several things:

  • What’s going on in your business
  • Where you’d like to go
  • The obstacles that are getting in your way (and here’s the thing, most of them are probably internal)
  • And then I’ll help you plot a course forward

If you feel you are ready to open your mind, begin to shift your thinking and fully engage in fun and gentle processes that will instantly begin to alter the world you live in then let’s get to work!

Sandi is a certified Law of Attraction Coach (QSCA), an NLP Practitioner, an EFT Practitioner, a certified Creative Planner, a graduate of Awakening Your Light Body and graduate of Context Leadership training. She has also worked extensively with Strategic Attraction Planning and Byron Katie’s Inquiry process.

Connect with Sandi
Email: sandilee@loamastery.com 
Website: www.loamastery.com
Phone: 1.403.580.869

Tara Ann Lee

Niche: I’m a relationship coach that helps people grow and uncover the love and wisdom within, through relationship. I specialize in transforming issues regarding love, intimacy, sexuality and marriage into opportunities for living with greater freedom and joy.

Biography: Since 1999, Tara has been working as a Somatic &Transpersonal psychotherapist, certified yoga teacher and bodyworker in Asia. Tara has a M.A. in Psychology, and is a graduate of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (Hakomi Somatics) that specializes in treating trauma with Body-centered Psychotherapy. Having studied Buddhism and undergone month-long silent meditation retreats, Tara integrates her Western psychology training with Eastern schools of wisdom. She is the author of 2 Chinese books: Reclaiming the Divine Feminine for Sex and Spirit Integration, and Spiritual Love Relationship. Tara is currently in her certification process to become a QSCA coach.


Melanie Lepage

Coaching services offered in English and in French
Services offerts en français et en anglais

A little bit about me: When I moved from Montreal (Canada) to Sheffield (England), life offered me an opportunity for a new career. At first, I didn’t know what to do or how to make the most of the situation. Having had a natural interest in personal growth all my life, and having read and studied many books to help me move forward, I suddenly and easily found a new road, one that was perfect for me… am now a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction life coach, EFT and NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

A little bit about you: Do you procrastinate? Do you feel stuck and lost? Do you feel that you lack motivation and passion? Do you lack confidence and don’t know how to find your place in the world? Or do you just need someone to help you make sense of things? If that sounds like you and you are ready to take the next step towards a better life – one easy step at a time, contact me! You’ll be surprised how far you will go! What are you waiting for?

I am using skype to work with people worldwide, from the comfort of their own home.

Please email me for more information or to schedule a free 30 minute introductory (no commitment attached) session.
Email: mel@withmelshelp.com
Website: http://withmelshelp.com/

Karen Goberdhan

My name is Karen Goberdhan- Lekwa and I am a Law of Attraction Coach certified by Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I am the holder of a Diploma certification by SPEAKup for coaches in the United Kingdom. I am also certified by Mind Valley’s “M Word” Meditation Program.

I grew up in a very critical environment where I had to learn to love myself, make me matter, boost my own confidence and be my own cheerleader while going through the hormonal changes of a teenager. During those years I was strong and unshakable; It never mattered what anyone thought of me but it all fell apart in my 30’s and the failure that I thought I had become shook me to my core and almost broke me.

My journey led me to understand why my parents did the things they did and in an instant all the pain and my insecurities evaporated as if by magic .I found me, the enlightened me, the me that is no longer afraid to stand in my light and speak my truth, the me that strives to be better and live better than the previous day. Will you allow me to guide you on your journey? through the darkness and the uncertainty to where you are in alignment with your true life’s purpose? When adults parent from a place of hurt thus not understanding their own power, most often the output is damaged children. Thereby, creating another generation of misunderstood, unhappy people. Let us learn to break this cycle by understanding our inner strength and reclaiming it.

So, as a result of my coaching my clients will experience new ways to reclaim their power, a shift in their perception of fear and the ability to show up as a better, stronger, more resilient individual. My soul’s purpose is to assist my clients to reclaim their power, that power that is unique to each one of us.

The skills and tools that you will learn will be life changing, power enhancing and they are yours for life. So, let us journey on together where we all create lives by our own design and transform our mindset. Just like a phoenix had to leave everything behind and transcend its world to find its true purpose allow me to assist you in becoming your own phoenix and transform your life.

Phoenix Life Coaching

Email: phoenixcoach27@gmail.com

Karen Lemke

Karen Lemke is a popular and respected coach, consultant, speaker and author with specialties in leadership, mental fitness and quantum success. Additionally, her focus includes strategic cultural growth for individuals and organizations. She is co-author of the book, “101 Ways to Enrich Your Life,” which is published internationally. She is the creator of “STARS” programs and the “Show How You Shine” journal. And she speaks on a wide range of leadership topics.

Karen is President of Lemke Leadership, Inc., and a frequent coach/instructor/leader at the Center for Exceptional Leadership, at St. Norbert College. She has also served as Chairman of two Executive Agenda (EA) professional peer groups in Northeast Wisconsin. She brings over 30 years of executive-level experience in Human Resources leadership for manufacturing and service organizations, with additional expertise in Organizational Development and Marketing.

Although she can be a tough-minded business executive at the C-Suite level, she also recognizes that culture and relationships rule, in all aspects of life.

Karen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Certificate in HR Management. She is a Certified Coach by the QSCA, and she is licensed to provide Positive Intelligence instruction/coaching. Additionally, she is certified in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and multiple assessment types (including Hogan, DISC, Hogan 360 and CEL 360). Sheintegrates professional coaching practices with her custom-crafted programs and tools.

Karen lives with her husband, Bob, in Appleton, Wisconsin. She is the mother of two adult daughters, the step-mother of three daughters, and the step-grandmother of seven grandchildren. She enjoys life-long learning, connecting with family and friends, shopping, fishing and motorcycle riding.

Karen K. Lemke

Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD

Hi, I am Dr. Stephen Lesavich. I am a solution-focused coach who has built a reputation for getting my coaching clients to manifest the changes they desire in their lives both personally and professionally. I also assist my coaching clients to survive unwanted changes they may encounter in their lives, such as a breakup, divorce, death, loss of a job, a new living situation, etc.
During our coaching sessions, I provide you with a framework and techniques for embracing transitions, transformations and personal growth to create a life you truly desire.

I have received certifications as a Law of Attraction Coach from Christy Whitman, a Master Intuitive Coach® from Collette Baron-Reid, and a Six Sensory Teacher, from Sonia Choquette.

My ideal client is a person who understands the importance of investing in themselves with their time and financial resources to support their own personal growth, has the motivation to make changes in their own behavior to overcome their own limiting beliefs, is willing to embrace the coaching process, is willing to be accountable for completing exercises between coaching sessions, and has a strong desire to become personally empowered so they can rely on themselves and their own decisions at the end of the coaching process.

If you desire to intentionally initiate change in your life, I can help you evaluate the risk versus reward of choices available to you, help you create a long-term vision for your desired changes, help you create a short-term strategy for manifesting the changes you desire and provide you with support and accountability so you can create the life of your dreams.

If you are experiencing unwanted change, I can help you gain clarity about your own situation, acknowledge and understand your circumstances, and help you manifest a new reality with confidence and enthusiasm for yourself in which you thrive.

In the business world, I can assist you with setting reasonable career goals and help you achieve these career goals by suggesting opportunities for you to grow and provide support to keep you on track. If you are an entrepreneur, I can help you with understanding your marketplace and creating a unique niche for your business. I have personally worked in the corporate world and continue to work with CEOs and other executives of Fortune 100 companies, so I understand what is required to excel in a corporate environment.

I received a Ph.D. in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and a J.D. degree (law) from the University of Wisconsin Law School. In addition to coaching, I am currently an attorney in private practice who practices intellectual property law and business law. I am an entrepreneur starting my own law firm in 2002 and another successful business in 2007. I have also worked professionally as a software engineer and as an adjunct professor at several different universities. I am the co-author of the award-winning and best-selling business self-help book, “The Plastic Effect: How Urban Legends Influence the Use and Misuse of Credit Cards.”

If you are ready for a new life, your breakthrough awaits. Let’s get started!

Contact me:

Web: https://www.coachsl.life

Nilaja Lewis

Personal Growth Strategist

“Every positive change in your life begins with a clear unequivocal decision that you are either going to do something or stop doing something” -Unknown

Nilaja Lewis is fiercely committed to guiding you to achieve clarity from being stuck and overwhelmed in your relationship and/or frustrated in other areas of your life so you can attract anyone or anything in your life using Law of Attraction.

If you are looking for someone who can guide you to address underachieved goals, unhealthy relationships and attain harmony/balance in home/work life, then you have come to the right place. With 15+ yrs. of experience working with amazing clients with similar concerns and guiding them to achieve success, Nilaja’s mission and commitment is to help you gain clarity to be crystal clear to achieve your goals, have healthy relationships, and have harmony in your life. Nilaja will also help you identify your strength and take a look at any obstacles or roadblocks that may get in the way of you attaining lasting success.

Lucero’s Eyes Coaching

Jingjing Li

Jingjing’s speciality is to teach the mechanism and raw truths of HOW desire and dreams are manifested, so that you can live your dreams with ease and fun! Her approach is one of empowerment, passion and joy, one that helps you get the result while enjoying the actions and process.

Bio: Jingjing is a Dreams-Come-True Success coach, having fulfilled all her big dreams, including an ideal body!, she went on the journey to understand the mechanism of dreams-come-true, and the raw truths about Life, Creation and Spirituality. Now she helps people all over the world live their dreams with EASE and FUN like she does by working with universal laws, raw spirituality and the mechanism of dreams-come-true. Jingjing’s mission is to lead the world into A New Era of Joyful Creation, A New Era of Effortless Dreams Come True. For more about Jingjing and her programs, please visit: http://jingjinglive.com

Mel Lindo

Self-Empowerment and Abundance & Prosperity Coach

As a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Melissa guides her clients to use their intuition, thoughts and feelings to take inspired action to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals. Since she could remember, Melissa has always been curious about the human condition and developed a passion for helping ordinary people lead extraordinary lives. She went from being a shy child, to a teenager unsure of herself, to a confident woman who knows how to get whatever she desires and she wants to teach others to do the same.

How would it feel to be really listened to, not talked at?

How would it feel to have someone be your best cheerleader? To have someone see your unlimited potential, not point out your faults?

How would it feel to be guided to new ways of thinking based on what works for you – not to be given advice based on someone else’s perspective?

By using the knowledge obtained from a degree in Psychology, Law of Attraction processes and powerful lines of questioning, Melissa can help you remove those blockages that are preventing you from leading your best life. Learn to step into your power, build on your strengths and celebrate your uniqueness!

To connect with Melissa, email her at melissalindoloacoach@gmail.com

Nancy Lockhart

Nancy is the founder of Lockhart Marketing, a #1 International bestselling author and Executive Advisor for the University of California at Santa Barbara Customer Experience program. She leverages her expertise creating iconic brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Target, Kaiser Permanente, and Medtronic with her QSCA Certified Law of Attraction life coaching to help successful woman business owners to rebrand their businesses and themselves in order to become more profitable, successful and full of purpose.

Specialty: Woman Business owners looking to “rebrand” themselves and their businesses

Phone 818-324-2168

Sandra Longmore

Sandra Longmore, is a Certified Life Coach, Law of Attraction Trainer, Vision Board Facilitator, Author, Speaker, and Artist. She is a weekly radio host on the Creating Calm Network. Sandra lives, laughs, and loves “outside the box” As a skillful coach and creative thinker; Sandra brings enthusiasm, energy, and transformation to her clients, audience, and readers inspiring them to live their best life.

Click here to contact Sandra or visit www.SandraLongmore.com to get your FREE discovery session.

Tania Lopez-Cepero

Hi! My name is Tania Lopez-Cepero. I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I have been living in the United States for over 18 years. I have been working with children and families for over 14 years, including 7 years as a counselor. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. I love combining EFT to help release emotional and/or “stuck” energies while also using Law of Attraction processes to help people move forward in achieving their goals.

My areas of specialty are: Health and wellness, stress management, work/life balance and empowerment. I use the Law of Attraction principles to help people achieve their dreams and desires so that they can live their life within their truth and purpose. I believe that we’re meant to live and expand through joy and fun!

If you are interested in a free 30 minute coaching session, I can be reached through email at: tanialoalifecoach@gmail.com

April Louis

Helping people create lives that they love, in the second half of their lives.

April started her studies of Metaphysics about 20 years ago, at Agape Center of Truth, although she has been fascinated with it as a young child.
She has continued her studies of self-improvement at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists, Advanced Neuro Dynamics, and the Miracle Center of California. She has done extensive training for EFT with Gary Craig.

April is enjoying life in Southern California with her husband, Gary, and their very spoiled kitties.

Click here to contact April

Juanita J. Love

I am Juanita Joy, a Holistic Life Coach. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and I worked in the field of early childhood education for almost 30 years. Most of those years involved teaching young children, later teaching teachers, and finally administering/monitoring early childhood programs.

My own love of learning, inner disquiet, and desire to gain knowledge of my life purpose lead me to a study of many branches of spirituality, eastern and western mysteries, energy healing methods, and the like. This search for understanding has led me down some interesting paths and blind alleys, but I have gained much wisdom through living life, studying the Masters, and the mysteries.

For example, I have learned that all we do; whether it is in search of a more fulfilling career, financial abundance, better relationships, greater health, really whatever we desire, is because we believe that acquisition of these things will make us happy.

My life purpose is to assist people on their path to happiness through a focus on holistic health and wellness. My ideal clients are, like me, on a spiritual quest to discover who “I Am” and to live life in its fullness.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach I provide one-on-one and group coaching, both online and offline. My work also incorporates a focus on 7 Life Management Strategies which are correlated to the 7 primary Chakras; vibrational healing, both local and distant through Reiki; and other aspects of energetic healing of the mind, body, soul, and Spirit to include essential oil awareness and usage, and aromatherapy.

Come take the journey with me.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Coaching Session. To learn more or to sign up for individual or group coaching, please visit my website. Click on the Member’s Area Tab and follow the instructions provided there.

To contact Juanita Joy:
Email: info@messagesfromjoy.com
Website: www.messagesfromjoy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Messages-from-Joy

Lola! Love

Expertise: The Entertainment Industry.

I also work with clients from all walks of life who desire focus, direction and support.

LHB Consulting & Coaching


“Anything is Possible”
“Loving and Living Life beyond your highest expectations!”

Lola! Love

Click here to contact Love

Petra Lüdecke

Intuitive, Transformational & Motivational Life Coach

Certified Quantum Success Law Of Attraction Coach since December 2017

Burn-out Coach

HSP (High Sensitive Persons) Coach

Hi! I am Petra Lüdecke and I believe strongly in the good, the love & compassion that it is within all people!
I want to help you achieve balance in your life again, help you to find the purpose of your life, achieve your dreams & goals so you can lead a better, more fulfilled & abundant life. YESS!!! YOU CAN ☺

I have been working in administration jobs for 25 years, the last years unfulfilling & very demanding. So I burned-out! Which was the best thing that could have happened to me, really, because through that miserable time I was able to find out about my real destiny, the purpose in my life ☺.
And that is to help other people, motivate them, to find the purpose, love & joy in their lives again ☺.
For THAT fills my heart with so much love, joy & gratefulness!!!

I can coach you in Flemish (my native language for my people in Belgium ☺), German or English.

You can schedule a free try-out QSCA coaching session with me on: http://preciousangelssolutions.setster.comor you can contact me on my website: https://preciousangelssolutions.com
or check-out my facebook-page:
Love, peace, joy & light
Petra ♥

Maggie Lukowski

Create An Abundant Lifestyle In The Areas of Money and Relationships

How can I help you?

A Manifestation Coach and Creating Money Coach, certified by the QSCA, specializing in attracting fulfilling Relationships and Abundance, yes Money! It goes even deeper. It’s the essence of how you want to feel being abundant, what you can create, doing what you love and the joy it brings to you, how you can help and give back to the people and causes you love. For me it’s freedom and knowing I can always create something new no matter what’s happening in the world. What is it for you? My approach is blending the invisible/spiritual with the visible/physical. This builds a strong foundation that works every time as you do your work.

I have been down many roads but the one constant for me was learning the internal and external formulas and processes to attract money and fulfilling relationships while experiencing the feeling of joy and freedom. I want this for you! Manifesting is something I’ve always loved and my passion is assisting clients create the relationships and money they desire. Once you learn how to attract what you want in one area of your life, you can create in all areas. Attracting an abundant lifestyle in around our money and relationships is not mutually exclusive; we can have both. Don’t wait for someday, your someday is now!

I draw from my wisdom and experience of having had many diverse careers and attracting the love of my life. From Dog Walker, Beekeeper, Legal Assistant to Corporate Engineer for a Fortune 500 company, creating my own businesses, Six Sensory Practitioner, Numerologist, Energy Therapist (Usui Reiki Master Teacher), Law of Attraction Coach and Creating Money Coach, certified by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

I believe there is no limit to what you can accomplish once you take that first step no matter where you are or have been in your life. Your coaching is customized for your specific goals and with your participation and commitment, you achieve extraordinary results.

We will always come up with challenges along our journey that can discourage us and that’s where many people stop and go back to doing the same things. Don’t stop right before the miracle occurs! Challenges come up right before we take that next step, and recommit to our vision. We are standing at our growth edge. And that’s where I can help and support you with amazing processes and techniques. I have worked with clients who set their sights on their vision, and have achieved their desires and much more! Once you start down the path of visioning and creating, many roads and opportunities become available to you. Your some day is today!

It’s my pleasure to assist you in creating what you desire.

Maggie Lukowski
QSCA Certified Life Coach /Certified Money Coach

Pamela Lynch

Empowerment & Accountability Coach

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, I empower women over 45, just like you, to nurture yourself after spending a lifetime nurturing others. With divine inspiration, I help guide you into your heart so you can live a more purposeful, expansive lives, and say yes to being more than you thought possible. Everything is possible, and the energy you give to the words you think, speak, and write impact the results you achieve. With mindset and accountability coaching you will also inspired to write your life goals, focus on your current goals and be held accountable to achieve them. You will learn to attract all that you desire from your inner world into your outer world.

Are you ready to take the first step to your life? Contact me at pamelaleelynch@gmail.com

Celebrate this extraordinary day and your unique place in it.


Marilyn G. Maceri

Law of Attraction and Personal Transformation Life Coach
Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
Motivational Speaker/Teacher
Intuitive Angel Card Reader
Spiritual Counselor

I have a passion for helping those who are going through major life changes and who are feeling lost, uncertain or unfulfilled. By uncovering your Passion, Power and Purpose I will help you create a more joyous, abundant and clear new life path through Personal Transformation Life Coaching.

I have been the owner of Lifeforce Enterprises in Warren, MI since 2003, Assisting Humanity’s Ascension through Energy Vibration Transformation. Simply, it’s “The aligning of your energy to resonate as one with Divine Source, the Energy of All that Is, in order for you to create the life that you desire through conscious awareness.”

For my complete Bio and for more information go to: http://www.lifeforceenterprises.com/why-lifeforce/

Wendy MacKay

Specialty: Life After Divorce & Helping Children Heal After Divorce

After accepting the blame of her parents’ divorce which created years of difficulties in relationships and 10 years of a struggle in a poor marriage Wendy chose the niche of empowering single parents and the children of divorce. Years of self-development courses, combined with life experiences and work in mental health, business development, counseling and coaching allow Wendy to follow her passion helping others who may be experiencing relationship problems that affect their mental, spiritual and physical health.

Discover your inner power and help develop the self confidence for your children to live life happier, healthier and with deliberate choice.

Christine A. R. MacNulty, FRSA

CEO Applied Futures, Inc.

Christine MacNulty is an executive consultant and coach, specializing in strategy and change. She empowers leaders, enabling them and their organizations to thrive on change. To win in this new environment leaders and organizations must be able to do more than cope with change. Successful people embrace change. Successful people use change. MacNulty’s successful and visionary coaching provides leaders with the skills to move toward the opportunities that change can bring.

She has forty years’ experience as a consultant and coach in long-term strategic planning for concepts as well as organizations, technology forecasting, technology assessment and related areas, as well as socio-cultural change. For the last twenty years, most of her consultancy has been conducted for the Department of Defense, working with leaders at many levels. She has worked with NATO ACT and NATO NEC, and the British Army’s Force Development & Training Command, and the German BBK. She has provided consultancy services for various Fortune Global 500 companies in the US, the UK and Western and Eastern Europe for client applications, including strategy, marketing, advertising, personnel and human resources, education and training.

During the last thirty-five years Christine MacNulty has contributed methods and models for understanding social and cultural change. She developed the European version of SRI International’s Values & Lifestyles Program, and worked with the International Research Institute on Social Change to develop their social models for use by industry. She has applied her knowledge of people and their values and beliefs to strategic planning, marketing planning, advertising, vision development, organizational change, R&D planning, new concepts, technology assessment and business development. Recently she has combined her knowledge of people and technology to develop a demand-led approach to developing strategies for the Internet of Things.

She saw a need for improved leadership skills, including strategic planning, strategic thinking and effective communications – and is now coaching executives in these areas.

She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in 1988 for her contribution to British industry. She is a popular speaker at conferences. She is the coauthor of two books: Industrial Applications of Technology Forecasting, Wiley, 1971 and Strategy with Passion – A Leader’s Guide to Exploiting the Future, to be published in July 2015. Her monograph “Truth, Perception & Consequences” was published by the Army War College, September 2007, and “Transformation: From the Outside In or the Inside Out” was also published by the Army War College in September 2008. Her paper, Perceptions, Values & Motivations in Cyberspace appeared in the IO Journal, 3rd Quarter, 2009, and The Value of Values for IO, SC & Intel was published in the August 2010 edition of the IO Journal.. She has recently been featured on the Heartbeat of America television program as the owner of an innovative small business. She was the developer and co-host of the radio program “Strategy with Passion” that aired on VoiceAmerica.com Business Channel from May-December 2009.

Email: Christine.macnulty@applied-futures.com
Website: http://applied-futures.com/wp/

Michelle Magid

I support and guide Women of all ages in using the Law of
Attraction, so they can take action in their lives to achieve
their entrepreneurial or creative dreams, visions and goals.

Click here to contact Michelle

Michaell Magrutsche

Keys to Peace – Understanding, Law of Attraction (LOA) & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Over the past 25 years of coaching, teaching and being an artist, I have found that most problems and “feeling unfulfilled” are caused by the lack of understanding, unawareness of the Law of Attraction and/or misinterpreting of one’s emotions. In our evolution we somehow have lost this wisdom. I grew up in Austria/Europe and during extensive traveling I found that all people are the same. We all function through our emotional interplay with the world. I discovered what delivers contentiously the clearest results in resolving all life-issues are Clarity, Law of Attraction combined with Emotional Intelligence. My method HEIP (Harnessing Emotional Intelligence Process) guides one back to one’s emotional wisdom and helps understanding our emotional interplays with the world. I have shown successful results in all areas, but my passion for discovery lead me to be specialized in:

I am coaching in English and German.
For more info see my bio and or visit my coaching site MichaellM.com
Email: michaell@michaellart.com Skype: michaellart Tel: 949-640-0845

Tunde Makun

Specialty: Life and Business Coaching

Tunde Makun is a certified Quantum Success Coaching Academy certified [QSCA] Life and Business Coach. A Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Finance, he enjoyed a robust career in Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries with strong international exposure. These global experiences armed him with strong skills on Negotiation, Leadership, Productivity, Quality Management, Marketing, Change Management, Operations, Project Management and Team Management; among others. He has been an entrepreneur since 1998 with great success in building businesses in Facility Management, Logistics Management, Petroleum Marketing and Distribution and Agriculture.

Since 2009, he has undergone various programs in business building and life coaching. Meanwhile he is still building new and powerful businesses as a proof of this new discovery of the principles of success. His life purpose is to deploy his creativity and organizational skills to support and empower as many people as possible to happily pursue their life ambition in a fulfilled and loving manner. He is a strong believer in the power behind the Spiritual Law of Attraction and with robust tools gathered from QSCA and the exemplary lives of role models; he is determined to share his knowledge for human advancement.

He is married with kids.

Click here to contact Tunde
Phone: +234-702-855-0701

Cathy Mallick

Cathy is a certified life coach, specializing in transitions, self-care and meditation techniques. In addition to 1:1 coaching, she also teach classes and host mini-retreats designed to provide practice in the techniques that lead to a more purposeful and aligned way of living. If what you are looking for is more joy in your life, a path to making more mindful choices and a way to experience more clarity in your world, you are in the right place. The time you spend with Cathy will allow you to realize new perspectives, ask the right questions of yourself, and find that authentic self you remember from long ago but may not have seen in a while.


Renee Marcou

Self Empowerment Coach & Life Transition Coach

Click here to contact Renee

Maura Mark

Niche: Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Bio: Maura Mark is a certified Life Coach and certified Yoga Instructor. The two professions have allowed Maura to connect deeply with her clients assisting them in growing and expanding as human beings on all levels. Her clients benefit from the 25 years experience she’s had in the personal growth field. Maura knows how to bring out the best in someone by assisting them in confronting their fears, standing in their own power and uniqueness and creating transformation in their body, mind and spirit.

Maura does one on one and group coaching. She also offers 2-3 day personal retreats in Santa Barbara and Hawaii that combine yoga, meditation, lifestyle, nutrition and coaching for a transformational holistic experience. Ultimately, each client is taken on a personal journey to expand and improve themselves personally, professionally, and in their relationships.

Maura has had many life experiences and opportunities to study with some amazing teachers at the top of their fields. She draws from the best of these teachings to give her clients the tools for their unique needs and transformation. She has created several successful businesses, recovered from physical injuries and has manifested an abundant life. She is married to her husband of 28 years and has raised two beautiful daughters who are both thriving in their own careers. Maura is grateful to be in deep relationship with like – minded clients who are drawn to working with her, amazing friends and precious family members.

Maura lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband. In her free time she enjoys cooking using local foods, walking on the beach, traveling, volunteering with the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and being a student of Ayurveda and life.

Click here to contact Maura
www.mauramark.com 805-845-2951

Laura K Martino

I am not only certified as a LOA Life Coach, I am also a certified Master Reiki Teacher, Theta Healer and Hypnotherapist.

I help my clients to:

  • Reconnect to their power within
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Control & manage their anger
  • Heal their emotional scars and physical pain
  • Manifest what they want most
  • Love their life again

I consider it an honor and a privilege to help others heal so that they can have the fantastic life they deserve to have!!

Resolve, Dissolve, Evolve


Jamie McCall

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. I am a single mother of two beautiful daughters that got tired of how my life was going. I went through a devastating divorce, went into deep depression and financial difficulties. I started applying the Law of Attraction to my own life and saw amazing results! I’ve attracted many wonderful things into my life since I discovered the Law of attraction, with the most recent being my fiancé after being single for 6 1/2 years!

I inspire people and teach them how to step into their own power and create a life they truly love and deserve. Whether you want more joy, happiness, success, abundance, love, better relationships, discover your life purpose, or grow your business, I can help you get there! I do both private and group coaching. I customize my coaching for each client’s individual needs.

I also coach legal staff and lawyers in business. I hold a Paralegal certificate and have 16 years of experience working with top rated lawyers in Portland, OR.

I coach via phone or Skype. Contact me today. Your new life awaits you!

Wish it, dream it, do it!

website www.lifecoachjamie.com

Sheena Matos

Devine Love Coaching

Are you ready to be empowered?

Awaken your true inner Goddess and transform your personal, professional, spiritual, and financial goals through the power of self-love! I am a Certified Law of Attraction life coach & Meditation Practitioner.

I know COVID-19 changed your routines, so take some time for yourself and go inward instead. Learn to love yourself so that when things are hard, you can rise above the situation and look at the bigger picture. Allow me to walk with you on your journey of life, as you transform your mindset and your life.

Now offering a FREE discovery call. Spots are limited so contact me for more information.

Email: DevineLoveCoaching@gmail.com
Website: https://devine-love.com/create-the-life-you-want/
Specialty: Self-love, Meditation, The Law of Attraction

Tara McCallam

Specialty: My goal is to teach you how to hear your own inner voice and to guide your thoughts to ones that will attract the life you are here to live; one that is full of miracles and blessings! My coaching is focused on all aspects of spirit and energy.

There are moments in your life where the still small voice inside demands to be heard and no longer silenced or pushed away. For me, there were many moments that lead to this message being heard. It came through blessings and connections as well as situations that ripped apart the shaky foundation that was barely supporting my life. Slowly, I began to notice something guiding me and began to surrender to its pull. This is where I began to truly find myself. I found my voice, my spirit and a sense that I was connected to a power much greater than myself.

This power or spirit longs to work through each one of us using us as a conduit for pure loving and transformational energy. When I surrendered to this energy amazing changes began to happen in increasing frequency. I want to share this joy filled journey with you and help remove all obstacles blocking you from the connection with your purpose and a life filled with expansion and love.

I am certified in the Law of Attraction and center my coaching on all aspects of spirit and energy

Joan McDermott

Any loss needs all the support it can get. Confusion, pain and often a rollercoaster ride of emotions come with change of any kind. I know the value and support of having someone helping to navigate the waters of this journey.

It doesn’t matter if it is the loss of a loved one, the geographical move to a new home or new lifestyle, the transition from addiction to sobriety, any type of loss carries with it fear of change.

Being stuck in that place of fear and needing to gently move forward to where life is calling, is where a transitional life coach supports and helps in the taking of steps that will be transformative. I am that life coach for you. Contact me today.

Certified TransitionalLife Coach
Certified Integrative Psychotherapist
MS Mental Health Counseling
Master Addictions Counselor
MA Theology
Spiritual Director

Website: movingthroughlosswithgrace.com
E mail: rjmcdermott54@gmail.com
Phone: 530-219-8848

Denny McFadden

I am a certified QSCA LOA life coach, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Quantum Touch student.

This amazing journey started for me in 1999 when I was given the gift of the Harry Palmers Avatar course, which focuses on beliefs that are the core of transformation, and that everything in life is an inside job. I have found that this where I base all of my work with my clients, starting with our three core questions:

  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How do you want to feel?

I believe that by identifying and finding our own truths in these questions, that any transformation can be made. I believe that our current personalities are created through past experiences & they allow us to create our current beliefs. These beliefs can be just as easily dis-created by adopting others’ beliefs. We must stay true to ourselves, true to our greatest highest vibrations, and true universe that we live in. Have you ever noticed that when something feels good, it makes our entire reality feel good and when we feel good, more things that feel good manifest in our current reality, and the same goes for feeling bad?

The ONE question I want you to ask yourself every morning, as soon you wake up is: Do I want to feel good today? The answer should ALWAYS be “YES!” It is a choice that everyone makes every day, whether consciously or unconsciously, it is still a choice as is everything in our lives.

I would love the opportunity to help guide you to find your own truth.

Email Denny: dennyloa@gmail.com

Aileen McKenna

Biography of Aileen McKenna
613-795-3751 (c) and aileen@aileensoasis.com

Aileen McKenna is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor. Aileen has been interviewed about her work and featured in The Ottawa Citizen in 1998, a Canadian national newspaper. She has also been interviewed and featured on Daytime TV, and other local TV shows. Articles about her work are published regularly in Tone Magazine, a local eastern Ontario magazine with a circulation of 8,000. Aileen has presented her work in series of talks about the results of her work at the Ottawa Public Library, and has taught in Victoria, British Columbia, St.Albert, Alberta, in Trindad, and at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, besides regular classes in Ottawa.

Aileen became a certified Quantum-Touch therapy practitioner and instructor in 2004, the first instructor certified in Canada. She is a certified Polarity practitioner, aromatherapist, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist, and has studied Pranic Healing. Besides her work with Law of Attraction in coaching and hands-on healing, Aileen is also a Certified Facilitator of Small Groups as well as a Certified Facilitator of Open Space Technology.

Aileen followed studies in the CMA (certified management accountant) program in 1982 – 1985 while working with the Canadian government as an accountant. Aileen moved to Switzerland 1986 where she spent some years working as an accountant and internal auditor in several international organizations. She also attended university in Geneva, Switzerland where she majored in management and psychology with special emphasis in Refugee Studies.

Aileen can be reached in Ottawa, Canada at 613-228-2272 or at 613-795-3751 by cell phone, or by e-mail at aileen.mckenna66@gmail.com or you can check out her website at www.aileensoasis.com.

Stacy McKenna

Coaching Entrepreneurs.

It is my honor and joy to support and empower you in the attainment of the clarity, confidence and courage you need and deserve to move forward with your vision. I’m fiercely committed to shattering self-limiting beliefs by awakening you to your own magnificence, power, and virtue.

Stacy McKenna is an internationally accomplished professional and co-founder of “It Takes Two”-Heart Centered Coaching.
Transformational Coach, ICF Certified, Entrepreneur, LOA Expertise.

Click here to contact Stacy
Phone: 508.362.4063

Vicki McClifty

Vicki McClifty is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. Vicki’s personal experiences of grief, her compassion and expertise in law of attraction life coaching and kinesiology, promise a way through grief to relief. Vicki McClifty, as Host and Producer for her web program, AM Healing My Soul TV, provides guidance and inspiration for people stuck in grief. Vicki is a co-author of the Book of Inspiration for Women by Women and contributes monthly articles for a women’s international online magazine with Sibella Publications: Luminous Wisdom: Sophia.

Currently, Vicki McClifty specializes in supporting and nurturing people through grief, depression, and anxiety, through her law of attraction coaching, group coaching, workshops, retreats and web TV show.

Vicki McClifty has a background in Counselling, Kinesiology, Law of Attraction Coaching, Biofeedback therapy and administration. Married with five children, her second eldest son aged 23 years, passed away in 2012. From surviving this deep emotional trauma, her life is now devoted to guiding fellow beings stuck in grief, depression and anxiety, who wish to move forward in their lives.

Vicki McClifty is also the Director of Infinity Medicine which incorporates being sales representative for Vector Biofeedback system and Distributor for Young Living essential oils.

Vicki is devoted to spending time with her family, writing, travelling the world, reading, cooking and creating a happy life.

Brian McWaters

A charismatic and energetic QSCA coach having more than 30 years experience as a professional engineer who has had to find solutions that met the clients and family’s needs within the time requirements specified. That necessitated having all the necessary tools, documents and resources organized for effective and efficient use of his time at work and at home. Turn your chaos into being organized so you can improve the quality of your life and allow you to attain the balance you desire between your professional, personal and family life.


Karen Mears

Connecting with Creativity, Helping you in Transition
Are you normally someone who is bursting with ideas, but lately you feel stuck? Are you in overwhelm? Do you procrastinate? How can I help you? There are so many things that can disconnect you from your creative energy. We are creative beings. Let me help you connect back to that core energy.

I utilize the Law of Attraction to help you connect to your creativity and therefore connect back you back to your life.

I also have a BA in Theatre and a BA in Education and live in Seattle, WA. My goal is to connect all my passions.


Or on Facebook – Karen’s Teaching Light

Cathi Measures

Coaching by Cate

After attempting to deal with a number of life altering set backs, from grief and personal trauma to health issues and more, I sought guidance from psychiatric therapy. They told me I was doing just fine…in other words, move along. So, I pursued psychological counseling where I was told, once again, that I was doing just great. Yet nothing about my life felt great, fine or acceptable. No one ever mentioned life coaching, which is exactly what I did need!

Coaching allows you to understand yourself….and to change your way of looking at the world, at looking at yourself. Law of Attraction allows us to release unwanted actions and thoughts that are often self sabotaging, yet disguised behind our own negativity, low self esteem, fear and angst. These feelings can leave us powerless to successfully move forward in our lives.

Coaching was my life line back to ME. It’s a simple approach to unwinding those beliefs we’ve been told to follow, often times to our own detriment. Sometimes we need help. I certainly did. If you want to change your life path, feel your own value, grab the success you deserve, live with laughter, kindness and joy, you absolutely can!

Call me for an introduction meeting. You can ask me whatever is on your mind and together we can decide if coaching is what you need to transform your life. One simple call may well lead to the steps you need to take to do what I did….change your life, forever!


QSCA Certified LOA Life Coach
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Behavioral Science Specialist
Published Creator

Nicky Mehta

Niche: Empowering Parents

As a Law of Attraction Coach, I show parents how to use the Law of Attraction in their own life so that they can take action in order to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

I am a QSCA certified Law of Attraction Coach since Oct 2016.

After applying the Universal Laws into my own life, parenting became so much easier! Not only did the entire energy shift in my family home from tention and anxiety to peace, calm and fun, we also attracted more money, brand new car, family holidays, a great social life, every area of my family life transformed.

I show parents how to achieve their own goals and desires into their own family life and it is so satisfying to witness all of my clients make life changing shifts and reclaim back their mojo!

I offer a free 30 minute one on one sample session for parents to experience a Law of Attraction Coaching session so they can start applying it into their own life straight away.

Kavita Melwani

My passion is empowering women to live their life purpose. Transitioning into a new career or business takes courage and support. Your blissful transition is my mission!

There are so many great coaches and healers to work with, so why should you work with me? Maybe you are like me… Are you stressed and feel like you are on a treadmill? Do you feel like there has to be more to life than what I am experiencing? Have you felt a strong calling and have been uncertain of how to make the changes you know you need? Well, I have been there, I have changed businesses and careers so many times. Through the process I let the voices of others determine my next step, when I finally tuned into my inner voice I learned to live my purpose, and live a more joyful and purposeful life everyday.

I have spent countless hours on self-education, living through many life changes, and have a background in psychology, education, and business. Through my experience, self-education, and working with a coach, I finally realized that I was in the wrong career. Empowering women/entrepreneurs is my passion and calling. Of course, I am a work in progress and continue to grow and learn each day. I can’t wait to share my experiences and knowledge with you so I can help you transform your life.If what you learn about me resonates with you, then we should talk.

Contact Me for a Complimentary Clarity Session

Visit my Website to Access your FREE Gift Recording “Combatting Stress Through Meditation”

Joseph Mendla

Specialties: Finding Life’s Purpose / Team Building / Creativity

Hours: By Appointment Only

Life on Earth is a kind of school. We can all use a tutor sometimes. We can use someone with our best interests in mind to help us find our own answers and make the appropriate moves. That’s what a life coach is, a kind of life satisfaction assistant.

Everything you need for a magnificent life is already inside you, all the answers, all of the inspiration, all of the insights, all of the abilities, all of the passion, all of the joy. You just need to uncover it. A coach can help you do that.

You need to know the rules of the game to win it. There are definite rules to the game of life on earth. They are called Universal Laws. A coach can help you master those so you can win your game.

I can help you.

I became a certified Law Of Attraction life coach precisely to make me a better tool to be useful to you in your quest for a wonderful life. I’ve been blessed by a life rich in love, artmaking, learning, teaching, and business. Now I am ready.

Find out if I can be useful to you. Taste a free coaching call.

Click here to contact Joseph
Or, go to www.humanpotentials.net

Carmen Mezinca

Carmen Mezinca is a certified:

  • Law of Attraction Life Coach
  • Mindset Trainer
  • Business Coach

I am passionate about empowering and motivating people to achieve their dreams and goals and to become the best version of themselves. I guide people from feeling stuck and confused to having clarity about their life purpose and fulfilling their personal and financial goals by doing what they love.

Coaching can be done in English, Spanish, German or Romanian.

Specialty: Purpose, Career and Financial Freedom, achieving goals

Website: www.carmenmezinca.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/carmenmezinca
E-mail: coaching.genuine@gmail.com

Ardath Michael

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE (@ 73 I AM Living Proof)

I guide entrepreneurial women over 50 who are experiencing a midlife identity crisis and are no longer feeling needed by others.

They struggle with finding their value now that their children are grown or their career is coming to a close. Their main obstacle is

in feeling that it is too late to realize the dreams they once had. I help them by quickly leading them to new beliefs so that they can easily make the second half of their life the best years yet.

Ardath, the aLOhA Life Coach


Joselyn Montes

I am a certified life coach specializing in facilitating life transitions, spiritual growth, and helping others learn to take life’s obstacles and use them as stepping stones to empowerment. We all face difficulties: disease, divorce, depression. But how we face these challenges determines our happiness. Often we cannot change our present situation in that moment, but how we choose to confront it will change our future. I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the states in 2008 when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Being a single mom in a new country was terrifying. I was continually facing new challenges: the language, finances, medical decisions, etc. Over time I learned to see the positive in any situation and found ways to make peace with fear and despair, freeing me to see the light even in the darkest times. My goal is to help my clients to focus on the desired outcome and accept the now as a part of moving to a better future. Our feelings aren’t our enemies; they tell us where we are and knowing this we can start moving in a healthier direction. All my coaching programs are designed to help you to embrace your feelings, take responsibility, and use your inner power to create your desired future

Bachelor degree Accounting
Certification of Life Coaching (LOA) QSCA
Worked as life coach since 2009 working with parent with a child with diagnosis of life threatening illness and personal transformation.

Training to become Ho’oponopono Expert (in progress)

English and Spanish

Click here to contact Joselyn

Misti Moore

I am a Law of Attraction coach that specializes in “bringing the joy”.

As a deliberate creator I believe it is every man, woman, child’s god (Jehovah, goddess, Buddha, creator) given right to receive an abundance of health, wealth, love, success and happiness.

When we get together the mission is simple – “Help you rediscover the joy in your life!!” Doing this, will make the rest of your goals come joyfully and quicker than you thought possible.

The joys of my life….. my low maintenance husband, high maintenance daughters, no maintenance fish, neurotic dog….. and helping people like you.

I look forward to playing with you.

Click here to contact Misti

Deborah Morishima

Niche: Women in Transition, Personal Coaching Sessions, Law of Attraction Group Coaching Classes, Creating an Awesome Future

Deborah Morishima lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is a Certified LOA Coach with QSCA. She specializes in working with adult women who are going through a transition in their lives and are striving to attract new people, places and things to them. She combines her QSCA training along with her life experience in order to help others create new experiences and make changes in their lives. She is optimistic and easily approachable. She loves working with people and holds their vision strong for them.

(808) 778-5248

Maurva Moseley

Maurva is a Certified QSCA Life Coach and also a SOUL HEALER.

After working in Insurance, Banking and managing her Herbal business, Maurva has now chosen her lifelong dream and is adequately positioned to help YOU.
Maurva lives in Barbados after spending many years in Canada and the US. She travelled extensively and with the variety of experiences from places like Nepal, Egypt and Hawaii, has brought with her certainty that no matter how far away you go, no matter what is your station in life, everyone is seeking happiness and a better understanding of Life. Through the Law of Attraction training, Maurva feels happy to be a Certified Life Coach and is ready to offer her services to everyone ready to find life-changing paths.

She offers One-on-One coaching by phone and in person; and Group Coaching. She has realized her own Self and Divine nature and will work with you through the profound techniques and Processes of the Law of Attraction, and using her intuitive abilities.


Vickie Mueller

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

Stress Less…Live more! Overcome your anxiety and panic attacks. By learning to apply the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws, there is an easier way to lessen the burden of anxiety and manage stress.

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time. But for some people, anxiety becomes so frequent, or so strong that it begins to take over their lives. Anxiety Disorders affect 18.1 percent of adults in the United States, that’s about 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54. Anxiety literally puts the brakes on life. Physically it can make us feel sick to our stomach, our heart pounds, we can’t catch our breath. But that’s only half of it. Emotionally we feel isolated, embarrassed and alone. Sometimes we feel like we’re just crazy. Well, you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Hi, my name is Vickie. From the time I was a little girl, I suffered from anxiety. Not fully understanding it, I learned ways to cope with it and hide it from my family and the rest of the world but always carried it with me. I led a fairly typical life of devoted wife and mother. I left the corporate world when my children were young and chose a career where I could work at home. I wanted to be more involved in their day to day lives. While working from home I was able to serve on the PTA, be a Girl Scout leader, attend my son’s swim meets and I was there to help my children navigate the difficult path of growing into adulthood. While our children were still in high school my family faced a devastating challenge. My husband was injured on the job and became disabled. I assumed the role of caretaker and head of household during his long road to recovery. We faced financial disaster, emotional exhaustion, and many complex family issues. My stress and anxiety became more difficult to manage. There were many sleepless nights filled with panic, doubt, worry and even anger. In my search for ways to cope, I found coaching. I learned how to trust in and tap into my full potential, the infinite energy and wisdom that comes from understanding and developing strategies based on the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. It was then that I realized my purpose in life. I wanted to help others who struggle with anxiety as I had and whose paths had perhaps taken a similar unexpected turn and help them regain their footing. So, I went back to school and became a Certified Life Coach. I now have two beautiful healthy happy grandchildren, I have a successful coaching practice and my life continues to unfold in surprisingly wonderful ways.

My life coaching techniques will help you gain a new perspective and understanding of anxiety, learn ways to manage stress and purposefully adapt the strategies that allow you to achieve your goals. Please visit my website at www.aneasierwaycoaching.com where you can download an informative free gift and find other helpful resources to begin to reclaim your natural state of joy.

Judy Mumford

I am Judy Mumford – The Mom Mentor

For 9 months you dreamed of holding your baby in your arms, looking into his eyes and the wonderful days you would have with him. Now he’s here and it’s not quite the way you envisioned it. It can be stressful wanting to be the perfect mom and worrying if you aren’t doing enough or doing it wrong. The decisions can be overwhelming. Sometimes it scary.

That’s where I come in.

  • We’ll focus on what is the hardest for you right now and work together on finding ways to make it easier and less stressful.
  • When you feel like all you do is breastfeed, learn ways to relax and find peace. It might be tempting to switch to a bottle because you’re thinking it would be easier, take it from me after nursing 6 children we adopted two more and since they were older I had to feed them a bottle, it was so much more work.
  • We’ll talk about how to ease your baby into a nap schedule so that you can get a little bit of time to do what you need, a shower perhaps!
  • No time to fix breakfast or lunch for yourself? I have some great tips for solving that problem.
  • Together we’ll figure out what you need and how to get time for that, your self-care is important!
  • We’ll look at ideas of where to find like-minded friends and support, after all, who you spend time with is vital to your mental well-being.
  • When you are ready to start feeding food to your baby we can talk about what to start with and how to ease them into healthy eating.

Every mom has her unique circumstances and beliefs so we will start with where you are and go at your own pace.

I’m a mom of 8 kids with 31 years of parenting experience. I love the first years of a child’s life. Watching them blossom from birth, bonding with them and watching their little personality emerge. It’s the best job in the world!! I can help you relieve your overwhelm so you can enjoy all those moments too.

Take the first step now and schedule a Get Acquainted Session at  judymumford.com so I can learn about your struggles and guide you towards being the happy, confident mom you want to be.

Not ready to schedule a session yet? Let stay connected. Go to my website judymumford.com and I’ll send you a free download: 5 Tips for Calming Yourself When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying.

Chi Meyers

Specializing in the blessings of being a single mom! And helping ANYONE
who is READY to change their story from where they are to the
happily-ever-after that they desire to be!

My mission is to share my energy and light to empower people with the knowledge and belief that they can ABSOLUTELY be, do, and have everything that they desire!

Phone: (951) 271-1646

Alanna Myers

Specialty: Helping youth help themselves to achieve their goals through Law of Attraction Life Coaching.

Alanna Myers is an empowerment coach. While practicing as a veterinarian, Alanna felt compelled to volunteer at an organization called Empower Youth International in her country. Unsure of what she had to offer at first, she decided that she is passionate about helping people to follow their dreams. Her countless hours volunteering at the organization inspired her to get more professional training as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with the QSCA. Alanna helps young aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their most positive dream for themselves, whatever that might be 🙂 .

To contact Alanna:
Skype: alannamyers1
E-mail: alannamyers1@gmail.com

Peggy Nelson

Hi. I’m Peggy Nelson, Certified Life Change Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and founder of Life Your Way Coaching. I specialize in a practical, uncomplicated, and intuitive style of life change, transition, and empowerment coaching.

Let’s face it–change of any kind can be scary. Whether we’re making life changes we know are right for us, are trying to get clear on what it is we do want, or are going through life changes that have been thrust upon us by what seem like powerful external forces, it can be a time of chaos and uncertainty, and, it can also make us feel very alone.

The point is, you’re probably here because you could use a little help. I’ve likely been where you are right now, so if you need help empowering yourself with a life change or transition of any kind, personal or professional, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s getting clear on the change you want or need to make, gaining the confidence and empowering yourself to make that change, or you just plain need help getting through a change you didn’t see coming, I’m here to help.

Life Your Way Coaching’s mission is to provide superior quality professional life change, transition, and empowerment coaching with maximum benefit, value, and success for every client.

Have a look at what one of my clients has to say:

Amy O. of Hudson, WI says:

A few months ago, although I was a little unsure about what life change coaching was or whether it would benefit me, I decided to give it a try with Peggy Nelson at Life Your Way Coaching.

As a mom of three young kids who was contemplating going back to school for my master’s degree and trying to figure out if I was on the right career path, Peggy coached me and empowered me to go after what I truly wanted, even though it meant asking and answering some tough questions.

Peggy has a passion for coaching and is very good at what she does. She is there solely to assist her clients in finding their own voice and making their dreams their reality.

I highly recommend Peggy to anyone who needs help figuring out what’s next or who’s facing big transitions or challenges in their lives. Thank you again Peggy!

Questions? Sure, connect with me at 612-355-0426, visit my website at www.LifeYourWayCoaching.com, or email me at Peggy@lifeyourwaycoaching.com. I’m happy to help. So contact me today, and remember, you’re not alone.

Sarah Newman

Pursue Your Joy

  • Certified “Heart Intelligence” coach
  • Specializes in group coaching
  • Certified “Law of Attraction” coach

-Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from being who you want to be in life?

-Do you want to get the answers to what you need to confidently take the next steps in your life?

-Would you love to discover what prevents you from fully being yourself around others, and how to express and communicate who you are so that other people “get” you?

Hi, I’m Sarah and I support personal growth pursuers who crave heart-centered expression so that they can connect to their authentic truth, relax into life and show up in their unique greatness in the world.

By participating in my coaching heart-circles, you will have access to considerably more awareness, presence, power, choice, emotional depth, vitality and expansion in your life. You will learn how to feel total self-acceptance for wherever you are, reconnect to your higher awareness and inherent value, and simultaneously feel deeply connected to others by being authentically seen, heard and understood.

  • Learn how to listen to your heart: tuning-in to that deeper sense of connection within you
  • Discover how to follow your heart: taking “inspired action” to fearlessly follow your longings
  • See how to open your heart: to all of the greatness inside of you, to receiving support from other people, and to life itself
  • Explore how to communicate effectively from your heart so others understand, feel and “get” you
  • Feel inspired to let more of who you truly are out into the world
  • Expand your range of possibilities and increase your capacity for JOY in the presence of yourself and others

Come to know yourself more fully through authentic communication and get empowered to create the life you desire!

Contact me at sarah@pursueyourjoy.com or visit my website pursueyourjoy.com

JoAnn Newman (Jo)

My commitment to you as your Life Coach

I will hold you accountable; encourage you when you are feeling insecure or unmotivated, offer you new perspectives, provide you with new skills to overcome your challenges and be there with you to celebrate your successes.

I will guide and support you through any of life’s challenges:

  • low esteem / lack of confidence
  • career change / finding meaningful work
  • striking work/life balance
  • navigating a major transition (divorce, empty nest, marriage)
  • resolving conflicts with children or parents
  • staying vital as you age

Why Life Coaching With Jo?

Helping others, young to old, through the twists and turns that is the journey of life has been my gift as well as my passion. As an active listener I have been sought out for advice and guidance by friends and family and it has been a key ingredient in all of my professional endeavors.

I have also, through very personal experience, felt the heavy responsibility and insecurity of parenting troubled children, managing through divorce, losing a loved one, caring for an aging parent and a multitude of other challenges life has had to offer.

Finding the QSCA and using the Law of Attraction principles, was not only beneficial in helping my clients but also in my own life. This program gave me the confidence and commitment to use my experience, enthusiasm, new tools and skills to help other people recognize, strive for and attain their goals.

All of these experiences enrich my ability to help you.

You are unique and one-of-a-kind… your confidential coaching will be too. I look forward to meeting and helping you become the best that you can be.

Please visit me at lifecoachingwithjo.com or call 720-535-6139.

Heather O’Neill

Heather O’Neill specializes in working with people who are getting separated, getting divorced or who have gotten divorced and are in need of reclaiming their true selves and living a life of their own design. Divorce can make us feel that we don’t know ourselves anymore and Heather has a program designed to help divorcees release blame and limiting beliefs so that they can become very clear on who they are and how they want to live their life. Heather helps people see that divorce is a chance to start over and can lead to more joyful and fulfilling life! Heather is a single mom of a 6 year old son and a Law of Attraction Coach in training.

Please contact Heather for a complimentary session at info@heatheroneillcoaching.com.

Kim O’Neill
Transformational & Interview Confidence Coach
  • ICF Certified Coach
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Graduate-Level Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching
  • B.A. Communication Studies – Interpersonal & Organizational Communication

Kim O’Neill is known for being the inspirational host of the Every Day is a New Day Show; a 2x bestselling author; certified ICF and LOA Transformational Coach; Interview Confidence Coach; energy worker; and former Crime Analyst. The “Every Day is a New Day” podcast and LIVE show has featured movers and shakers from the White House and national TV to awesome “everyday” people who’ve exhibited inspiring strength in overcoming their own adversities. She takes a holistic approach in coaching big-hearted women in accessing their inner Wonder Woman so they can confidently bridge the gap between head and heart and move forward. In 2019, Kim co-authored the #1 bestseller You Are Loved – An Inspired, Meditative Visual Journey; in 2018, she launched her first guided meditation on the Insight Timer app; and in 2017, her blog was selected as one of Feedspot.com’s Top 100 Life Coach Websites and Blogs, and her first bestselling book Positive Minded People was published. Kim is most often asked how she went from being a Crime Analyst to coaching and energy work, and loves to empower people in embracing who they truly are. Visit KimONeillCoaching.com to learn more.

Contact Kim: KimONeill@outlook.com
Phone: (562) 273-2546
Website: https://www.kimoneillcoaching.com/home

Esther Oparah

Niche: Burned out workers that want to discover and pursue their passion.

Small bio: I experienced the stress of working in a career that was not my passion. After over 10 years of prolonged stress, I became exhausted then physically sick. I jumped ship from corporate america to find and pursue my passion. Very few people understood my decision to leave my lucrative position.
I want to empower other workers with the spiritual strength to make the decision to pursue their passion despite their hectic jobs and the opinion of others.

Click here to contact Marcela

Htullvhss Oregel

Htullvhss is a Certified Intuitive Life/Business Coach who understands the constant struggles within ourselves to find what we really want out of life. She sees how the complexity of our lives can either be an outlet for creativity, passion and purpose when we are aligned with our inner being and a continual frustration and struggle when we are not.

Her empathic nature, keen intuitive insight, patient, caring and loving ways help her motivate and inspired people to look for their greatness within. She feels blessed and inspired to use the lessons she has learned from life to help her clients live a fuller, joyful and loving life.

She has experience working in several fields including teaching, scientific, business and Real Estate. She loves bringing her passion for doing meaningful and fulfilling work to her clients, and helping them uncover a life they will love and prosper in.

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, she will provide you with processes and tools you can easily incorporate into your life. Her life mission statement is to inspire, encourage, and exemplify an abundant thinking and a strong sense of joy and self-worth for everyone everywhere.

She offers:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Coaching via phone
  • English and Spanish coaching
  • FREE sample sessions

Request your FREE sample session: 360mtc@gmail.com

Matilda Orrling

I specialize in coaching woman leaders who want more in life and to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

I am a qualified Law of attraction coach, vocal coach, music teacher and a trained opera singer. I work with business owners who want to find the balance between work, family and own time.

I work Mondays and Tuesdays 9am-9pm in Swedish time which is GMT +1

Contact me for an introductory strategy session: info@voiceofmatilda.se

Simon Osborn

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Visionary I am here for you to help you see the world in a new way.
Please feel free to get in touch and we will make you the star that you are, you can find me at:

Marcela Oslin

My niche is positive relationships. I particularly like working with parents that want to succeed having a positive relationship with their children.

Click here to contact Marcela

Mary B. Owens 

MSW America’s Business Empowerment Coach.

Specialty: America’s Business Empowerment Coach

She is committed to empowering you to create the business of your dreams so you create the life of your dreams! Mary received a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1997. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach for QSCA. She is a Landmark Education graduate and a Bob Proctor Coaching graduate. She empowers you to go from where you are in your life to where you want to be by using therapeutic techniques with the Laws of the Universe. Mary is the author of Mary’s Moxie Talknewsletter and is an expert writer for Ezinearticles.com and SelfGrowth.com. She has been featured on the homepage of SelfGrowth.com as an expert writer on Success Skills. She has spent years studying the Laws of the Universe and how they play a part of our lives and relationships. For more information about her coaching services go to http://www.livewithpurposeandpassion.com

Click here to contact Mary

303-362-0506- direct
303-648-4329- Fax

LaTalya Palmer

Single Mom of 4, LaTalya Palmer is here to serve! She has gone from generational welfare to 6 figures; from incest survivor who hated herself to an empowerment specialist helping Women Build their Confidence, IGNITE their Magic and Manifest their Dreams!

LaTalya is International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder of Phoenix Rising Success Coaching and Training, Certified Peak Performance and Law of Attraction Coach.

She was a teen mom that stopped attending college to raise her family; a generational welfare recipient that abruptly walked away from welfare at a young age vowing to find a better way; participated in a Welfare to Work program and learned how to break into and thrive in the workforce. She used her gifts and resources to become a Welfare to Work Trainer and Case Manager then a Family Development Trainer, training Front Line Human Service Workers, Directors and Supervisors.

Shortly after moving from NY to the DC area she transitioned into and exceled in the procurement field without a degree. Finally hitting a promotional ceiling, while raising her children, she went back to college at the age of 40 and received her Bachelor’s Degree. During that time her mother transitioned but she knew her mother wanted to get her degree so she pressed on.
After experiencing divorce, transitioning into single parenthood, displacement and loss of her mom, she thought she had endured the worst. However in October 2017, she was diagnosed with a rare and highly aggressive breast cancer that had already invaded her skin, lymph nodes and chest muscle. In a 1 year period she endured the most toxic level chemo treatments, radiation and four surgeries.

Despite of it all, she is here today, thriving, sharing her story and inspiring others to Ignite and live a full life. During her fight with breast cancer she self-published her first book “IGNITE A Single Mother’s Guide to Success, Sensuality and Achieving Your Dreams”; was a Keynote Speaker for multiple events; won an “Unbreakable Spirit” award; led a “Beauty in the Battle” campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month; co-authored “Release the Debt-Inspirational Testaments of Strength and Purpose ” a women’s empowerment book which became an International and National Amazon Best Seller; and was featured in Impact the World; KISH; and The Unbreakable Women Leaders Magazines.

LaTalya lives with her children in Maryland and is committed to helping women IGNITE their passion and manifest their goals-NO MATTER WHAT!

Website: www.latalyapalmer.com
Email: coachlatalya@gmail.com
Phone: 240-392-0621

Ellie Pappas

Ellie is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Practitioner and Enneagram (personality type system) guide.

She is passionate about helping those struggling with limiting beliefs, anxiety and feelings of low self esteem. She provides a safe container for her clients to self heal, integrate and come into alignment with a clearer sense of purpose and intention.

Specialty: Law of Attraction Life Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Practitioner and Enneagram (personality type system) guide, Couples Coaching & Astrology guide.

Licensed Psychotherapist- since 2010
Law of Attraction Life Coach- since 2014
Reiki Master- since 2017
917 216 3144

Judith V Peterson

Judith is a certified Law of Attraction life coach and a Self-Love and Self Care mentor for woman, she hosts the Law of Attraction Lifestyle Show on YouTube where she teaches Law of Attraction and interviews Law of Attraction teachers, mentors and coaches.

Hi there, and thank you for checking out my profile!

I believe that we, can all have our own version of having it all, but I also know that we can get overwhelmed, distracted, disappointed or even discouraged.

A fulfilling happy life start with unwavering self-love and a self care routine that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. When we are in touch with ourselves and prioritize our own well being first we are incredibly powerful and can can create a gorgeous life for ourselves. Are you ready to create your version of having it all?

How do I serve my clients?

I teach my clients to recognize and release habits and though patrons that no longer serve them.

I teach my clients how to use the laws of the Universe to create a life that makes their heart sing.

I teach my clients to reconnect with self-love and step back into their power

I teach my clients how to create a self care routine that meets their needs and fit their lifestyle

I teach my clients to make decision from a place of strength and certainty and there is so much more…

Would you like to get a feel for my teaching? Go ahead and grab 7 free self-love and self care journal prompts.

https://judithvpeterson.lpages.co/journalprompts/ or hop over to my channel Judith V Peterson on YouTube.

Feel free to reach out to me judith@ jvpeterson.com or visit my website jvpeterson.com

Kimberly Patterson

Empowering people to recognize potential, identify goals, and overcome blocks to achieve their success.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and rape, I know first-hand what it takes to overcome the immense self-doubt and to build a “new” you. I love the saying “You can’t see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” I have had several people show me how to see myself (and re-build myself) from outside the frame, and it is my passion to share this gift. My core belief is that you have the power to do and be who you want – ALWAYS. Whether you share these experiences or not, all of us crave connection. When we are loved and celebrated for who we are, we thrive! Join me for a FUN, enlightening journey to YOU.

I was born and raised in California – second to youngest of six children. In college I was able to attend a semester in England. Afterwards, I visited several countries by train, carrying a backpack, and staying in youth hostels. It was here that my love of travel began.

I currently reside in San Antonio, TX. Although I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, personal development and Law of Attraction has always been my passion. I enjoyed a career as a Special Education teacher for five years, helping children overcome handicaps – physical, emotional, and intellectual. I have always enjoyed being self-empIoyed. In addition to coaching, I am a successful real estate agent in the San Antonio, TX area.

I am married to a wonderful man who is very supportive and instrumental in pursuing my Coaching Certification. I have 2 daughters, 2 bonus-daughters, and 2 bonus grandchildren. I love science fiction movies, reading (especially self-development books), and I have been named the “fastest ice cream eater” by my younger sister! I enjoy walking and hiking, reading, family time, and time with our two dogs.

Phone : 210-802-1263
Email : KimPattersoncoaching@gmail.com

Karen Peters

Business Law of Attraction Coach

Who I Help
I help owners of small businesses attract their ideal clients, thus generating greater turnover and using less effort. This allows you to spend more time with your loved ones which is what we all want!

Why I do it
I remember my first business…it failed!

I started out all excited, thought I had the perfect service, and that everyone would want to sign up and then I’d become a millionaire and retire early. Well that can happen, and it’s probably not happened for you either.

Instead, I worked long hours, neglected my loved ones, was stressed and lost sight of what my business was. I felt a sense of rejection, low self-worth and worked hard for little or no reward. Eventually, having lost thousands I had to admit defeat and closed the doors.

But then I wanted to understand why my business failed. What did I do that contributed towards it, and what could I learn from it?
That’s when I changed direction and became not just a Business Coach, but a Law of Attraction Business Coach.

How I transform your life as a Business Owner

I combine my knowledge of business coaching by:

  • Understanding how people buy services
  • How to communicate your message
  • What makes each business owner unique
  • How our mind-set can end up sabotaging a business
  • And finally, combine all that with 9 of the Laws of Attraction.

It’s a winning combination!


  • 1-2-1 Private Coaching
  • Law of Attraction: How to Attract Anyone or Anything by Using ‘The Law of Attraction’
  • The Client Transformational 5 Day Virtual Workshop Experience (now that’s a mouthful, but it works ☺)

I offer a free 30 min online ‘Meet & Greet’ session to see how I can help you and your business. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain from one free call. So, if this ‘feels right’, then email me now and let’s get that call in our diaries.

Visit: www.clientattractioncoach.com

Email: Karen@clientattractioncoach.com or Karen@karenpeterscoaching.com

Lois Robertson

Lois is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach from Christy Whitman’s QSCA Program. She loves to be of service to others by coaching in the areas of improving relationships, career, financial abundance and how to listen to one’s body to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. Lois will support you throughout this journey and she believes that we are here to experience joy in all aspects of our lives. Lois is also a Certified Herbalist, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist (22 years), Healing Touch Practitioner and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. She is a frequent guest speaker for the Women’s Rural Health Conference.

Phone : 509-671-0515
Email: loislmt@yahoo.com

Denise Rose

Denise Rose is a proud QSCA graduate. She is also a retired Special Agent and current Criminal Justice college professor. She has always felt a calling to help others and understand human behavior. She grew up in a musical family and is the owner of Rose Studios, a successful piano studio where she inspires students of all ages to love music and connect to their talents and purpose. In 2021 she donated her kidney to her brother. This miraculous experience projected her onto an unexpected path of life coaching and creation of Rose Life and Wellness. She uses the Light Wave Crystal bed and Life coaching as avenues to help clients raise their vibration and heal through shifts in their energy fields. Denise’s high energy, infectious personality, authentic listening skills and genuine love for others and service creates the perfect climate for shifts during your Life Coaching sessions.

Specialty: Denise’s perfect client is a person who is ready to make the next step in their life. It could be a woman who desires change, an athlete with goals for their upcoming season, a college student with lofty goals, or a high school student wanting clarity on their college choices. Her clientele is quite diverse with one thread running through, they are ready to do the personal work to change their life. She specializes in shifting her client’s perspective, energy, and outcomes.

Text (813)784-8518 or email RoseLife813@gmail.com