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Rhonda Abdurahman

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and a Live your Genius Coach, Rhonda guides Moms from the chaos of Motherhood to clarity about who they are and what they want in all aspects of their lives. As a Mom to four children, Rhonda brings her own experience of being stuck on a treadmill of tasks to leaping into a fun, creative and a fulfilling life as a coach and facilitator. She enjoys the balance of being a great mom as well as satisfying her own creative aspirations and has helped many moms do the same. With her loving enthusiasm she will inspire you to move from feeling stuck in “What’s next?” to discovering and living it.

To connect with Rhonda email her at Rhonda@liveyourgenius.com

Cristi amble

“Today IS the Journey”

As a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Cristi Amble has and continues to help people break free from a mundane lifestyle. She teaches Universal Principles to her clients in a way they can relate and receive results. If you are feeling stuck in life, a relationship, connection with spirituality, as a parent, a choice to be made or anything else, these Universal Principles will Transform the situation.

Cristi Amble was transformed by the Universal Principles (and continues to be) and has received healing in more ways than she thought possible. Now she not only lives by these principles, she enjoys sharing them with you so that you can have the same experiences. Cristi Coaches from intuition and will help you to learn how to listen to your own intuition and trust it.

Personal Empowerment is very important to Cristi because she believe it is something we lack as a society and people have been taught to live life as they are told. The truth is that we already have the answers we need inside of us. It’s just a matter of learning how to listen. Personal empowerment is Freedom!

Applying Universal Principles to our lives is Personal Empowerment!

To schedule a free coaching call to learn more, simply go to www.cristiamble.com and schedule the best time for you. Or email Cristi.Amble@heartcenteredspirit.com or visit the website: www.heartcenteredspirit.com

Tess adams

Tess Adams is a certified LOA life coach, author of Creating Joy Daily, teacher of The Spiritual Growth Course, creator of the BREATHE bracelet, radio show host (A Joy-filled Life on blog talk radio), motivational speaker, web site designer, creator of the Joyful Posters, and EFT practitioner.

Tess has written magazine articles for Southern New England Woman, South Asian Woman, The CEO Magazine, and Simply Inspired. She has been interviewed on Toginet Radio as well as Chat with Women. Tess lives in NS, Canada with her husband, two step-daughters, and 2 fur babies.

Tess can be found on Facebook at Creating Joy Daily with Life Coach Tess Adams, on Pinterest Tess Adams Coaching, at blogtalkradio.com/ajoy-filledlife, and at TessAdamsCoaching.com.

Jyotsana Agarwal

Josna (Jyotsna) Agarwal
QSCA Certified Life Coach
Reiki Master Teacher/Healing Touch
Ordained Universal Life Minister
Certified Yoga teacher/Pranayama, Mudra Science, Meditation
Sujoke Magnet Therapy
Doterra Essential Oils Advocate

Hours: 6 hours/week

Fee: $100/session or 6 sessions for $500

Speciality: LOA Using this to attract Anyone or Anything.

Eileen alexander
  • Life Coach Specializing in Personal Empowerment and Grief
  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
  • Reiki Master – Usui Lineage
  • Meditation Teacher

I am a Life Coach specializing in personal empowerment and grief, a Meditation Teacher, as well as a certified Reiki Master. I have always had a genuine love for people and the ability to see past their “stuff” straight through to the inherent good that is at the heart of each of us. I have a natural gift of being a mirror for others, reflecting back to them their own inner beauty and goodness, helping them find tools to identify and leave their baggage behind and guide them in their journey to live in the present, identify their desires, find their true peace and happiness and turn their dreams into reality.

I have faced many hardships during the course of my life – addiction, painful break-ups, divorce, abusive relationships, letting go and letting my children walk their own paths, illness, the death of a spouse, grandparents and other relatives and friends – and ultimately – the greatest challenge of my life – the sudden, violent death of my 26 year old daughter several years ago.

In the face of these hardships, I have continually made choices to embrace my truth and continue to move forward on my path. Through the course of my journey I have accumulated many spiritual tools to support me in embracing my grief and my fears, holding the beautiful memories and energy of my loved ones in my heart and allowing me to live a happy, joyous, peaceful life.

It is my purpose, passion and desire to share with you the spiritual tools that I have gathered and to support you on your path to an abundant, peaceful, inspired life.

For more information and a complementary 30 minute life coaching session visit my website at www.eileenalexander.com or contact me via email at info@eileenalexander.com

Juliet Alleyne

Hi. I am Juliet Alleyne and I am dedicated to teaching and empowering men and women to achieve their lifelong dreams and desires in specific areas of their lives, be it weight release, personal relationships, lifestyle changes, health and wellness and personal budgeting. I do believe that we are all here at this point in time by design and we owe it to ourselves to live the lives we were put on this earth to live – abundant lives – enjoying every moment of it. I like to use a personal mantra which has always worked for me:


Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Certified Motivational Speaker since 2003.

B. Soc. Sc. (Management) also specializing in private tutoring in High School Math and English Language.

For a great part of my adult life I have been very passionate about my health. This has become a dedicated interest in Health & Wellness because of my own personal journey controlling my body weight and combating hypothyroidism and hypertension.

After studying copious papers and research documents relating to the mind and body, I became convinced that my weight and the other illnesses can be permanently controlled by using my mind and meditation, coupled with the Law of Attraction and the other 6 Universal Laws – hence the name of my website: Mind And Body Action.

I now have a new appreciation for the psychology of eating and for the most part eat healthy, live, vibrant and fresh organic foods,prepare most of my food avoiding substitutes, nitrates and synthetic ingredients wherever possible. Of course, I am a work in progress and continue to see positive results. It is because of my personal experience and my appreciation of the synergistic relationship between mind and body, that I genuinely believe I am in a better position to empower and teach others how to achieve their lifelong dreams and desires in the following areas of their lives.

What Specific Areas am I prepared and qualified to work on?
• Weight Release and weight management
• Health and Wellness
• Personal Relationships with family, friends and work colleagues
• Lifestyle changes
• Personal budgeting

How Can I Help You?
• I will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve your desires.
• I will teach you how to unleash the power you possess effortlessly for your better good.
• I will teach and empower you to create your own future
• I will empower you to always believe in yourself and your abilities
• I will teach you how to allow the Universe to work for you …. and much more.

Just visit my website http://www.mindandbodyaction.com and decide for yourself.

I can be contacted at: juliet@mindandbodyaction.com or: visit my website at: http://www.mindandbodyaction.com
Group Coaching can also be arranged.

Peggy Alphonse, CCC/SLP
Speech Therapist
Personal Development Consultant

Do you lack self-confidence?
Are you unsure of your next step?
Do you think you’re a poor communicator?
Do you want to develop yourself spiritually?

I am a connection coach whose specialty is helping my clients connect to their inner guidance and to the people, places, and things around them.

When you work with me, you will develop the clarity to choose the next step on your path that feels right. You will be able to develop the confidence to clearly define that path and move forward.

As a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist since 2005, I am also qualified to assist you in maximizing your interpersonal and public speaking skills. By having me on your team, you will become a more effective communicator; and connect with your target audience whether that’s your boss, spouse, or potential customers.

All the experiences and things you want, also want you. Let me help you make those connections.

Say Yes To You, LLC
6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd
STE #163
Winter Haven Fl 33884

deborah anderson

Specializing in supporting people to come out of anxiety and depression, also supporting people who have experienced the suicide of a close family member.

I support people to have compassion for themselves and show them how to work in harmony with the universal laws so they can achieve their highest potential.

After experiencing the suicide of my son in 2008 I made it my mission to find some way to support people to feel better about themselves. I completed a two year Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching in April 2014, and am also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. I am a co-author of book 1 of The Change – Insights into Self Empowerment with Jim Britt, Jim Lutes and 17 other co-authors. My desire is to use my experience and the tools and strategies I have learned through the coaching programmes to help as many people as I can to move forward out of the darkness of despair into the light.

Skype: deborah.anderson262
Telephone: 0064 021 111 9399 (New Zealand)
Website: www.golifecoaching.net.nz

Michele anderson

I am a certified Law of Attraction wellness coach with advanced certifications in Core Synchronism and Reiki, both energy work. I have studied extensively chakra and meridian balancing as well as natural remedies to facilitate clearing and balancing energy. I also hold certifications in the field of natural therapeutics, nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. My passion is to help clients uncover the emotional connection that holds illness, dis-sease, or imbalances in the body, and I have studied extensively and received certifications in the area of mental and emotional release work.

For many, the missing link in their life’s journey is connecting all aspects of the body-mind-spirit so that they can experience a better, more joyful fulfilled life. In my practice I partner with you (the client) by blending and integrating my knowledge, experience and intuitive skills to help you get crystal clear about what you want, what’s holding you back, as well as helping you discover your own personal roadmap to success. This shows you how to step into your own power as well as work through or around any roadblocks that may come up as you move into the highest expression of your goals and dreams.

Contact me today and let’s get started!

Click here to contact Michele

Abby Ampuja

Innovative Tools to Transform Your Life

Abby Ampuja, Ph.D., is an educator, mentor, and coach. She began her career as an elementary school teacher, where she developed a passion for SEL (social emotional learning) and teaching resiliency tools to her students and their families. While earning her doctorate in Special Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, Abby opened a learning clinic in Raleigh, NC, with a focus on SEL and resiliency: The Empowered Learner. Abby’s journey then led her to become a Law of Attraction Life Coach with Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Academy. Abby is passionate about helping both children and adults fulfill their highest potential. Her approach is strengths-based, resiliency-focused, and focused on visioning and building toward a powerful future.

Core Beliefs:

  • By capitalizing on our strengths and interests, we can leverage the most powerful and lasting change.
  • We must be active agents in our own learning and transformation.
  • By creating and holding a bright future vision, we are deeply motivated to move in a positive direction.
  • We are designed for community and connection. It truly does take a village to foster individual success.

Click here to contact Abby

evelyn apostolou

Evelyn is the founder of the Quantum Edge Healing Institute. She is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach with dual certifications. A Certified Hypnotherapist acknowledged by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. Managing Director of the QSCA as well as Lead Trainer and Instructor. She is a Master Intuitive Energy Reader and Healer with an extensive background in energy work and chakra balancing, as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Evelyn is wisdom-keeper and sacred circle holder as well as an ordained Universal Life minister.

In her practice, she addresses the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — and empowers you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced, and effective life. By weaving in successful coaching principles, hypnotherapy tools, archetypal energies, and the Law of Attraction, Evelyn assists her clients with tapping into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals, visions, and dreams. The foundation of her healing work is that an open heart is the gateway to higher awareness, and that divine love energy heals, catalyzes, and transforms the human body, mind, and soul.

For more information about the Quantum Edge Healing Institute please visit: Quantumedgehealinginstitute.com
You can contact Evelyn at: Evelyn@christywhitman.com

linda armstrong

Hi, I’m Linda Armstrong, I am an “Energy Junkie” I am also a GATE Facilitator, Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach, Reiki Master Teacher & Crystal Healer. I guide people to know their Power-With-In, and connect with the Universal Energy Field to tap into that energy to re-energize their lives. I assist my Clients in releasing old energies and bringing in new energy, to connect to their Higher Self and follow their intuition. This is what I love doing, I can’t get enough of this Energy Thing, I am continually learning more & more.


Imagine, Believe, & Enjoy,

Linda Armstrong

Energize your Mind, Body and Spirit.
Connect to your Power-With-In!

peter ashe

Master’s in Counseling Psychology (M.ED.) Cambridge College, 1992
Nine years experience as a psychotherapist (1994-2003)
35 years experience as an astrologer
Law of Attraction Certified Coach (LOA CC)– Quantum Success Coaching Academy– January, 2014


Dealing with serious medical issues
Sexual orientation issues
Stress management 

victoria brahma

Victoria Brahma is a Manifestation Expert and Mindset Coach. She is the creator of Manifestation Mastery – The Art of Conscious Creation, LifeMastery, and Create Your Legacy, Premier Coaching Programs. Her passion lies in helping women break boundaries and achieve the “i.m.possible”. She specializes in working with women, who are looking to create a complete life of happiness, prosperity and abundance, or who are looking to overcome a big life challenge.

After embarking on the great school of life, since a very young age, and after a major challenge in 2011, I was guided to my purpose of helping others thrive and take charge of their own life experience. The main tools I use are teaching The Law of Attraction, teaching how to work with the energy within and around us, and mastering emotions and mindset for optimal success.

My message to you? No matter what life you find yourself living right now, once you take 100% responsibility for it, you can regain your inner power and you can create anything else you desire — this time with pure consciousness and intent. The biggest message I am here to pass onto you is… “If you get stuck in your past and do not consciously choose and
create your future, then your parents, your environment, your old programs and patterns have already chosen your future for you. Take responsibility! Own your inner power! Use your imagination! And, design your future! You can do anything you put your mind to. I believe it! It is time you do, too.”

Website: www.comemanifestwithme.com
Retreat: www.comemanifestwithme.com/morocco/
Contact: victoria@comemanifestwithme.com

sudha badrinath

Her niche is to: “Inspire people to tap into their infinite potential to achieve success in all aspects of their life.”

Sudha Badrinath is a Certified Life Coach from QSCA. She is a Personal Growth and Life experience coach. She has a Master degree in History. Her passion to work with children made her to get certified as an Early Childhood educator. She has worked with children for the past 15 years. She believes that anything and everything is possible in this world if we have a positive mind set. She wants to help people achieve their goals and dreams with her coaching skills and her personal life experiences.

She lives with her husband, 2 children and her pet dog Comet in San Jose Ca.

You can reach her at sudhajbp8@gmail.com.

lyn bailey

Specialty: Working with Mompreneurs to give them the means to combine motherhood and a business so they have the time and energy to enjoy both to their fullest.

Bio: Lyn is a LOA coach, NLP practitioner, midwife, nurse, mother, grandmother, author, speaker, business owner, who spent her early years of motherhood waiting for her life to “get back to normal”. One day she redefined “normal” and realized that life with four small children was now “normal”, not the life she craved, which was her life before children. She redefined the meaning she placed on “normal” and started to enjoy life and have fun with her family, while continuing to work as a midwife and business owner. Prior to starting her current Wealth Abundance Coaching business, she was employed by a large national private health insurance company for ten years to coach their members who were new moms on how to combine work and motherhood and survive!

ron bailey m.sl, m.div, ed.d

Niche: Parents of children with special needs
Marriage and family relationships
Sexuality Issues
Behavioral Orientation Issues

Dr. Bailey has spent the last 45 years as a pastor, missionary and behavioral therapist. During that time, he has specialized in working with children with special needs and marriage and family relationships. Because of his theological and clinical background coaching based on the Law of Attraction is a natural fit. He works from the philosophy that a problem cannot be solved in the same level of consciousness that created it. Therefore, a new type of thinking is essential if we are to become our best version of ourselves.

Ron has been married to his amazing wife, Kathleen for 28 years. They have four children and two Navajo foster children, all of which are living independently. They live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Ordained Minister: American Baptist Church
Behavior Analyst
Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Missionary: Navajo Reservation

Hours of Service: 9 AM to 9 PM, EST Monday – Saturday

star bailey

Ann (Star) Bailey,DC, RND is a QSCA certified Law of Attraction based coach and healer. A licensed chiropractor utilizing Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) since 1999, Dr. B finds that almost every physical illness starts with an unresolved emotion and it is her goal to get to the root of and then release or resolve those issues using NET and Law of Attraction based exercises. The mind body approach is the most effective way to unlock the immune system’s ability to function properly and is absolutely crucial when dealing with chronic disease states.

Dr. B also is a former professional dancer and singer, as well as a teacher of science, golf, tennis, piano, dance, and of course, chiropractic. She has been called “the doctor’s doctor” as she has treated or coached many health professionals, as well as artists and high level athletes.

She lives in San Marcos, CA on a farm with her dogs, horses and goats and works in her beautiful Solana Beach office across the street from the beach. Chiropractor Solana Beach, CA | Mind Body Chiropractic.

Any problem can be solved, any situation improved when you release resistance. 🙂

Dr. B finds joy in helping you find and release what you know is inhibiting you as well as what is subconsciously affecting you… to give you profound and immediate relief and healing.

Call or text to schedule your first complimentary coaching session 760-518-1139.
Star Bailey D.C., RND Mind Body Chiropractic

ellen bakker

I am a certified Law of Attraction Life coach, master in Child Development and Education, and French, teacher (for 17 years), mentor, years of experience in top sport (while having diabetes type 1 since the age of 7), both as a member of the Dutch national table tennis team and as trainer/coach of teams taking part in the highest division.

I am a Reiki II and energic healing practitioner and I have a diploma in Basic Medical Knowledge.

I have a lot of experience in coaching:

  • teenagers and young adults trying to find the study of job that is right for them
  • people who are unhappy in their job and don’t know what to do about it
  • people of any age and gender with ‘body issues’ like health challenges, eating disorders, weight issues and creating a fit body
  • people with diabetes trying to deal with issues that can exist around this disease

To me it is most beautiful and fulfilling to help people become aware of their own power, so they can reach their full potential and their goals!

For more information you can check out my website or e-mail me:

I would be honored to help you help yourself!

Coaching can be done in English, French and Dutch.
I work flexible hours.

christopher balogh

Christopher is a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Transformation Coach, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Neothink* Mentor.

It is his intention and goal to provide you with assistance, gentle guidance and offer solutions to problems especially where stress/anxiety/worry & fear is present. Its release, resolution and permanent removal from your life, is Christopher’s goal! Christopher has nearly 20 years of self development and growth experience, a very rare standard of precision and wide, unique perspective to be applied to succeed.

He provides Golden Nuggets to reveal paths that were invisible to you before…

The emphasis is always on feeling better about your life!

*Neothink is a new way of thinking using fully integrated honesty and seeing in a wider perspective

Contact Details:
Email : chris_balogh@hotmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-balogh-405659ab?trk=hp-identity-name

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Christopher-Balogh-Life-Transformation-Coaching-2007145119513438/?ref=bookmarks

cari baloun 

Cari is the author of the blog site, Be A Sunflower….
A former rock n roll sweetheart and successful beauty industry professional with over 30 years experience working one-on-one with women of all ages, the pursuit of love and partnership was her greatest mission in life! This lead her down many exciting paths before finally seeking the guidance of numerous love & dating experts. After dedicating many years of her journey to self-help, she not only found peace through spirituality, she also found the love of her life! She is now a QSCA certified LOA personal life coach with a passion for helping spiritual women find their own true love!

Attract Your Perfect Partner
Do you have success everywhere in life except for love? Tired of meeting nothing but losers online? If you are a motivated, open-minded spiritual business woman who is tired of doing everything alone and is ready to share your life with the right partner, my proven Attract Your Perfect Partner Method is a 6-month coaching package that will encourage and empower you by helping you find the clarity you need to make the right choices and feel good about men and romantic love again. You deserve to be happy now, not “when.”

Lifestyle Coaching
Overwhelmed? Feeling stuck? Do you keep repeating the same old patterns over and over again? Are you trying different things but still getting the same results? I have the tools to help you get off the hamster wheel so you can find passion for life again!

Spiritual Coaching
Is meditating too hard? Couldn’t get “The Secret” to work for you? Feel like God doesn’t hear your prayers? As a lifetime devoted Christian, I have discovered that all Law Of Attraction principles are Bible-based. I hold the keys that will help you unlock the power of the spiritual world with respect to your personal belief system. I can even help you heal childhood emotional wounds though my unique Time Machine meditation process!

Coaching for Beauty Industry Professionals
Need to raise prices? Build clientele? Transition from commission to booth rental? With nearly 3 decades experience as a professional in the beauty industry, I can assist you.

Email: CoachingWithCari@gmail.com
Website: www.sunflowerlifecoaching.com

Magdalena Baltyk (Magda)
Wealth and Business LOA Life Coach

‘Attain Wealth and Happiness by developing your Wealth consciousness and allowing your successful Business Venture to manifest around You’

Mrs. Cash aka Magda Baltyk is a Wealth and Happiness Life Coach who through her unique Infinite connection raises the Vibration of Wealth Consciousness and mentors and guides people to awaken their inner –entrepreneur with in. She assists countless of clients around the world to attain Wealth and Happiness by developing and nurturing their ‘Wealth Consciousness’ and taking their ideas to Successful and Fulfilling Business ventures, therefore attaining financial freedom. She is often called Mrs. Cash because her coaching focuses on translating wealth energy into Money. She teaches her clients how to become a ‘Money Energy Translator’. She knows that money is an excellent tool for experiencing joy, love, and happiness, adventure, fulfillment, giving, inspiring others. The true meaning of wealth is a state of being, not a number in the bank account; the number in the bank account is an expression of our Wealth Consciousness state of being.

Magda Baltyk is a Co-Founder of the Wealth Consciousness University, where entrapeneurs are born, businesses are built, and wealth and happiness is a natural state of being.

The Wealth Consciousness University has created a revolutionary, unique approach to attaining financial abundance through Virtual Reality and live, hands on guidance, where one becomes the Dream future-self Now and manifests the life of Abundance.


anita bansal

• Quantum Success Certified Law of Attraction Academy
• Yoga Teacher Training Practitioner

We are the creative being and born in Abundance world everything works with according to the Universal laws that rule our entire Universe we can work with them or we can work against them once we know how these Universal law works then we can practice these laws in every day to day our life according to these Universal laws.

Married my husband is my strength with beautiful two boys.

Email Anita: qsca.laws@hotmail.com
Skype: universal.laws7

sheila barnett

Transformation, Career, and Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Do you ever wonder if you’ve chosen the right career? Have you ever asked yourself why you keep going to a job you hate? Do you feel guilt because you LOVE working but also want to be with your family?

Hi, I’m Shelia Barnett. I am fiercely committed to guiding individuals, particularly women in technical professions to achieve clarity of purpose and freedom from their negative internal voice so they can have the career of their dreams and more quality time at home with their families.

I believe people are naturally creative and know what they want but are sometimes afraid to take a chance. Sometimes they need help developing a plan, someone to objectively listen, ask those questions that provide clarity and help them stay accountable to themselves.

If you are interesting in learning more about me, come to https://sheliabarnett.coachesconsole.com/qsca-page.html and schedule a complementary session.

Or, contact me at shelia@sheliabarnett.com. I will get back with you within 48 hours.

lynn bartrum

Transitions can be incredibly stressful – starting college, beginning or ending a committed relationship, job or career changes, you name it! Transitions can also be the most rewarding time of your life, resulting in amazing personal growth and spiritual development. After 18 years as a CPA, Lynn realized that she loved helping her clients create their dreams—but she didn’t enjoy doing their books. After several years of training in coaching and energy healing techniques, Lynn once again helps clients achieve their dreams—this time by empowering clients as they navigate their own transformational journeys. Lynn is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a Certified LifeForce Coach, a Certified Quick Pulse Practitioner, and a Certified LifeForce Energy Medicine Practitioner. Lynn is currently enrolled in the School of Healing Arts at The Estuary in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lynn lives in Franklin, Tennessee and provides coaching and healing sessions locally at her office at Back in Touch Wellness Center in Nashville. She also provides distance sessions by phone or Skype.

For more information, please visit Lynn’s website at www.lynnbartrum.com. If you are interested in more information about Lynn or wish to schedule an appointment with her, please contact her at lynn@lynnbartrum.com.

shannon baxter

I specialize in helping women who are making career transitions easily shift into a more joyful abundant life.

I am also a certified EFT practitioner and use that process in my coaching practice with clients who are interested.

Please contact me to request a free sample session:
(587) 889 5155

marie-jose beauchesne

Law of Attraction Life Coach

Life Skills Certified: Coaching people to get past physical and emotion pain in order to live their life to the fullest, and deliberately attract; Joy, Abundance, Personal and Professional Growth while connecting with their true self.

Reiki Master: Promoting individual wellness through a Holistic Approach in order to balance mind, body and soul.

Registered Rehabilitation Designation/Certified Vocational Professional: Over 20 years experience in group facilitation and coaching people with cognitive, emotional and physical limitations seeking to manifest their career goals and personal desires.

Click here to contact Marie
Phone: (705) 367-1180


phillis benson

Choose a Rich, Rewarding Life!
Coaching YOU from Transition to Triumph!

About Phillis Benson

I help you stay sane, balanced and centered in your busy life. If you’re ready to create an extraordinary life after a divorce or a career, life transition, I want to work with you.

I’m a trained Life Coach since 2003 (Quantum Success Coach.) With additional education and training in business, human resources management and sociology, I discovered my calling.

I was put on this planet to help busy individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs in transition not only survive, but thrive!

My Mission

  • To help you identify your purpose — your dreams and desires — and gain clarity and focus
  • To transition you from a place of feeling stuck to a place of thriving — personally, professionally and physically
  • To empower you with an action plan to move into your true and authentic self



Connect With Me – My Calendar

www.PhillisBenson.com [life / relationship coach]


janet m. bieschke

Using the Law of Attraction to increase Personal Empowerment in the business world.

Click here to contact Janet



dee black

Supporting your Spiritual Journey

For all of my life, I have been actively and consciously embarking on my spiritual journey. And how wonderful it is that the awe and joy of existence itself, “that we are here at all” only increases.

As my path emerged, I was deeply engrossed in practicing the teachings of such luminaries as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber and Bentinho Massaro, among others. I was actively involved in Craig Hamilton’s community of spiritual evolutionaries for five years, and co-created the Conscious Evolution Hub of Central Canada.

And some of the most valuable things I have learned are: How I show up in daily life is a spiritual practice. I am responsible for how I experience life at all times. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is at work whether I am aware of it or not, so I’d rather be aware of what I am sending out, i.e. magnetizing into my life.

Working with these principles, I could see how focusing on undesired things only increased what I didn’t want. While appreciating all the wonderful things brings so much more good into my experience. Simple yet very powerful.

The LOA is much like gravity, in that it is happening whether we are aware of it or not. We are magnetizing into our lives the vibrational match of what we are sending out. LOA coaching is about helping you become aware of your vibration and about deepening your relationship with your inner wisdom and guidance.

I would love to support you in your spiritual journey of showing up for life with ever-expanding heart and soul.

A joyful heart magnetizes a joyful life.


azizi blissett

Azizi Blissett is a Brand Marketer and an award winning Advertising Art Director. Her art direction credits include creative content for brands such as BMW of North America, Publix Super Markets, Nationwide Insurance, and AT&T. She is an integrated marketing communications professional with a unique blend of 20 years experience in sales, marketing and advertising. A self-starter and entrepreneurial leader, Azizi uses attraction-based marketing principles to provide innovative solutions, concepts and ideas that solve challenges and problems in the market place.

Azizi is also a certified Life Coach specializing in the Law of Attraction. As a Life Coach, Azizi empowers clients to shift limiting thoughts and beliefs to create awareness around the desires they truly want to manifest in their lives. She is the Founder & President of ZFusion, a 501(c) 3 organization that uses art and creativity to promote self-empowerment and emotional independence for women and youth. An accomplished artist, Azizi is also co-author of F.A.I.T.H. (Finding Answers in the Heart), a collaborative book project where she shares her inspirational story of self-empowerment and the art of expression.

SPECIALTY – Individual and Group coaching specializing in attraction-based marketing, life purpose, work/life balance, future visioning and inner child evolution.

shaina blumah

Shaina Blumah has been studying and teaching the power of positive thinking as well as several healing modalities for about 20 years. She is currently immersed in the practice and sharing of the Law of Attraction principles, running workshops and doing group and one-on-one coaching. Shaina is also certified in Reiki Healing Level II, Magnified Healing and is a former yoga teacher.

Shaina studies and practices EFT (tapping) and often will use that in your coaching sessions along with Law of Attraction processes. EFT is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps to release trauma, limiting beliefs, and patterns of thinking and behavior that prevent you from seeing your desires show up in your life.

“I have transformed my own life using these tools and principles and it is my absolute joy to share them with you and help you achieve the same or even more spectacular results. You deserve to be happy, prosperous and empowered!”

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shari bolitho

~ Robert Green Ingersoll

Shari Bolitho is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Graduate of Awakening Your Light Body. She passionately believes in effectively contributing to a greater cause, making a difference, adding value and really having an impact on others as she connects, shares, supports and empowers.

Shari has been actively participating in metaphysics for many years and has always been drawn to support other people and play an important role in their success. She also brings over 25 years successful experience in both corporate and small business, specializing in finance and human resources. She holds a business accounting degree, having also attained her CPA. Shari combines spiritual principles and business experience to provide a unique perspective to enable a client’s transformation both professionally and personally.

She is deeply committed and passionate about showing you how to become your true authentic self, to release the blocks that are holding your back, to deepen your self-love and to take inspired action to achieve accelerated results in all areas of your life.

She is the ‘go to’ person, the person you look to when you need help, the glue that holds everything together. She is an excellent listener and asks numerous powerful questions to gather all the information to better assist you along your journey of empowerment.

Shari’s mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them get to where they want to go. She strongly feels this is her calling.

If you are seeking an honest, caring and compassionate professional who believes in your success and loves connecting and sharing from the heart, she would be honored to work with you.

Contact Details:

To schedule a free discovery coaching session please email your name and contact information to me at –


You can visit my website at:


Phone: (+61) 403 179 320

elizabeth bone

Happiness, Empowerment and Success Coach

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
Authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach
Certified Passion Test Facilitator
Reiki, Level III

It’s time to start living the life you ‘ve imagined. (Henry James, 1843-1916)

I show aspiring people who feel frustrated with their progress and stuck, how to dissolve their blocks and accomplish their goals to create a life they love filled with energy, enthusiasm, success, prosperity, and joy.

I use a clear, step-by-step system to help you go from where you are to where you want to be. I show you how to use the mind-body tool of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT) to clear subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs and how to apply the Law of Attraction and other laws of the Universe to accelerate your progress in accomplishing your money, personal, and professional goals to manifest your dreams. I show you how to uncover and use your passions as clues to your unique destiny. As Joseph Campbell said, “When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there were doors . . . and the world will step in and help.” From my personal experience I know that Joseph Campbell’s statement is true. When I have followed my heart and applied the Law of Attraction I’ve manifested work I truly loved and the exact income I desired.

I have been doing energy work and personal growth development for more than 30 years. I am a parent of two young adult daughters. Before becoming a Law of Attraction Life Coach I was a teacher. My work as a teacher and as a parent has supported my life purpose of helping people to clear away obstacles and access their genius to go in the direction of their dreams.

I’d love to help you manifest your dreams. Please contact me for a free Clarity, Strategy, Action Session. You will leave this session being really clear on your short and long term goals, the biggest obstacles that are stopping you and you will know exactly what you should focus on to move forward. You will know if my coaching program is a good match for you. If it’s not I will recommend resources to assist you.

To schedule a free session please email your name and contact information to me at eacbone@gmail.com

marielle borthwick

Passion Coach

I believe everybody, you and me included, has a right to live the life of their dreams. The happy, passionate life. But first we must know what our dream life is like, what our passions are.

I will guide you, support you, and hold you accountable on your path to discover and have courage to follow your passions, step by step. I know it is not easy. I have been there, and the journey continues…

You don’t need to search your way blindly, not knowing which turn to take. You can just enjoy the walk and KNOW that you are on the right path if you follow your bliss.

There is lots of work and patience and persistence involved, but guess what?

You’ll enjoy it because you’ll be doing what you love.

Once you have discovered your passion, the purpose will become clear. You will be at peace with yourself more and more. You can play and have fun with life!

To get started, sign up for my FREE report – ’5 Ways To Discover Your Passion’ – which helps you to explore and find out what is ‘your thing’ that makes your unique self SHINE in the world:


mandy boss

I currently reside on the Central Coast NSW Australia, it is a retirement area for people who have finished work and moved up here to enjoy the lakes that surround us and the fishing, beautiful beaches and idyllic views of our glorious landscape. There are a lot of people up here too who commute to Sydney to work by train or drive about a 2 hour drive both ways. So there are also young people living here with their families.

I am a Holistic Practitioner certified in Bowen Therapy, Reflexology and I do Therapeutic Massage on elderly and people with disabilities. I also do Reiki healing, and feel that this is incorporated when doing massage or Bowen therapy, it’s releasing built up stress from the muscle, and releasing and shifting peoples negativity into positive awareness.

Ive always liked helping others find answers, sometimes you are a listener for people who come for a massage and have questions about how life isn’t going their way, or they’re in pain with their body and need to get some ease not only physical ease, but it’s about mind body spirit a balance in all areas, and when we find our body is causing undue pain, it can be very debilitating.

The life coaching will really help asking the right questions and letting people vent within their hour being here for body work, coaching or other work releasing their innermost fears in a comfortable and confidential way.

My specialty is families, relationships between parents and their kids, and relationship issues between husband and wife, also grief, I feel i could coach any one particular coaching. I have a rapport with young adults and adults, children will need their parents present, and also i would get a permission note from their parents even for young adults 18-21.

Email Mandy: mandyboss2011@gmail.com

tra holloway boxer

One of my greatest joys in life has been working with others to help them achieve their full potential. For twenty-five plus years I was able to do this combining my education, skills and training as a psychologist and educator.

Six years ago I retired from the public school sector and reduced my private practice with the intention of becoming a Life Coach. I took several excellent Coaching classes and began a different focus in my work. Although I work with all ages, I really enjoy and have been particularly successful with young adults (teenagers and college students) in defining their goals, holding them accountable and designing plans to achieve them.

Embracing a quote of one of my teachers, Wayne W. Dyer, “There is no way to happiness, Happiness is the way.” I am choosing to become/focus on being a “Law of Attraction,” “Happiness,” Life Coach. If you are interested in this kind of support, or know of someone who could benefit from it, please pass this on.

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Phone: 925 349 9557

nicole boothe

Nicole coaches independent and strong willed women to transform their current relationships into the passionate partnership they have always seen themselves having. Nicole also coaches single women looking to create the same.

ann marie brand

Born and raised on Long Island (NY, USA) I have been living in Switzerland for over 30 years. I hold a BA in History from CW Post College of Long Island University. I have worked in retail as an assistant buyer and on Wall Street in International Banking. For the last 20 years + I have taught English in an international company. I received my diploma from the QSCA in spring 2015. I am a mother to beautiful young woman.

Email: am.abundant@gmail.com
Website: http://www.abundant-coaching.com/

alex bratty

Alex Bratty is a certified Law of Attraction life coach, motivational speaker, and author of From Chaos to Clarity: Getting Unstuck & Creating a Life You Love.

Her work helps clients transform their lives by empowering them with personal development techniques, resources, and processes so they can take action to create and live the life they truly want.

She specializes in getting people unstuck – whether you are facing a major life transition, personal or professional challenges, if your life is not going in the direction you want it to, Alex can help get you back on track so you can realize your potential and the success you deserve.

She lives by the belief that we can all find happiness, abundance, and joy; that we just need to discover what we really want, rather than what we think we should want.

For more information and to check out what her clients are saying about working with her: http://alexbratty.com/testimonials/

Contact Alex today for a free consultation: 702-489-5124 or alex@alexbratty.com

adriane brower

Name: Adriane Brower
Born: 22 December 1982
Country: United States of America

Adriane Brower is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach currently living in NE Oklahoma with her family.

Adriane Brower has helped many people with understanding and using the Law of Attraction in their everyday lives. Adriane Brower has been using the Laws of Attraction for over 7 years. During those seven years, Adriane married her amazing husband Robert, had a miscarriage, gave birth to her second daughter, had two major surgeries, lost her mother to cancer, lost her job of 14 years in the medical field, and went back to school at the QSCA to become a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

Adriane Brower specialties are, but not limited to:
• Grief
• Faith
• Self-Allowing
• Parenting

Adriane Brower’s Hours: All Hours Are CST

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am-4pm & 6pm-9pm
Wednesday: 10am-4pm & 6pm-9pm
Thursday: 10am-4pm & 6pm-9pm
Friday: 10am-4pm
Saturday: 12pm-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Fees: One-on-One
15 mins $45.
30 mins $75.
60 mins $135.

Group: $45 per person

cathy brown

Cathy Brown is a Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and graduate of Awakening Your Light of Light Body, Energy Mindfulness for Awakening Consciousness and Hypnotherapy. She is honored and privileged to have been personally mentored by Christy Whitman and serves as an authorized instructor for Christy’s course “The Art of Having It All,” based on her best-selling book.

In addition to being an active participant in metaphysical studies for over 30 years, Cathy brings a wealth of business building and entrepreneurial experience to her coaching. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has developed several successful businesses. Cathy combines the spiritual principles and pragmatic business experience to develop a unique perspective for her client’s transformation.

Cathy’s area of Coaching focus:

1. Business Mentoring – Building Your Coaching Business
By serving as a Mentor in the QSCA, Cathy understands your concerns about how to transform your enthusiasm, knowledge and skills into a financially successful coaching practice. How to get off the starting blocks, gain confidence and move forward to serve paying clients. By using Christy’s “Alignment – Momentum” philosophy, Cathy can guide you to release your blocks and embark on your coaching career.

2. Discovering Your WHY
Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior-you gain instant clarity on the choices you’ve made in your life aa you begin to understand your true authentic self, maybe for the first time. Your world actually starts to make sense. You now have a foundation to build upon.

3. Personal Life Coaching
Sessions to guide you in achieving your desired goals by using the Law of Attraction, Light Body, Future Visioning and Hypnotherapy processes and techniques. If you are truly committed to grow in any or all areas of your life, Cathy is here to assist you.

Cathy has a compassionate, fun, humorous and down to earth coaching style with the ability to break down challenging concepts into bite-size understandable pieces so you can use them in your everyday life. She is a knowing teacher, a trusted mentor/coach and a believer in miracles. She has personally experienced the wonders of the Universal Laws and would be truly honored to serve you on your journey to transforming your life…one thought at a time.

You are invited to visit Cathy’s website at http://lifecoachingbycathy.com and receive FREE gifts and a subscription to her weekly newsletter. You may contact Cathy at Cathy@lifecoachingbycathy.com

Margot Buchanan

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach & Certified Clear Beliefs Coach
Located in Australia
Website: HeartSmiles.com.au
Email: margot@heartsmiles.com.au

What would it mean for you if you were truly flourishing?
I would love to help you clarify this & then to help you to create it – consciously & confidently – for yourself!

In my coaching:

  • I really ‘see’ YOU & your amazing inner Light!
  • I help you clear any beliefs that have blocked your inner Light & your outer dreams
  • I hold safe, gentle, sacred space for you as you transform yourself & your life
  • I help you create the life that you truly want!

If this appeals to you & you’d like to see if we’re a good fit to work together – reach out to me for a free introduction consult on the following link

janene burton

Empowering Women in Relationships
and to Greater Abundance

I am Janene Burton. Throughout my career, I have chosen to be a teacher, workshop leader, and life coach, as I love to serve and assist others! I am always excited to help and teach people from my knowledge and experience. I love to inspire people to achieve their ultimate personal greatness!

My purpose in life coaching in this venue, is to show all my clients how to improve their relationships with partners and loved ones, through honor, and value with their “authentic selves”! We can all realize that building relationships upon the power of abundance and trust brings healing, love, and joy.

I am here to help you, and would love guide you to true lasting happiness!

Janene Burton ~ M.ed


rhonda busby

Worked as a registered nurse for ten years, as a midwife for 24 years
I have taken the following trainings:- Enneagram (certified)
– Guided Self Healing
– BodyTalk (certified)
– Emotional Freedom Technique
– Energy Medicine
– Bachelor’s Degree in Astrological Studies from Kepler College 2007
– 2-year training in Vedic Astrology from The American College of Vedic Astrology

My niche is Vedic astrology, particularly panchanga, which is Sanskrit for five limbs and indicates the five placements of Sun and Moon in the birth chart. The panchanga at the moment of one’s birth describes the underlying energy of one’s life. The soul incarnates into the five elements of matter through the Sun (the male purusha or soul) and Moon (the female forces of regeneration). It is the key to understanding the deeper levels of the chart which gives information about one’s nature and what one is dealing with in life. I offer coaching as a means to assist people in dealing with and optimizing the energies in their birth chart, and in their lives.

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divina caballo


Law of attraction life coaching in general, and i am especially good at health coaching and helping people with nutritional consultations to help achieve the optimal health.


Divina, bestselling author of Reawaken Your Authentic Self, certified law of attraction life coach and founder of Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy, the program that helps individuals maximize their talent to their fullest potential so that they can generate an abundant lifestyle. The Academy is all about teaching people about awakening their authentic selves to get ahead in their personal and professional lives.

Her new books “Divina’s Living Caribbean Cuisine” and “Divina’s Hearty Raw Foods” inspire others on her passion for healthy and tasty living!

Divina experienced a profound transformation where the essence of her highest self merged back into her physical body, after a period of five years of intensely following the teachings written in her book “Reawaken Your Authentic Self”. Since then she has dedicated her life to reawakening others into their authentic selves to realize their dreams through her own artistic talents and message. The powerful teachings in her book Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy had a profound effect on her journey in rediscovering and reawakening her authentic self within and sharing and teaching this message of reawakening with others.

Meet Divina and her talents and gifts at:

adriana carballo

On the surface I am a life coach, a mother, a HoopYogini Master Teacher and Hoop Love coach, but what I really do is to activate happiness and connection and add joy into the everyday lives of families around the world.

My work is focused on mothers – especially those who live abroad and away from their ROOTS – helping them to live and parent from a space of joy and ease rather than chaos and struggle.

I use the hula hoop as a tool to help you feel more alive, playful, peaceful and connected with you body and your loved ones AND to learn how to bring all of that to other areas of your life.

She is creatress of Powerful Moms, 3 Daily Habits for a Strong and Happy Mom Mind and the founder of the family festival RECONÉCTATE in Costa Rica. A hula hoop, yoga and wellness event for families to play, explore and discover new ways to live a more happy, healthy and conscious life. She is also the founder of Happiness in Motion. A family road trip in started in Denmark to activate happiness and connect people through the power of circles, movement, gratitude play that is now expanding to have ambassadors in other countries around the world.

Adriana is a certified Quantum Success Life Coach, HoopYogini™ Master Trainer and HoopLove coach.

She is also a doTERRA essential oils wellness advocate, Hoop Love Coach and mother of two children.

In her work she blends her passion for living with joy, empowering families and women, holistic wellness and movement into a unique and powerful offering to help you activate play and possibility in your life.

Monday to Friday (excluding Thursdays) – 9.30 am to 3 pm Copenhagen time – Central European time. Great times for clients in Asia and Australia.

Late hours available every 2 weeks for clients in Latin America and North America.

Women with small children between 3 and 10 years old , Expat Moms


christina (kiki) cardarelli

I am a Creativity Coach and am excited to use the Law of Attraction to empower you to follow your bliss. I love to help people explore their inner artist. If you’ve lost your groove because of your full-time job, your full-time family or just want to get back in touch with your creative self after retirement, we can ignite your passion. I work with any stage of creativity, the beginner, emerging or established Artist. I have the experience of exploring my own creativity and can help you find your inspiration too! We’ll explore your passion for painting, drawing, writing, acting, music, sculpting, architecture, design or any other talent you have. We’ll get rid of blocks, get a flow going and help you find the pleasure in being fully engaged with your talent, gifts and passion, whatever that may be.

If you want to work with an LOA coach who is deeply committed to your success, and will encourage and support you to take action on your dreams and achieve your goals, I’d be honored. Together we can tap into and explore the huge arena of your Creativity and Possibility. I’ll hold your vision and have your back!

Along with my LOA Coach Certification, I have experience as an emerging artist and photographer. I have Art Gallery experience, selling high end art and have had shows of my work. I can guide you on the practical, emotional and spiritual levels to love and honor your gift of creativity!

A discovery session is only a phone call away!! 360-671-3575

Email: kikicardarelli@gmail.com
website: www.kikicardarelli.com

sally carmany

Specialty: Life Purpose and Direction

Together I will guide you step by step in:

Finding Direction and creating a life that’s in harmony with your souls purpose and know what that is. To stretch invisible boundaries, release resistance and negative chatter, reinforce the ability to take action and unite desires with belief. Provide you with practical and attainable tools needed to Live on Purpose and return to your natural state of Freedom, Well Being, Joy, and Passion. I will provide a clear pathway of understanding using the undeniable and always consistent Universal Law of Attraction to expand and improve your life, along with compassionate, authentic, active listening. Powerful questions that guide you to your own inner wisdom and genius, and guaranteed absolute confidentiality.

Requirements – Bring Your Heart, Your Questions, and Your Burning Desire.

Bio – I am a Spirit – Led graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy which teaches in depth the Law of Attraction along with many, many other Powerful and Expansive Truths, meditations, and skills. I have studied and practiced metaphysics and spirituality for over 20 years and presumably many lifetimes. My primary teachers are Abraham-Hicks, Jane Roberts and Seth, Sanaya Roman and Orin, Duane Packer and Da Ben, as well as literally countless other brilliant teachers, coaches and guides. I have coached successfully people from all different backgrounds and ages and have experience in coaching coaches as well. I myself too, benefit from my own personal private coach, knowing the priceless value of this life giving work and the direction it offers.

But my greatest accomplishment is learning to consciously and deliberately guide my thoughts, flow energy and to know my power and my worth. My greatest Joy is in sharing it with you.

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Lucrecia Carreras

My name is Lucrecia Carreras and I am a Certified Law of Attraction Coach specialized in emotions and spirituality. My niche is relationship, working with your best and eternal friend, yourself and linking it with the relationships we co-create with the others around us.

My journey has been quite long, I started with Reiki eight years ago and I became a Master, I studied Akashic Registers, PNL, EFT-Tapping, non verbal and emotional communication and lots of other courses until I arrive to Coaching, an amazing journey within myself searching for my own true identity that is driving me to my own inner peace and Joy. While traveling I have been finding hidden pieces of myself which I have been matching one by one until the puzzle of my life has become clear and more in accordance of my authentic and deeper self.

I have arrived to the understanding that life is Constant Change and with that vision I have discovered hidden abilities, emotions and passions which are the ones who are now driving my life. It seems to me that I have been driven through an invisible hand that has showed me how to find the right people, situations and events that had clearly convinced me that we have arrived here to be happy and that this is our Birthright.

In my coaching practice I use all tools and techniques that I have learnt through all this years including my intuition, this sixth sense that we all have to connect with others in a very profound and personal way that helps me hold my clients vision of their heartfelt dreams and to achieve their most cherished goals.

As you can see I am a very passionate person and coach and I share my sense of humor in my coaching practice so my clients and I are having good fun while we rediscover ourselves in the journey.


kelly catalano

I am a certified Prosperity Guide and Law of Attraction life coach. My practice is all about facilitating the forward upward movement from where you are to where you desire to be by helping you find your vision and using this vision to design a life plan for tomorrow’s dreams today. I empower my clients to find solutions uplifting not only to them but those around them leading to a more fulfilled, balanced and effective life. By using successful coaching principles and Law of Attraction, I assist my clients into living a wonderful exciting life by design.


Contact Kelly today!

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mark cecot

Our anchor’s too big for our ship.
So we’re sittin’ here tryin’ to think.
If we leave it behind we’ll be lost.
If we haul it on board, we will sink.
If we sit and keep talkin’ about it,
It will soon be too late for our trip.
It sure can be rough on a sailor
When the anchor’s too big for the ship.
(From: A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein)How many of us have had this scenerio play out in our lives? Our problems (anchors) seem impossible to leave behind-we’d seem almost incomplete without them. Take ownership of them, make them yours and you will surely sink! The more you sit and focus on these problems, the more of your ultimate life voyage you are missing out on!Where do I begin? Isn’t there more to life? How could this happen to me? How do I know I’m doing the right thing? How do I know which way to go? Mark’s desire is to help you see that the anchor is never too big for your ship! Sometimes you just need to know where to start. Mark will gladly assist you as you embark on your ultimate life’s voyage. The purpose of Mark’s coaching is to help you realize your direction!His passion for coaching was born out of years of searching for answers to life’s deepest, biggest questions, to see different results. He knows that there is a greater potential and purpose within each of us.

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Melody Chadamoyo

My name is Melody Chadamoyo. I am a Passion Relationship Expert. I will be combining Feminine Elegance, and the Essential Laws of the Universe to help my clients enjoy the best relationship you could ever imagine. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life/Relationship Coach. My passion is to help women discover and use their Feminine Elegance so that they enjoy their relationships with men at the highest level. My own life experience, deep and wide research and Universal laws are the tools I use to help you make your relationship awesome!

For a lot of people relationships have always been said to be hard and full of pain. I believe the reason is because people expect them to just work with no input whatsoever from them.

I will help you discover and show you how to use the secrets that will take your relationship from frustrating to awesome in a very short time. When you start using these secrets you will feel more confident to deal with any situation, feel more connected to your loved one and feel happier. All your relationships even work ones will improve. Using Feminine Elegance is the power to enjoying all you want and more.

To connect with me for a complimentary 30 minute session email me at melodych23@gmail.com or heartpassioninstitute@gmail.com Connect with me via Skype: Meltch.

You may also call me in Dublin, Ireland: +353879596258.

dawn chandler

My mission is to aide individuals seeking assistance in expanding their Life’s Journey. By helping you create a crystal clear, step by step plan to take your life from where you are now to where you want to be, in the shortest amount of time. To alleviate stress, to emancipate freedom and to celebrate the manifestation of your desires.

Business Expansion Expert
Relationship Rescue Coordinator
Weight Release Control Coach
Internal Influence Instructor
Meditation Mentor
Certified Law Of Attraction Coach

Phone: 424-203-8405

alison chatmon


Specialty: Ideas-coaching that provides individualized sessions for people with ideas, dreams and desires that are interested in them moving forward.
The sessions are structured to help individuals:
• Focus on their desires
• Expand and explore idea possibilities
• Generate productive brainstorming methods
• Provide assistance in the goal setting process
• Create a positive and encouraging experience which is empowering and motivating
• Calm any resistance experienced

Bio: This past summer Alison Chatmon received her Law of Attraction life coaching certificate through Quantum Success Coaching Academy to increase her knowledge in assisting others with their ideas and to support them by encouraging her clients to expand beyond their limitations.

Alison has 12+ years of experience as a driven operations and project manager for an interpretive planning, design and fabrication firm with a record of managing projects involving various levels of complexity. She comes from a very dynamic environment where concepts are constantly being developed and taken through a range of stages of design and construction. With her skills and training, she has been able to successfully apply many principles to her ideas-coaching business to help others visualize and realize their ideas and wishes for the future.

Alison has also organized and facilitated a series of creative and goal setting workshops for individuals as well as corporate clients over the past few years. Additionally, she has experience working with a diverse group of clients. This expertise qualifies her as an asset to a wide range of individuals that are ready to move forward with their intentions. Alison has a true passion to inspire people to reach their goals. She also feels a sense of joy and pride connecting and empowering others which is reflective in the benefits gained by each of her clients.

Prior to Alison beginning her professional career she obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in industrial design from the Illinois Institute of Technology at the School of Architecture and Design in Chicago.

Bachelor of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, Institute of Design, School of Architecture and Design

Certified Life Coach
Quantum Success Coaching Academy, June 2015


cj gertrude chen, ph. d.

I teach people the Laws of the Universe so that they can gain a new perspective and deeper understanding of life, and to take action to achieve their personal dreams.

My niche is retirees or anyone seeking a new perspective and deeper understanding of life.

Chinese is my first language, although I speak English as well.

I offer one complimentary coaching via Skype.


Cindy Cieslinski

Intuitive Life Coach

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach as well as a Reiki Master practitioner. One of my greatest joys in life is to help others connect to their heart and make deliberate, conscious choices from that space within themselves.

My mission is to help you remember who you really are, to reconnect with your true authentic self. It is my purpose, honor, and passion to bring light, hope, and joy to those searching for a better way.

I provide opportunities for healing, happiness, peace and spiritual awakening through life coaching and Reiki. Clarity comes when you know what it is that you truly want. Your new found awareness will guide you in following your heart and inner wisdom, leading to the manifestations of your dreams. Reiki is universal life force energy, a profound system of natural healing for mind, body and spirit. It allows the fullness of life to be lived through you. Reiki treats the whole person, having an effect on your health and well-being, by rebalancing, cleansing, and renewing your internal energy system.

If you desire movement in your life, I can help guide and support you in following your heart’s desires. I will be your partner along this path so you can take the necessary steps forward. As you learn to tap into your own intuition, you will be able to shift into the wisdom that already resides within you.

In every moment you choose love or fear… your thoughts create your life. What are you choosing? Let me help you deliberately create a life you LOVE!!

Heart-connecting is the basis of all of life…everything begins from within. Connect with me to begin your journey!

For more info please connect with me at:

Michele Howe Clarke

Specialty: Change Agent – making the change that really creates the difference in your life, Moving from Surviving to Thriving

Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now! www.faceforwardbook.com

Click here to contact Michele

Anik Clemens

Anik is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Essential Oil Educator and owner and founder of Anik Perspectives. Anik combines the unique coupling of essential oils with life coaching in her practice for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Anik’s mission is to empower those who are motivated to live their best possible lives and take the risks needed to get there. Whether your desire is better health, wanting to take your business to the next level, or simply building your confidence, Anik offers tools and techniques to help make these dreams a reality.

Anik’s skills and expertise include One-on-One Coaching, leading and organizing Team Building Workshops, Adventure Retreats and Speaking Engagements.

Please contact Anik at anik@anikperspectives.com and visit her website at anikperspectives.com.

laura clooney

I have a background in Nursing and have been a Midwife for many years.
I have a keen interest in health, well-being and Nutrition.
My areas of interest are in Relationships, Career change,
Life coaching…. I feel I would like to help women with infertility issues also.
I feel drawn to working with women.

Email: clooney.lauraj@gmail.com

tina collura

I specialize in motivating people to achieve their desired goals in life and in the careers. I am also specialized in helping People Managers guide and mentor their employees. I have been known to build high performing teams and I help other managers do the same.

Hours: Monday (all day and night), Wednesday 9am to 1pm, and Tuesdays, Thursday’s, Friday’s after 8pm

Phone Business: 416 855 2882
Phone Home: 289 304 8203
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susan collum

How would you like to blossom?

The only thing you need to do to heal, grow, blossom, and live that kickass you life you want so much – but may be too afraid to know you want – is to make the decision that this is your time. Time to allow yourself to bring forth a life aligned with your newest vision.

I know. It’s scary. It can feel hard to make giant changes. Here’s a secret: It doesn’t have to be hard at all. You can push through the fear and find the light at the end of that dark road you’ve been on.

You don’t have to do it alone. The universe has your back, and so do I.

I’m Susan Collum.

I coach Blossoming Women through their big life changes to achieve their own version of a kickass life. I’ve been there. I have been where you are. And I can tell you the path ahead is full of shimmering possibilities.

A kickass life is what I’ve claimed as possible for myself. And it’s possible for you.

You are here to create the world around you as you choose. On this day of your life experience your only real work is to decide what you want and then focus upon it.

Sounds easy, right?

As a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, it’s my job to help you feel supported and give you the tools to get through the vulnerable moments and on to the path of your blossoming life.

What does that look like for you?

A reclaimed life.
Better health, improved relationships, abundant joy, an exuberant kickass blossoming life on your terms. You. Yes, You. You were made for it.

So….are you ready to Be the Blossom?


bilijana condric

My intention is to help you (re)discover the Source of Joywithin yourself, which, truly, is independent of the life situations you find yourself in. When we live and create from this space, everything is possible.

I am here to remind you how powerful you are and that all the answers are within you.

You can have a joyful and abundant life!

I know this for sure, because I faced myself great life challenges. My life journey so far has led me through the roads of illness, the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina , the loss of my dearest and all material possessions , the refugee years, difficulties throughout my studies, moving abroad, and then, to a change in my career. I have experienced the deepest pain from which no one believes they can ever recover. I know what it means to be in a life situation that seems to have no solution. But I did find the way to come out of them as a stronger person and now I live a truly fulfilled life.

If you feel inspired to work with me, you can contact me to request a free sample session:
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Coaching can be done in German, English and Serbo-Croatian.

penny cooper

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.
William James – Philosopher

Penny Cooper is fiercely committed to guiding women who are totally stressed, unfocused and exhausted, to achieve peace, calm and happiness so they can have the life of their dreams with renewed energy and enthusiasm, be clear-headed, focused and make positive life decisions.

If you are looking for a professional who can guide you to address your stress, exhaustion and how you relate to your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. With 20 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to give you tools to recognize and combat your specific stress triggers so you can quickly come back to your relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

My path to become a stress release life coach became clear at an early age. As a professional dancer the stress on the mind and body was intense. I started meditating which helped tremendously, and then at the hairdressers one day I saw an advert to train to become a Shiatsu Practitioner. My life completely changed and I qualified four years later. This started my path to helping people and I knew this would be my life’s work. The course also rekindled my love of learning and so I studied and qualified as a masseuse, starting a business up in the UK offering both these services.

Years later, having moved to Australia and started a family I realized that stress is such a major factor in our lives, including mine. I came across the Law of Attraction Life Coaching Academy course and knew with complete certainty that the final piece was now in place.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact my work has on their lives. Example comments include:

 “Guided meditations with Penny are an amazing experience. They have helped me with area’s in my life especially dealing with my son’s issues. After a session with Penny I am relaxed and have clarity within my self. Like a new person. Penny also helped me though a painful break up. You are a angel. Thank you.” (Tania)

 “My sessions with Penny really helped me through some stressful times in my life – I was in between jobs and I was having some family problems too. Sometimes all I needed was an outside perspective, someone to talk to, but Penny also helped me set some goals to get my life back on track and taught me a number of techniques to help me deal with negativity, anxiety and stress on a day to day basis. She was there just at the right time in my life and it really helped!” ( Nicole)

 “My life coaching visits with Penny were undertaken during a period of extreme stress within my family. The processes she encouraged me to practice helped me to look at myself in a better light and approach the situation from an improved angle. Being able to change the way I dealt with the circumstances and people in my life at that particular time not only benefited my health and well being, but also of those around me.” (Gillian)

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to serve in the powerful ways that I can support your success.
What lights me up about this work is knowing that I am making a difference in women’s lives so they can truly find that state of inner and outer peace and know they have the tools to stay there.

What sets me apart from the other service providers is that I have experienced extreme stress to an intense degree and found my way back to be where I am today. Through weekly/fortnightly 50 minute sessions, using various processes and techniques to support you through resolving and releasing your stress issues we journey together to get you feeling balanced, relaxed and ready for anything.

Five things about me and my experiences that might surprise and delight you – while serving our work together.

1. I was totally stressed out from looking after my very ill mother, working three jobs and trying to get pregnant. Through relaxation techniques I was able to help my mother, sort my personal life out and get pregnant.
2. I was involved in three car accidents in one year, none of which I caused, to be told I wouldn’t dance again and would be in constant pain. I used all my knowledge through movement, meditation and processes to fully recover.
3. I experienced the worst nightmare of a marriage possible, abuse, violence, and torture, but through using the life coaching coarse processes I became strong and confident to the point of leaving that toxic marriage and finding happiness again.
4. I used a Law of Attraction Life Coaching technique to attract my ideal partner and am now enjoying an incredible, fun-filled and healthy relationship.
5. I have used many techniques on my daughter to help her through her teenage years to become the beautiful, bright and wondrous person she is.

I offer you to a free initial consultation to find out if we are a perfect match for each other and how best I can serve you.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the stress free life you desire. Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best. Skype and uberconference details on request.

Penny Cooper

Stress Release Life Coach
M +61402 378 595

bambi corso

I’ve learned many things in my life – including during my career in the professional world – the most important of which is to have passion. Whatever I have ever wanted, I’ve worked hard for; that sense of persistence and patience has stayed with me throughout my life. I always knew what I was passionate about. I wanted to inspire and guide people to blossom into the extraordinary people they came here to be, to guide them to their highest potential, spiritual well-being and wholeness.

I also learned the power of inspiration, of following ones dreams and of creating a life that welcomes abundance. I have always been inspired to embrace the what is on the way to the what can be. I have welcomed curiosity, and have studied with those who incorporate universal laws and the wisdom of dreams in order to reach my own authentic life, in other words, my calling. That calling, as a life practitioner, is to share, to coach, and to empower anyone with the desire to live their life with purpose.

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Dreamworker.

I believe in possibilities; in the power of change; and know that every individual has the ability to chart a different path simply by choosing an authentic life based on deliberate choices.

As a Life Coach, I use my training to help clients open their minds to enhanced perspectives that support these changes, working to overcome limiting beliefs that may keep them from manifesting the life they desire. I use my expertise in dreamwork to help support that mindset, utilizing the guidance and wisdom from their night time dreams to work in connection with their coaching sessions.

I have studied the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Carl Jung, James Hillman, Neale Donald Walsch, Marion Woodman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Martín Prechtel, Gregg Levoy and Jack Canfield; Krishnamurti, Gandhi, Kahlil Gibran, A Course in Miracles, Tara Singh, and so many more. I completed my life coaching certification through The Quantum Success Coaching Academy’s Certification Program, and became a certified DreamTender through DreamTending, a clinical training program created by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, President of Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. I am a member of The Association for the Study of Dreams as well as an on-going review editor for The Dream Network Magazine. In addition, I am a contributing author for the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career.

Website: www.BambiCorso.com
Email: Bambi@BambiCorso.com

brent cottle

My niche in personal development could sway more towards healing/health and relationships.

I have a wide knowledge base of many forms/techniques that encompass the spectrum of personal development which has always assisted me in recommending the right process requirements that may suit any given client.

My life is very busy with not enough hours in the day it seems but the changes I am experiencing lately and especially doing the QSCA course are really crunching my desires to make big changes in my life and I see so many exciting times ahead in my life that I just can’t wait – like my life is about to move forward into a whole new chapter of Joy, Ease & Glory.

Click here to contact Brent
Phone: +6463558410

Kali Coultas

Kali Coultas is a life coach, holistic healer, aromatherapist, and citrus and avocado farmer in the beautiful Ojai Valley of Southern California. From 1999-2010 she studied a wide variety of holistic healing courses (Massage levels 1 & 11, Energetics of Process, Women’s Cycles, Lymphatic Drainage, Polarity Therapy, Thai Massage, Organic Breathing, Meditation, Kinesiology, and Aromatherapy) from the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara, California and the Ojai School of Massage in Ojai, California.

She believes that by listening to our bodies we can heal and do anything, and our true path to wholeness starts with understanding and listening to ourselves. Integrating life coaching with holistic healing has been a wonderful natural experience that has enhanced her own life and the lives of her clients. It is her desire to help each one of us achieve “wholeness” by healing our “whole” selves, and she believes this is possible for all of our humanity.

She is currently teaching classes on abundance, empowerment and life after loss online and offline, working one on one with individuals and loving her life as a mother, partner, and farmer in the Ojai Valley.

You can find out more about her and her classes on her website www.RipeningMe.com

sarai perez cowin

As a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and former Educator, I am passionate about guiding individuals to become self-empowered so they may realize their highest goals, visions and dreams.

By utilizing Law of Attraction coaching principles, I help my clients gain clarity to determine inspired action-steps conducive toward a desired end-result.

In my practice, I address the whole person – mind, body, and soul – to empower clients to lead a more fulfilled, balanced and effective life. Mindfulness, meditation, creative visualization, and other relaxation tips, tools and techniques are utilized to complement the personal Life Coaching experience.

“Once you know where you are going, set your course, take action, and Stay the Course.”

Find out how personal Life Coaching can support your continued growth and development and self-empowerment.

I offer one-on-one, group coaching, seminars and workshops.

Contact me today to schedule an introductory strategy session.

Your Success Coach,

Sarai Perez Cowin
Phone: 407-493-5846
Email: info@successcoachsarai.com

nancy cox

My passion is helping mothers of blended families move toward a positive way of being. The most important question in life is do you love yourself? From self-love we can blossom our other relationships like flowers. I am heart-centered coach who helps women become their best selves.

As a parent/step-parent of four children ages 6-16, I provide processes geared to moms rebuilding their self-esteem after giving so much to their children. I am passionate about self-care and believe that if we can take care of ourselves, we can provide better care, joy and perspective to our children.

As a certified yoga instructor, I am always keenly aware of honouring mind, body and spirit. Once a struggling single, divorced mom juggling endless responsibilities and struggling with debt, I hired a coach and got myself back on track. I manifested my soul mate, my dream home, a career that got me back home with my children (where I most love to be) and releasing debt. I now love the process of manifestation and enjoy sharing my abundance with my family through vacations during holidays.

Realizing that coaching, particularly LOA coaching was such a powerful tool, I started my business in 2013. I graduated from the QSCA in 2014, and then Awakening Your Light Body the next year. Now, I am also an energy healer. and yoga teacher.

In fact, I have been a student of yoga for 20 years and meditation for 30 years! So, teaching people how to meditate is something I feel called to do by spirit and I am very passionate about! I specialize in healing meditations. If you would like to read what my clients are saying about my coaching, please go to: http://nancycoxlifecoaching.com/testimonials/

Nancy Cox
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach,
Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Light Body Graduate
B.A. Psychology


karin cross

• Creating and Attracting work that inspires and energizes you;
• Turning dream jobs and callings into reality;
• Overcoming depression, finding joy in the day-to-day.

I am a certified Law of Attraction Speaker, Teacher and Coach and a Certified Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of experience helping and guiding individuals into jobs and careers in which they naturally thrived while leveraging talent and passion for the benefit of the organization

I use:
• My practical Human Resources and Employer experience;
• My knowledge of the Universal Laws;
• And my ability to connect others with their Higher Selves…
1. Help individuals of all ages and stages align with fun, meaningful and rewarding work – through employment, entrepreneurship and volunteerism;
2. And lead organizations in making quantum leaps in employee engagement and contribution

Another area in which I have extensive life experience is depression. Life as a depressed person who desperately wanted to be happy gave me the conviction to do whatever it took to find happiness. It was in learning about the Law of Attraction and realizing that I am (my physical body) an extension of my greater Spirit that I found my path to joy. I know deep sadness, and I know the way out. I share my journey and my knowledge of Universal Laws and our Inner Beings to help you release the sadness and live your life “happily ever after.”

So if you’re wanting to experience more joy, more purpose and more satisfaction in your work and your day-to-day life, contact me at karincross@asamatterofthought.com to schedule a free consultation.


tracy crowe

I am a certified Law of Attraction life coach and I specialize in creating, maintaining, and strengthening relationships; with yourself, with others, and with the Universe. I guide clients towards discovering, exploring, clarifying, and manifesting possibilities for love, and in creating more joyful meaning and purposeful success in their lives.

Having a degree in Psychology, my biggest interest is the intersection between biology, psychology, and geography that makes each of us a unique person. Your goals and desires, your passions and pain, your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you; and only you can really know them. As your coach, I will guide you to discovering the divine wisdom inside you that knows all the solutions that are just right for your unique strengths and challenges.

If you’re looking for a coach who understands what it’s like to not quite fit in, I am that coach!
I have always valued diversity highly, including those people who do not quite fit into society’s norms. I have spent countless hours tutoring children who do not fall into the mainstream, especially children with mental and/or physical challenges; which has taught me caring patience and perseverance.

I have experience with many places- in wealth and in poverty, in health and in disability, in higher education and in lack of education; in contentment and in depression, so I can relate to people who are in many different life situations.

I believe that the most important relationship you can ever have is the one with yourself, and that this is the one that most people don’t understand. I am here to inspire and empower you to discover what a special, powerful, loveable person you really are. Come on a coaching journey with me and explore the possibilities for creating love, joy, and success in your life.

Email me for a free sample session at tclifecoach@shaw.ca

jeannette cryer

What is my life’s purpose? How do I achieve that career goal? How can I improve my relationships? How can I love more fully? What is my next step along my Spiritual Path?

If you are asking yourself similar questions, Jeannette is the coach to have alongside you providing support and encouragement throughout your journey. Jeannette is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Oracle and Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Healer, and Reiki Master Teacher. She has been working with Angels all of her life. Through Law of Attraction Coaching she can help you uncover your deepest goals and desires to grow personally and to awaken on a Soul level. She can help you identify old beliefs and thought patterns that have been standing in your way. Then guide you while you create new beliefs which will positively impact the way you experience your life.

If you want to uncover your true essence, get to know the beautiful Inner Being that is you, and awaken abundance in your life contact Jeannette at jeannette@angelicwavesoflight.com and visit her website at www.angelicwavesoflight.com and on twitter at Jeannette_Cryer

sharon cultra

Christian Life Coach

I believe that the Bible holds all the answers that we need to live fruitfully and we need not look any further. I have a strong Christian background both through growing up Catholic and also attending a non-denominational Christian church and feel through the power of prayer and seeking first the Kingdom of God all else will follow. The path less followed is not always easy (matter of fact it’s not watered down at all) but will guide you the where you need to be! If you feel lost and do not know where to turn I can assist you through my Christian walk. Thank you.

Click here to contact Sharon

victoria cupet

Success Coach

How would you define SUCCESS?
• Is it about having successful career or business?
• Is it about having successful relationships (e.g. finding your soulmate, being a loving parent)?
• Is it about having lots of money or maybe living your life purpose?
• Or it is about being happy and healthy?

Quantum success is about HAVING IT ALL!

As a Quantum Success Certified Law of Attraction Coach Victoria is guiding her clients in defining their success story and supporting them in having it all!

Victoria is a successful coach, trainer, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, loving wife and happy mother of two boys. In her coaching practice she combines mind, body, spirit and energy knowledge with her vast business background.

Using her holistic approach, she empowers clients:
• to break free from limiting believes
• to discover their life purpose
• to define strategies to attract their abundant future.

If you are ready to live YOUR SUCCESS STORY, contact Victoria NOW for a FREE introduction session!
Mail: victoria@victoriacupet.com
Website: www.victoriacupet.com
Schedule Appointment: http://www.victoriacupet.com/appointment-booking/

paul michael daigle

Business and Lifestyle Strategist and Trusted Advisor

Paul Michael Daigle is a business and lifestyle strategist helping executives who are parents, gain control of their day and circumstances, turn their mind chatter into focused, result-producing energy, and exceed all their goals. He has a free gift for you. Access his exclusive guide,”The Secret to Great Results: Raise Your Game in Business AND Parenting … At the SAME Time!” at www.thekeysuccessfactors.com.

Paul has served on the Board of Directors at Rebuilding Together and is an authorized instructor of Christy Whitman’s course, “The Art of Having It All”. Upon obtaining his Bachelor and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, Paul worked for large corporations in the semiconductor industry. He spent 15 years as a marketing and business executive while broadening his personal interests in a wide array of other topics. His other hobbies have varied from playing tennis, coaching soccer, teaching Centering Prayer, hiking, skiing, carpentry, to personal energy work such as practicing Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Goju-Ryu, Shorin-Ryu, Light Body, Reiki, and Yoga.



QSCA Law of Attraction Coach
Heal Your Life ® teacher
Contributing author “Dare to be your authentic self”
Featured writer for Elephant Journal
Featured in 2018 Spiritual Leaders Directory

As a certified licensed Heal your life teacher ® based off the teachings of Louise Hay, Danielle felt that QSCA would be the most incredible compliment for success.The combination of the two have been incredible. Danielle has been coaching for over 10 years working with hundreds of clients from around the globe. It is her truest passion to remind people of just how powerful they are through their words, feelings and thoughts. Danielle coaches and teaches clients to successfully learn to love themselves unconditionally.

Danielle has a kind, loving, down to earth approach that creates a beautiful trusting bond with her clients that always leads to achieving their goals. She offers practical tools learned from QSCA that have been life changing for herself and her clients.She has the ability to put clients at ease and bust through old limiting beliefs about themselves to create their dream lives.

If you would like to work with Danielle feel free to email daileylifecoach@gmail.com to set up a 30 min complimentary meet and greet over the phone. www.daileylifecoaching.com


shirin dalaki

Shirin is the author of the book, “Love is the Answer”. She is a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. She is a Healer with a background in reiki energy work and cranial sacral therapy. Shirin is wisdom-keeper and compassionate with attention to details. In her practice, she addresses love consciousness and its powerful effect on daily basis and empowers you to lead a more loving, fulfilled, balanced life. By using successful coaching principles and the Law of Attraction, Shirin assists her clients with tapping into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals and witness their own transformation. The foundation of her healing work is that love is the answer; with an open heart love and passion becomes stronger than fear to overcome challenges for ideal lifestyle.

For more information please visit: www.coachingbyshirin.com
You can contact Shirin at: shirin@coachingbyshirin.com

barbara daoust

Soul Notes Coaching

Specialty: Have you or anyone you know, experienced the feeling of being lost, not knowing where to turn or who to turn to? I inspire and motivate people who are in the midst of transition and desire to transform their lives. I guide people to feel empowered, confident, and connected to their true self. My specialty is working with performers, healers, artists, teachers, and survivors of loss.

Bio: I have an MFA in Theatre Directing from UCLA. I co-founded a small theatre Company in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles in 1989. I founded an acting school for young performers in LA and coached industry professionals on film and TV sets for ten years. The tragic loss of my husband two months before our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary transformed my life. Years of healing, have guided me to an authentic awareness of who I am and what I have to offer.

I attended the University of Santa Monica where I studied Spiritual Psychology and graduated as a certified Law of Attraction Coach with Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy.. I’ve rebuilt my life as a Spiritual Counselor, certified Law of Attraction Coach, author, and motivational speaker. My upcoming book is titled, “True Love, True Self”. I teach Art & Soul Workshops throughout Southern California where I help people to expand their joy through creative expression. I’ve designed and created a line of affirmation vessels for Love, Self-Love, Healing, Grief Healing, Empowerment, Abundance, & Serenity. My website is www.iamsoulnotes.com

It is my intention, to share with others how I survived my grief and how I learned to love myself again. My mission is to revitalize hope and raise conscious living for the highest good of all.

Click here to contact Barbara

teresa de silva

I am Portuguese and current living in Canada. I am 40 years old, happily married, and a proud mother of 3 beautiful children. I spend the last 8 years of my life doing the most important job in the world, being a mom, and even though I love being a mom full time and I was fortune enough to be able to do it, my heart always told me that I had a bigger purpose to fulfill. So last year while wondering about my future I start asking the Universe how could I pursuit my life purpose, I learned how to meditate and start asking for guidance. Two weeks later an email about the QSCA was in my inbox, and when I saw it every cell in my body told me “go for it”!! I ignored my fears and insecurities and follow my heart desire, and a few months into the program I had the amazing realization that all my life (especially the bad moments) I was being prepared to become a life coach. This was without a doubt my Highest calling. Since I started my journey this past year I was able to manifest amazing things in my life like the house of our dreams, pay off my debt and many other exciting things that I will be happy to share with you, but most important of all I learned how to truly love and value myself and the only reason I am sharing this is to show you that if I can do it so do you!!

I have no words to describe how working with energy and being a Law of Attraction Life Coach means to me, the overflow of Love and Joy I feel when I work with clients is just beyond words. I truly feel in my heart that I am pursuing my life purpose. I always knew I was meant to help others, and what kept me going during the hardest times of my life was always my deepest belief on the Power of Unconditional Love, so to me there is nothing more rewarding than to guide others to self-empowerment so they can achieve the life of their dreams.

To me one of the greatest lesson of my life journey was to re-discover who I really was or better yet, who we really are and how the Universe works. Living without this understanding is like baking a cake without recipe. When we understand the Universal Laws we reconnect with the Unconditional Divine Love that resides within all of us, the Pure Love that is our true Essence and we recognize that we have the power to deliberate create our own lives by consciously connect with the energy of unlimited possibilities, the Higher Energy of Pure Love of All-That-Is and if we start living it, feeling it, embracing it, life becomes magical and miracles start to happen. It does not matter where you come from or where you are the only thing that matters is where you want to go from this point on.

If you wish to embark in this amazing journey with me, my goal as a life coach is to help you raise your vibration and clear limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your life results with simple processes and techniques that will help you re-connect with your true Inner Power, your Higher Self, that part within you that has all the wisdom and answers you seek for. My mission is to guide and inspire you to rediscover who You really are, to help you find your true colors, your true light so you can embrace your magnificence, and start shine trough out the life you were always meant to live.

I am a up-lifter,a light-keeper. Like a lighthouse, I illuminate your own way back “Home” with unconditional love and compassion.

Tools that I use in my coaching sessions:

  • Law of Attraction processes and techniques
  • 7 Essential Universal Laws
  • Light Body Meditations
  • Future Vision techniques
  • Self Empowerment coaching
  • Self Awareness coaching
  • Personalized meditations
  • Reiki Healing (by distance or in person)
  • EFT(Tapping)

What my coaching can do for you:

  • Improve Your Relationship with Yourself as a Reflection of All Other Personal and Professional Relationships in Your Life
  • Learn about the Magnificence of your Being and who you really are
  • Help You Connect with Your True Self and Inner Guidance System
  • Help you make peace with where you are
  • Guidance to achieve your dreams and desires

I am fluent in Portuguese and English and my sessions can be done worldwide by phone if you are in North America or through Skype Worldwide. If you wish to experience the power of coaching, contact me to request a 30 minute free introductory session with no commitments attached. I am truly looking forward to connecting with you.


Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach (QSCA)
Certified Reiki II practitioner going for the Master on Usui lineage (Pure Love Energy healing technique to balance your body, mind and soul)
Currently taking “Awakening the Light Body” certification program with Christy Whitman

francesca dattilo, msw

LustrousLife Coaching
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Certified Style Coach (MIASC Accred.)

If you are:

  • Frustrated trying to reach a healthy weight;
  • Are losing hope because you have yet to meet the love of your life;
  • Feel that your emotions are in the driver’s seat;

Then I am eager to be your coach.

What really moves me to do what I do is my personal story. Like many of you, I too have personally experienced and witnessed the brokenness of abandonment, abuse, bullying, mental health issues, suicide, addictions, obesity and crippling relationships.

I was overweight most of my life and in my early twenties I was nearing 230 lbs. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was an emotional mess and had a knack for attracting very unhealthy partners into my thirties. By the grace of the universe, twenty five years ago an earth angel introduced me to my first Law of Attraction book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This was the start of my personal growth and development journey.

By using the Law of Attraction, I released 67 lbs and have been able to keep it off for thirteen years. After being single for 10 years, I decided to open my heart to love again. In the last year of my single life, I used the Law of Attraction daily; meditating, visualizing and affirming to attract my husband, James. When I think back to the time we met, I can only describe it as magical. Eight years later we continue to have a truly beautiful, loving and harmonious relationship.

I come to the field of coaching with a Masters Degree in Social Work and a professional background in mental health and psychotherapy. I am versed in numerous therapy approaches, but developed an expertise in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; a Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour therapy marriage which focuses on teaching people how to master their emotions.

My work purpose is to honour my authentic gifts, show you how to honour and value your authentic self, inspire you to live out your personal greatness and to do so with joy and appreciation. I want to take everything I have learned from my personal, professional and academic experience and gift it to you to help you create your heart’s desires.

For more information, please visit: www.francescadattilo.ca or contact me at francescadattilocoaching@gmail.com or at 613-204-0781.

cibele david

All the best / Connecting people with its essence

My experience working 28 years at international companies and my engineering background helped to shape my pragmatic and result oriented personality.

Since one year ago I have chosen a career transition toward a life as an independent consultant.
I got certified as life coach through QSCA – Quantum Success Coaching Academy by Christy Whitman with emphasis on the Universal Law of Attraction , Psych-K facilitator on the method originated by Rob Williams a north American psychologist , EFT practitioner ( Emotion Freedom Technique) or also denominated Tapping.

My proposal is to support the individual who desires to accelerate the changes in any area of its life reinforcing the intention and attention.

I am people oriented with genuine interest on the human being potential to embrace self-development and growth. Life is a mission and a great opportunity, we all deserve to connect with our essence.

When someone find the essence, what likes to do most, its abilities and strengths , multiple opportunities of growth open.
Our destiny is to evolve, we are part of the Universe in constant expansion, energy and matter are inseparable … earlier we understand and apply the physics in our life, better and better for us.

Specialty / Life & Leadership Coaching: I have always thought about leadership as something holistic, inspirational and transformational.

I do believe find life balance between personal and professional growth is possible.

Therefore I like to help people who is searching for career transition, boost performance staying at actual jobs or live leadership aligned with soul intentions rather than ego intentions.

skype : cibele.david
Santiago de Chile

roger dawson

Roger is a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. He has been studying the Universal laws for over 10 years. Roger provides coaching on “Living a Healthy Lifestyle”, “Creating Career Success,” and “Living Comfortably Abundant.”

When Roger turned 39 he was 30lbs overweight, unhappy with his career, and looking to be more connected spiritually. He was google searching the internet to address his main concern and that was releasing the 30lbs he gained after taking a job that didn’t align with his passion to provide support to customers and lead employees toward achieving their goals. Roger found the book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther Hicks or as Roger would say “The book found him” and his path of studying the Mind/Body/Spirit began.

Using his knowledge of the Law of Attraction, Roger was able to release those 30lbs, create a successful career/business, and lives an abundant lifestyle that many only dream of.

To contact Roger:
Email: rogerkdawson@gmail.com
Website: www.rogerkdawson.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/successlifecoachingbyroger
Phone: 816-808-6266

anne de greef

Hello, I am Ann De Greef.

I am a certified QSCA Coach and passionate about change and self-empowerment.

I am a firm believer that deep down we all know exactly what we want and what is best for us. The way to get there however may not always be that clear. So, sometimes some outside help on our journey would be more than welcome.

As a single mum of 2 daughters I know what I am talking about. At some stages in our life, a “neutral” sounding board or intellectual sparring partner can make such a difference. Someone playing “the devil’s advocate” who gives us the opportunity to formulate our ideas more clearly and supports us to act in accordance.

As a former CEO of a production company the skill that was most useful to me apart from my strategic thinking and human interest was the ability to balance my professional life and my private life.

I know how to support and motivate you to get you where you want to be. I also know how to hold you accountable.

If you are ready for an exciting journey contact me via: www.anndegreef.com

Sharon Derby

My name is Sharon Derby and a couple of years ago I suddenly found myself unemployed after 15 years at the same company. This happened a few months after the sudden passing of my father. After years of job security, I found myself looking for work later in life, going on interviews and revamping a very dusty resume, all whilst dealing with grief and anger. There were also quite a few moments of panic and stress, I’m not going to lie! As a single parent, I wasn’t just responsible for myself.

But then I decided to look at my time off as a gift and instead of panicking, I chose to do things that I never seemed to have time for, such as gardening projects and volunteering. It was during this time of introspection that I discovered Christy Whitman and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy that opened up new ways of looking at things and I was able to use processes that helped me on my own journey. I was so excited when I was certified. I had learnt so much and was able to use that knowledge to help me reach for my goals. Now, it’s my turn to share with you.

Together with my life experiences and the knowledge I gained from the QSCA program, why not let me help you move forward.

“Set your intentions. Reach your goals.”

Learn more at: Intentionslifecoaching.ca
Contact me at: sharonderby@intentionslifecoaching.ca

Lois DeWaard

Lois DeWaard is passionate about three things: helping people develop better relationships with their animals, helping people achieve their life purpose and dreams that involve animals, and discovering their passions for living a fulfilling life.

Lois draws from over 27 years of experience working with animals and people as an adult and childhood lessons learned on an Iowa farm caring for livestock. She is available for private consultations, speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars on animal communication, finding your passions, personal transformation, Law of Attraction, Abundant Living, and dream achievement. Lois is a life-time learner and wants to share what she has learned with you to make your life and your animal’s life better in all areas. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education from Iowa State University. Lois is a certified Law of Attraction coach through Christy’s Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Lois studied animal communication with Joan Ranquet and is currently enrolled in her Communication With All Life University program for professional animal communicators.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Lois, email her at loisdewaard@hotmail.com.

Kathleen Cornish Dettlaff

Kathleen Cornish Dettlaff is a graduate of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.

A tri-lingual native of Canada and single mother of 3, Kathleen received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University in Canada. She has been living in Germany for the past 17 years and currently serves as Office Manager and Conference and Event Coordinator for the German field office of the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group.

In Germany, Kathleen worked in the event and marketing department of the Frankfurt International School. In Canada she worked as Director and Associate Producer for the CTV television network, followed by owner operator of a successful small business enterprise.

Through her coaching practice, Kathleen brings the many facets of her history together to joyfully empower clients to transform their limiting beliefs and perceptions of their reality into positive momentum and fearless growth; empowering clients to appreciate their greatness and inner beauty. Her focus, intensity and passion for all that each client is, allows the individual to see and be clear, to release resistance, and pave the way to the manifestation of life goals.

Ife Damon

Specialty: Professional women with families.

I enjoy working with women who may feel overwhelmed with all the demands of trying to be everything for everyone. I help them get their mojo back by reminding them of who they truly are and connecting them with their inner wisdom. I love showing clients how to vibrationally align with their truest and highest essence so they can raise their consciousness and recognize their life is full of love, excitement, abundance, and bliss!


Angela van de Riet

Angela van de Riet is a CCF certified coach and creator of Engaged Living. She attended Nova Scotia Agricultural College and has trained in NLP and energy-work. She is an active member of ICF, and a graduate of the Law of Attraction Certification Program with the QSCA. Her experience in coaching began in 1999 to help people dealing with significant life and career transitions, as well as those feeling overwhelmed and needing to re-evaluate their life’s path. Angela’s non-judgmental and action-oriented approach works to put her clients back in control-helping them to achieve. Through her techniques, Angela’s clients become empowered, committed, and enthusiastic about their futures.

For more information about Angela, or to contact her, please visit www.engagedliving.ca

Mary DeLaat

Coaching Specialty:

Law of Attraction Life and Business Coaching with specialization in working with entrepreneurs, private business owners, professional people, or people who wish to become business owners and/or entrepreneurs and create more love, success, abundance, peace, joy and balance in their lives while achieving their life goals

A CPA and Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Business Consultant with a specialization in assisting entrepreneurs, private business owners and professional people and people who want to become business owners and entrepreneurs. Particularly effective in helping people work through the whole picture, business and family situations and dealing with difficult people. Over 30 years business management experience, audit and accounting experience in large public companies helping them resolve issues, understand their business system opportunities better, put better controls in place, better business reporting and become more profitable. Business experience includes public accounting, audit executive, accounting executive and owner and business consultant. Example industry experience includes insurance, banking, manufacturing, chemical refining, health care and not for profits. I have extensive experience with a large family and many life and business situations.

My husband and I have six children. Intuitively over my life I have used a lot of law of attraction techniques. However, through my QSCA Law of Attraction certification program training I have now learned how to consciously attract abundance by using the Law of Attraction and other universal laws consciously, to create the kind of work schedule I want, more time for family interaction, the travel I want and the experiences I want in to my life. Now I know how to effectively coach other people on processes that can help them understand how to pull the information from within to make changes in their life and or business endeavors to achieve more love, success, happiness, abundance, harmony, peace, life balance and joy.

I am able to provide a number of personal and business examples of the law of attraction conscious attraction techniques at work, which are helpful in helping people understand the possibilities quicker as they are being coached on law of attraction processes and techniques and help them get more comfortable quicker how the law of attraction does work. It is not just theory. I have my own business and am now an entrepreneur by choice after years working for others and have experienced creating more joy, peace and flexibility in my work and personal life. Three years ago I made the conscious decision after a corporate downsizing and outplacement to become my own boss and after being asked to do a short term consulting job. When I manifested the next consulting opportunity I decided to turn down 2 senior management jobs with large companies, which subsequently developed. I had been “feeling” some resistance to go back to the same type of large company job opportunities and stresses and job schedule limitations.

Looking back, making a career change was absolutely the best decision and quality of life changing. While I was successful during my career in large public companies by traditional standards and would receive 4 weeks paid vacation a year and held prestigious jobs, I decided the job situations did not provide enough opportunities for the level of life satisfaction I wanted. Without burning bridges I turned down the two large business senior management opportunities to experience all the intangible opportunities of being my own boss and a contract CFO and gaining a more flexible schedule and opportunities for more time off and the ability to travel to interesting places and spend more time visiting family and still earn a very good income. During this time I also discovered Law of Attraction Coaching. I could see additional opportunities in becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Coach to continue to flex my schedule and complement all my business and life experiences while helping others and continuing to create more joy and the kinds of abundance I wish to create in my life.

I invite you to join me on a journey of re-discovering your personal power and putting that new personal power to work and achieving your dreams and increased success, abundance, attracting perfect customers and achieving life balance.

To reach Mary, email maryedelaat@gmail.com.

Tuyet De Boo

Slight Edge Miracle

I love, love, love the Law of Attraction because it speaks to my heart of heart. I want to share all this with you to empower you to achieve the success you want provided that you are willing to do your part. If you feel stuck, have a self doubt or habits you want to break and have desires for great things in life. I urge you to step out of your comfort zones and chose the better life for yourself. Call me and let’s explore new possibilities together. Yes, with my support, you can wake up the giant from within. You can have more love, live better, and laugh more…Contact me for a free 30 Minute sample session.

Click here to contact Tuyet
Phone: (973) 277 – 6428

Leonard Diana

As a QSCA Certified Law Of Attraction Coach- I help people help themselves to be and stay positive, raise their emotional vibrations, and to allow their goals and dreams to manifest in many facets of their lives- relationships, career, financial, personal, health, and more.

I specialize in Love Relationships- helping singles find their true and everlasting love.

My Mission Statement: An Infinite Abundance Of Wealth, Health, & Happiness. To help people help themselves to achieve and manifest their goals and dreams. To coach from the center of my authentic being. To be the best possible coach that I can be. I am open to being the miracle in my life and in the lives of others.

Outside of coaching, I am a “retired” amateur DanceSport (Ballroom) competitor with my instructors and wife for over 15 years. Currently, I officiate (Certified Scrutineer, Registrar, and Deck Captain) at several DanceSport competitions throughout the USA. I have also taken and passed a Certification for Wheelchair dancing. It is my goal to own/operate a wheelchair dance studio in Connecticut.

I am offering a complimentary 30 minute sample session. Please go to www.lmdwealthhealthhappiness.net, enjoy going through my website and click on the “FREE Coaching Session” tab. Fill out the questionnaire and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Click here to contact Leonard
Hartford, CT 06114 USA
(Cell) 860-593-5257
Website: www.lmdwealthhealthhappiness.net
Email: aninfiniteabundance@gmail.com 
Skype: leonard.diana

Mercedes Diaz

Specialty: I’ve been successful in every area, but I see that I am especially good with couples, family ( mother with their adolescent children), single mothers, career and getting to love yourself more and appreciating yourself more (spirituality).

Languages: I speak fluent English and my native language is Spanish. I can coach people in both languages.

My name is Maria Mercedes Diaz, I have 4 children, 3 adolescent girls of 15, 13 and 12, and a baby boy of 1 year and 8 months. My family is the classical blended family, with issues that keep raising here and there, but with love and compassion, all that has passed little by little. As a result this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I especially devote myself to family and couples, which I love, although I am also pretty successful with career, adolescents and linking back to your own self and spirituality.

My life has not always been so nice and smooth… I studied a couple of careers but couldn’t find the right one for me,I started my own business but went broke, and I divorced from my three girl’s father….so, as you can see, money, love and occupation to say the least were a big issue in my life.

By 1998 I had started hearing about the Law of Attraction. One day I got e-mails in my inbox on the matter and finally, the movie “The Secret” propelled everything miraculously.

Although my life has not been easy since I divorced, I learned to stand up on my own feet and go for it! This has also been a blessing in disguise, because I’ve worked with single mothers too!

Some years later, after my divorce, I got into a new and blessed relationship which I treasure every day. From that relationship my smaller son, 1 year and 8 months was born. I now have the life I have always wanted, with a beautiful family, nice occupation and full of thrill!

I am here to help you find the perfect happy and fulfilled life you are looking for now. Are you ready to start working for yourself?

Lots of love and light to you!

Email Maria Mercedes Diaz at: mariamercedes.diaz@hotmail.com

Dr. TJ Dickson

My name is Dr. TJ Dickson. I am an Author, Certified QSCA Law of Attraction Coach, Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker whose mission is to empower you to live your best life by providing hope, health, wellness, and healing services, products, and education. I want my clients to get unstuck, feel empowered, transform, and feel better. To that end, I connect to my clients’ pain and struggles, assist them to heal and transform, and empower them to live their best lives by taking a wholistic approach to wellness including the mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances.

My first book, Walking in Faith, was published in January 2015. Walking in Faith comprises of 12 short stories of my journey of transformation over the last 12 years of my life. Its message is encouragement to keep the faith throughout life’s ups and downs. Additionally, I currently offer workshops on Journaling, Visioning, and Financial Wellness to your best life; have a YouTube channel that features videos and meditations to empower others to live their best lives; and have co-hosted, co-produced, and co-created the talk show, The Life, a show who viewers can say, “I Live Fully Empowered”. Moreover, I coach both in person and virtually local, national, and international clients to assist them to heal, get unstuck, feel empowered, transform and live their best lives.

My future plans include opening a wellness center focusing on the whole person and offering in-home care and wellness services to the senior population and home-bound individuals. Also, I am writing more books, creating and offering additional workshops, motivational speaking, and offering transformational coaching in personal and spiritual development, weight management, career and life changes, emotional wellness, and business.

I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both Business Administration and Metaphysical Science as well as a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. In addition, to my certification as a Certified QSCA Law of Attraction Coach, I have several certifications in Corporate Wellness.

If you are looking for a coach to empower you to live your best life, contact me at www.drtjdickson.com. You can also find me on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. I would love to work with you!

Pieter-Jan Diepenbrock

The Sugar Coach



Thoughts form habits, and habits form futures

Diabetes often comes as a result of ignorance.

Can you reverse diabetes within 30 days?

Is it difficult to do?

Why do you get diabetes?

Can you reverse both type I and type II diabetes?

What is the collateral damage from diabetes?

Once reversed, what are the chances of getting it again?

Why are you being misinformed?

Should you fire your specialist?

Many other questions like these arise when people realise they have diabetes.

What you are not being told is that you can in most cases easily reverse diabetes within 30 days! Well it’s totally possible because I did it myself within 30 days! Even after a week my sugar level was back to normal!

Like almost any other process you don’t reverse it overnight. Most people need someone to guide them, keep them accountable and motivate them to go on.

A doctor will usually give you medications and/or insulin to keep diabetes under control. Insulin raises bad cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. So where it controls the problem on one hand, it creates a problem on the other.

I’ll tell you how I did it!! You’ll not only reverse diabetes but your whole life will change as it changed mine!!

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? You may not be aware that you are constantly attracting things in your life. Do you attract things for your higher purpose or is it a kind of self-sabotage?

You are here because you were looking for an answer. ‘Finding is for searchers’, said the late Jim Rohn! And you have found me!

‘The universe doesn’t know victims: only creators’. What do you want to create?

Pieter J. Diepenbrock, The Sugar Coach

Life’s supposed to be fun!

Author of the upcoming book ‘Thought for Food, More than reversing diabetes’

Website: www.sugarshiftcoach.com
E-mail: support@sugarshiftcoach.com
iPhone: +34 699 06 1940
Land line: +34 959 40 26 59
Skype ID: pieterpedrojan
Facebook fanpage: The Sugar Shift Coach

I would like to suggest that you act now and take back your health and life!

Catherine Dobbs

Empowerment Coach

I guide busy professional women who feel disconnected to their life purpose how to get beyond their stress, fear and frustration to live more fulfilling and vibrant lives so that they may maximize their joy, productivity and free time.

Everyone has the capacity to align with their true purpose. Reprogramming your mind for success is critical to living a life you love. My desire is to inspire excellence in you if you’re willing to master your mind. It’s about dissolving limiting beliefs that are deep in your subconscious mind that have been sabotaging your efforts to live a life that you love.

What sets me apart from other coaches is that I draw upon many modalities to create a powerful map toward greatness. I understand that each individual has unique goals, desires and circumstances. Crafting personalized processes and allowing each session to be driven by your individual desires and life obstacles provides a one-of-a-kind experience. I provide the opportunity to truly be heard, acknowledged and supported in a creative and open environment. No matter where you are in your journey, my expertise can propel you toward a greater sense of purpose and vitality so that you can dramatically improve any area of your life.

I’m a Certified Empowerment Coach, Yoga Teacher and Researcher of Consciousness known for my empathetic nature, nonjudgmental approach and light-hearted authenticity. It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire.
Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best.

(269) 217-3988

Kimberly Dornbush

Inspirational Coach

I would be grateful for the opportunity to be your partner in this new chapter of your life. Together we can connect you to your heart and emotions thus allowing you the opportunity to connect to your true desires. By using thought provoking creative processes and different meditations I will help inspire you to maximize your full potential in all areas of your life. We will identify your talents and abilities so that you can live an adundant joyful life which is part of our purpose here on earth. I can also help you release trapped emotions which cause energy imbalances thru out our body that interfere with your health and attaining your goals. I am a certified practitionar in the emotion code.

If you are interested in moving forward in your life If you are interested in moving forward in your life please contact me at kdornbush@mchsi.com. I offer 1 free session.

Lisa Drennan

Lisa Drennan is a Total Wellness Coach specializing in our mind-body connection and vibrational and mindful eating. After years of suffering from chronic back pain and an unhealthy relatinship with food, Lisa has discovered an understanding of why we manifest pain in our bodies, why we develop compulsions with food, and how we can transform our negative thought patterns in order to release these dis-eases. By utilizing the Law of Attraction and energy psychology, Lisa empowers her clients to release resistance that’s holding them back from living a life they deserve. A life full of vitality and natural well-being.

Tammy Dowling

I see life as a gift and greet each new day with gratitude and appreciation. I love the abundance of what life has to offer. I’m blessed to walk on the sand and feel the coolness of the ocean each day on my feet. As I walk in Mother Nature’s garden I can breathe in the fresh air and be greeted with butterflies and sounds of the birds chirping. I’m abundantly filled with gratitude.

I am a teacher, up lifter, trusting confident and a believer of miracles big and small. I know that people want to feel better than they already do and I believe I am messenger from God to share love, peace, passion and joy and to be a guide to help people feel better. I use the universal laws to teach others how to take lives to another vibrational level of happiness and appreciation.

I am soft spoken with a big heart that is full of compassionate and understanding. I always see two sides of the coin. I truly want to see you reaching your goals and truly be empowered and be the person who you want to be. I love helping other women and men in discovering their authentic self. It’s important to feel good, to be inspired and to create a divine essence that radiates out into the world that shows I am deserving and loved. I coach and teach self love and healing using the laws of attraction so you can be abundant in all areas of your life. My belief every woman and man should live life with love, passion and joy in their heart and soul.

I hope to have you join me on my walk

Tammy Dowling

Law of Attraction Coach

Diane Drakeley

Diane Drakeley certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach in August of 2018. Also has training in Reiki and Shamanic journeying.

I work with clients in a sacred healing space, inviting our spirit guides and helpers to be with us and to inspire solutions and insights.

I promise to listen with love and compassion and ask thought provoking questions to help you move past limiting beliefs and shift energy blocks.

Please contact me, I would love to work with you!

Contact information: SeeChange55@gmail.com

Monika Ebi

“I’ve gone through a lot and I know, you can make it, too! I will give you all my support and guide you on your own path!”

Monika is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach as well as kinesiologist and energy healer. As a mom of 4 she has a vast experience in parenting. She loves to guide parents so they can help their children unfold all of their qualities and live a self-empowered life. Her unique Energy System allows to identify the roots of parenting problems and solve them.

She is also a expert for moms who struggle with the change from living an independent life to becoming mom and the difficulties to balance motherhood and self-care and partnership and work.

Monika lives close to Munich, Germany and she coaches in English and in German.

To book a free 45′ Discovery-Session click here!

email: monika@monikaebi.com
website: http://monikaebi.com/
telephone: +4917622839978 or +4988568690094

Alena Edmondson

Alena is the Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Development Network, Global (EDN) where she helps entrepreneurs to plan for, launch, run, and grow their businesses. As an executive business coaches she helps business owners (or business leaders) in business effectiveness andpersonal effectiveness.

Alena work with business owners and business executives in two distinct areas. First, she help business owners who don’t know what to do in a particular area of his or her business. This is called “business effectiveness.” All areas of business effectiveness fall into the broader categories of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Systems Implementation, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, and Exit Planning / Succession Planning.

As a Law of Attraction life coach, Alena guides her clients into co-creating the life they desire. Drawing on her soon-to-be-released book, Who Are you…Really? Alena will show you how to tap into the power within to produce any condition you desire for your life. In her new book, she introduces an entire section on achieving Life-Work Balance.

Alena Edmondson
EDN Global
Certified Executive Business and Life Coach
1-888-959-8896 Office
404-537-1771 Fax

Stacy Edwards

Your inner reality creates your outer reality – not the other way around. This is why it’s so important to create an inner reality (mindset) that is in alignment with the life that you want!
Just like any muscle of the body, the brain can be exercised and sculpted into a desired state. Creating a life that you love starts with training your brain for positive thinking. Once this becomes your natural state, the Law of Attraction begins to automatically create the dream life that you desire and deserve.

  • If you are ready to drop a life of mediocrity, coaching with Stacy is for you.
  • Gain confidence to take the next step in your life and stop playing small
  • Think, act, and perform at the highest potential
  • Increase your productivity, income, and happiness
  • Drop the struggle and allow success to be easy
  • Tap into your natural manifestation superpowers
  • Shift your energy to keep your vibe high
  • Set powerful intentions and create a crystal clear plan for taking action

Are you ready to go ALL IN with your life and your mindset?

Connect with Stacy and grab some awesome FREEBIES at:

Sherlyne Eisden

Health Scientist by profession, with more than 25 years of experience in Health Policy and Management in all areas of (public) health, and in different (management) positions. Certified Transformational Life Coach. ADR Registered Certified Mediator & Conflict Coach. Manger Director of ShareCoachingMediation & Training.

I assist professionals in taking the quantum leap to having, and living their dream life, by acquiring fun and interactive processes and techniques in order to better take control of their life, and take it to the next level.

To contact Sherlyne: seisden87@gmail.com

Irene Engels

In May 2015 I got certified as Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach. In 2005/2006 I took Neurolinguistic Programming (Practitioner and Master).

I was 16 when I had my first experience as a teacher, giving regularization classes in Spanish. Later, I started teaching seminars at the company (tourism), I worked for, which led to the training department. From 2005 to 2013 I taught again languages (English, German and French).

I love to write and soon I will be publishing my autobiography, on which I am currently working.
When I am not doing the things described above, I like to travel, music, belly dance, reading, going to the cinema and theatre, taking pictures, visiting museums, etc…

Will help you identify important events in your life so you can release pressure, clarify your position in life, and enjoy respectful and harmonious relationships with yourself and the World around you.

As I am Mexican, I can coach you in English or Spanish.

Start your journey by sending me a mail to: Irene@ireneengels.com

Susie Ennis

Specialty: Stress Release and healing

Hi! I’m Susie Ennis and just over a year ago I was struggling with finding a good work-life balance for me, consistently feeling overwhelm of the day to day, and meeting others expectations, and then I discovered Life Coaching. As I began applying the knowledge of the Universal Laws, it initiated a drastic turn in my life, and has changed it forever, for the better.

In my other career I am a professional project management consultant. I understand the pressures and demands that work life can bring. I was immersed in the world of deadlines, deliverables, creating plans, motivating team mates, and getting the job done. If a project is a success, it is due to the team. However, if the project is not a success it is the responsibility of the project manager. With that, I certainly can relate to the long work hours, the feeling of overwhelm, while my family and friends are living their lives without me.

With a new passion and purpose to my life, I began to diligently study Life Coaching with the QSCA. Now, as a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I have access to tools and techniques that are easy to apply to everyday life to help reduce stress, find the balance between work and home life, and ultimately find more joy in life, and can help you apply those tools and techniques to your life.

The coaching relationship is based on trust, and I believe it is crucial that you feel able to express yourself openly and safely with your coach. This is why I offer all new clients a complementary 30 minute initial consultation.

Contact me at www.SusiesInsights.com or Susie@SusiesInsights.com to set up your initial consultation.

Adriana Espino

Many women live dreaming that one day they will have some freedom, that they will have time for themselves, time to walk, time to exercise, time to spend time with friends, time to build a successful business, time to enjoy life.

They feel trapped in a relationship, in a job, in debt, in a city, or even, in their own family.

Perhaps, they feel they have everything to feel happy, but something is still missing.

When you start a transformative way of coaching, you begin to recognize who you are, what you want, and more importantly, how to get it.

Adriana is a certified Life Coach specialized in the Law of Attraction. Through her work, Adriana guides women to increase their self-esteem, regain their deserved freedom to be who they are, and to start achieving their goals by tapping into their powerful whole human being.

Adriana is Mexican and has been living in the US for over 10 years. When she came to this Country she had a big problem, she couldn’t speak English. But she had a Degree in Computer Science and was determined to work in Corporate America, in the field she was qualified for.

After a few years, she worked for a couple Fortune 500 companies. She did it for 6 years until she decided to transition to a more rewarding career and became a Life Coach.

Adriana guides women to find their way to freedom, and to express their voice and authenticity in their relationships. Women learn how to fix and improve their marriages. After they are happy but most importantly in peace with the most important relationship in their life, they then can work on all the dreams they’ve been holding just to make their marriage work. Then they start to bring all the success to the other areas in their life. This is when the joy takes over!

Website www.hermosadesdeelinterior.com

Radoslava Estocinova

My name is Radoslava, which has great meaning of happiness and celebration so I fully live my purpose and want to share that with others so they celebrate the love every possible way. I love to spread my message and help to heal heart by heart, step by step across the globe. My specialty is to work with broken hearts, to help women to find their love and happiness. I am working with women who wants to overcome their shadows and find their True potential and True Self Love.

email: r.estocinova@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Estocinova.Radoslava/

Mary Farrelly

People seeking balance, healthy hearts, harmony, grace in their lives.
Live a DYNAMIC LIFE today!

“You can leave a drama filled life for a Dynamic Life!”

Click here to contact Mary
Phone: 732-794-5494

Gertrud Fekete

• Certified LOA Coach
• Certified Kaya Kalp Yoga Teacher
• Certified Prananadi Healer

My fundamental healing approach is to integrate the knowledge and wisdom of ancient traditions and modern human sciences.

I believe that everybody has the potential to master his own life by becoming aware of the amazing mechanisms of existence and applying consciously the universal principles. In my coaching practice I introduce you to simple, but effective tools and share my experience to help you reconnect with your own power. I show you how to gain clarity about your road blocks and how to clear them with ease and joy. I have had the most success with people going through mid-life crisis and career change. I can offer services also in Hungarian language.

You can contact me at fgerti@gmail.com

Jennifer Fenimore

Jennifer has a desire to empowering people to discover the gifts and abilities to create and live a most authentic and wonderful life. It all starts with learning to love and accept yourself, then listening to your internal guidance to take inspired action. Having experienced the loss of a child and the end of a 20 year marriage, Jennifer has learned how to grow through with major life changes. It’s not always graceful and it’s not always pretty, but it’s definitely possible to come out on the other side more powerful and authentic.

Currently, Jennifer lives in North Texas with her almost grown son, daughter, and 3 dogs. Her passion includes volunteering at a local homeless shelter, travel, reading almost anything she can get her hands on, and learning to garden. She obtained her Law of Attraction coaching certification from the Quantum Success Academy in 2017, but she’s been coaching, counseling and mentoring in some form for the last 15 years. Jennifer is a Transformational Coach, able to help in any area where you desire shifts. Some of the courses Jennifer teaches include Vision Board workshops (both in person and on-line).

Hours: Varies (have on-line scheduling tool)
All in Central Standard Time

Website: www.jenniferfenimore.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/imagineyourbestlife/

Twitter: @fenimore_j

Maria Ferrer

Women are an amazing creation of the Universe. I love to work with women and help them to gain their full potential; and yes! Ladies you can reach your goals, dreams and passions. Becoming a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coach changed my life, and now I will love to help you to change yours, helping you to be become the “women” you want to be!

You can contact me at:
www.themeilike.com or call 6263766132 for a free session.

  • Specialty: helping women to gain their highest potential
Gretchen Fox

I work with women who have lost their spouses, by encouraging them take responsibility for their own life. I help them be OK with where they are and guide them to be where they want to be by reconnecting their heart and soul as they align with their true self.

Click here to contact Gretchen
Phone: (513) 655-7796

Kari Fox

Harmony Coaching

“Helping people who are feeling lost and confused – To understand their connection to the Divine – To get back to Living a Life of Joy and Passion – To Live in Harmony with their Destiny.”

I help people get their MoJo back !!!

Click here to contact Kari

Regina Faustino

Law of Attraction Subtlety Coach (for students of Abraham who are looking for individual attention on fine tuning)


Click here to contact Regina
Phone: 818-257-0102

Karen Francis


Hours: Friday 2p.m.-9p.m., Saturday 9a.m.-1p.m., Tuesday-Thursday 7p.m.-9p.m. (MT)

Specialty: I assist heart-felt, sensitive people, who want to balance work and home with their professional, personal and financial goals.

If you’ve ever been told or felt that you are:

  • “too sensitive”
  • stuck in repetitive patterns
  • undervalued and overworked
  • unable to focus or get started
  • always on the run yet never able to catch up

…you are not alone.

I used to be the same until I discovered how to turn my “too sensitive” nature into the amazing gift it really is. Today, I coach people how to do the same. All you need to get started is the desire to move beyond your current limitations so you can live the life you dream about.

In my coaching practice, I assist clients to tap into their own inner guidance so they can set work, home and relationship boundaries successfully in order to make decisions with more clarity and confidence. You too can learn how to center yourself amidst the chaos, stay focused, and step into your amazing future.

Clarity. Confidence. Compassion.

Contact Karen at: kflpts@gmail.com.
Learn more at: www.karenfranciscoach.com

Alfonso A. Franco

Ayurvedic Wellbeing Practitioner
QSCA Certified Coach

Background: Philosophy, Life Coaching and Ayurvedic Health System
Specialty fields: Addiction, Diabetes, Life-defining Decisions, Weight Loss

I use a unique blend of bio-spiritual techniques that include life coaching, meditation, visualization and extremely effective, customized Ayurvedic diets and treatments. My spiritual journey is about considering myself and the world as divine dust in evolution. Just as Louise Hay, I think that all diseases of the soul, mind and body have a common source in lack of love and that all healing processes begin with forgiveness.

Every year I go to a beautiful lake close to where I live in my home city to attend my holy appointment: from the top of the hill, I promise God to speak to myself only with the truth. This promise has brought about an invaluable insight: love is light and light is love. My loved ones: My dearest son and his warm, welcoming family. My loving girlfriend and her daughters. My friends, whom I consider my own family. All of them are always close to my heart. My greatest satisfaction: Providing effective, insightful guidance and wellbeing that successfully help my clients find their own light.

I work in English, Spanish and French. My first consultation is free of charge.

Contact: ayurvedicangel@gmail.com
Phone: (514) 591-5067 – 1-844-253-8722

Jennifer Friebely

My name is Jennifer Friebely and I have founded Caregiver Support Coaching. My inspiration to coach and support caregivers came about after having been a caregiver to my late husband who passed away from a glioblastoma (brain tumor) in 2013. I wanted to channel my loss into something positive — to take everything I learned and use it to help others. So, I obtained my coaching certification from the QSCA and I created my caregiver support coaching practice.

I know how difficult it is to be a caregiver to someone you love — whether it’s a spouse, immediate family member or even a close friend. It’s an amazing gift to give another person — but it also comes with a great deal of energy expenditure and sometimes pain. I support my clients to be the best caregivers they can be all the while preserving their own sense of peace amidst what can only be described as chaos in most cases. Caregiver burnout is a very real concern — something I experienced myself. It is my mission to help others avoid the challenges and be able to embrace the caregiver role with love, joy and hopefulness — which is extremely important for the person who is needing the care.

Website: www.caregiversupportcoach.com
Contact : jenny@caregiversupportcoach.com or via telephone at 845.367.0670

My hours: Monday through Friday evenings 6p-9pm; Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 12-5pm (all eastern time).

Bob Frilette

Hours: 12 noon to 8 PM — all week

Specialty: Relationships — both business and personal

I retired from a major tire manufacturing company after 37 years of auditing/accounting experience. This experience has given me much insight with regard to managing a business, and the people that work with you.

My successful career was enhanced with the love and encouragement of my wife for over 40 years. Our marriage was not without issues, but that’s how we learn about each other, and grow. Our ongoing marriage has taught me about love, commitment, patience, maintaining a sense of humor, compassion, and empathy — just to name a few subjects.

During our marriage, we raised a difficult son who is now 36 years old. We all survived the rocky road. We also realized that with open minds, and love in our hearts that children can teach us just as much (if not more) as we can teach them. Please note, I said teach, not control.

If any of my life experience inspires you as to how I can be of service to you, I would love to coach you toward achieving all that you want.

Please email me at —enhancedthoughts@yahoo.com—- for my rates, and to make an appointment for a free session.

Paula Galli

Paula Galli is committed to empowering women to love and take care of themselves through trusting their own inner guide, so they can live a balanced, authentic and fulfilled life.

Her personal journey of overcoming low self-esteem, anxiety, perfectionism, depression, and an eating disorder allowed her to discover that it was her purpose to help others transform their lives in numerous areas.

As a Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Life Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, Paula helps clients attract their ideal relationship with themselves, their bodies, the food that they eat, and their lives. Her book, Weighing Love, not only showcases her own story in transforming her relationship with herself, her body, food and her life, but teaches readers how to do the same.

Paula believes that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. She thinks one’s home should be their haven, their safe place that fills them up with joy and supports them in being their best self. This is why she became a certified Design Psychology Coach & Interior Designer as well.

Paula’s multidisciplinary background combined with her personal experience, enables her to not only deeply understand her clients and meet them where they are at, but also be able to truly guide them in designing and living a fulfilled life.

She provides personal coaching services virtually – meaning Paula can work with anyone from anywhere in the world. This provides a key advantage when working with clients as they are able to speak with her via Skype/telephone, where they feel most comfortable – at home.

Paula looks forward to helping you transform your life.


Nikki Gangemi

Specialty: Mindset Coach

Nikki Gangemi is a passionate, insightful, and supportive Mindset Coach. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs upgrade their thoughts and transform their beliefs so they can deliberately design the lives they truly want to live. Through her own journey, Nikki discovered that you alone have the power to transcend all obstacles and access the self-love, confidence, happiness, and peace that were always inside of you. She uses an inside-out approach and loves watching her clients expand their awareness and become empowered as she guides them on their own journey to reaching new levels of success and abundance in both life and business.

Hours: 9am – 6pm ET Mon.- Fri. (I do have flexibility with these hours!)


Nicole Gangler

After working for almost 30 years as a nurse, Nicole dedicates now her life in helping people to become what they really want to be.

She is a certified Law of Attraction coach, a Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist. She is a graduate Awakening your Light Body and Creating Money Coach.

She helps people facing different challenges they have in their daily life, but also in their health and wealth. People facing problems with their weight, like overweight and eating disorders.

She loves to help people all around the world to be, do, have everything they want in their life.

She does coaching in French and English.

For more information, please contact Nicole at nicole.gangler.gangler@gmail.com

Kerri Gardner

Kerri Gardner is a Law Of Attraction – Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Suicide Survivor, and mother of 3 amazing teens. Kerri works with overwhelmed moms who are struggling with the stages of motherhood. These amazing moms are struggling to balance their work life with their kids schedules and home life. Money is a constant worry and this all adds stress to their daily mindset. With Kerri’s ONE ON ONE coaching, these moms are able to apply the Law Of Attraction principals & processes in their lives, so they can take action in order to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

Kerri is an optimist, a true leader, and a believer that we all can have our “BEST LIVES NOW,” regardless of the pain from the past or current circumstances. Kerri believes we live in an abundant world full of exciting new opportunities. She feels that with positive consistent action toward your dreams, you can produce a happier, more fulfilling life of your own design.

Kerri is a frequent speaker and has spoken at a variety of events including the New Year New You Woman’s Conference at Duke University. Kerri wrote her first book, a memoir, to inspire others to live your “BEST LIFE NOW” and not take a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Kerri healed her 15-year battle with Hypothyroidism by changing her diet to a Vegan one and was a featured writer in The Barefoot Vegan Magazine, produced and published in London, England.
Kerri is a National Certified Law Of Attraction -Transformational Life Coach, having graduated from the award winning Quantum Success Coaching Academy.
Kerri holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Bay Stay College.

Outside of the passion of coaching, Kerri lives with her husband Trevor and their three teens in a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV. They enjoy traveling the 50 States, while learning the rich history in each state, roadschooling their kids, having a blast white water rafting, zip-lining over mountains and inside caverns. The whole family are lovers of music. Dance parties are a must as well as binge watching on Netflix. Most of all, Kerri receives great pleasure from her clients who have their ”aha moments” with her on the phone, those moments are why Kerri loves coaching!

If You Are Ready To Re-Discover Your Strengths & Talents, Minimize Your Stress & Overwhelm And Reap Big Rewards, Then CLICK HERE To Book Your FREE Breakthrough Session!

Alanna Garone

Niche: Transformational Coach

I coach people to break through their limiting beliefs and empower them to live a life they love.

Alanna Garone is a Law of Attraction Life Coach, specializing in transformational coaching. She has experienced sheer joy and power in manifesting her dreams, and is passionate about helping others create lives they love. It is her desire for all of humanity to achieve liberation and fulfillment. Alanna will provide you with tools and techniques to integrate into your daily life that will allow you to tap into your inner power. Through deliberately directing your thoughts and taking inspired action, you will effortlessly create the life you desire and deserve!


Gerry Garcia

Gerry Garcia is an accomplished Parenting Coach and Trainer. She inspires families to discover their strengths. She can turn difficult behaviors into success. She knows how to break through tough behavioral barriers.
Her first leadership venture was in California, in a foster agency. She implemented the first parent training program in this agency. Within 5 ½ years, she implemented six different training programs. After 3 ½ years, she founded Assertive Parenting, a Coaching business. She coaches nationally using a 7-step program, called Total Transformation. She has coached for sixteen years in California.
Gerry has worked with some of the toughest gang members, juvenile offenders, ADHD, verbally obnoxious kids in California. She has led workshops and seminars. She has been called the “Supernanny” of her community.
Gerry has worked as a Parenting trainer for non-profit churches and social organizations. She has coached privately in homes and is currently being trained under Christy Whitman’s certification program, Quantum Success Coaching Academy as a Life coach. Gerry is coaching clients nationally. Gerry has been hired as a motivational speaker and is developing a business product line for families whose children have been bullied. She is a member of the Kern County Leadership Alliance. She has been asked by a Christian Bible College to conduct Christian boot camps for parents.
“Peace can be created out of total Chaos.”
“I have found that there is a solution for any behavior.
As a mother of five children and nine grandchildren, I have learned what produces results.”
www. Assertive Parenting.com
Self-elevation coach ( pre-school children to young adults)
Transformation Coach, Supernanny Coach, Anti-bully coach
Email: coachgerry12@yahoo.com

Pam Gaston

Pam is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach in Madison, WI. Her goal is to support you in creating your best life possible by harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

Pam has been working with the Law of Attraction personally for many years starting with recovery from depression through divorce to manifesting more love, joy and fun in her life! She has learned that using the principles of the Law of Attraction is not a “magic pill” but is a way of life used to keep growing into, healing and manifesting a life of joy.

How would it feel for you to create your best life possible? What can you heal? What can you accomplish? What can you allow to manifest?

If you feel Pam can assist you, contact her today via email at igniteyourlightlifecoaching@gmail.com to set up a phone conversation where your goals and how you can reach them will be discussed.

Lee Giacalone

Lee specializes in delivering an emotional wellness program tailored for people with cultural differences who are committed to building strong family connections, nurturing their relationship as a couple and exploring personal growth. As a life enthusiast with an open mind and heart, Lee has had many transformative experiences. Her family migrated from Vietnam to the US when she 15 years old. She spent her teen years attended high school in Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics.

Over a span of 15+ years after college, Lee had a successful career in Health and Welfare Benefits, working for a few Fortune 100 companies in California. In 1997 Lee left her six-figure Corporate America career to be a stay-at-home mom. In 2010, overwhelmed with raising two pre-teen boys, Lee enlisted the help of a Parenting Coach. Through the Parenting From The Heart Curriculum, Lee learned how to be a heart-centered parent, build heartfelt connections with her children and create a peaceful and happy home for her family. Because this parenting philosophy had positively affected her life, Lee wanted to share it with other parents. In 2012 Lee was recommended and became a Certified Parent Educator with Parenting From The Heart.

Lee quickly realized that the same relationship-building tools for parents could be applied to other relationships as well. In October 2013 Lee received training from the world-renowned Gottman Institute and became part of a small group of worldwide people who were authorized to teach Dr. Gottman’s Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work class. Based on Dr. John Gottman’s 40 years of research and his best selling book of the same name, the class teaches couples relationship skills. Lee also completed levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Clinical Training Program. Lee is a certified Life Coach and a member of Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) since October 2013.

Lee and her husband John have been married for 20 years. In addition to their two fun and loving boys, they have a Bichon Poodle named Cookie. Lee’s personal motto is “If I could do it, you can too!”

Email: lee@leegiacalone.net

Linda Gill

Linda is a Certified life coach, with additional education/training in business, and organizational management.

Linda has coached people to meet their aspirations and goals in their personal lives, careers, and general overall well-being. She’s successful assisting clients in raising their confidence, courage, self-esteem, and motivation.

Linda currently coaches individuals, and groups.

She cut her teeth working with National IT Corporations, the Automotive, and the Airline industries.

With her personal expertise, Linda has that know-how, to wake up your POWER POTENTIAL, to allow you to explode into the life you deserve!

Contact Linda via email: lindag@pwrpotential.com


Carrie Gladue

Carrie Gladue received her certification as Law of Attraction Life Coach in 2017 through the Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She teaches Law of Attraction techniques and processes to her clients, so they learn how to successfully embrace and transform their lives.

Carrie’s work experience in the Customer Service and Retail Industry revealed the importance of self love and self acceptance. It became apparent that this was something so many people struggle with and she wanted to help change that.

Through her interest of personal empowerment and transformation, she felt the benefits of working with universal energy and the Law of Attraction in her own life. As a Life Coach she is excited to share this information with her clients who wish to let go of negative emotions; discover and embrace their truth; and create the life they desire.

Carrie started her own business “Introspect Life Coaching” in 2018 and welcomes clients who are ready to take action in their own Personal Transformation and Empowerment.

Carrie knows firsthand, that by investing in your personal healing and growth you can learn how to create a stronger, healthier well-being and conscious way of living.

Are you ready to Transform, Empower and Create your life experiences?

Would you like to feel a shift in your present situation?

Imagine how it would feel to reconnect with your true self!

Carrie invites you to take the first step to make that happen…

Email: introspectlifecoach@gmail.com

Carrie resides in Alberta, Canada

Nikon Gormley

Hello! I’m Nikon Gormley. I empower high-calibre people to play big and challenge them to lead extraordinary lives.

I am passionately curious about human brilliance and how to live a truly extraordinary life. I’ve been studying personal development for the past 10+ years and through that journey I’ve acquired an abundance of tools, strategies and insights to truly help people to see what’s holding them back and how to empower them to create the greatest levels of success in their life and business.

My clients are high-achievers who strive for excellence. They are change makers. They create impact. They are driven. They are committed. They put in the work. They know that there is power in love and connection. They know that even more is possible. They also know that what got them here won’t take them to where they desire to be. I help them close that gap.

Connect with me here:

Sylvie Grégoire

Coaching Services offered in English and French

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and my specialty is working with professional women who feel stressed, overwhelmed, heading for burnout, and who want to find true joy, peace and satisfaction, feel fulfilled and follow their dreams. We all have dreams and unique gifts and I believe it’s essential to manifest and express them, to fuel our creativity and love our life.

If you are ready to find joy, peace, feel deeply fulfilled and live your dream, I’d be honored to guide you on this transformational journey. I invite you to take the first crucial step toward transforming your life with a complimentary Live your Dream Discovery Session at: www.sylviegregoire.com

Rochelle Gordon

Self-Empowerment for Peace of Mind, Body & Emotions

I offer you …

  • Energy Clearings to Release Emotional Blocks and Painful Memories
  • Securing High Vibrations At-Will for Success of Intentions, Creations and Outcomes
  • Mastering Universal Laws to Run Your Life Instead of You Running After It
  • Mind-Body Guidance and Personal Steps for Optimal Health
  • Holistic Weight Loss Program to Have Your Ideal Body Permanently

I only mentor, coach, teach and write about what has healed, uplifted, expanded, transformed and empowered me. It is my greatest joy to share what has changed my life and to be a part of the same magic happening for you.

I invite you to visit www.CoachRochelleGordon.com for more about me, and more of what I offer you.

Please apply for a free Breakthrough to Self-Empowerment Session athttp://coachrochellegordon.com/coaching-you/.


Marilyn “Elynn” N Gorra, MPH, DPA

Marilyn N Gorra is a QSCA-certified Law of Attraction coach, with academic credentials as a Master of Public Health and a Doctor of Public Administration from the University of the Philippines. Her early work exposure has been as a social development specialist, mainly as consultant or advisor to the Government of the Philippines, the Government of Nepal and other development agencies such as the United Nations (UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNCRD), the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, AusAID, EU, & JICA on various development projects in health, nutrition, education, & social welfare.

After a life-threatening illness in 2009, Elynn shifted to spiritual and inner consciousness work, & manifested a spirit healer that restored her physical & spiritual balance. Her inner work & spiritual search led her to QSCA. In 2012, she began her journey as a Law of Attraction coach. She is also a Rotarian & past president of the Rotary Club of Makati Rockwell, Philippines, which is primarily engaged in health, sanitation, & environment programs.

Sharon Grimes

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach specializing in Family empowerment. My goal is to have a lasting transformational effect on the families I serve creating a generational futuristic change that starts with bringing Joy, Love and Laughter to the fore front of life, and allowing the doors of abundance to open and stay open in their lives.

I offer personal private coaching.

Speaking engagements and empowerment parties.

Family empowerment retreats.

Sharon Grimes



Karl W. Gruber

Specialty/Niche: Athletes, exercise, inspiration, motivation, goal setting (although I have really enjoyed working with clients on all topics!)

Bio: I am an expert in distance running. I have run & completed 78 marathons, and 2 Half Ironman triathlons. In 1996-’97, I became the ninth man in the world to run 52
52 marathons in 52 weeks (all to raise money & awareness for leukemia research).

I am the author of the book, Running For Their Lives, which is about my year of running marathons for charity. I am an expert in understanding that my coaching clients can aspire to and achieve far greater things than they even realize!

Using the Law of Attraction, and my expertise as an accomplished distance runner, I help my clients to understand how to set their goals (athletically, or health & fitness-wise) utilizing the proper motivation, visualization, and inspiration to achieve what they really want!

Contact Info:
– Website: http://www.karlgruberlifecoach.com
– Phone: 614-404-2019
– e-mail: karl@karlgruberlifecoach.com

Yoshita Gurnani

Yoshita specializes in Co-creation to transcend oneself while using Creativity and Connectivity with their higher self.

  • Yoshita is a Certified Yoga Trainer/Nutritionist, Painter and Artist.
  • She is an International Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, from Mumbai, India.
  • She is committed to co-create your intentions into reality.
  • She works with the synergy of mind, body and soul.

“I am not on this planet to make you a millionaire. I am here to make you discover yourself.”

You can reach Yoshita by emailing yoshita5@hotmail.com

Jen Halulko

Jen is an Intuitive Life Coach who helps overwhelmed moms of kids with ADHD, and behavior issues get their “happy” back and keep it. She’s dedicated her coaching practice to helping these moms work through their overwhelm, release guilt, and let go of the self-judgements that threaten to destroy their confidence and obliterate their self-worth. Through her heart-centered, Intuitive coaching, she helps her clients to regain their “happy”, which she believes is the key to getting back in touch with intuition and Spirit Guidance. Jen says moms can use their intuition and Spirit Guidance with the Law of Attraction to deliberately create
the soul-nourishing, abundant lives, relationships, and successful families they’ve always wanted!

Drawing from 20+ years of experience guiding her own family of 5 through the day-to-day challenges of ADHD and ODD, while balancing a career, household, and successful marriage, Jen knows what these moms face. She has made it her mission to put an end to Mommy Guilt once and for all, and help the neglected special needs moms—those with kids suffering from ADHD and behavioral disorders.

You can contact Jen at:



Barbara Hamilton
  • QSCA Certified Life Coach
  • Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner
  • Advanced Psych-K facilitator
  • EFT practitioner
  • Certified in Advanced Rieki

I combine Law of Attraction work with Energy Medicine to move energy patterns and beliefs that may block your path to success.

I have a passion for this work and really enjoy watching my clients move forward with ease and joy. The best part is when they are surprised at capable they are, how easy it is and how much fun it is to move forward with their heart’s desires.

For a free introductory session call 484-252-1383
or email harmonyville3@yahoo.com

Gizelle Hamilton

Hi! I’m Gizelle Hamilton, certified Law of Attraction Coach, Channel and Intuitive.

My mission is to help others expand and grow both personally and professionally. I help people just like you to build a life that they truly love, in which they are fully accepting of themselves and others.

My clients learn to create lives filled with fun, beauty and freedom, where they have the time and money to dedicate to themselves and their families. They discover their own personal Truths and no longer hide in the shadows, instead developing the courage to share who they truly are with the world.

Services Available:

  • Client Attraction Coaching
  • Life Coaching


Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers Ph.D. has a certification in Law of Attraction with QSCA. She is a Registered Psychologist #1321(AB) is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT ) with the American Dance Therapy Association)/ Art Therapist Registered (ATR) with the American Art Therapy Association, (RCAT) with the Canadian Art Therapy Association), and has several years of teaching at post-secondary education on contracts. She obtained a Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology with Athabasca University, in 2009.

Jo Ann says: “I facilitate bringing YOU into your life and dream work. I’m there standing and dancing with you.” Jo Ann has two businesses. She is presently in private practice with Gary J. Meiers, Ph.D. , Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D., and Associates. She supports the Amarok Society (Mothers teaching Mothers and children). She values mind/body/spirit, and creativity in business solutions. The focus is upon who we are and who we serve.


Jo Ann specializes in entrepreneurial success and abundance in all ways. She coaches online, catapulting newly developing entrepreneurs and small business owners into new strategies and abundance and balanced life styles. She has trained with QSCA (LOA Coaching), Ryan Eliason (Visionary Entrepreneurs and Double your Income, Double your Time Off), Rich German (Epic Coaching), Stephen Russell (School of Warriors), Brendon Burchard (High Performance Academy, 10X Publishing, Experts Academy), Sage Lavine, Katherine Woodward, Claire Zammit (Feminine Power) Ryan Harris (Prosperity Coach), and she is a member of GCIK with Dan Kennedy and others, Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits, Pete William’s Profit Hacks and as she continues to be current and coached herself, believing in mentors, coaches, and lifelong learning.

To contact Jo Ann:

Email: CoachingFlowSuccess@gmail.com
Website: www.CoachingFlowSuccess.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CoachingFlowSuccess

April Hanemann

In 1997, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the University Of Miami. After many years of caring for patients in multiple settings, I became passionate about focusing on wellness and using a holistic approach. Early on in my career, I was introduced to complimentary medicine modalities, meditation and really began to study the Law of Attraction. I graduated from the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program in 2014. As a coach, a new world opened up for me. I began following Christy Whitman and the QSCA, deciding that becoming a Law of Attraction Life Coach was my next step in order to coach clients in a way that resonated with me. Graduating from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy was an empowering journey, giving me the ability to coach clients and impact their lives in a dynamic way. I am intuitively a sensitive and patient listener and I believe every person has a purpose. I draw from my professional experiences as well as my natural abilities and life experiences to facilitate others to accomplish their goals, overcome life transitions, and begin the healing process by moving forward to the life they are meant to live.

I work with clients in areas where I have personally experienced quantum growth and success. As a Holistic Nurse and Law of Attraction Coach, I look at the whole picture and emphasize on the core principal that our thoughts manifest in our life experience. I work with clients to bring their bodies, mind, and spirit into a natural state of balance. I am passionate about working with client’s utilizing future visioning mediation processes to deliberately create the future of their dreams. I work with individual clients and groups who have accepted the life transitions they are going through and who are serious about setting intentions for their new path towards growth, empowerment and joy. We go through processes to soothe their energy, raise their energetic vibration and get clarity on what they want for their bright future. I work with clients who want to detox their lives, bounce back from divorce, become mindful parents and attract their ideal partners.

To contact April:
Email: integrativewellnessmiami@gmail.com
Website: http://www.integrativewellnessmiami.com

Lynn Hardin

Specialty: Helping men and women whose loved one has received a life changing diagnosis and desire peace, happiness, respect and joy in their home, work and lives.

Lynn Hardin is a Certified Law of Attraction and Life Coach with a vision to support men and women whose loved one has received a life changing diagnosis. With coaching Lynn helps you to lead happy and purposeful live filled with joy and honor. Lynn’s husband, Gregory passed away in 199 after a short illness. She went on to raise their three small children, become an elementary school principal, life coach and lead courses on being your best self to having extraordinary relationships. She has participated in transformational disciplines since 1989. Known for her humor, clarity and authenticity, Lynn delivers from the heart. She is the author of the upcoming book “Courage in the Hallway” and lives in Irvine, California with her husband, Michael.

Contact info:

Maxine Hargreaves

I work with women who are feeling lost due to loss in their lives. They have had enough of feeling grief, depression and despair and are tired of wasting their lives feeling this way. They are now ready to try something new, so that they can embrace a life full of joy, passion and empowerment instead.

I spent 25 years with my husband. Sadly it was not a happy marriage, and in 2008 I left my husband, marriage and home to live in a refuge with my 3 children. Sadly 6 months later my husband chose to end his life. I have known what it’s like to lose, but I also know that you can come through it. My life now is amazing, and yours can be too!

If you are tired of waiting for your life to miraculously improve, if you are ready and committed to solve your challenges, and would like the support and guidance I can offer, please to go to www.MaxineHargreaves.com to book your 30 minute complimentary breakthrough consultation, to see how I can help you solve your unique challenges. Alternatively email me on Maxine@MaxineHargreaves.com

Laura Harju

Love Coach

Love is the most important ingredient in the “soup” of life. Babies who are provided just their basic physical needs barely survive. Babies who are also given love and affection thrive!

Laura Harju is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach whose expertise is in helping you to find True Love in your life.
Laura lives happily in Vaasa Finland with her True Love, Markus.

Before Laura obtained her Coaching Certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy in 2016, she studied at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland and earned her Degree as a Registered Nurse in 2014. In 2012 Laura earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Vaasa in Finland.

While working as a nurse, when Laura observed the patients that she served and the families that supported them, she saw the tremendous value that True Love adds to the quality of people’s lives.

Even though working as a nurse was rewarding, Laura felt that there was much more that she could contribute to people’s lives than just physical care.

These experiences, coupled with meeting her own True Love, Markus, is what has shown Laura that her true calling, her purpose in life, is to help as many people as possible to find True Love in their own life.

Laura loves working as a Life Coach because it allows her to contribute to people’s lives in a much deeper way; and thanks to modern technology, Laura can serve clients worldwide!

To learn more about Laura and her passion for helping people find True Love, please visit her website:

Isela Hart

I was born and raised in Mexico, I went to live in USA and became American Citizen, now I’m living in Brisbane, Australia. I speak English and Spanish, and I’m a Domestic Violence and a Cancer survivor.

I’m also Pelowah healing practitioner – Energy healing
Reiki Level 2.

Since a very early age, I attracted people of all ages, just to talk to me about their problems and seeking some advise. Been single and not even met my first and only boyfriend, it was very difficult to advise anyone with marital problems. So I just listened to them, without any judgment or criticism.

Living and working in Los Angeles, I had the fortune to meet people from different countries, religions, cultures, mentalities and ages.
It was a surprise to see that they too came to me with their working and personal relationships problems. I realize that it was my talent, especially when I could put aside my own problems to listen to them; at that time I was having a very tough time, in my own marriage.

I’m still love to listen to the people, knowing that I can guide them to a better ways to deal with their own situations, with my own experiences and knowing the Law of Attraction I’m in a better position to do so.

Contact: ihart_3@hotmail.com

Jody Hatswell

I am a qualified Law of Attraction Life Coach, single mother of 3 teenagers and studying naturopathy. I believe once you start to truly find love within, everything else falls into place. Life is a journey to be enjoyed every step of the way and the best part begins when you step out of your comfort zone. I will support, encourage and guide you to be the best you, you can be – body, mind and spirit.

If you would like one-on-one coaching or more information: jody@empowerfulyou.net/

I hope to hear from you soon.

Cheritha Hayes

As a divorced woman who walked away from a 26-year marriage, domestic violence, and narcissistic abuse, I know what it’s like to break the trauma bonds, pick up the shattered pieces of my life, and create a beautiful mosaic. So now, as a QSCA Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, I help courageous divorced women who are ready to rebuild their lives by helping them embrace the change in a safe and loving space, rediscover their Higher Self and reconnect with their inner Knowing to manifest the inspired life they desire.

Divorced women 40+ who have left the narcissistic relationship and are beginning to rebuild their life.

Contact: cheritha@lightloveempowermentcoaching.com

Lian Henriksen

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. I am also very involved in the concept of Feminine Power – Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit and Living Your Life’s Purpose – Dr. Jean Houston. I address the whole person, mind-body and spirit. At this moment, I am completely fascinated by The Power of The Future and how with the help of simple processes, tools, meditations and visualisations you can actually connect with, and call forth your awesome, amazing future and have your wildest dreams come true. Having been in the business world for 25 years, my approach is practical yet fun.

Click here for a 30 minute FREE INTRODUCTORY Session

I hope to hear from you soon.

Tammy Helfrich

Tammy Helfrich is a Life & Mindset Coach, passionate about helping people create a life of freedom and fun. She helps you uncover limiting thoughts and patterns that often hold you back from the life you’ve always wanted. Tammy also utilizes law of attraction processes and helps you tap into your intuition to discover your own answers. Tammy is the author of the book, Unapologetic, and offers 1:1 coaching packages.

You can learn more about Tammy on her website at www.tammyhelfrich.com or follow her on Instagram. She is also the host of the Intentional Life podcast, where she shares quick and simple ways to help you become more intentional in your life.


Pamela Henry

Specialty: Women in mid-life who desire to live their most inspired and heartfelt dreams.

Pamela Henry is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Author, Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner and Singer-Songwriter. She specializes in helping women in mid-life reconnect with their inner wisdom and reclaim their creative power to live their most inspired and heartfelt dreams. Using proven strategies and tools, she empowers women to develop authentic self-confidence and step into the life they have always known is possible.

Do you desire more? Do you long to be the catalyst of change in your life and the lives of those around you? Do you feel called to make a difference but aren’t sure what that is or where to start?

If this is you and you would like to create a radical transformation, then Pamela would like to help you get started with a complimentary 30 minute 1-on-1 “Attract Your Dream Life” breakthrough consultation. During this session you’ll work together to help you…

1. Create a crystal clear vision for ‘ultimate success’ so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to create the life you desire.

3. Feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the dream life you seek, once and for all.

To take advantage of this introductory session please send an email to LifeCoach@PamelaHenry.com with “QSCA Private 1-on-1 Coaching Request” in the subject line. Pamela will contact you to schedule your complimentary breakthrough consultation.

Read what others are saying here.

Learn more at www.PamelaHenry.com and sign up to receive your free eBook “Pocketful of Love: 21 Daily Quotes To Open Your Heart and Transform Your Life” and weekly inspirational articles.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PamelaHenryPage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmPamelaHenry

Kari Henn

Kari coaches women around the world who suffer from chronic pain and allergies and are invested in having true health and wholeness. She supports women to learn to trust themselves, listen to their own intuition, and feel safe. Her purpose is to remind them of their oneness and connection, and to support them in discovering and fulfilling the greater possibilities for their life.

Coach Kari draws on years of experience and training in numerous modalities to assist you in transforming and allowing your potential to rise:

  • Certified Instant Miracle Coach – Christian Mickelsen
  • Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master – Christian Mickelsen
  • Peace Process Master – Christian Mickelsen
  • Feminine Power Transformational Coach – Claire Zammit
  • Certified in Quantum Energy Transformation and Quantum Allergy Release – Quantum Healing Center, LLC
  • Certified Advanced Energy Healer – Inner Focus Healing School
  • Limited Belief Clearing – Sheva Carr
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy- Christy Whitman

Coach Kari has used these experiences to develop her abilities to tune in with you and ask powerful questions. Using energy healing she supports you in clearing your pain and improving your overall health and well-being. She supports, empowers and celebrates you to uncover your hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts to heal. As you journey through the transformational process, you’ll have less pain and more vibrant and vital energy to become more engaged with family and friends and return to doing things you enjoy.

Specialty: Women with chronic pain or allergies including food allergies, who suffer from stress and fear about their symptoms, have difficulty socializing and relating to others, and are in pain.

Through my Transformational coaching and Energy Healing- I help these women release pain and allergies, become more engaged with friends and family, love and enjoy life and have more vibrant and vital comfortable energy.


Hours: standard: 9 AM – 5:30 PM Central Time with other evening hours available


Deirdre Wallace Hente

Specialty: Moms in Transition

Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful blessings in life. It is also a time of great change and adjustment whether you are a single mom of 1, working mom of 2, stay at home mom of many or adjusting to life with adult children. My practice is in empowering mothers to use their own guidance system to move smoothly and positively through life and the changes and challenges that occur as a mom. Providing processes to moms that assist them in being the best they can be, living in joy, raising their children with love.

My name is Deirdre Wallace- Hente and I have been practicing The Law of Attraction for over 10 years. In October of 2010 I discovered the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and began the year long process of becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Coach! It was during the first part of my training that I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment, the moment when I realized that my whole life had been training me to become a Law of Attraction Coach. All the pieces of my past experiences were just floating around me like pieces to a puzzle then suddenly they all fell into place creating a clear and concise picture, a picture that revealed my passion, to become a Law of Attraction Coach.

My training is now complete. I have learned an ocean full of information; universal laws, processes and techniques all to bring love, joy and success into my life and the lives of others. I continue to learn each day and am grateful for my path. I’m so thankful that we have found each other and I am excited to share what I have learned with you.

Many blessings of joy and love to you my friend!


Dr. Henry L. Hirschel

Doctor of Business Administration, MBA, MS-Ed Psych
Certified Law of Attraction Coach

My holistic practice invites clients to share ideas that optimize business performance. I energize business by applying Law of Attraction principles to executives, managers, and staff.

I am an executive leader that helps client’s connect-the-dots inside of their organization. I guide by drawing upon insights from organizational memory and then couple this with client inspired vision that results in an enriched strategic roadmap. My coaching draws from the clients’ internal energy, lifetime of experience, and business knowledge.

I am a small business owner and I hold faculty positions at two universities. I teach graduate and undergraduate students in economics, business management, and technology. My past includes responsibility for executive management of business process and technology while working closely with human resources to support cultural shifts in high growth companies including Starbucks Coffee, PowerBar, and Jamba Juice.

For more information: www.HenryHirschel.com
Contact: Henry@KnowledgeIS.net


I unleash the power of influence to promote cultural transformation in support of operational and technological change. The result is a business foundation used to execute major equity events like those at Starbucks Coffee, PowerBar, Jamba Juice, and NextG Networks.

I specialize in…

~ Connecting the Dots
~ Turning Red into Black
~ Making Systems Sing
~ Embracing Happiness
~ Turning the World into a Better Place

Strengths Finder Results…

~ Learner
~ Futuristic
~ Maximizer
~ Positivity
~ Achiever

Theresa W.L. Ho

Having been brought up in a traditional immigrant family, Theresa knows first-hand how it feels like to be living the cultural expectations while wanting to live her own life. As the founder of Rejuvenate Your Essence, Theresa helps people who are ready to say yes to living out their own life. Through personal coaching she helps people tackle the ABC’s of life, empowering them to Be Authentic, Bold and Confident in everything they do.

Visit her website to get your free 10 Part manifesto series to live life on your own terms. You can also follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Google+

Michele Ho Lung

Are you looking for clarity, for ways to reduce and eliminate stress and discomfort and dis-ease in your life, and/or for ways to achieve your fullest potential and/or your Dreams?

Contact Michele to help you Now! Michele is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and an Intuitive Energy-Transformation-Catalyst. Michele’s Mission is to Sparkle the World, One Sparkle At A Time, where a “Sparkle” can be an individual, group, gathering, organization, location or a place through coaching and her gift of healing at a distance, or in person, as an “energy-catalyst” for beautiful transformations, shifts and change.

In her practice, Michele invites her clients to engage their whole being, mind, body and spirit as she facilitates, coaches and empowers them to be All that they can be. Her clients enjoy the benefits of her unique and relaxed yet focused approach, based on their intentions for their session(s). Always a process thinker, analytical yet creative, detailed yet big picture, perceptive yet objective, fun loving yet down to business, Michele’s style is refreshingly uplifting and unique. Open up to, and allow Michele to help you tap into your own potential with clarity of mind, lightness, flow and ease. Besides using Law of Attractions Tools and Processes, and her gift of Matrixchi in sessions**, Michele has in her arsenal of tools, such things as Kepner-Tregoe Clear Thinking (Independent Contractor/Facilitator of workshop), Corporate experience/background (> 30 years), life learnings (parenting) and other “quantum physics” healing modalities (e.g. Matrix Energetics, Yuen Energetics, Reconnective Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Reiki).
** Note: Sessions may be purely Coaching, or “MatrixChi”, or a combination thereof depending on clients’ wishes and intentions.

If you are, heart-centered, caring, purposeful, and a “Light-seeker”, a leader, or business person with a Vision for improving Our World, hire Michele to help you find your inner Sparkle. What is Sparkle? Sparkle is that feeling when you’re full of energy, vitality, optimism and life! Of being joyful, peaceful, happy and fulfilled! Michele loves when her clients get more clarity, get re-energized and focused using Law of Attraction and other tools. She helps her clients to Activate and Actualize Their Infinite Potential. She injects humour and creativity into her sessions and her clients have told her they look forward to every session!

Find out more and Explore Possibilities for You!

First Discovery Call is FREE! Michele is always eager to Connect!

Call Michele now at 780-964-8909 (cell) and leave a message, or
email her at michele@mhlconsult.com

For more info go to http://MicheleHoLung.com

Aspasia Holley

Aspasia Holley is a Law Of Attraction coach certified through the QSCA. Her passion is trauma informed care. Her gentle compassionate nature creates a safe environment for clients to easily breakthrough any limitations or beliefs that are impeding their success. Having overcome her own traumatic experiences and fears she understands how Law Of Attraction can seem to keep us in a paradox that feels impossible at times to overcome. But, in truth you can overcome anything! Knowledgeable in Shadow work, EFT tapping, Kabbalah 1, Sedona Method, boundaries, energy work as well as being a Reiki Master she combines the core truth of the wisdom traditions and the processes taught in the QSCA for life changing results. She uses the Law Of Resonance to support you in finding answers that are aligned with who you are and believes that you can use all of your life’s experiences to create a gift for the world. To contact Aspasia you can visit her website at resonancecoachings.com or feel free to email her at aspasia.marie@gmail.com.

Sarah Hoffman

Sarah Hoffman is a Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner based in Park City, Montana. Through her work as a coach, it is her mission is to meet her clients where they are and accompany them on the road to where they wish to be. Together they will map out how best to reach their desired destination.

Sarah’s study of Abraham Hicks processes via The Quantum Success Coaching Academy are her chosen source of guidance for her clients. These lessons as well as a life spent learning from her wonderful family (furry and human) about kindness, unconditional love, humor and boundless joy make her a guide with whom the journey is sure to be fun, funny and fulfilling.

Please call 4066334067, or email Sarah at moonshinesky@icloud.com

Susie Hou

Specialty: Business startup, turnaround, and peak performance.

Bio: Susie How is devoted to support entrepreneurs and individual business owners to take

their businesses to the next level of success.

Susie is a free spirit and multi-talent! She holds multiple Masters Degrees in Art, Business, and

Health Care. She is a certified Law of Attraction Coach and Business Strategist.

Susie specializes in business startup, turnaround, and peak performance. She has coached many

business owners and executives reaching their business and personal peak potentials.

Her mission is to empower more clients to break through to greater vision, clarity, and

confidence, setting clear goals and creating an easy step-by-step flow for their business—all

while being inspiring, enlightening and fun!

Jacqueline (Jackie) House-Bey

A “Catalyst for Change” to all who desires to place their life’s dream on the fast-track, Jacqueline (Jackie) House-Bey, is a Metaphysical Minister, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Dream Coach. She is also a graduate from the Transformational Development Group being certified in Leadership Coaching and Organizational Learning. Rev. Jackie sits on the Board at the Spiritual Empowerment Center, a Center of Spiritual Living located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rev. Jackie is presently writing her first manuscript regarding Alcoholism and how it affects the family and society; and once corrected how it will affect the world making it a better place to live. She points out how many homes are not only dysfunctional, but they continue to spiral in a repetitious cycle, generation after generation. She wrote her Thesis on Alcoholism and Family while utilizing one of her natural spiritual gifts through the Universal Language of Dreams. She also took an on-line course to further understand the Universal Language of Dreams with the School of Metaphysics in 2007. She states that “Dreams are another opportunity to Know Thyself” as so frequently spoken by many scholars.

  • So, are you at a place in your life only wishing for change?
  • Are you afraid to say No to people at the expense of your own happiness?
  • Are you an enabler, allowing others to use you hoping they will finally get a clue?
  • Are you ready to be excited about your life? Or are you focused on what’s going wrong?
  • Is Loving yourself seems out of the question because you’re just too busy raising a family?
  • Are you ready for change, and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you hurting and forgot that you so special?

Rev. Jackie believes that Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it’s a choice to make it so! It’s her intention to be that catalyst of change, assisting her clients to know and experience what true happiness is for them.

Contact Info: Jackie@yousospecial.com

Marnie Houston

Founder of Harmonic Success Coachingwww.harmonicsuccesscoaching.com

Area of Expertise:
I help women who are in transition or at a crossroad in their life. The transition can be due to a job loss, loss of relationship, empty nest, retirement or any life changing situation that creates high levels of stress within themselves. With my direct and positive techniques of coaching you will learn how to raise your consciousness and self awareness to allow you to harness your own empowerment, increase abundance and happiness in your life. Through a connection with your true self you will gain a new level of empowerment and confidence and discover your passion and purpose. By linking into your internal wisdom you will find the golden key that will unlock your potential and “Create the Life YOU Desire”©.

Having gone through many of those life transitional experiences myself, I am truly passionate about helping other women around the world.
My empathic nature and keen intuitive insight drives my ability to inspire, motivate and help women transform their lives and gain new perspective and clarity.

Contact me to help you find the key that will unlock your potential and “Create the Life YOU Desire”©.

Coaching available One-on-One or Group Sessions
Throughout North America via phone
Or worldwide via phone or Skype.

Phone 204-771-1845
Click here to contact Marnie

Nada Howarth

Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach
Personal Empowerment and Relationships

“I will help you use the Law of Attraction to find Personal Empowerment so you can have meaningful relationships and achieve your personal, professional and financial goals.“
“I will also help you transcend your trauma, abolish the effects of your abuse and become victorious over being a victim.”

What my coaching can do for you:

  • Improve Your Relationship with Yourself as a Reflection of All Other Personal and Professional Relationships in Your Life.
  • Help You Connect with Your True Self and Inner Guidance System.
  • Easily transcend your trauma, abolish the effects of abuse and become victorious over being a victim.

What tools I use to help you:

  • Intuitive guidance
  • Personalized Guided Meditations
  • Future Visioning
  • Past Regression Healing
  • Law of Attraction Processes and Techniques
  • 7 Essential Universal Laws
  • Self Empowerment coaching
  • Self Awareness coaching
  • A safe place created and held for you so you can shift, grow, heal and achieve your heart’s desires

FREE Guided Meditation is yours for subscribing to my Blog! Click website link below!

Website: www.nadasessentials.com 
Email: nada@nadasessentials.com
Phone: 1-801-810-8334

Click here to contact Nada for a FREE Introductory Session with no obligation!

Skye Howell

I am a certified law of attraction self-empowerment life coach. My education includes a BS in Education and French, an MA in Counseling, an ABD–All But Dissertation for a Doctorate in administration, ABA—all but panel for certified addictions professional, Reiki 2 healer certification and an LOA–Certification in Law of Attraction for life coaching.

My journey began with becoming a teacher, a school counselor, parenting instructor, an addictions therapist, grief and loss therapist and then life coach. Having had a number of career incarnations has provided me with a rich and varied background. This background permits me to bring a wealth of experience and learning to the table when coaching my clients.

Life coaching utilizes practices to move the clients toward achieving the goals and objectives that they desire. I employ a variety of methods such as Abraham-Hicks, Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer processes, meditations and strategies to allow the clients to shift from where they are to where they want to be. I teach my clients to employ these processes themselves. As a life coach I become an accountability partner for my clients. With that accountability my clients discover the power within themselves to accomplish all they wish to receive and achieve.

I have much experience working with self-empowerment, spirituality, 12 step recovery, and grief and loss issues. I look forward to having the opportunity to facilitate you in achieving your goals.

My hours are flexible. I can be reached at roselilac8888@gmail.com

Xen Huang

Specialty: Attracting your ideal partner

I’m a certificated life coach. I’d like to help people who want to do, be, have something. I’ll accompany and support you with my heart and professional ability. You can arrive where you want to go with my sincere supporting.

Fees: $100~300 /hour for one-on-one.

Donna Hunt

I am a Certified LOA life coach and when you experience contrast in your life, as we all do, I will help you to find your own solutions by using the Law of Attraction to get clarity in what you want to manifest in your life. This is done by using processes that I have learned in the QSCA and ones done by Abraham-Hicks.

I have been through many adverse things in my life such as; being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 7, losing my sight at an early age of 21 and having a pancreas/kidney transplant, when I was 27 years of age. Through these many health situations, I have learned that life is so precious and there are so many more things for me to learn and to teach others along the way.

My education includes:

  • Associate of Arts degree in Pre-Nursing
  • Bachelor’s degree with a major in Biology/minor in Psychology
  • Quantum Success Coaching Academy

With this knowledge that I have in healthcare, psychology and in life coaching, it gives me the prospective I need to empower my clients and let them know that whatever contrast comes along in their life, it is only a “bump” in the road.

Please connect with me at:
E: Huntdonna727@gmail.com

Jeanette Hunter

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Jeanette Hunter, I am the proud Creator of Elysium- Transformational Life Coaching.

Please allow me to share a little about myself to help you get to know me, I have been on my own active personal journey for almost nine years.

Since I was very young I realized that I was very different from other people, as you may suspect this was not the most comfortable feeling.

I knew that I felt differently that other people, actually, let me be a bit clearer this was my limited perceptive at this at the time. I saw and felt things that were unlike things that anyone talked about. This left me feeling alone and segregated from others, so to learn to cope and adapt I taught myself to blend in, or better known as a chameleon. In hind sight I now see that this was a very advantageous choice for me, as I could see life from two completely different perspectives.

As an adult in my early thirties, I finally came to the realization that the way I had been living my life was no longer serving my highest and best. This realization came to me when I finally began to see that I was repeating patterns time and time again, and the results as you know were very unproductive. This was the very early signs that my soul needed me to finally see what my true purpose was.

After this realization I decided to create and present to a local newspaper my idea of an inspirational column. I named it “Spreading Joy,” the early premise of my weekly column was to share with my readers when I saw acts of Spreading Joy, and also my own acts of Spreading Joy, and the impact that these actions had on my life and those who I witnessed receiving. Over the seven years of writing my column, and as I grew as a person and writer, I created two books, my first book was Live Life, Love Life, because it is Your Gift (self-published and printed) and my second book “Seasons of Joy” (self-published through Balboa Press). These two very amazing experiences prepared me for all the new steps I was about to enjoy along my journey. This entire experience opened up my life dramatically, at this time in my life I was expanding profoundly on a daily basis, through hours of reading and researching I had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s greatest mentors. Each of these powerful experiences lead me to the choice to serve in an entirely new way, I then chose to take the yearlong coaching program through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Along this journey through the QSCA I felt more like I was a part of family than I ever had, they are my soul family. Each of us were surrounded with like-minded people which allowed us to feel safe to finally be who we were created to be.

I proudly graduated from the QSCA in July of 2015.

Since my graduation I have attained my Certified Reiki Level 1, as well I have become a Certified Universal Sphere Practitioner and most recently I am now a Universal Life Ordained Minister, through the Universal Life Church Monastery.

Thank you for reading about my journey, I look forward to connecting and guiding you to create the life you desire to manifest.

Sending you Universal Love and Light, Jeanette Hunter

Jeanette can be reached at 780-815-1522

Deborah Huntington

As a certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Deborah believes we live in an abundant universe and has helped many people understand and experience first hand the Laws of the Universe, empowering them to raise their alignment with their thoughts and emotions, overcoming blocks and attracting to them their desires. Her clients know her to be authentic and compassionate, creating a safe space allowing them to become deliberate co creators of their lives and allow the well being of our abundant universe flow within them. You will experience a greater self-discovery, mastery, and personal empowerment. With great pleasure she lives in her purpose helping others experience their full potential, living their lives in happiness, health & wholeness. Known to her yoga students as Prakash Kaur, Deborah is also a Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KRI) Kundalini Yoga Level I Instructor and certified in Level II Conscious Communication and The Mind & Meditation (KRI).

Deborah has also coached in wellness education for 19 years as an esthetician, along with coaching skydivers during her 33 years in the sport.

Deborah can be reached at 406-253-5543

Stacy Ison

You create your reality, and I am here as a guide to awaken the invisible muse in you.

I come from a legal background, practicing as a corporate and intellectual property attorney, and as a business and investigative reporter. I know what it’s like to feel unsettled in a career, knowing there’s something better out there, and then coming into alignment with who you really are.

I help you make space for an exhilarating career—work that doesn’t feel like work, and to use that energy to enhance your personal life.

Click here to contact Stacy. I have some weekday, evening, and weekend hours.

Mariana Iurcovich

I am a Bilingual (Spanish) Life Coach and a Psychologist. I assist clients to solve their concerns and find the solutions to live a better, fulfilled and joyful life.

Why do I do this? Because I LOVE helping people find their strengths to make changes and improve their lives, and I truly believe that we can all have what we desire.

I worked with different people from different cultures and different walks of life, which has enriched my life and also gave me a profound perspective of the impact that living in a different country/culture has in the personal and family life.

I offer one hour sessions. It could be via skype/phone or in person in Boulder, CO.

Please feel free to e-mail me to schedule an initial 30’ free appointment, looking forward to hear from you!



Niche: Coaching for small business development

Throughout my successful academic development and career path, I learned and accepted that businesses have missions.

It was incredibly liberating when I recognized my OWN truth …. that I had a MISSION WITH A BUSINESS. This guided me to create my own dream business where I support others to do the same.

I invite you to co-create your new reality with me and acknowledge your powerful ability and destiny to be a conscious creator. Together, we will create a vision, clarify your personal mission and work in a transformative environment using my Quantum Success Coaching Academy Life Coaching and Conscious Business Change Agent certifications to develop your own flourishing conscious business.

“Let the beauty of what you love…be what you do.” (Rumi)

To learn more about me you can visit https://www.cnett.org/Marketplace or send me an email at support@cnett.org.